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Realizing he was starting to hyperventilate he focused on a crack in the
floor, trying to remain calm. Was Pete right? Had their parents fucked him up
to the point where he couldn’t have a normal relationship? Sure, he’d talked to
his mom several times since they’d been here, making sure she knew they were
all having a good time, being safe. He’d even talked to his dad, who like his
mom seemed much more light-hearted than he remembered. What he didn’t understand
was why it took almost twenty years of marriage for them to get to this happy
place. Was he dooming Angie to the same fate if he told her how much he cared
for her? He knew that loving her shouldn’t be a surprise. He knew he’d started
to have a crush on her, lusted after her, but he’d always figured love would be
something that grew with time, a lot more time than the weeks they’d had here

He jumped when he felt a hand on his back, twisting around to see Angie
watching him. Her face was clean and her eyes searched his face as she frowned.

“Are you okay babe?” She murmured as she walked around him and sat close
to his side.

It was the first time she’d used the term, and his heart constricted hearing
it come from her mouth. “Yeah, I’m good. Want to tell me what’s happening?”

She gave him a small smile before leaning into him, “I wanted to thank

“What do you have to thank me for?”

Her mouth dropped open, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, what did I do?”

“Well, to start with, you invited me to come with you.” She pushed him
back on the couch, “Then, you showed me things I only thought existed in the
silly books I read.” Slipping onto his lap, she reached behind her and untied
the apron, letting it drop. “I have friends. I have a hot guy in my bed every
night. Rich, I have more than I’ve ever had before.”

He swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyes drifting to her breasts,
right in his face. “I’m the lucky one. You know that right? I should be thanking

She laughed softly, “You can thank me later. It’s my turn.” Kissing his
jaw, then working her way up to his ear she whispered, “You’re so sweet to me.
Now I’m going to be sweet for you.”

She reached over him, pressing her tits right into his face before
leaning back with a shy smile. Producing the container of frosting that she
must have placed on the table behind him, she dipped her finger inside,
scooping up a large glob and rubbing the creamy confection onto first her right
nipple, then her left. Sucking the remaining chocolate off her finger while
staring into his eyes she lifted up, bringing her breasts to his mouth. “Lick
me.” She ordered, gripping his shoulders.

His eyes snapped up to her face at her commanding tone. She didn’t have to
tell him twice. This he knew how to do. Pushing his panic aside he lapped at
her until she was clean, pressing his cock against her through his jeans,
delighted with her little gasps as the rough material rasped against her
sensitive skin.

She slid off his lap, working his button and zipper with practiced
skill, motioning for him to lift up so she could pull them off. Reaching into
her apron she pulled out a small foil package and ripped it open carefully. He
raised his brows, wondering what she was doing as she squeezed the contents on
her chest, rubbing it in between her breasts as she looked up at him, “You’re
going to be right here,” emptying the remaining liquid into her palm and
grasping him, she stroked him forcefully, “right between my tits.”

He felt warmth spread up to the tip of his cock and gasped as he
realized it was the lube that was causing the extra heat, “What is that?”

“It’s some stuff Tracy and I found last time we went shopping. Is your
dick getting hot?” She smiled up at him, expectant.

“Where the hell did you go shopping?” He gasped as she took her other
hand and ran her palm over the head of his shaft as she stroked the base.

“We were killing time and decided to go to a sex shop, there was some
pretty crazy stuff in there. This stuff is banana flavored.” She dipped her
head, licking his tip, “They had nipple clamps. I was tempted, but they looked
pretty scary.”

His cock pulsed in her hands, his brain filling with images of her tied
to his bed at his mercy, “Fuck, we’ll have to get some of those.” Despite
having spent countless nights exploring each other there was still so much
they’d never touched on.

She released his straining length, leaning forward and pressing her
breasts together around his shaft. Raising and lowering herself slowly, she
gazed up at his face, “I’ve never done this before.”

“That feels and looks amazing.” He moaned, lifting his hips and
thrusting against her.

Pushing her breasts together tighter, she began working him expertly,
now watching as his dick peeked out at the top as it slid between the firm
globes. As she slid down again, she flicked her tongue over the tip, pausing to
wet him further before quickening her movements. She seemed to figure out a
rhythm, taking him into her mouth and releasing him with every movement.

Time slowed, his mind focused only on the next second, knowing the
warmth that surrounded him would get hotter every time she slid down and
enveloped as much as she could in her mouth. Nothing else existed as he
anticipated each movement.

Releasing him from her breasts, she gripped his base and wrapped her
lips around him, taking him deeper than she ever had before. He could hear her
breathing through her nose steadily as she worked him with her mouth with quick
movements. Each time she surged down he went further into her throat, and he
held his breath as he waited to see how far she planned to go. Not daring to
move, he threw his head back and reveled in the sensation of the wet heat
surrounding him.

She released him with a loud pop, “Stand up.”

As he followed her order he wondered what she had in mind now, “What do
you want baby?”

That look of determination was on her face again as ran her hands up his
thighs, “Fuck my mouth.”

He almost lost it as he heard the words leave her lips, gritting his
teeth and clenching every muscle in his body as he took a long moment to gain
control. “Are you sure?”

She nodded, looking up at him from her position on the floor, “Don’t be
gentle about it either. I want you to come.”

The breath left his lungs and he stepped forward, threading his fingers
in her hair. His eyes never leaving hers he slipped inside of her waiting
mouth, letting her moisten him with her tongue. “You can stop at any time.” As
much as he wanted, needed, this he didn’t want to ever do anything to hurt her.

She let out a moan around him, the vibrations causing his fingers to
tighten in her hair. He started slowly, gliding further each time he thrust his
hips forward. Tugging gently at her scalp he slipped to the back of her mouth, his
cock entering her throat. He held her there, absorbing the sensation, gauging
her reaction. When she didn’t pull away he pulled back, surging forward again
with more force this time. He felt her throat working as she fought the
automatic gag reflex. Her hands gripped the backs of his thighs, pulling him
forward, letting him know she was okay.

Letting go, he fucked her face, holding her head in place as he pumped
into her mouth with abandon, gasping as his balls tightened and the skin of his
dick tightened further. He never wanted it to end, but there was no controlling
the release that began with a shudder throughout his entire body. “Gonna come,
can’t stop.”

Moaning again, she dug her nails into the sensitive skin of his thighs,
pressing her tongue to the underside of his cock as he unloaded, the sensation
causing him to let out a string of incoherent curses and groans as he emptied
himself onto her tongue. He could feel her mouth working around him as she
swallowed, causing another wave of pleasure.

As he withdrew, she wiped her mouth, gasping for breath. She shot him a
shy smile and he leaned over, kissing her deeply. She breathed into his mouth,
smiling against his lips. Falling back onto the couch he closed his eyes,
“There are no words.” He mumbled, still recovering. “Bring that pussy up here
baby, ride my face.”

“Nope, I didn’t get up at seven in the morning to bake you a cake for
nothing.” She stood, grabbing the apron. “This was all about you this time. I’m
going to go wash this stuff off.” She motioned to her chest, “I want a huge
piece of that cake ready for me when I return.”

He laughed as she hurried out of the room. He was definitely in love
with that girl.


Chapter Nine


After cleaning up at the sink he dressed and cut two massive slices of
cake, plating them and placing them on the table before pouring two cups of
coffee. The panic from his realization of his feelings for her had faded and
now all he could think about was how he was going to tell her. He knew they
were young and they’d yet to discuss in any detail what her issue with
commitment was all about, but there was no way he could let this trip end
without expressing how much she meant to him.

He watched her as she entered the kitchen, wearing a peach colored sundress,
her hair pulled up on the top of her head. “So where did everyone go?”

“Who knows? I just told them to give us a little time this morning.
They’ll probably be back soon.” She flopped down in her chair, grabbing her
fork and digging in.

Other than her little sighs and moans of pleasure they ate in silence.
He couldn’t’ help but picture what it would be like to be with her like this,

“This is one of the few good parts about being a grown-up.” She pointed
her fork at the cake. “We can eat whatever we want for breakfast.”  She
shot him a smile before taking another bite.

He nodded his agreement, finishing his coffee. His body tensed as the
words formed on his tongue and he reached out and brushed the backs of his
fingers against her cheek, knowing the feel of her would calm him. “We’ve had a
lot of fun here right? You’re glad you came?”

“Hell yeah, this has been amazing. I’d thank you again, but I think I
showed how grateful I was a little while ago.” She blushed, “I really liked
that by the way.”

Keeping his raging hormones in check he stared at her, “I want this to
continue when we go back.”

Her eyes flew to his face, her tongue snaking out to lick some chocolate
off her lip, “Like fuck-buddies?”

He frowned, “No, not like that. I don’t want to be friends with
benefits. I want us to be like we are now, together.”

She set her fork down on the table, grabbing her plate and then his,
“Are you done?” She hurried to the sink, rinsing the dishes.

“Angie, don’t shut down on me now. What do you think about what I just
said?” He could feel the tension in the air, it was almost suffocating.

“I don’t know what to say Rich. This has been fun, playing house. But
that’s what it’s been you know? We’re just playing around.”

He stood, making his way over to her and turning off the water. “It’s
more than that and you know it.”

She turned, “I can’t do this right now.”

Anger flared inside of him and he grabbed her arm to prevent her from
running away, “You don’t want to talk about this because it’s too real right?
This isn’t just some sex game anymore. It’s intimate.” There was nothing but
truth in his words, he knew and she knew it, even if she was too stubborn to
admit it.

“I don’t do well with intimacy.” Her tone was clipped and she pulled her
arm from his grasp.

“What we’ve done? Waking up together, hanging out doing nothing
together? That’s intimate and you’ve done just fine. Was it because you knew it
was going to end? Just talk to me. I’ll listen to anything you have to say.”

“Look, I don’t know what love is, I don’t know how to be more than
someone’s summer fling. I’m not going to take the risk of ruining what we have
by fucking it up with my messed-up emotional baggage.”

This was it, he had to tell her. “Angie, I care about you more than I’ve
ever cared about anyone before. I’m ready for this.”

She opened her mouth to reply, jumping when the front door slammed open.

Charlie rounded the corner obviously panicked, Trevor on his heels.
“It’s Tracy.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Rich didn’t have time for this right now.
Whatever drama was going on would have to wait.

“We were up by the bridge and she jumped into the water, but when she
came back up something was wrong, she couldn’t keep afloat and she went under.
She’s not fucking breathing!”

“She’s not fucking breathing!” Trevor repeated. He was out of breath and
white as a sheet.

“Where is she?” Angie hissed, already heading towards the front door.

“Pete’s got her, we ran ahead to get the car.” Charlie grabbed the keys
off the hook, “We can make it to the hospital quicker than the time it would
take to call an ambulance right?”

“Charlie, call 911 right now.” Angie’s tone was calm, “Which way are
they coming from?”

He pulled out his phone, his hands shaking. “They’re coming from the

Angie took off and Rich followed quickly behind. Within minutes they
spotted Pete, Tracy draped over his arms completely limp. The look on his
brother’s face sent a chill down his spine and his gut tightened with fear.

“How long has she been like this Pete, how many minutes?” Angie motioned
to the ground, “Put her down, do it now.”

“Maybe four or five minutes I don’t know, I ran as fast as I could. I
think her leg is broken. When I jumped in she was already unconscious.” Pete’s
voice shook as he lay Tracy down on the grass, “What are you doing?”

Angie dropped to her knees at Tracy’s side, lifting the girl’s head
before angling her chin up, “I know CPR.” She placed her mouth against the blue
lips, forcing air into Tracy’s lungs. After a long minute she began chest
compressions, counting softly to herself before lowering herself over Tracy’s
limp body once more.

Pete’s whole body was shaking with panic, “Did someone call 911?”

“Yeah, Charlie’s on it. I’m sure they’re on their way.” Rich tried to
reassure his brother, placing his hand on Pete’s shoulder. “Angie obviously
knows what she’s doing. Try to calm down man.”

“I can’t! I can’t Rich. Oh my god. We should have checked the water
level before we considered jumping off that fucking bridge.”

“That doesn’t matter now, look at me.” Rich gripped Pete’s other
shoulder, turning to him, “She’ll be okay, and if not we’ll deal with it. We’ll
do it together, okay?”

Pete’s frantic blue gaze met his, “Was this how it was with me? Did I
look like that when you found me?”

“It was the scariest day of my life brother. You were fine, and she’ll
be fine.” Rich kept his voice calm, watching out of the corner of his eye as
Angie continued administering CPR. He felt completely helpless.

Angie was sweating, focused on the task at hand, counting as she pumped
Tracy’s chest with more force. She met his gaze, her eyes expressing her worry,
“I’ll keep going until they get here.”

Minutes seemed like hours as Angie continued to force air into Tracy’s
lungs. Pete slipped to the ground, crawling over to her limp form and taking
her hand. “You’re stronger than this. You need to breath.”

Tracy’s body jerked, and she coughed, water spilling from her lips.
Angie was on it, rolling the girl’s form so she could empty the water from her

“That’s it, get it out. Get it all out.” Angie rubbed her arm, “Keep
coughing. I know it hurts, but you have to get it up. C’mon, let it out.”

As Tracy’s body convulsed she vomited a large amount of water, gasping
for breath. When she could finally breathe she began to cry, grabbing at Pete
with one hand while she gripped her stomach with the other. “My leg, I think
it’s broken. It hurts.” She rasped.

“They’re coming honey. We’ll get you fixed up. Just keep breathing for
me.” Pete’s body heaved as he let out a sigh, pushing her hair out of her face.
“You scared the shit out of me.”

Angie stood, wiping her brow and smoothing her palms on her dress. “I
think I hear the sirens.”

Unable to resist, Rich drew her into his arms, “You did so good. I’m so
proud of you. Thank you.”

“I’m just glad my dad forced me to take those damn classes every
summer.” She trembled against him, “I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.” She

“It worked.” He held her tighter, rubbing her back.

The ambulance finally arrived, and they stepped back to give the crew
some room to work. After getting Tracy on a gurney, they loaded her into the
back of the vehicle, Pete climbing in with her.

“What a fucking morning right?” Angie laughed, her body shaking against
his chest. Her laughter turned into sobs and she gripped his sides with her
hands. “I didn’t think it was going to work.”

“You were so calm. You ever thought about being an EMT?” He caressed her
hair, trying to calm her and offer a distraction.

She shook her head no, “I don’t know if I could go through that over and

“She’s your friend, and you still handled it beautifully. I’m sure you
could do the same with strangers.” Continuing to soothe her he began walking
back to the house. “We can talk about all the other stuff later okay?”

“Thanks. I can’t – there’s so much you need to know but I can’t do it
right now.”

He’d wait.
He’d wait forever for her.

Over four hours later they finally got a call from Pete. Tracy was going
to be okay, but her leg was in fact broken. She landed in a shallow area and
shattered her fibula. Rich wasn’t even sure which bone that was, but the word
shattered sent a shiver down his spine. They’d all been sitting in the front
room in relative silence, waiting.

As Rich offered the news, both Trevor and Charlie relaxed against the
couch, obviously relieved. Angie gave him a little nod and stood, escaping up
to her room. Even though he wanted to go after her, he let her be. She’d been
through a lot and they still had time to figure things out. He placed a call to
his mom, giving her a quick rundown of what had happened. She made him promise
to keep her updated and assured him she’d call Pete as soon as they hung up. He
kicked back in the recliner, closing his eyes.

His dreams were chaotic, jumping from the present to that horrible day
when he’d found Pete floating in the lake near the boat dock. He woke several
times, noticing Charlie and Trevor had disappeared. Though he was tempted to go
up to his room, he didn’t want to lay in the bed he shared with Angie. He
didn’t want to smell her on his sheets.

When his eyes opened to find dim light coming in through the windows he
stretched, freezing when he realized Angie was there, sitting on the couch
watching him. “Hey, how are you?”

“I’m okay, thanks. How are you?” She crossed and uncrossed her legs,
“Why didn’t you go to your room?”

“It’s not important. Come here.” He reached out, dying to hold to her in
his arms.

She shook her head, “No. We need to talk. I can’t be distracted.”

He gripped the arms of the chair, “All right.”

“So, did you ever wonder why I wasn’t going home for the break? Why I
never talked about any friends from home?” She twirled her hair around her
finger, “How about why I never mention my parents, ever?”

He frowned, realizing he’d never given it much thought. “I’m sorry I
never asked. I’m not sure what I thought. So tell me?”

“My dad was a total jerk, but that’s to be expected you know? I mean no
one really ever says their dad is awesome. Most of my friend’s dads weren’t
even around. And before you jump to conclusions, I don’t have daddy issues. Not
really.” She heaved a long sigh, “He cheated on my mom, a lot. I mean, like
every weekend for years he was with someone else, and not just one some
several different women. I didn’t blame him, not at all. My mother was so cold,
so dispassionate. Not just with my dad.”

Stiffening in the chair, he leaned forward, “I know how that is. Not the
cheating part, at least not that I’m aware of, but I never saw any love in my
house either. I don’t blame you for not wanting to go home to that. Why do you
think Pete and I are here and not home with our parents?”

Tears seeped from her right eye, and she quickly wiped them away. “That
makes it worse Rich.”


“Because I would never want to put you through that, living with someone
who doesn’t really love you. That’s what would happen if we were together. If
we made a commitment to each other, once you were tired of my body, you’d
realize I wasn’t capable of giving you what you needed. You’d cheat on me, or
leave me, and neither of us would be better for it.”

He stood before positioning himself next to her on the couch, “You’re
doing it again. Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, that won’t

“How can you be so sure? No one knows the future. But I know myself
enough to know that I don’t feel things the way I should. My dad even said it,
told me I’d turn out like my mother, a cold bitter woman.” She shuddered at the
memory, “I admit I was wrong about you, at least I think I was. You’re not a
user, not at all. I am though. I’ve been using you this whole time. I knew we’d
end after we left here, and I let you think otherwise. That was wrong, and I’m
so sorry.” The tears began to flow again and she looked away.

Not having any of that, he gripped her chin in his hands, turning her
face to his. “I love enough for both of us. I love you Angie. Let me prove you
wrong again.”

Her eyes widened, and she shook her head, “No, don’t say that. You don’t
love me. You like what we do together, but you don’t love me. Please don’t love
me. I can’t love you back.”

It hurt, her words hurt more than he thought they could, but he wouldn’t
give up. “You’re wrong. You can. Look, my mom has been reaching out to me and
Pete, people do change. She’s proving it.”

“That’s good, I’m glad she’s reaching out to you. My mother will never
reach out to me, and at this point I’m okay with that. I don’t even care if
they tell me when she dies. We were never close. We never did any of the things
that mothers and daughters are supposed to do together. She always wanted to
send me off. I went to so many stupid camps. I hated every single one of them.
Having friends over? That was out of the question. I won’t ever risk it being
like that. I’ll never bring an innocent life into this world.”

BOOK: Convincing Her
13.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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