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Dare to Defy

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Dare to Defy





Breanna Hayse


Copyright © 2013 by Stormy Night Publications and Breanna Hayse





Copyright © 2013 by Stormy Night Publications and Breanna Hayse


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.


Published by Stormy Night Publications and Design, LLC.



Hayse, Breanna

Dare to Defy


Cover Design by Korey Mae Johnson

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This book is intended for
adults only
. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults.

Chapter One



Glancing over her shoulder, Daynel wrapped her black fur cape tightly about her, trying to disappear from her pursuer in the inky blackness of the moonless night. She reached for the sword on her left hip, the icy pummel bringing a sense of comfort. She was not fearful of using it, and was very adept at piercing her quarry, but this particular chase would not be one that ended up in a death.

“Did you really think you could escape me, sister?” the low, guttural growl echoed in the trees. Daynel fled, only to smack hard against the broad chest of her eldest brother. With an “omf,” she landed on the wet ground, the wind knocked from her lungs.

“Leave me be, Günter! I will not be forced to do this thing.” The young woman fiercely shook her head as she scowled, trying to ignore his overly large hand reaching down for hers. Reluctantly, she accepted his assistance to her feet, brushing herself free of the dirt and leaves that clung to her leather leggings.

“You are a princess of the northern kingdom, sister. It is your duty to marry. Have you no trust in Father or myself? Do you believe we would allow you to come to harm through a bad coupling?” Günter asked, pulling some twigs from her pale gold tresses. “You have worsened it for yourself by defying Father’s orders to present yourself to him immediately and explain your refusal to obey. He is displeased with you.”

“Oh, Günter, he’s been displeased from the moment of my birth. He wanted not a daughter, but another son.”

“Quite the contrary, Daynel,” Günter smiled, touching her chin gently as he lifted her face to look at him. “After a brood of three sons, he was happy to have a girl. Unfortunately, even with the influence of my beloved Ilesbet, we males have had a greater impact upon you than the gentler sex. Except for your…features,” he eyed her bosom with a frown, “you are another boy to him.”

“There is nothing wrong with my being able to do all the men can do. And better,” Daynel spat.

Günter chuckled. “Your humility never ceases to astonish me, little sister. Now, I must return you to face our father. As I warned you, he is displeased and does not appear to be willing to forgive this insult as quickly as your many other offenses.”

Grunting, Daynel reluctantly followed her massive brother back to the castle’s courtyard, her pale blue eyes scouting for a means of escape. Günter, however, held her tight in his grip. He knew of her ploy…he had taught her most of the tricks to slip away and hide. As children of the northern kingdom, they had been born to a life of little privacy and freedom. Their greatest pleasures had resulted in bypassing the stringent rules set upon them by their overprotective sire.

“Before you face Father, might I suggest you change into something more befitting a daughter? It might gain you some sympathy.”

“Why did he send you to find me and not Ran or Kres? They are far better trackers than you,” Daynel asked as she slipped a pale blue gown over her head, unconcerned about modesty in the presence of the one who had raised her from infancy.

“Because he knows that I would not only find you, but return you in a more agreeable condition than our brothers. They tend to raise your temper.”

“Because they are bullies. Günter, I don’t wish to do this. I do not know this man.”

The elder brother hugged the small girl, pressing her against his chest and kissing the top of her head. “Have no fear, my little one. I attended training with the southern court and met Prince Ethan. He was a quiet boy, very serious and focused.”

“That was greater than twenty-five years past! Plus, he’s so
! And why has he not married and sired sons as of yet?” Daynel protested with her face buried in her brother’s shirt.

Günter chuckled. “He is of the same age as I. I ask you to trust me, sister. I promise, if he does not treat you well, I will come to claim you from him.”


“Have I ever broken my word to you?”

“Never. But what if he’s ugly, stinks, and is covered with warts?”

“Then we cover his face with a bag, soak him to the skin with perfumed oil, and then send him to the priestess for prayer. Daynel, your imagination is growing like a five-year-old. You are a woman grown now, past the age of marriage. Father allowed you twenty years as an indulgence, but it is time to do your duty. Heirs are needed for the kingdoms to survive. And this alliance…It is needed for peace. You know that the kings wish to settle the dark feeling between their nations and destroy the wall that separates us. Our people have been apart for too many centuries, and the southern king is old, but wise. This is his final wish before he dies, to see the kingdoms united again.”

“Can he not find another dove to place on the sacrificial altar? I don’t desire this, brother! You have provided heirs enough for the two of us, as have Ran and Kres. The kingdom has ten sons. Another brat to the mix will make no difference,” she argued desperately.

“Aye, but that brat will come of our princess and the future king of the southern realm. Come, Daynel. I will take you to Father now,” Günter said patiently.


* * *


King Rufus leaned back on his large hardwood throne, glowering at the tapestry covering the wall across from him.
Damned uncomfortable chair,
he grumbled
, hopefully Günter will have the sense to burn the thing when he takes my place. May my eldest have just one daughter in his hold, and may she be as obstinate and uncontrollable as his sister
, the man wished.
It is his doing that the girl defies my every word.

The old man knew of the close relationship shared by the two siblings, one that he envied in that he was always at odds with his eldest son. With an age difference of over fifteen years, the crown prince had solemnly taken the young princess under his wing and sworn to always protect and defend her. He was also determined to teach her all the things that she was willing to learn….things that the old king strongly disapproved of for women…hunting, sword and archery, hand combat, horse racing, and even to read! Günter had little in common with his twin brothers of four years younger. The two were born to warfare and military leadership, hated academics, and were so self-disciplined that they never broke a rule issued to them. Günter had discovered his sister to be very much like him in personality, and unfortunately, in Rufus’ opinion, nurtured Daynel’s quick mind, willful spirit, saucy wit, and mischievous need to challenge boundaries. King Rufus sighed. Günter would make a good and righteous king someday, but he needed to be rid of the distraction of his baby sister. He hoped that her marriage with Ethan, and moving her to help rule the south, would be enough.

“Father? May we enter?” Günter’s voice called out from the hall’s entrance. King Rufus lifted his hand and watched as his tall son strode with confidence to the base of the throne, and dropped on his knee in reverence for his father and his king. His daughter, however, sauntered toward him, performed a quick perfunctory curtsey, and then stood with her hands on her hips and her face stormy with anger.

“Where was she found?” the king demanded as his son rose to his feet.

“Fairly close, Sire. She merely tried to hide in the darkness, as she always does when having her fits. No harm was done to her.”

“What about harm to me? To my throne? To my pride? Daughter! What have you say about this defiance? I
you to present yourself to me and explain yourself!!” the king shouted, red in the face.

Daynel tilted her face in his direction, her demeanor proving to him that she was unbothered by his blustering. “I will not marry a man that I do not know, Father. A loveless marriage in order to bear children is not in my future.”

“Your future is what your king orders, child! Too many years you have been doing what you pleased, thanks to the encouragement of your brother.” He glared at Günter’s reddening face. “From the moment of her birth, I have allowed you to indulge her. For the last twenty years, I felt that by permitting you the freedom to instruct her, I would also keep peace in my home. You, my son, have taught her to be defiant, rebellious, and headstrong. You will be king one day, and already you have failed your duty to the kingdom.”

“How have I failed, Father? By tutoring Daynel in the ways to rule in her own right? She has all the skills needed to be a strong and united queen to a future king,” Günter responded back.

“She needs only to obey her present king and future husband, and submit to the authority of the household. You have allowed her to run freely and now we all must suffer the consequences.”

“I am her brother, not her nanny, her governess, or her father!” Günter now shouted back. “You gave me permission to care for her and the freedom to teach her what I believed she should learn, and now you berate me for it? I do not accept such a rebuke.”

“You most certainly will. Daynel, you will be married to Prince Ethan. You will give the southern kingdom an heir and bind our kingdoms in peace. There will be no further discussion. As your king, I have declared this as so,” Rufus bellowed.

“What if I choose to fuck the next man I see instead?!” Daynel yelled back. “Like
! You, soldier, fuck me!”

“Daynel! I never want to hear that from your mouth again! Apologize this instant to Father, this court, and this soldier!” Günter ordered, snatching her upper arm, appalled.

“I’m sorry!” Tears threatened to spill. “I can’t do this, Father. I can’t!”

“You can and you will. Provisions have been made to protect you from Ethan’s men as well. You are to arrive, unsullied and untouched, and married before the king. Ethan cannot inherit the throne until you bear evidence of a child.”

“How can you hate me so much? If Mother were alive, she would never permit this.”

Rufus ignored her attempt to manipulate him. “You will also be punished severely for disobeying me in the face of my court. When I order you to present yourself to me, I will not be ignored. Nor will I permit anyone, not even my spoiled, untamed daughter, to speak to me as you did.”

“Father, please…”

“No! Not another word! Günter, hand your sister over to the housemaster for punishment.”

“Father! I refuse to do so! He will shred her back with his whip. Nothing she has done is deserving of such cruelty,” Günter shouted, pushing his beloved sister behind him protectively.

King Rufus’ eyes twinkled. The prince had taken the bait and he planned on teaching him, and his obstinate little daughter, a lesson that would not be forgotten.

“You shall obey me immediately or you shall join her with a horsewhip.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Daynel screamed, pushing Günter away from her and stomping up to face her father directly. “You would look the fool to give the crown prince up to a beggar’s punishment.”

“Hmmmm, how right you are, dear child.” The king pretended to think as he tapped his chin. “Günter, you are responsible for her behavior, are you not?”

“Yes, Father. I take responsibility for indulging her and failing to teach her respectable boundaries.” Günter held his chin high, meeting his father’s gaze.

“Then you are responsible for her discipline. I expect it to dissuade her from any future romps around the kingdom under the cloak of the night,” the king said firmly.

“Yes, Father. Do you have…specifics regarding what you consider adequate disciplinary measures?” Günter asked, feeling his sister clutch fearfully at the sleeve of his shirt.

“I shall entrust you to merit out justice as though you were the king in my stead. Be gone with you now. Daynel? I am very disappointed in you.”

“I apologize, Father,” Daynel said, hanging her head and hiding the relief she felt. She had witnessed a maid being whipped by the housemaster and had intervened. The wicked old man had hated her since and would have loved to strip the skin from her back.

King Rufus sighed and beckoned to the girl. She reluctantly approached him and felt him grab her hands. “You are your mother’s child. As I loved her, I love you as well. But we have a duty to our people. If we fail to give the kingdom what it requires, then we have no right to rule. Be gone with you now, daughter, and remember this is a lesson born of duty.”

BOOK: Dare to Defy
5.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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