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Dark Menace MC: Stone

BOOK: Dark Menace MC: Stone
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Dark Menace MC



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this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.’



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Chapter 1






“Oh, shit!” I turned the corner to my
sister’s street to see four huge motorcycles parked in her
What the fuck are they doing here?
If Ronald was
in some kind of trouble, he’d better not have gotten Maddie
involved in something dangerous. I’d never liked the tattoo artist,
and I knew he was knee-deep in some illegal shit. The ominous
presence of the bikes gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my

They weren’t just motorcycles, either. The
choppers stood out like sore thumbs, and identified the riders as
part of the local motorcycle club.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
has that asshole done? I parked my run-down Toyota in the drive
behind the bikes and didn’t hesitate to get out and head toward the
front door, worry for my sister causing me to rush. I let my gaze
run over the bikes and the muted Dark Menace MC logos of blood
reds, oranges, golds, and yellows against the backdrop of polished
black metal. The single Harley looked as expensive as the house
that Maddie and Ronald lived in.

I took a deep breath upon reaching the door,
and was just about to open it when two burly bikers stepped
outside. Any other time and I would have chuckled at their startled
expressions at seeing me, but I was on a mission, especially after
hearing what sounded like a faint cry coming from inside.
I tried to scoot around them but they stopped short,
blocking my way. I glanced up a long way to meet the brown of their
frowning eyes.

The two men were identical in every way, from
their eye color, full beards, red bandanas, and leather gear, and
they were huge! Like the Hulk, muscle bound and tall, both dressed
in solid black, from their black t-shirts and leather cuts, to
their leather pants and clunky, heavy boots. Their naked arms were
covered in tattoos, their long black hair was pulled back into

Their expressions mirrored each other, they
were clones in every way, and I couldn’t help but gasp again when
it finally dawned on me that they were identical twins.

Double trouble was the first thing that came
to my mind, right before another sound of intense agony echoed
through the tiny house behind them. The only thing that kept me
from mowing the big boys over was the fact that the sound seemed to
be coming from a man.

I forced myself to smile, thinking that would
win them over. “Excuse me.” I made a move to go around them when
one of them reached out and grabbed my arm.

“There’s a meeting going on inside.” I
glanced at the other biker, who shrugged and crossed his arms.

My fake smile disappeared. “So?” I tried to
pull my arm away, but he tightened his hold on me. “Maddie is my
sister,” I explained as if that made everything alright.

“We don’t give a fuck, baby.”

I glanced at his brother, who remained
silent, in time to see the once over he gave me. I felt burning
embarrassment spread over my body when his eyes lingered on my
breasts, and then the area between my thighs.
I knew
what his look meant. I’d fought enough men off with that same,
predatory gaze when I was working nights at the bar. Suddenly I
wished I’d taken the time to change before coming over. On the
weekends I wore short cut offs and tanks, and today I was braless
because I only had three and they were in the wash.

As I contemplated how to handle the situation
a blood-curdling scream sounded from inside the house. It was so
high-pitched that I couldn’t tell this time if it was coming from a
man or woman. The only thing I knew was that I had to get inside to
Maddie. A second scream sent chills through me. I don’t know how I
managed it, but I jerked my arm free, catching the man off guard,
then ducked under his beefy arm and then ran around him into the
house. Their curses followed me.

“Maddie!” I screamed. I could hear the
brothers behind, and I knew that they were coming after me. The
house wasn’t very big, so I followed a third shriek to the tiny
kitchen that was located in the back of the house. I came to an
abrupt halt in the threshold of the arched doorway, taking in the
scene before me.

At first I thought I’d walked right into the
movie set of
Son’s of Anarchy
. I know my jaw dropped as I
took in everything at once--the two bikers, one more muscular than
the other, the blood, and, thank God, no Maddie. The heavy threat
of danger in the air didn’t allow me the chance to calm down.

Ronald was tied to a kitchen chair with one
arm held out on top of the table by the shorter man, who was no
less intimidating than his taller counterpart. The same man was
looking down and holding a bloody tool of some kind, while his
friend, whose back was to me, observed. My stomach churned when my
gaze landed on the two severed fingers.
My shocked
gasp alerted everyone that I was there.

The man leaning over Ronald looked up and
frowned. The other one, who’d simply been standing there with his
massive arms crossed, slowly turned my way. Our eyes met, and
during that brief, insanely intense moment I knew that he was the
most dangerous and lethal one of the four. Razor-sharp dark brown
eyes raked over me lightning fast, giving nothing away of what he
was thinking.

After taking a split second to determine that
he was the handsomest, most compelling man I’d ever seen, I turned
to run. Maddie wasn’t there, that’s all I was concerned about.
Ronald was on his own. My escape was cut short when I crashed
smack-dab into one of the massive twins. Bear-like arms came around
me with crushing force, pinning me to him. I screamed and wiggled
violently, biting that man on the chest, and gaining my freedom.
But it didn’t last long. With a vicious curse, he caught his hand
in my hair and yanked me back against him. I didn’t stop to think.
I brought my leg up and kneed him in the groin.

With a grunt he released me and doubled over,
falling to his knees just as his brother decided to take over.
Before I knew it I was flipped around and facing Ronald and the two
bikers torturing him.

“Sorry, Prez.” He grunted when I dug my nails
into him, but he didn’t release me. His punishment was to cut off
my air supply by tightening his arm around me. “She’s a feisty
little bitch.”

I thrust the bottom half of my body against
him angrily, hoping to break loose. “Let me go!” I grated between
my teeth.

“Fuck, Prez, she’s giving me a fuckin’

Oh, God, he wasn’t kidding either, I could
feel it against my rear. My instinct was to go still, but my
determination to break away was stronger. I glanced at Ronald,
angry that I was in this situation because of him. He whimpered,
holding his injured hand as the blood dripped freely onto the
table. “What’s going on, Ronald? Where’s Maddie?” I pulled against
the arms holding me, glaring at my brother-in-law.

The man called “Prez” stepped in front of me,
blocking my view of Ronald. I reluctantly met his eyes, swallowing
hard. There was a thin scar on his face that ran across his cheek
from the corner of his eye to his mouth. I could tell it was an old
one because the color matched the rest of his weathered skin. It
didn’t take away from his hot looks. Instead, it made him look
dangerous, sexy. I practically stopped breathing when he moved
closer to me because I sensed that he was deadly.

“I’d stop moving if I were you.” His gaze
moved with lazy slowness up and down my body. “No stopping Bulldog
once he has a hard-on.”

“Nice. Threaten me with rape.” I practically
spat the words at him. I was angry, but that wasn’t what was making
me mad. When his gaze had lingered on my breasts my nipples had
hardened, as if anticipating his tongue on them.

“Are you his woman?” he asked, nodding toward

“No way.” I shook my head, refusing to look
at the bloody table. “I’m his sister-in-law, Rachel, and what the
fuck are you doing here?”

“I would think that’s obvious,” said the hulk
standing over Ronald with the bloody tool that appeared to be some
kind of pliers.

“We’re here to collect a debt,” the too-sexy
biker in front of me said. “Your fuckin’ brother-in-law borrowed
some money that didn’t belong to him.”

I glanced at Ronald, knowing that the
accusation was true from the guilty look on his bruised face. He
wouldn’t even meet my eyes. Shit, this wasn’t good. I’d heard of
the Dark Menace MC before. They owned most of the bars in town, as
well as Ronald’s tattoo shop, and they had a reputation of dealing
harshly with those who wronged them. People disappeared. I didn’t
care about Ronald, but I did care about Maddie.

“Where’s Maddie?” I asked, pinning my gaze on
my worthless brother-in-law.

He seemed to realize that I was talking to
him, and he looked up. “Is that all you care about?” he cried out.
“They cut off my fucking fingers!”

“You should have thought about that before
you took something that didn’t belong to you, asshole!” A couple of
manly chuckles followed my comment. Prez made a sudden move and I
sucked in my breath, leaning back into the unyielding chest of the
man that was still holding me. I had an odd feeling that he wanted
my attention to remain on him.

God, did he have to be so hot? I mean, panty
! He had to be at least six feet four, and from
what I could tell he was pure, solid muscle. He was making me hot,
and he wasn’t even doing anything. The circumstances should have
prevented me from thinking such inane thoughts, but my body was
ignoring the horny ramblings inside my head.

I frowned. “Are you going to kill him?”

“Can’t get my fuckin’ money back from a dead
man, baby. We’re here to work out a--,” he paused purposefully, one
corner of his sexy mouth lifting slightly. “Payment plan.”

Payment plan?
The man next to Ronald
laughed gruffly. My first thought was to wonder how they expected
Ronald to work as a tattoo artist if they were cutting off his
fingers. Then I noticed that they hadn’t touched his left hand, and
Ronald was a lefty.

“I told you I’d get the money for you!”
Ronald cried. “And I don’t have no fucking collateral!”


“You want collateral?” I asked the biker in
front of me. “Look around you, they don’t have a pot to piss

His smile didn’t reach the dark mystery in
his eyes. “Baby, we take many different kinds of collateral.
Whatever we deem fuckin’ valuable.”

Ronald was screwed. The house was old and in
need of repairs. The car he and Maddie shared looked like something
they’d picked up from a junkyard, and it broke down every other
day. I knew for a fact that they didn’t have a bank account.

I watched as the man standing over Ronald
walked over to the old hutch against the wall. He picked up a
framed picture of me and Maddie, taken on the last Fourth of July
weekend when we were at the beach.

“Hey, Prez.” He walked close enough to hand
him the photo. “Check this out. I see something valuable here,
don’t you?” His craggy face held a smile that bordered on pure
evil. It seemed as if they were speaking some kind of code.

Prez seemed to look down at the picture for a
long time. I felt heat fill my cheeks because Maddie and I were in
swimsuits. She was wearing a barely-there bikini, showing off what
little curves she had. She’d always been on the thin side, while I,
on the other hand, had curves to spare. I wasn’t fat, but I did
have curves in all the right places. The swimsuit that I wore in
the photo was a two-piece, and my large boobs were barely contained
in the cups. The wrap I had on was hanging at an angle and low on
my hips, emphasizing the curve of my waist and hips.

BOOK: Dark Menace MC: Stone
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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