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Deadly In Stilettos


Keke Chanel































Published By: NDJ Publishing


Copyrighted 2012 by Keke Chanel

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and
incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used factiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locals, or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in case of brief quotations in critical articles and reviews.
























This book is dedicated to
My Forever Love

Thanks for loving me unconditionally,

Through all of my flaws,

You have believed in me since the beginning

I love you more and more each day…


































This has been a long journey to say the least, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have so many people in my corner, who love and support me regardless of what lies ahead. Those people have always been
there for me and I just want to take this time out to say “thank you”.


To my mom and daddy, thank you for being wonderful parents. Through your love and support, I am who I am today. To my big sister Shan, I love you. You have always inspired me to tell my stories. I share this journey with you. Keep smiling! To my baby sister Erica, you give me strength to press on even when I wanted to give up. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my passion. And to my little/big brother Trey, you keep my grounded through your constructive criticism. LOL thanks for starting your blog and inspiring me to begin my own. Thanks for giving me Demi. She became real once you said her name.


To my daughters Liah and Ryan and my son Louis, you guys make me strive for perfection each day. I do this for you. Know that nothing is impossible and that because there are footprints on the moon, the sky is not your limit. Liah, thanks for listening to and reading my stories. You have been there from the beginning, cheering me on to the finish line. One day, I will be holding your first novel in my hands with tears of pride rolling down my cheeks. Keep writing. You have a special gift that the world needs to hear.


To Tarra, thank you reading and giving me your honest opinion of my work. We have a long road ahead, so get ready to always have something to read. You keep me motivated, encouraged and able to shut out negativity when I am feeling sorry for myself. To Shanda, girl you know you work my nerves sometimes, but that’s what friends are for. You make me a better writer. Through your questions, concerns and critiques, I can honestly say I look forward to hearing what you have to say. To Tihera, Ty, thanks for always having my back, no matter the situation. We have laughed and cried together but look at how far we have come. I love you Sissy! To Skip, you made me believe in this project even more when I introduced you to Demi. Thanks for always being a friend, believing in my craft and never letting me doubt myself.


To my aunts, there are too many to name. If I did, this would go on forever. You girls ROCK! Thank you all have teaching me to believe in my gift and my work. Aunt Moonie, thank you especially for introducing me to books. All those trips to the library plagued my love for reading and still remain to this day.


Thank you all of my friends and family, your name may not be mentioned but will never go unforgotten. There is nothing greater than love and support from the people who matter most. I love you all equally. To NyTiki, Dakisha, Yolanda, Giselle, Ieshia and Sharon, we have been through it all. I love you Chicas! With you girls around, I will always have something to write about…

I want to thank my husband Louis. You teach and show me more about love each and every day. We have been together forever. Than
k you for putting up with me even when I didn’t want to put up with myself. I appreciate you!


Kemia, Kiya, Kobe, Ziggy and Noah, I didn’t forget about you. You are my babies. I love you! And Keith thanks for making my new cover and great success. I love it. It is so “Demi”. And to the people of Greensburg, Louisiana, thanks for your love and support!


Last but certainly not least, I want to thank God. Your timing is always perfect. Even when I wanted to quit, You wouldn’t allow it. When a door was
closed, You always opened another. Thank you for giving me the will to walk through it. Without You, I am nothing, with You, I am everything!






































Deadly In Stilettos


















Chapter 1



THERE ARE SOME THINGS MEN SHOULD NOT DO and pissing off a woman is at the top of the list. Men take and take, giving back nothing of great use, leaving a woman heartbroken, wounded like an animal. Never again, thought Deminis Bradshaw. She was a woman whose heart had been broken one too many times. All of the men and some women, she had let get close to her had caused nothing but great pain, beginning with her own father. Before she allowed anyone else to take advantage of her, they would have to die first.

Revenge was now her main objective in life, next to finding unconditional love. Deminis knew how to do many things…write, cook, shop, have a fun time, but dealing with a broken heart wasn’t one of her strengths. She just wanted to be loved, truly loved without hidden agendas or because she was beautiful.

From a young age she was thought to be very intelligent, wise beyond her years. However, the hardships of the various relationships she had experienced throughout her life caused emotional damage so severe that she never had a successful one. All the people who deceived her would be sorry. Capturing her prey was on the top of her list of things to complete, a list she planned to finish soon.

Deminis was light skinned, what people called high-yellow, and she possessed the sort of beauty most women would pay thousands of dollars to obtain. Her big, slanted light-brown eyes gave her an exotic look men admired, becoming hypnotized at first glance. With her perfect size six body, curves all in the right places, men constantly fell under her spell. Too bad that when she finally let down her guard, they all tried to manipulate her mind thinking that she was a beautiful dummy, when they realized she had brains to go along with her beauty, they couldn’t handle being with her. She was always left with loneliness, something she was determined to get over once and for all. Deminis considered herself a woman built for whatever tragedies life had to offer, but she couldn’t understand why she had endured such hardships along her journey.

She gave much thought to the names she wrote down on the long list lying in front of her. Each person on the list was someone who had hurt her in critical way, and left her feeling unloved, disrespected, and downright dirty. In no time Demi’s list was complete, as she cast out all who had ever made her cry. Right now her father was about to feel the impact of her wrath. And if she had to add a name or two or three along the way, then so be it.

When her mother died giving birth to her, her father held her responsible, treating her like an outcast. If not for her mother’s sister Charlotte, Demi would have died. Melvin Bradshaw simply despised his only child. The pain of losing the love of his life was too unbearable. How could he ever love the child who’d taken his beloved from him?

Demi never received her father’s love, so when she got old enough, she looked for it elsewhere. That careless behavior only led to heartbreak, misery, and aching in places she hadn’t known existed within her. She felt that pain each and every day in some way or another. Her mind constantly relived her past.




Demi wanted the pain to be over with, so she could move toward to a life of happiness, one she could tell her future children and grandchildren about without having to lie or feel shameful of.

BOOK: Deadly In Stilettos
7.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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