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"Do you
still believe that?"

She shook her
head timidly.

"I had a
talk with your mom."

"Oh yeah
what'd she say?"

thanked me for coming back into your life, she said today was the first time
she saw her son in almost a year. She said whatever demons you were fighting
seemed to have left. So I started thinking and I realized if you were really in
love with someone else my leaving wouldn't have affected you this way."

"I promised
to love only you always remember? In Greece I told you my heart belonged to
you, why did you doubt me?"

"She was
just so convincing and she said some things that made sense, like how I wasn't
a part of your world. How I wouldn't fit in with your friends and

I squeezed her
tighter to me, feeling her pain and fear and betrayal, they'd made her believe
that I was just using her.

"How did
she explain me bringing you home if I was supposed to be engaged to someone

"She said
your fiancé turned a blind eye to your indiscretions in the past, but since
your wedding was so close it was crass for me to be here then."

"I see, we
have a lot to talk about but we'll save that for later, for now please accept
my humble apologies for the way I've treated you. I know it's not enough and I
plan on making it up to you but for now just know I've only ever told one woman
I loved her. Go to bed you're beat I'll be there soon."

"Does this
mean we're okay? You forgive me for leaving the way I did?"

understand why you felt you had to leave, I don't understand why you didn't
trust me enough to come to me but we'll work on that." I gave her a kiss
and stood to walk her to our bedroom. I had a lot of shit to do.


By the time I
was finished in my office I was on fire for her, it had been too long, we'd
been part for way too long. She was already asleep but that didn't stop me from
pulling the covers back. Moving as quietly as I possibly could I pulled her
panties gently down her legs. She was asleep on her stomach so I lifted her and
licked her from behind. My heart beat like a drum in my chest as I sucked on
her taking in her sweet taste. She awakened with a moan as I sank my tongue
deep. I stroked my weeping cock in readiness as I prepared to fuck her.

"Stay as
you are baby."

Rising to my
knees behind her I played my cock up and down her slit teasing her pussy by entering
just her entrance before pulling back.




I slammed into
her rocking her body.

Her scream was music to my ears. Always before I'd been gentle with her. This
time I felt the need to plunder. I needed to control her, to dominate her. I
didn't question my feelings but just let my body take over. Grabbing ahold of
her hips I fucked into her burying all ten inches into her pussy, pass her
cervix and into her womb. She'd never been able to take all of me before I
guess having the baby opened her up somehow. It felt like nothing I'd ever

"I can't
wait to teach you all the things I never got the chance to." Just the
thought alone had my cock swelling even more inside her. Pulling out roughly I
turned her onto her back and lifting her legs to my shoulders eased back into

"I want to
make you pregnant again, I'm going to make you pregnant again." I didn't
give her a chance to answer one way or the other. Instead I covered her lips
with mine as I stroked into her clutching heat. Her tight pussy gripped me like
it would never let me go. I pounded out my frustration and my need on her small
body. Too lost in the pleasure to hold back. I wanted only one thing, to
reclaim what was mine. With a loud growl shot my hot seed deep within her as
she came on my cock.


The next day I
had mom set up a dinner party inviting everyone under the guise of a family get
together so as not to raise suspicions. I convinced her not to share the news
of Amber's return with anyone to which she agreed, she thought it would be a
wonderful surprise; if she only knew.

I had a hard
time convincing Amber over the next few days that everything was going to be
okay. I’d told her everything and she was afraid to confront her tormentors but
I assured her they would never hurt her again.

To avoid
detection I spirited my little family away for the next few days leading up to
the party. We took the private jet to the island my grandmother had left me, it
was only six hours flying, then a private boat ride the rest of the way.

It brought back
memories of Greece. Without my threats hanging over her head she fucking
blossomed, she was my princess again, the carefree young girl with hope in her

Our first night
on the island I approached her to finally fall on my sword so to speak. It was
amazing having her with me again sharing the same bed spending our days tending
our son.

I needed to have
her close at all times, never letting her out of my sight. The two of them
became my whole world. I'd taken her body numerous times in the last few days,
when we weren't playing with the baby I was buried inside her. I'd introduced
her to anal play, taught her how to take me into her throat without gagging. We
still needed to work on that one but it was fun trying. I don't know if she
realized it or not but I was doing everything in my power to breed her again.
To finally tie her to me completely for all time.

That night after
we put the baby to bed together which was fast becoming one of my favorite
things in the world to do, I took her out to the lanai. And with the cool sea
breeze blowing over us I poured my heart out to her, nothing hidden.

"I can't
even begin to ask for your forgiveness princess, there aren't enough words in
this language or the next. I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I
have no excuses for what I wanted to do to you. Too much misplaced anger, the
things I said and did, I can't..."

"It's okay
now I understand we were both taken in both lied to. Just promise me that it'll
never happen again, that we'll be happy again."

How honorable
could this one woman be when she had been treated so dishonorably? How big must
her heart be that she could hold me to her bosom to offer comfort when I had
done nothing but threaten? I didn't deserve her forgiveness as much as I wanted
it. I think it would've been easier on me if she had railed at me, if she
exacted her pound of flesh. But this blind acceptance was more than I deserved.

"When I
thought that you had deceived me, that you were just using me until you married
someone else, I think something inside me died. But you know what was telling
about the whole thing? I never once hated you. Now I know it's because I
couldn't reconcile the man who would do such a thing with the man I fell in
love. I don't know how or why but I never hated you or regretted our time
together not even when your son was making me sick as a dog." She tried to
joke about it but I could find no humor in her pain.

"I'm so
sorry I wasn't there, that you had to face that alone, I'm sure you must've
been scared."

"Out of my no." She rushed to reassure me when she saw the crestfallen look
on my face at her simple admission.

"It wasn't
that bad really Carmen, that's Melissa's aunt, she was really nice to me. The
only reason we were at that cabin, which belonged to her husband's family by
the way, is because her complex has some type of clause that doesn't allow
children. I wouldn't have been there much longer, in fact Melissa and I were
making plans to get a place together."

"What did
you tell them about me?"

much, I just told them it didn't work out, of course they all threatened to
hunt you down like a rabid dog." There she goes again trying to make light
of her pain and suffering so she could ease mine. She was everything I had
first believed her to be. My sweet gentle girl.

"So, what
do I have to do to gain your forgiveness and your trust again?"

"You didn't
hear me, I never stopped loving you of course I forgive you."

"But what
about the things I said to you after I found you? How can you forgive such
unwarranted cruelty?"

"Do you
still feel the same way?"

"Of course
not; how can you even think such a thing? I told you I've only ever loved one
woman and that's you, even when I hated you I loved you."

"Well then,
that's all that matters, if we let them keep us apart then they win, and we
can't let them win. I do wish you would give up this idea of revenge against
them though."

"Not gonna
happen, this isn't only about us, this is about my son and what they almost
cost me and him. No way will I let that slide. When I thought you were guilty I
was willing to tear you apart I can do no less against the ones who really
share the blame."

"Do what
you must then, but know that I'm okay, as long as I have you and our son I'm
very okay."

"Do you
really mean that princess?"

"With all
my heart."

Damn she’s not
to be believed, whatever! I'll spend the rest of my days being ever thankful
that I had her back in my arms again.

"Will you
let me make love to you now?" I nibbled on her ear as I awaited her

"Do you
even have to ask? I love having you inside of me." She was seducing me
with her words. I kissed her as softly and gently as I could, wanting to show
her without words how much she meant to me. The last few times I'd been a
maniac taking her hard and rough, I'd needed that. This time I wanted to go
slow, to be tender with her.

We made slow
passionate love under the starry sky, our bodies moving perfectly in sync.

"I haven't
worn protection any of the times I've been inside are you on the pill?"

Before we had
used condoms since my innocent girl hadn't been on birth control. I had planned
to talk to her about it after we got married but we never got around to it.
Obviously one of the condoms had failed.

She shook her
head in the negative and I felt my heart speed up and my thrust grow stronger,
it was as if knowing there were no barriers between my seed and her womb fed
some baser instinct to breed, suddenly it's all I could think of. It was one
thing to tell her I wanted it and quite another knowing it was a possibility
even now.

"I want to
give you another baby now, I don't want to wait I know Colin Anthony is still
young, but I want to, I want to be there from beginning to end. I need to see
you ripe with my child."

When she nodded
her assent my body and mind separated, my body was on a mad rush to fill her
with my seed as soon as possible while in my mind I saw her swollen with my
child, the twin stimuli worked to send us both over the edge.

"I love you
my Amber, now and forever."

"And I love
you." We kissed and nipped each other's lips playfully as we came down
from our high.

Chapter 17

Since that night
we have been happier than I ever thought possible. We visited the little town
off the shores of the island, me the proud daddy carrying my son on my chest
while holding my love's hand in mine.

We were leaving
the island today and Amber was a nervous wreck. I wish I could forgo the things
I had set in motion but I couldn't it was as much for her as it was for me. I
think she needed this she needed to see me defend her against the ones who had
sought to destroy her.

We arrived home
after the sun was down, I was careful to the point of paranoia about our
enemies finding out anything. I had Kurt keeping an eye on the parties
involved. So far he hadn't said anything so I guess everything was okay on that

That night in
bed I had to make love to her countless times to calm her fears. Every time she
would voice her fears I would turn her over onto her back and love her until
she calmed again. That went on practically the whole night until Anthony woke
up for his three o'clock feeding.

The next day I
presented her with my grandmother's ring, a ring that had been in my family for
generations, one that represented love and commitment. I was never so happy as
when she accepted with tears of joy.

Now all I had to
do was get us through tonight and all will be complete.

I chose her
dress and her jewelry for the night, it was a point of pride with me, I wanted
her to outshine everyone, she deserved to. Not that she couldn't dress herself
but I know my girl, she wouldn't make a fuss. And since one of the arguments
used against her was that she wouldn't fit in with my peers, I wanted them to
know that for me she was the brightest star in my universe.


I timed it so
that everyone would be there when we arrived. They were standing or sitting
around in the informal parlor having pre-dinner drinks and canapés.

Amber you're here." Mom drew us into the room as she took the baby. I kept
my eyes on the guilty parties as we entered. Cindy almost dropped her martini
and the other lost all color.

BOOK: Deception
13.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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