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He laughed out loud, the throaty sound filling the kitchen. “Isn’t it a bit obvious?” He puffed out his chest and stood up to his full height. He suddenly looked quite frightening and he quickly let himself relax as he saw her startled expression. “Sorry, it’s just that I’m so huge, I’m kind of like the anchorman. I get all the really tough jobs. They like to have me there…” He trailed off, his face suddenly serious. Neither of them spoke for a few seconds and the silence became awkward again.

picked up his tea again and then put the mug back down without drinking. He cleared his throat and hesitated for a moment longer before he spoke again.

“Caroline, I need to talk to you…
That’s really why I came down to your shop today. I might not get another opportunity to see you for a while.” He hesitated for a second more before he rushed on. “I’m going away tomorrow evening, on business. For at least three weeks, and I can’t just leave this hanging in the air any longer. There are some things I need to decide, important decisions to make and after the other week when you came down to the site, well, I was going to say I was sorry for kissing you but I’m not. I can’t let things go on as they are. I had to see you before I go away and make anything final.”    

His tone was strange and Caroline couldn’t look at him as she r
ecalled his kiss. She lifted her hand and skimmed her finger over her lips where his had touched hers so gently, thinking of exactly how he had felt and tasted. The tip of her tongue followed her finger. She could almost taste him again now. She couldn’t think how just one kiss could affect any decision he made with his business. She stayed silent, her breath hitching in her throat as he carried on.

“I think it’s a done deal for me anyway, but I need to make sure. My decision affects a lot of other people so it’s not something I can
make lightly.” He spoke quickly and was then quiet as he looked at her seriously.

The silence stretched out and Caroline could hear her heart beating so loudly she was sure that he must be able to hear it too. Her lungs felt tight as she trie
d to stop herself breathing so quickly. She didn’t really understand what he was saying and was about to ask exactly what he meant when he shifted his weight so that he was even nearer to her, the heat of his body radiating over hers.

“Caroline, tell me what you’re thinking.” His tone was meltingly soft, h
is breathing slightly heavier than usual and at last s he looked up at him. He was so tall and overwhelming with his stormy eyes burning into hers and making her tremble all over. She drew in a deep breath, his perfume completely filling her senses and she had to close her eyes as she breathed out. He was far too mesmerizing and far too close.

he heard the rustle of thick cotton and she felt his huge hand brush her skin, touching her cheek gently as he rubbed his thumb along her cheekbone. She let out a gasping sob as the heat of his hand smouldered on her soft skin and tears suddenly squeezed themselves between her lashes.

“Adam, ple
ase don’t.” Her voice was agonized and she couldn’t open her eyes. “Please don’t make this harder for me.” She sobbed again as her heart pounded violently against her ribs.

came even closer to her his tone urgent.

“Why is this hard for you? Tell me how you feel…
please. I have to know. I can’t go away for weeks and not know if you feel anything for me. It’s killing me as it is. The thought of leaving and not knowing how you feel is unbearable.” His voice was almost pleading but she couldn’t speak again, and just shook her head. “I can’t help touching you.” He murmured when she didn’t respond, his voice low and tense. He was still holding her cheek, his warmth scorching her as he lifted her face to look at him, “You’re so beautiful, you’re all I can see.”

She kept her eyes closed and stood shaking gently as electricity sparked through her veins.

“You’re driving me crazy, Caroline.” His voice was very close to her, barely above a whisper, ragged and desperate. “I think of you day and night.”

e felt his breath on her nose and lips as he moved in even closer and touched them with his in the lightest kiss possible. She stood motionless, her lips parted slightly to let out a breath and when she still didn’t move away from him, he was consuming her lips with his, kissing her deeply, parting them more so that he was able to taste her.

She could not stop him and she didn’t want to. Not ever. Sparks flashed behind her eyelids as the pressure for release built.

This was what she had wanted for weeks and she couldn’t deny herself this moment. She reached up to him and wound her arms around his neck, knotting her fingers in his long, silky hair, kissing him back with every ounce of passion she possessed.

He groaned as their
tongues touched and they explored each other’s mouths. They were both breathing heavily as they parted. Adam rested his forehead on hers for just a second before his mouth began to search for her lips again. She could feel the heat radiating from his body. It made his perfume all the more heady. He pulled away just enough to be able to speak.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so
long, I’ve needed you so badly. I can’t get you out of my head, but that damned development…” He paused, not explaining what he meant before he sighed and continued, his tone deep and sincere. “I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life. Caroline, I have to know. Is it the same for you? Do you feel the same for me?”

He spoke with his mouth still touching hers, lips brushing
hers so lightly, sending shivers of pleasure though her whole body. He lifted her hair with one hand then ran his fingers down the length of its silkiness. He wound his hand through its rippling thickness and touched her back with tender fingers.

She tried to shake her head.

“Adam, we shouldn’t be doing this. Please stop now, it’s just making everything worse.” Her lips were still against his and even though she had told him to stop she was unable to resist him. She caught his lip between her teeth sucked very gently.

He groaned and shuddered deeply before he
gave up all pretense of restraint and crushed her against his chest, his arms encasing her in a band of steel. She melted against him, surrendering completely as he brought his mouth down on hers again. She let her head fall back as he moved his lips from her mouth to her throat, kissing along the line of her jaw and running his hot tongue around to her ear.

“How can this possibly make anything worse?” His voice was hoarse with tension and he tightened his hold on her, pressing his hands against her back, forcing her to press against him even harder.

She struggled against him and he loosened his grip about her waist but didn’t let go of her entirely. Her throat felt as though she was being strangled and she wanted to cry again, but she kept her tone steady.

“You’re too busy for any of this Adam. You said it yourself weeks ago just after you rescued me from those men.” She couldn’t form the words to accuse him of being with someone else. “You would feel stifled in any relationship Adam. We can’t get involved.”

His face was a picture of frustration; his brows were drawn darkly together and his voice almost angry. It was obvious he was used to getting his own way.

“No way! There’s no way that you are not getting involved with me, not now that you’ve kissed me like that. I know you feel something for me Caroline, please.” He begged. “I’ve wanted you since I first saw you in that damned car park
with your mascara all over your face. I can’t work, I can’t design. I can’t even play squash with my best mate. I want you and there’s no way I’m letting you go now.”

She could see the muscles in his shoulders working beneath his shirt, the tendons showing in his neck
as he pulled her back towards his chest. He tensed his arms around her waiting for her to speak, waiting for her to try and pull away again.

She didn’t, she couldn’t.

“Oh Adam, you barely glanced at me.” She reminded him, but then she recalled how she had felt when he had touched her face to wipe the smudged mascara.

Adam shook his head.

“I didn’t need to look for long. I knew right then that I wanted you. I asked in the planning meeting if anyone knew who you were.” He touched her hair again. “That lot’s pretty distinctive you know. They told me the name of your shop and I made up my mind to come and see you the next day. I couldn’t believe it when you were in the club that night, but you almost refused to speak to me. If I hadn’t been so desperate to not let you out of my sight, I would never have seen you staggering to the loo.” His voice was becoming more urgent, as if he had to convince her of the truth. “I’d have killed those men if you hadn’t fallen at that precise moment. I would have ripped out their shrivelled hearts and thrown them to the seagulls. Afterwards, when you were in my bed, I wanted to kiss you and make love to you. I want to make love to you now.” He lifted her face once again and spoke so gently. “Look at me. Look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me. I know that you do, I can feel it. You can’t lie to me Caroline.” His tone was almost hypnotic in its softness. “Tell me you don’t want me, now, while you’re looking at me, while you know that I want you so much.” He touched her lips again and then pulled his head back to see her reaction, daring her with his velvet grey eyes.

She tried to think clearly but her brain wouldn’t work properly and she sighed, her heart heaving as she spoke, trying to explain how she felt.

“I won’t lie to you Adam, I want you too. I have done since that day. You know that but it’s not just this part I want. I don’t want just a fling, I’m not prepared to share you with… well anything or anybody.” Her voice shook as she spoke softly, knowing it would kill her if he left now, but trying to be strong, she pulled herself away from him again. He still wouldn’t let her go and he reached out his muscled arms as he watched her, beseeching her with his eyes and stroking her face softly with his fingertips, sending flames of pure fire to her heart.

And then she didn’t care. She wanted him with a desperation so deep that she didn’t care with whom else she had to share him. She would do anything to have even the tiniest fraction of him.

Somehow, he saw in her expression that he had won and with a small cry of triumph, he dragged her close to him once more, his arms enclosing her in their hard but tender embrace. He searched her eyes for any sign of reluctance. There was only a deep longing in them.

His two hours
’ chill time was long over but Caroline didn’t think he would leave now. Throwing caution to the wind she tested her theory.

“Oh Adam, I want you
.” She confessed. “Please don’t leave me. Not for the rest of today.” She whispered as she looked up into his face, her eyelashes sparkling with un-shed tears.

He sighed miserably.

“I have to go tomorrow but I’m not going anywhere right now.” He spoke firmly. “The crew will have to sort themselves out. Caroline, this project won’t last much longer. Just let me finalize a few details and then you won’t have to share me with anything. I’ll be yours only.” He breathed the words to her. “I want to fly away with you Caroline. I want to make love to you. Now, forever.”

His lips were close again and he ran his tongue around the shape of her mouth as he clutched her body to him, the heat spreading to her bones as he ran his hands over her back and neck.

She couldn’t resist him any longer and with a long groan of undisclosed pleasure, she went limp in his arms, letting him touch her, hold her, kiss her until she was fighting for breath and so dizzy that she didn’t think she could stand. He lifted her off her feet and swept her up into his arms, carrying her through to her bedroom.

He was gentle with her a
s he lay her on the bed and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. His breath became deeper with every moment as he moved the delicate material aside and touched her skin with gentle, fevered fingertips.

“I’ve wanted you
for so long.” His lips were against the skin just above her breasts, his gentleness belying his size.  Kissing her shoulders and arms, he reached under her back, unclasping her bra in a swift movement, and then he was gliding his hand, fingertips brushing her stomach, to her jeans. She wriggled out of them in a moment after he undid the stud and he slid her under the covers before he began to remove his own clothes.

He stood as he pulled his shirt over his head without bothering to undo the buttons. She gasped aloud when she saw his huge chest in all its male glory, smooth and hard
every muscle visible and defined under the tanned skin. A faint line of dark hair ran from his waist and disappeared below the top of his jeans. He undid his belt and slipped his jeans over his hips.

Her eyes opened wide at the sight of him as he climbed into the bed beside her. She immediately put her hands on his beautiful chest, gasping aloud as his huge arousal touched her thigh. Silk on steel was all she could think of as she ran her fingers over his sculpted torso.

He drew her to him, his eyes never leaving hers.

“It’s okay,” He whispered, his dark eyes begging her to
trust him. “I won’t hurt you.” And then he began to kiss her again. Soft sensual kisses, barely touching her lips as his hands caressed her velvet skin gently. She closed her eyes when his kisses became harder, deeper and more urgent and then she was swept away on a tidal wave of sensation as blinding passion overtook them and cast them adrift in an ocean of pure pleasure.

BOOK: Delicious Desires
6.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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