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Satan’s Rebels MC Book 5


Kira Johns





Satan’s Rebels MC Series Book 5


Kira Johns

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Kira Johns


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Cover by Monica Holloway. Stock photo ©







Staring straight ahead, my eyes fix on the once stark white wall as I try to zone in on the framed photographs that adorn it, but my mind can’t process any of the images. The chaos surrounding me slowly starts to fade away. Everything is seemingly out of focus, a feeling I welcome with open arms as warmth spreads throughout my body.


Some would say I have the perfect life, but they’ve never walked in my shoes. They don’t know what it’s like to be Blake Andrews, the first born son of the notorious Viper. My family are members of one the most infamous group of outlaws in the country. Nobody fucks with me because of who I am. Grown men fear me and their women lust after me.


I’m labeled a badass, but no one dares fight me. All I have to do is look at them and they’re either pissing their pants or creaming them. Most people envy the attention I draw and the respect I am given.


But I did nothing to deserve any of it.


In the beginning, this was merely a crutch, an escape from reality. Within my fantasy world, I was everything I was destined to be. Now I am nothing more than a fuckin’ junkie.


“Good shit, huh?” Trace asks, bringing me out of my haze.


“Yeah,” I mumble, staring down at the empty syringe in my hand. No matter how much I love the rush I get each time I use, I’m almost always instantly filled with regret. This isn’t who I am or who I want to be, but I can’t stop. I don’t know if I even want to.


“You good?”


Turning my head slightly, I nod. I’m better than good. I’m numb. Closing my eyes, I relish in the sensation, wishing it was like this all the time.


Only when I feel a pair of hands release my zipper do I crack my eyes open. My gaze immediately falls on the cute blonde perched between my legs. Leaning back into the sofa, I feel myself harden as she works my jeans down until my thickness is completely exposed.


Placing one hand on my bare thigh, she corrals her hair to one side as she purses her lips and kisses the head of my throbbing cock. Looking up at me with heated eyes, she cups my balls and begins kneading them gently. When I feel her right hand encompass the base of my girth, a guttural moan escapes my throat in anticipation of what is to come.


Slowly, she lowers her mouth towards my rigid cock. Snaking her tongue out, she licks a path up and down my length several times before opening her lips wide and descending over the head, taking me deep into her mouth. I groan as her luscious mouth absorbs most of my length, my fingers entangling in her hair, urging her to take even more.


Her head begins to bob up and down, her lips adding to the perfect friction her tongue creates as she moves. With each downward movement she takes me even deeper, gagging as she strains to take every inch of my cock into her mouth.


I watch in amazement as she continues going down on me, her soft breasts swaying as she hungrily sucks my cock. Placing my hand on the back of her head, I push her down harder, wanting her to suck every fuckin’ inch of my length. Just when I feel my impending orgasm approach, she stops abruptly, looking up at me with pure lust in her eyes.


Without saying a word, she pulls herself astride me, positioning herself directly over my raging hard on. Palming my shaft, she guides the head to her slick entrance before slowly sinking down onto my hardness. Within seconds she is completely impaled on my cock, a raspy groan escaping her lips.


She slowly lifts her hips until only the tip remains inside before slamming herself down on my thickness. I close my eyes, the feel of her grinding on my cock bringing me closer to the edge.


A deep guttural sound erupts from her throat as she rides me harder and faster. Her pussy clenches down on my shaft and I feel her begin to pulse, her orgasm meeting my own as I fill her with come.


Breathing heavily, she looks down at me, a smile forming on her lips. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that baby,” she whispers before her mouth slowly descends towards mine.


Turning my head, I push her off my lap and stand, pulling my jeans up along the way. Ignoring the shocked look on her face, I reach for the bottle of whiskey on the table and grasp it tightly in my hand. “Thanks for the fuck,” I mumble as I turn towards the back door.


My buzz all but gone, I step out into the cool night air. Lifting the bottle to my lips, I take a long draw as I stare out into the darkness hating my life, but hating myself even more.






“So, did you tell him yes?” Angie asks as she rushes towards me. “Are you going to the dance with him?” She is out of breath, her face flushed.


“What are you talking about?” I ask as I make my way toward the sidewalk.


“Eddie! Rumor has it he asked you to the dance. So you’re going with him, right?”


“How did you hear about that? He just asked me like ten minutes ago.” I shouldn’t be surprised. Rumors are always flying amok at school, and for the first time in a long time, the gossip is true.


“Rachel overheard him. So are you gonna go with him? You have to!”


She is more excited than I am, which is more than a little awkward. “And why do I have to?”


“Because… you’re Bella and he’s Edward!”


I roll my eyes, groaning in frustration. “Angie, Twilight is a thing of the past. Everyone’s over it but you. It’s all about Christian Grey now,” I say, wiggling my eyebrows.


“Twilight will never be a thing of the past. The whole Fifty Shades thing is so boring. Give me a good vampire or werewolf over a mega millionaire any day!”


“You’ve lost your mind,” I mutter as I stop at the end of the street. “I haven’t decided if I want to go with Eddie or not. He’s cute but his reputation… I’m not ready for any of that yet.” Eddie is a player, only interested in one thing. I want my first time to have meaning and for some reason, Angie can’t accept that.


“Whatever,” she groans. “All I’m saying is that Eddie is one of the hottest guys in school. Do you know how many girls would jump at the chance to go to the dance with him and you have to think about it? You’re either crazy or stupid.”


“I’ll think about it, OK?” I say again, trying to appease her, but in reality, I know I can’t go. There’s no way mom will spring for a dress and I sure can’t afford one. Even the thrift store is out of my league. I’ll just do what I normally do when there’s a dance at school – sit home and read a book.


“You’d be crazy to say no,” she sings as she continues walking towards her house, leaving me standing at the intersection shaking my head.


As I continue my journey home, I try to come up with some excuse to tell Angie for not going to the dance with Eddie. No matter what I say, she’ll call me an idiot. Eddie is super-hot and she’s right, all the girls would jump at the chance to be on his arm. But I’m not like the other girls.


Not only am I still a virgin, I’ve never even had my first kiss. But I have read my share of romance novels and would love for a guy to sweep me off my feet, but I want to be in love before I take that leap. Sex isn’t just about physical pleasure, it should be about commitment and trust. When I take that step, I want the guy I’m with to be devoted to me and only me. I want to be in love and know that I will be spending the rest of my life with him. My knight in shining armor. Maybe it’s just a fantasy, but I still believe that dreams can come true.


I pause outside of Taylor’s store, reaching into my pocket for the five I snagged from mom this morning. This is my ritual every day after school, even though I keep trying to break the bad habit. I am a Mountain Dew junkie and no matter how hard I try, I can’t give it up.


I take the few steps necessary to walk inside the small shop, walking directly to the coolers in the back and pulling out a bottle. Making my way to the counter, I pause, staring at the bag of M&M’s that are calling my name - another of my many weaknesses. It takes everything I have to push myself forward towards the counter, leaving my favorite treat behind.


“Hey Mr. Taylor,” I say to the elderly gentleman perched on the stool behind the register.


“You’re running late today, Bella,” he says, smiling at me. “I thought you weren’t going to show up today, and after I spent all morning restocking those for you,” he nods towards the soda in my hand.


“I had cheerleading practice,” I tell him, passing him the cash in my hand.


“My Annie was a cheerleader when she was your age. She always looked so cute in that little white skirt.”


“I bet she did,” I tell him, saddened to see the hurt in his eyes every time he says her name. Mrs. Taylor has been gone less than a year, and I know how much he misses her. She was a sweet lady, always smiling.


He passes me my change, nodding at me. “I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetie.”


“Thanks, Mr. Taylor.” Shoving the change in my pocket, I grab the soda and make my way to the door.


Cracking open the top, I take a small sip before making my way down the alley towards home. I only make it a few steps before realizing something is wrong. The burgundy car parked at the end of the passage looks familiar in a way, yet I can’t recall where I’ve seen it before. The man behind the steering wheel looks at me, an ominous smile on his face. Instinctively, I turn around, deciding it would be better to take the long route home. I only manage to take two steps in the opposite direction when a man rounds the corner, his eyes boring into mine. He is tall and muscular, nice looking but menacing at the same time.


Letting out a nervous breath, I turn quickly, deciding to take my chances with the red sedan that lies ahead. I only take a few steps when I feel an arm reach around my waist, pulling me back. I open my mouth to scream as he lifts me with ease, but before I can utter a cry for help, a cloth covers my mouth, a sickening sweet smell invading my senses.


Panic rises in my chest, fear taking hold as he presses the cloth tightly to my face, forcing me to breathe in. My arms and legs are flailing, trying to break free from his hold, but his strength supersedes my own.


My eyes become heavy as my breathing increases, my vision becomes blurry as I watch the man in the burgundy car exit the vehicle and walk towards us. With each step he takes, my body grows limp until I can no longer move. My eyes begin to close as the darkness closes in on me and I suddenly lose control of my body, succumbing to the unknown.





My eyes open in a panic as I jerk upright only to fall back against the hard mattress beneath me. The room is dark, the rancid scent of mildew filling the air.


“About time you woke up, Sleeping Beauty.” His voice is deep and ragged, coming closer with every single word he utters. “Welcome to your new home.”


“Let me go!” I shout, fighting against the restraints that are bound to my wrists and ankles.


“Can’t do that sweetheart, at least not yet. I have big plans for you.” I am suddenly blinded as the fluorescent lighting above me buzzes to life.


It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust, the man from the alley standing over me. “Why are you doing this?” I ask, fear emanating from me.


“Because I can.” He reaches out, touching my cheek. “You’ll bring in a pretty penny.”


“Let me go! The police… they’ll be looking for me!” I scream, fear gripping me. His words don’t even sink in fully. 


“No, they won’t. And even if they are, they’ll never find you,” he says as he pulls a knife from his side. Taking a step towards me, he holds the blade out, mere inches from my face. “Try anything stupid and I’ll slit your fuckin’ throat.”


A lump forms in my throat as I gaze at the sharpened blade and then up at the serious look on his face. “Please don’t hurt me,” I plead with him.


He says nothing as he grabs hold of my arms, slicing into the rope that encircles my wrists, freeing them from the metal headboard behind me. Shoving the knife back into its sheath, he smiles down at me, his eyes cruel and uncaring. “No promises,” he chuckles before the back of his hand connects with my cheek, surprising me.


I scream out as pain radiates through my cheek, pleading with anyone within earshot to help me. He clamps his hand over my mouth, trying to quiet me. Sinking my teeth into his flesh, my mouth fills with the metallic taste of blood, as my arms begin swinging wildly.


Jerking his hand back, he scowls at me but does not utter a word, his eyes falling on the wound I have left behind. “They all fight in the beginning,” he smirks, wiping the blood on his jeans as if it were nothing. “And then they learn.”


There is no time to react as he balls his fist, slamming it into my face with such force I’m surprised I don’t lose consciousness. As I scream out in agony, his other fist connects with my nose, then my cheek, over and over again until everything is a blur. I am crying, begging him to stop, promising to behave, anything to make him halt his assault, but it only continues until I can no longer breathe.


Only then does he back off. Standing up straight, he once again wipes his hands off onto his jeans, only this time it is my blood mingling with his own. “Had enough?”


I can’t speak, can’t even move my head, the pain more than I can handle. But it’s not words he wants, it’s my fear, and that’s exactly what I give him as I try to curl into a ball only to realize my legs are still restrained.


“You’ve got more fight in you than I expected. I love a fuckin’ challenge.”


BOOK: Devoted
11.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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