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Sensing his question, she explained. “Many
souls prefer to go to Earth together and experience life as soul
mates or soul groups. More often than not, the people you are
surrounded by in life have been with you for many lifetimes. Each
take turns playing different roles. In one lifetime, you may be the
father, in the next, the son or daughter.”

The more she spoke, the more David recalled
this information from his previous lifetimes. Closing his eyes, he
tried to picture Ellen, Tiffany and his mother. As he did, their
many identities over the centuries flashed before him. Every role
had been played out by each, so each could experience a new

Evangeline added, “Certain roles are decided
upon so a soul can conquer a specific fear or feat. Difficult
scenarios are agreed upon, such as an abusive relationship or
family turmoil. Wonderful events, such as babies, marriages and
successes are also discussed between the circles of souls.”

Every life, it seemed to David, was a perfect
play, designed to allow each soul to evolve.

Pensively, he inquired. “Evangeline, what is
the purpose of life on Earth?”

A look of wisdom crossed her angelic face as
she answered. “We are immortal souls David. Many eons ago, the
Source felt it needed to learn what it was to be mortal.” She
paused momentarily, and then continued. “We go to Earth to
learn...what it is to die.”

David nodded, though her answer left him with
more questions than answers. Before he could ask anymore, she
spoke. “Let's go meet your teacher.”

Smiling at Evangeline, he followed her.

She led him to a smaller building that
resembled a library. Even though it was tiny compared to some of
the buildings, it was still breathtaking in appearance.

On either side of the entrance were beautiful
marble statues. Upon closer inspection, he realized that one of the
statues was an exact duplicate of the Statue of David.

He marveled at the mastery depicted in this
amazing piece of artwork. Every vein within the marble blended into
the statue's body as though it were a true map of the human
circulatory system. The statue's face wore an expression of peace
and thoughtfulness.

On the other side of the door, however, was
another statue; one David had never seen before. A woman, etched
completely out of marble. The details of her long hair so precise,
it was though every last strand had been accounted for. Her face
carried the same loving expression as her alabaster neighbor, but
with a beautiful smile.

Her breasts curved above her ribcage as she
draped one of her elegant arms over them. Though she was a bit
shorter than her male counterpart, her long statuesque legs seemed
to go on forever.

The most amazing part of the statue was where
her other arm was placed, over her pregnant belly. Such a beautiful
depiction of mother and unborn child, David was in awe as he
lovingly touched her marble stomach.

“Isn't she beautiful?” Evangeline said
reverently as she stood beside David.

“Yes,” He responded quietly, “but who is she?
I never saw her on Earth, I recognized the Statue of David, but not

Evangeline smiled knowingly, “She is
Eve...and he is Adam.” She explained as she waved her hand towards
the male statue. “Michelangelo received the inspiration for both,
but only completed the male. She is surely his greatest incomplete

“How could he not have made her?” David asked
as he stared at the marble beauty.

“Even though we inspired him, Michelangelo's
free will decided what would be done. We can only offer guidance,
what the human decides to do with it is up to them.” Evangeline

Touching the statue’s protruding stomach
again, David thought to himself. 'Who's in there, I wonder?'

Leading David into the building, Evangeline
explained that this was the Hall of Education. Teachers gathered
there in order to assist those in every aspect of existence.
Whatever a person decided to learn, a teacher would be provided.
The teachers would come and the students would simply sit and learn
from them, sometimes for the equivalent of hundreds of Earth

Evangeline led him to a doorway at the end of
the hall. Entering into the room, David was completely shocked. He
certainly didn't expect to see this sort of thing in Heaven!


Thinking Outside the Box


Waking up in the shadows, it should feel
cold—but it didn't.

Lily didn't feel cold, hot or numb—she felt
nothing. A shiver from the absence of the sun, the tingling of
goose bumps from the cold air blowing against her bare skin or the
coursing of blood through her veins, anything. There should've been
something, but her sensations were just, gone.

She wasn't sure what kind of existence this
was, it was like being trapped in a dream, or a nightmare.

Her surroundings looked vaguely familiar, a
large wooden box. She could distinguish that the walls were made of

Exhausted, she closed her eyes. It took so
little for her to become tired. She strained her mind, attempting
to recall anything from her life before this, but her thoughts
wouldn't cooperate.

God how she wished she could think clearly.
The fog that clouded her mind ate at her sanity, or what was left
of it. Trying to think, but her mind did not feel like her own. She
clutched her head with her translucent hands and wailed like a
banshee screaming into the wind.

Why could no one hear her? Who was she hoping
would hear her?

Him...she was calling to 'him'. Where is he?
She thought. Who is he?

She had so many questions and no one to

How long have I been here? Lily pondered.
Time was a luxury she did not own. Time didn't exist in this place.
Moment after moment was the same as the last. No sunrise, no
sunset...just gray.

She huddled in the corner, that's all she
knew. There was no door, no windows, and no escape from the hell of
the wooden box.

Nothing ever changed—until the rose

Out of nowhere, there it was. The floor was
stark and barren one moment, and then rich with the essence of a
bright red rose. Just lying there, a long stem red rose.

For anyone else, it may have been taken for
granted, but for Lily's deprived senses, it was a glimpse of

She slowly moved toward the new anomaly on
the floor, careful not to move too quickly, as it might

Hovering, she examined it carefully; to be
sure she wasn't imagining it. Finally, she allowed herself to
believe it was real. She bathed in the richness of its color, its
energy and beauty. Lily was sure she'd seen a rose before, but
she'd never appreciated it more than at this moment.

The way each velvet petal hugged the one
before it, as though protecting the center blossom from harm. She
admired its elegance as it lie still upon the floor. Trying to
touch it but failing because of her semi-transparent hands.

From then on, that's how she told time; with
the appearance of the roses. There would be long periods where
there was nothing, just existence within the realm of shadows.
Then, after many moments of sadness and loneliness, another rose
would appear on the floor in front of her.

It continued that way until four roses lay
upon the floor. When the fifth rose appeared, Lily finally saw who
was delivering them.

A man.

A dark-haired man appeared before Lily,
holding the rose gently in his hand. It appeared to Lily that he
was crouching on the floor of the wooden box. He was very tall.

She slowly moved closer to him, examining his
handsome face. He did not seem to sense Lily's presence at all.
Looking closely at his face, she realized that she'd seen him
before, he was very familiar.

Reaching out, she tried to touch him. For
just one moment, as her hand came in contact with his cheek, she
felt something. A vibration. He seemed to have felt it too. He
moved back as though startled, his hand upon his cheek.

For a moment, he paused and looked around the
box, confused. Lily moved closer to him, inspecting his face,
trying to place where she'd seen him. Feelings stirred within her
as she stared at his features.

He glanced around the wooden box as though
searching for something. Finally, he spoke and Lily heard him.

“Hello?” He said aloud, his voice

“Gabe.” She whispered excitedly, “I remember
you, you are Gabe! How did he get in here?” Lily wondered as she
had searched high and low in this box for a way out.

Standing closer to him, she realized she
could think clearer. His energy was feeding her with nutrients,
nourishing her soul. Her mind suddenly flooded with information of
her past, her life.

Sadness overwhelmed her as she was bombarded
with all the memories of her former existence. So much love, they
were so very much in love, and now, it was all lost. Visions
flashed through her mind at lightning speed, images of her and Gabe
in Greece, getting married, making love and then—falling.

Her accident.

Gabe sat on the floor beside the ghost of his
love, not knowing she was there. They sat together, there on the
floor of the wooden box, crying the same tears of shattered

“Wooden box?” Lily thought to herself,
finally coherent within her own mind. “I'm not in a wooden
box...I'm in the tree house!!” After all this time, she was elated
that she could think properly again.

Suddenly Gabe stirred. Placing a fresh red
rose on the floor of the tree house, he said aloud. “Happy

He turned and opened the trap door to the
tree house, then descended down the ladder. Lily, afraid that her
amnesia would return if he left, followed him out of the tree




As David's blue eyes scanned the room in
wide-eyed disbelief, Evangeline giggled at his reaction.

“I...” David began as he fumbled for the
words. “I didn't know this sort of thing”

The room was enormous compared to the rest of
the building. It didn't seem possible from the outside that this
room could exist. Even the furniture in this room was grossly out
of proportion by comparison, David wondered if a giant lived

Looking around, the wall closest to David
danced with holographic images of fire, while the ceiling showed
flashing images of lightning and dark rolling clouds. Though David
could tell it wasn't the true sky he was seeing, it was so
realistic; it really looked like a wild storm right there in the

On a far wall, there were images of beautiful
female angels posing, their feathery white wings covering the bare
essentials. Though the angels were very realistic, they were some
kind of three dimensional posters.

Every so often, the heavenly models would
move and shift into another stunning pose. On Earth, it surely
would've been judged as sinful, but these ethereal beauties were
honoring the female form. It didn't leave David feeling aroused or
embarrassed like it might have on Earth; instead, he felt an
appreciation for one of nature's most beautiful creations.

The other walls boasted pictures of earthly
celebrities like Elvis, Ozzy Osbourne and Jimi Hendrix. Each of the
pictures sang, danced and depicted the talents of the star.

David's nostrils were suddenly aware of a
strong, but strangely appealing, smell of tobacco. Searching the
room for the source of the scent, David saw him. After seeing him
in the corner, David wondered how he hadn't noticed him yet.

There, sitting with big black boots perched
upon a desk, was the largest angel David had ever seen. He could
only see the back of him, but David could tell he was at least
twelve feet tall.

Long black hair streamed from the angel's
head, reaching far past his enormous, muscular shoulders. Shirtless
and wearing black jeans, the angel resembled a member in a heavy
metal band, rather than a messenger of God.

Leaning back in the chair, the angel was
blowing large smoke rings into the air. One smoke ring in
particular floated into the air and morphed into a dragon before it

Enormous feathery white wings draped over the
back of the large chair, shuddering slightly every once in a while.
A few perfect white feathers were scattered on the floor

“Hello there.” The angel suddenly spoke out
loud, startling David, as everyone had spoken telepathically to him
since he arrived. His voice was gruff, but still had heavenly tones
playing within it.

Still sitting in the chair, the angel's wings
began to unfold and stretch wide. The wing span was unbelievable to
David. They had to have been at least twenty-four feet wide!

Flexing, the large angel gave the wings one
big flap, pulling his enormous body to a standing position. Still
facing away from David and Evangeline, the angel stood with a cool
and cocky stance.

Finally Evangeline, who had been standing
behind David with a funny little smile on her face, sent David the
message. “David, this is your new teacher...Michael.”

Michael spun around to face his new student,
his wings still wide open as he turned. David was in complete
amazement with Michael's sheer size as he watched this massive
angel turn around.

David couldn't do anything but stare.
Including his face, the raven-haired angel was covered with
tattoos. Warrior symbols flared like black flames around his silver
eyes while tribal markings swirled and danced down his neck. From
shoulder to finger tips were elaborate writings David somehow
recognized as ancient Sanskrit. Michael's huge muscular chest was
adorned with hundreds of symbols, symbols that David recognized as
emblems of every religion that existed on Earth.

BOOK: Dimensions of Genesis
5.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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