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They practically planned the whole thing, making
sure everything was perfect ranging from the flowers and
decorations down to the meal we decided to serve. Of course they
asked for my input, making sure I approved. All I was really in
charge of were the dresses and showing up!


Everyone in the room bustled around busily,
small conversations could be heard amongst all in the room. As for
me, I was sitting as still as I possibly could, allowing myself to
daydream of how stunningly handsome Tristan will look. My mind
raced in all types of directions as I completed my mental
checklist. I wanted this day to be as perfect as could be.


Something old was the veil, my birth mother's
veil that Daddy Perez gave to me before we left Spain to return
home for the wedding. He said Mom would've wanted me to have it, it
was the same veil she wore for her wedding. Something new would be
the white satin garter currently wrapped around my thigh waiting
patiently for Tristan to remove later.


Something borrowed...the stunning two carat ruby
earrings in my ears. Complimentary of Mommy Foster, a tenth wedding
anniversary gift from Daddy Foster. Gee, I'm beginning to confuse
myself trying to keep my two sets of parents straight.


"Open your eyes." Anya announced as my make up
artist put on her finishing touches. Anya just got done putting on
my veil, her voice wavered a bit which caused me to glance over at
my best friend briefly. She was positively glowing. A small barely
noticeable pouch protruding from the front of her dress.


Mrs. Evans, my Mom, and my bridesmaids Darla,
Nicole, Kalista, Brianna, and Sophia stood there behind Anya
staring at me proudly. They were all staring at me with star struck
eyes. Why are they looking at me that way? It's just me.


Anya's eyes were filled to the brim with tears
as Anya waved her hand in front of her face as to hold back from
crying. "What's wrong? Are you feeling ok?" I asked full of
concern. Her response was a quick nod yes, before she jerked her
head pointedly at the mirror in front of me.


"Don't mind me, my hormones are out of whack
from the pregnancy." She responded with a smile. "That and the fact
that my best friend looks like a beautiful princess on one of the
most important days of her life." Turning to look at myself in the
mirror, I gasped at the reflection of golden lined hazel eyes
staring back at me.


Indeed I truly did look and feel like a princess
as I allowed the corners of my glossy lips to tug up into a huge
grin. My hair was left down and cascaded down my back in huge blond
ringlets and flawless was the only way to describe my makeup. My
dress fit snug up top flowing out into a long train behind me. The
corset I donned underneath my dress made my cleavage look


"Whoa, you girls look amazing!" Luke's voice
cried out as he stepped into the room. Anya rushed to his side
smacking him on the arm relentlessly with the palms of her hand.
I'm pretty sure her flimsy hits weren't doing any form of physical


"What're you doing in here?" She all but growled
at him. "I swear Tristan better not be here, it's bad luck to see
the bride before the wedding!" Anya screamed towards the closed


Holding his hands up in a 'I surrender' gesture,
Luke grabbed a hold of Anya's arms and tugged her to his side. "Hey
don't shoot the messenger!" He whined handing me a box with a pink
bow on top. "Tristan insisted you needed this, plus I needed to
check up on my two babies." Luke admitted the last part pitifully
as he rubbed Anya's belly lovingly.


This caused her tough exterior to melt away
slightly, leaning in Anya rolled her eyes and kissed Luke before
shooing him away. "The baby and I are fine, now get out of here
before you make us late!" She all but dragged him to the door and
shoved him out.

Turning around to face me with a self satisfied
look, Anya raised her eyebrows. "Well...c'mon and open it. Aren't
you the least bit eager to find out what's in the box?"


Shaking my head, I let out a laugh at my crazy
best friend and her extreme mood-swings.

I unwrapped the gift in my hands, my eyes
instantly teared up as I stared at what was in the box. "What is
it?" Anya, Nicole, and Darla asked standing across from me in
wonderment. I could only shake my head in disbelief, this guy is
just too much, I thought as I held the contents up for display.


"Something blue." My voice came out in barely a
whisper as a single tear escaped my left eye. I knew then with
every fiber in my being and without a single doubt in my mind that
in a few minutes time...I'd be marrying the best thing to ever
possibly happen to me.


"Seriously? You're crying over a pack of
winterfresh gum? And here I thought my hormones were out of whack,
you sure you're not pregnant?" Anya burst out into a fit of giggles
causing everyone, along with myself to begin laughing
uncontrollably. Hey it's the thought that counts. Tristan always
managed to think of everything, no matter how big or little it may
have been.


A knock sounding at the door interrupted our
moment of fun. Daddy Foster poked his head into the door, giving me
a wink. "You look gorgeous princess, looks like all the guests have
arrived and it's time to get the show on the road." We all shuffled
out the room and got into formation as the sound of the bridal
chorus filled the backyard of our pack house.



Tristan's POV


My heart drummed violently against my chest and
the palms of my hands began sweating profusely as I stood next to
Luke waiting for her arrival. I secretly hoped she liked the gift
and that no one else thought to get her something blue. The
bridesmaids already began their march down the aisle, followed by
the ring bearer and flower girls...she's next.


I craned my neck slightly trying to catch a
glimpse of my beautiful bride, but it was to no avail because the
entire rows of guests stood up from their seats obstructing my
view. "Gee, calm down will you. You have forever with her." Luke
joked quietly elbowing me in the side. I can always count on my
best friend to help relieve some of the tension with his joking


I gave Luke a grin at the thought of forever
with Lise. Nothing could be better than spending the rest of my
days with the love of my life. The air surrounding me charged with
static electricity. It was almost as though a magnetic force-field
forced my eyes to focus solely on the angel being escorted down the


I couldn't pry my eyes away from those familiar
hazel eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul and steal my heart all
within a matter of seconds...three years ago. It seemed like such a
long time has passed by, but forever still wouldn't be enough time
for Lise to be mine. It was almost as if a heavenly glow surrounded
her as she floated towards me, halfway down the aisle Mr. Foster
handed her off to Alpha Perez.


I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.
I was beginning to grow impatient. The waiting was beginning to get
to me, it seemed like this was the longest walk of my life. I was
eager to break free and run down the aisle in order to close the
distance between us. Pull her into my arms and pronounce us husband
and wife, to hell with the ceremony.


Finally, Alpha Perez and Lise came to a stop in
front of me. He leaned in to kiss his daughter on the cheek with
tear filled eyes and placed Lise's hand into mine. I can honestly
tell you I don't recall the entire ceremony...not a single second
of it. I mean sure, I repeated the vows that were expected of


Truthfully, I was entirely entranced by my mate
and her beauty. The quietness of the woods made it feel as though
there was no one else there with us. Like it was just Lise and I
standing there alone...we were completely lost in one another.


It was only when it was announced that I could
kiss the bride, did I break my intense gazing battle with Lise. I
quickly glanced over at my Father...who was the one joining us in
holy matrimony to make sure I had heard him correctly. A slight nod
of his head and a smile proved to me that I indeed heard him loud
and clear.


I pulled Lise closer and used the palm of my
hand to cup the side of her face. Lise's lips parted slightly in
eager anticipation. As I slowly inched forward, I dipped my head
and whispered against her lips, "I love you, Lise."


I'm positive my eyes flashed silver upon hearing
Lise's response of, "I love you more, my Alpha." Just hearing her
call me her Alpha forced chills up my spine. I loved the sound of
it wanting to hear it over and over again.


Biting down on her bottom lip playfully, I
quickly joined our lips. Her thin arms snaked around the back of my
neck as I held her impossibly closer by the waist. Lise initiated
deepening the kiss, which caused me to smile against her lips. The
intensity of our bond pumped through my veins causing a tingling
sensation throughout. I can't wait until tonight.


I don't know how long we stood there for tasting
one another. The roar of clapping hands and wolf whistles echoed
around us for a really long time. The continuous clearing of a
throat to my right hand side was beginning to annoy me.


Pulling myself away from Lise's spell over me, I
came face to face with my Father who gave me a pointed look and a
smirk. "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Tristan Evans." Dad
announced slapping me proudly on the back. She's mine now in every
sense of the word, nothing and I mean nothing will ever come
between us.



Lise's POV


We turned to face the crowd and immediately
headed to the deck where we were having the reception. A princess
couldn't ask for a better wedding. Everything was absolutely,
positively perfect.


After eating and the congratulatory toasts, soft
music filled our backyard. Of course the first magical dance was
between Tristan and I as husband and wife. Eek, I'm officially his
wife, Mrs. Tristan Evans.


It seems like I shared a dance with both my
Dads, my brothers, Axel, Troy, Luke, hell even Marco was there! It
seemed like I danced with every freaking male wolf in the pack. My
feet were beginning to develop a dull ache. All I wanted was for
this to be over so I could lie down in Tristan's arms.


"Can I cut in?" Tristan's deep sensual voice
drifted to my ears from behind me as I danced with Max. A sigh of
relief escaped my lips when Tristan's muscular arms wrapped around
me comfortingly. As we swayed from side to side, the contents of my
stomach began swirling about.

Was it something I ate that caused this nauseous
feeling, the chicken maybe? Ugh! I prayed silently for it to go
away, I have huge plans for Tristan and I tonight, none of which
included being sick with food poisoning.


"What's wrong baby? You ok?" Tristan asked his
voice laced with worry as he stared at me in concern. Suddenly, I
stopped moving my hand flew up to cup my mouth as I took off
running into the house, no doubt towards the bathroom.


Hovering over the toilet, I emptied the entire
contents of my stomach carefully. I didn't want to ruin my dress,
what a waste of money. Tristan being the hero he is, leaned over
and whispered soothing words in my ear as he helped hold back hair
with one hand and rubbed my back with the other.


The blood began swooshing in my ears as I
froze up. Something Anya said earlier rushing back to mind.
'Seriously? You're crying over a pack of
winterfresh gum and here I thought my hormones were out of sure you're not pregnant?'


Thinking back to two weeks ago when we were in
Spain, my eyes grew wide in disbelief. Could it be, was I...? I've
never been this irresponsible in the three years we've been
together! The stress of becoming Luna must've scrambled my


I can't remember the last time I've taken my
birth control pill. The last time I refilled my prescription had to
be months ago. Never mind all the making-up Tristan and I did while
in Spain.


Looking up into Tristan's worrisome ashen gray
eyes, I managed to croak out a silent admission. "Tristan, I
think..." My voice was so low I wasn't sure he'd hear me. I don't
know if I even wanted him to hear me. "I think I might be


Tristan yanked me up into his arms and wrapped
his arms around me. Kissing the top of my forehead, he pulled back
and stared at me seriously before the biggest smile overcame his
lips, showing off his dimples. "Well, then I guess I can definitely
say this is the best day of my entire life."


His one comment let me know that Tristan was
eager for me to be pregnant. He was ready to start a family.
Unconsciously my hand found it's way to my stomach, just the
thought of carrying a part of Tristan inside, excited me. It was
then that I knew, even if I wasn't pregnant I definitely wanted to
start my own little family with the man that noticed me and became
my everything.

BOOK: Evince Me
11.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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