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Evince Me

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Evince Me


Book One:

Monhegan Moonlight Trilogy


By: Lili Lam


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Table of

Chapter 1: Summer Fun

Chapter 2: Run In

Chapter 3: Mondo

Chapter 4: Taken

Chapter 5: Captivity

Chapter 6: Vision

Chapter 7: Redemption

Chapter 8: Brand New

Chapter 9: Think Before

Chapter 10: Agree to

Chapter 11: Home

Chapter 12: Birthday with a

Chapter 13: Duty Calls

Chapter 14: Jealousy vs.

Chapter 15: Anniversary

Chapter 16: Thomaston

Chapter 17: Pleasant

Chapter 18: Overprotective

Chapter 19: What in the…?

Chapter 20: The Truth

Chapter 21: Love Conquers

Chapter 22: Distortion

Chapter 23: The Beginning

Chapter 1: Summer Fun



Lise's POV


Definition of Evince: to show
clearly; make evident or manifest; prove


2 Years 10 Months Later...


Royalty, a seven-letter word, that when
mentioned makes one think of status, dignity, or power. A person
with such a rank is looked at to be a role model of sorts for
others. Sure I'm a Princess who comes from a lineage of royal
blood, but almost three years later I'm still just regular old me,
Annalise Nina Foster Perez.


Yes, I changed my name keeping Annalise Foster
and just adding the name Nina and Perez. It can be confusing at
times, but I was dead set on keeping Annalise as my first name.
Wanting to honor my birth mother that died saving my life, I kept
her name as my middle.


My brothers Rico and Alonso have gotten
accustomed to calling me Lise. The only person that calls me Analia
is my second dad, Alpha Perez. Old habits are hard to break I
suppose, but it's ok with me since he usually calls me princesa or


It took some getting used to, but mom and dad
have grown to accept the world of werewolves around us. Mom thought
the idea of having a mate and me becoming future Luna of the pack
was absolutely adorable, note the eye roll. She's such a hopeless
romantic and I wouldn't have her any other way.


The lot of us just finished our second year of
college at UMaine and we absolutely loved it. We're all going to
the same University, Anya you know that spells
trouble. I'll be nineteen this month and Tristan will be twenty-one
in August, which is also when we'll be celebrating our three-year
anniversary together…eek!


We rented a house close to campus for the past
two years, but now that Tristan's becoming Alpha we needed to say
goodbye to all of this and move back home to Port Clyde. Don't get
me wrong, I was grateful for the chance of being allowed to branch
out and experience a bit of life. I only wished I was able to
finish college at UMaine, but since duty calls we'll have to
transfer closer to home.


Speaking of duties, I was terrified of the
future. I wasn't prepared for the whirlwind of responsibilities
that lie ahead and all the supposed dangers that come along with
it. Before being thrown to the to say, we're spending
the summer in Spain!

Guess it'll be our last bit of fun before
getting serious and taking on our newfound responsibilities as
Alpha and Luna. I kept my initial promise to Alonso and returned
the summer after graduating high school. Luke, Anya, Tristan, and I
have spent the last two summers there, having fallen in love with


"The two of you think you packed enough or you
want to go and get a few more suitcases?" Luke huffed
sarcastically, while loading our luggage into the back of Tristan's
Navigator. Gee, the way he was growling and grunting you'd think he
was a simple human and not a strong wolf.


I glanced over my shoulder from the passenger
seat at Anya who was sitting in the back with a coy smile. What?
We're going away for the entire summer. A girl can never pack too
many outfits, you always have to make sure you pack comfy clothes,
sleepwear, dressy outfits, and let's not forget the accessories and
necessities. Don't even get me started on the footwear, that is a
suitcase in itself.


"Nah, I think we're good with three suitcases
each, we actually packed light this time." Anya chuckled evilly.
You'd think we were both royalty, the way we were sitting pretty
waiting on the guys to load our belongings. Besides, they're the
ones who insisted we didn't lift a finger.


I couldn't help the snigger that escaped my
lips, Anya's such a smartass. I don't know how Luke deals with her
for such long periods of time. Then again doesn't the saying go
'birds of a feather flock together?' They're two of a kind.


Allowing my eyes to wander around the place I've
called home, I was trying to commit it all to memory until my gaze
came to a stop on Tristan. He was standing off to the side speaking
to the guys loading up the moving truck with our stuff to go back
to Port Clyde.

My body temperature immediately started rising
causing the palms of my hands to perspire. Dammit, after all this
time he still has a wild effect over me. Just simply looking at him
makes my upper lip sweat, he is so freaking sexy!


"You good bro?" Tristan's deep voice bellowed as
he turned our way noticing Luke's hissy fit and smirked at me.
Fudgsicle sticks, he caught me perving on him as usual! This isn't
anything out of the ordinary, his handsome face entrances me at
least ten times on a daily basis.


My only reaction was to smile in response as my
cheeks heated up, flushing an embarrassing pinkish hue. What else
could I do? Every time his smoky gray eyes focused on me, I managed
to forget my own name.


"Yea, I think I finally got it." Luke breathed
dramatically closing the trunk and hopping in the back seat behind
me. "Let's get this show on the road!" He hollered clapping his
hand together excitedly.


Jumping into the driver's seat Tristan turned on
the truck and leaned over the center console planting a kiss on my
cheek. "Enjoy the view?" He whispered playfully in my ear causing
the hairs on the back of my neck to stand at attention.


Keeping my eyes trained forward I shrugged my
shoulders and feigned indifference. "Yea, the movers were pretty
hot, right Anya?" Before I could turn my head to flash her my
cheesiest smile, Tristan's hands found their way to my side
tickling the life out of me.


"What was that?" Tristan growled jokingly as he
relentlessly continued on with his form of punishment. "I suggest
you change your comment before I get out and beat 'em up, then our
stuff will never make it back home." He let out a hearty


Even if I wanted to apologize, I couldn't due to
the fact that I wasn't able to breathe properly. I always hated
being so damn ticklish. Just a simple poke at my side and a fit of
giggles would escape my lips. "I-I...I'm not sorry." I gasped
through breaths.


Tristan's eyes widened in surprise at my
response as he suddenly stopped tickling me all together and
straightened up in his seat. Using his left hand to slowly reach
for the door handle my own eyes opened in surprise as I suddenly
realized what he was going to do, beat those poor innocent movers


Grabbing a hold onto his arm quickly, I shouted
in defeat. "Ok...ok. I'm sorry! The movers aren't hot." I said
holding up my hands in surrender. "No need to go fight them."


Tristan smirked at me while shifting the car
into gear and pulling off onto the road towards the airport.
"That's more like it." He smiled victoriously turning on the radio
and then taking my hand into his. All the while Luke and Anya were
occupied in a challenging game of words with friends on their


"I meant to say the movers aren't just hot, they
were smokin'!" I let loose a giggle, I always have to win. Mind
games are my specialty. Tristan's lips tugged in the cutest little
frown causing me to feel a little guilty for teasing him. It's just
too fun to see him get so jealous, mean of me I know. "Aww, I'm
just kidding." I gave in lifting his hand to my lips and placing a
kiss on the back of it. "You know I only have eyes for you." We
were stopped at a red light, so he quickly leaned over and pecked
me quickly on the lips.


"Same here beautiful." Tristan's eyes roamed
over my face before he kissed me once more and focused back on the
road ahead of us. My lips erupted into an immediate tingling
causing me to shiver with chills as the sensation attacked my
entire body.


I was literally bouncing in my seat with
excitement. I spoke to Rico and Alonso at least once a day on a
daily basis, but nothing compares to seeing them in person and
being able to hang out with each other. We've become quite the
quaint little family.


Arriving at the Manzanares Pack house, I was so
groggy. Tristan's way too comfy for his own good, allowing me to
sleep on him the entire plane ride. Dad sent a driver to come and
pick us up, because he had some business to attend to with Rico,
who's now Alpha and Alonso the beta.


Of course dad still oversees a lot of the things
that go on within the pack, he's like a member of council helping
out with advice and offering guidance. Now that he doesn't have to
deal with the stress of managing a pack, he has more time to do
leisurely things like take fishing trips.


Busting through the front door like I was a
member of the swat team performing a drug raid, I looked around for
any signs of life. What? I've come to consider this as my home away
from home, so I had every right to walk up in here like I owned the

Being with Tristan has allowed me to break out
of my once shy and quiet shell. He's chipped away at the tough
exterior helping me develop the self confidence I need to basically
tell people off if need be. I guess you can say my attitude was a
tamer version of Anya's now.


Instantly I could hear Alonso's angry voice
shouting in the living room. "We can't let him get away with this.
He's lost his damn mind ever since Mia and it's only going to get
worse now that he's Alpha!" What in the heck is going on here?


Tristan automatically pulled me so that I was
behind him as the four of us cautiously made our way towards the
living room. Can I just say, aww he’s so sweet. He's always looking
out for me with even just the littlest things. Like the fact that
he wouldn't let me bring the trash to the curb when it got dark out
was just humorous.


He has this ridiculous notion that something bad
will occur. What could possibly happen to me? I'll trip and fall
flat on my face in the walkway or god forbid the trash bag rips
spilling out rubbish all over the ground, so tragic!


Peeking around his muscular back, I took in my
brothers, my Dad, Juan, and Carlos sitting around the living room
table entrapped in a deep conversation. Juan and Carlos are members
of our pack, they're actually Alonso and Rico's best friends.

BOOK: Evince Me
4.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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