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"You have a valid point and I understand your
concern, but he hasn't done anything to merit an intervention on
our part just yet." Rico spoke in a calm tone. "We can't jump the
gun on this, it'll only cause a war." My eldest brother made a
remarkable Alpha. Always planning things out and thinking things
through thoroughly before acting upon them.


"Rico's right son, intervening prematurely will
only cause him to rebel. Technically, it's none of our business how
he runs his pack as long as it's not causing harm to any wolves. He
hasn't broke any rules" Dad stated agreeing with Rico. "As soon as
he takes one step out of line, then we can move in and take


"Ok fine, if you consider training his wolves to
be ruthless killers, harmless...then by all means wait until he
plans an all out attack against us before stepping in!" Alonso
exclaimed in disgust as he stood up from the table causing the
chair to fall back onto the ground. Maybe we chose to come at a bad


Stepping around Tristan the same time Alonso
turned around prepared to stomp off, his angry facade turned into
one of a huge playful smile as soon as he caught sight of me. It's
nice to know he was happy to see me.


Sweeping me into his arms and swinging me around
in a full circle, it felt like forever since I've last seen my
brother even though they came for a quick visit during Christmas
time. "Lise." He breathed excitedly. "Sorry you had to hear that."
My big teddy bear apologized.


For some reason Alonso's such a tough guy with
everyone one else but when it comes to me, he's a complete softie!
"All is good Lonso, I know you only get angry when completely
necessary." I answered with a comforting pat to his back. He still
had me suspended in the air, my feet dangling a good six inches off
the ground.


At that point Rico and Dad stood up along with
Juan and Carlos to greet all of us. The mood of the room
automatically changed from somber to pleasant. "Nena, we weren't
expecting you for another hour or so." Dad said grabbing my face
and kissing each cheek affectionately.


I started calling him Dad last year, after
sitting down and having a heart to heart talk with him. He took me
out on a one of his fishing trips and spent the entire day speaking
to me about my Mother and Mia. By the intensity of his voice, I
could tell he regretted not being around to save my Mother and did
everything in his power to help Mia.


That trip opened up my eyes and made me realize
life is too short to spend it bitter at the world for the things
that have happened in the past. It was time to move on into the
future and not turn back. Only allow happy memories to bring a
smile to your face. Don't harp on things you don't have control


"Glad you're here squirt." Rico grinned ruffling
up my hair causing it to stand up on one side. "Did you guys have a
nice flight?" He asked shaking Tristan and Luke's hands after
kissing Anya on the cheek.


"Happy to be here." I winked punching him
playfully in the shoulder. "Anything new I should know about...find
your mates yet?" My eyebrows raised in question as I stared between
the two of my handsome brothers. Neither of them found their mates


Rico and Alonso gave me an identical smirk,
"Nah, we don't need women in our lives right now. They'll just
complicate things." Alonso joked with a chuckle causing me to
narrow my eyes at him in mock anger. Women are great, without us
how will men ever function?


"What were you guys talking about?" I queried
not meaning to bring up the topic again, but what can I say I'm
nosy. I wanted to know what was causing my brother to get so
serious and lose his temper?


"We're talking about crazy ass Marco." Alonso
responded a look of anger flashing in his eyes as he continued.
"He's been training his wolves like they're rogues, turning them
into killing machines. Since he's not hurting anyone or breaking
any rules we can't do anything."


"Let's not forget about what he's doing to
the human girls." Juan chimed in, with a complete look of revulsion
washing over his expression.
'What's he
doing to human girls?'
I thought in horror as my heart
began to speed up.


Tristan could somehow sense my alarm, snaking
his arm around my shoulder and pulling me closer to his side. He
rubbed my upper arm soothingly with his fingers. "What's he doing
to the human girls?" Tristan's tone sounded deadly. I gazed up at
him from the corner of my eyes and noticed his jaw clenched down,
something he does when he's completely pissed off. Tristan still
has some bad blood with Marco for all he's done in the past.


"He's going around Spain trying to find anyone
and everyone that resembles Mia. Last we heard he's captured two of
them." Juan filled us in as he shook his head in disappointment.
"Told the council he's conducting an interrogation with them."


What do they mean he's captured two of them?
He's still obsessed with the whole Mia thing? "What sort of
interrogation?" I wondered out loud staring at my brothers in
disbelief. Obviously this had to be against some sort of law,
kidnapping maybe?


"It's not kidnapping if the girls went willingly
in the first place, little sis." Rico answered calmly. "He hasn't
broken any laws. Yes he has them jailed, but he's not mistreating
them in any way so nothing can be done."


Why the heck would those girls willingly follow
Marco to be imprisoned? I mean ok fine, he's an extremely
good-looking guy, but would girls actually agree to being locked up
in cells for a handsome face?


"That guy's so far gone, it'll be hard to get
him back. It's ashame too because he would've been one hell of an
Alpha if he was in the right state of mind." Carlos added causing
my Dad, Rico, Alonso and Juan to shake their heads in


The only thing plaguing my mind was that
something seemed awfully fishy about Marco and his entire
operation. I kind of got the feeling Tristan felt the same way too.
Now that I'm here in Spain, would I have to worry about my

Chapter 2: Run In



"Lise baby, what's wrong?" Tristan's concerned
voice broke me out of my stupor as he shook me gently on the
shoulders. I looked around realizing everyone in the room was
staring at me with worry. How long was I in a trance for? When the
heck did Tristan move in front of me without me even noticing?


Taking a deep breath, I nodded my head quickly
offering a small smile. "Yea, sorry. Guess I'm just still really
tired...jet lag maybe?" I suggested in hopes that they'd believe my
lie. I didn't want them knowing I was worried about Marco and his
ulterior motives. Something didn't seem right and it wasn't sitting
too well with me.


If Tristan had the slightest inkling that I was
afraid of Marco kidnapping me, his worrywart ass would have us on
the first plane back to Port Clyde. Not wanting to put a damper on
anyone's summer vacation, I figured the best thing to do would be
suck it up and act as though nothing was bothering me.


Besides, I'm pretty sure my brothers and Dad
have this all under control. They wouldn't allow anything to happen
to me. Neither would Tristan or Luke for that matter. I planned on
enjoying the last possible summer of fun I'd be having before we'd
have to return to Port Clyde and commit to our obligations.


Just the thought of all the upcoming
responsibilities had me feeling anxious. I wasn't afraid of having
to fulfill my duties as Luna, I knew I'd be able to complete them
with no questions asked. What worried me was, would I be able to
amount to even half the Luna Tristan's mom is currently? Those were
some big heels to fill as she set the bar high above the typical
Luna standards.


"You look a little tense." Alonso commented as
he stood beside me examining my body language. "I could go for a
run. Need to get out all my frustration, want to come?" He asked
with raised eyebrows. A run sounded like a pretty good idea right
about now. I needed to get my mind off things and try to enjoy our
time here.


"Sounds like a great idea." I answered glancing
up at my brother with an appreciative smile. Sometimes Alonso
seemed to understand my own feelings better then I did. "You gonna
come with us?" I asked turning my head towards Tristan.


Tristan's eyes twinkled with humor as he looked
at me like I just asked the dumbest question in the world. "Of
course." He smirked raising an eyebrow at me. Of course he wouldn't
let me go off for a run into unfamiliar woods by myself...even if
it was with my silly of me!


The pitter-patter of my paws against the soft
grass echoed in my ears as my eyes scanned the serenity of the
forest surrounding the pack house. It's been almost a week since
we've shifted and my wolf was itching to frolic around. Luke stayed
back at the pack house with Anya and my Dad.


It's ashame she's not a wolf,
we'd have so much fun running around like nuts together. 'I wonder
if she feels left out?'
I thought to myself and made a
mental note to discuss it with my best friend as soon as I


Perking my ears up in hopes of hearing any sound
I could, giving me a clue as to where these suckers were hiding
at...I was only greeted by the tranquil sounds of rushing water and
a few birds chirping. I was in the vast forest behind the pack
house with Tristan, Rico, Alonso, Juan, and Carlos.


We've been out here for about an hour, initially
we just ran around allowing me to release my stress. Then Alonso
suggested we play a game of hide and seek. I know real mature of
us, but at the time it sounded fun. Can't blame us for wanting to
have fun, right? I was having a blast up until the point I was
found first by Juan causing me to become the seeker. Blah, it
always sucks having to be the one to find everyone. These damn guys
are good at hiding, I've been wandering around aimlessly for the
past ten minutes with no luck!


Knowing these guys they probably climbed
up the freaking trees or something. Or they could have gotten
hungry and went back to the house to eat, thinking
'ahh what the hell, she'll still be looking for
us until we get back!'


I'll strangle them if they left me out here.
Reaching the edge of the water I could feel the dryness of my mouth
as I began getting thirsty. It must be the heat combined with the
running around that was causing my dehydration.


Cringing slightly, eww I normally wouldn't drink
from a river. Who the hell knows what's been in here? Let alone
what type of people use this water for a bathroom! I couldn't take
it anymore, my tongue felt like sandpaper as I tilted my head

Ugh, I silently prayed that wolves aren't able
to contract diseases as I took a drink of water from the water
rushing by. Yuck! I shook my head from side to side immaturely, but
I had to admit I instantly felt better.


The snapping of twigs caused me to divert my
attention behind me as a huge ball of fur came racing in my
direction causing me to freeze on the spot. My eyes widened in fear
as I took in the black wolf barreling towards me, but I soon
relaxed as I recognized it as Tristan.


OMG is he in danger? Is he running from
something chasing him in the woods? Should I run too?
'Prepare yourself for payback!'
Tristan's voice grunted evilly into my head.
'For teasing me about the movers.'


What's he doing? He kept advancing on me, I was
watching it all unfold in slow motion before I finally realized his
intentions. This isn't tag, we're playing hide and seek for
goodness sakes! He was totally blowing his cover by coming out from
his hiding spot.

'Don't you dare,
I mind linked coming to terms with the fact
that he was going to pounce on me, but he didn't slow his speed not
one bit. There was no time to react before he went airborne and all
but playfully tackled me causing us both to go flying into the


Ugh great...just great! Now my fur is going to
be all over the place, he's so gonna get it! We rolled around until
we came to a stop in the shallow water. I stood on all fours and
allowed a growl to rumble from deep within my chest cavity, so
pissed off he just did that to me.


A wolfy smirk graced Tristan's face as his
gray eyes watched me comically. Thought he was so damn funny did
he? I'll show him funny.
'You're a dead
I threatened jokingly as I tried the best I
could to snap at him, but he's too damn quick.


Dodging out of the way of my oncoming nip
at him, Tristan mused
. 'Gonna have to be
quicker then that to catch me.'
With that though,
Tristan bolted off running in the opposite direction he came from.
Naturally, me being one to never give up without a fight, I decided
to give chase.


I was pleased to find out that since I've
shifted and became a she-wolf, my bout of clumsiness has receded
and I'm a bit more agile on my feet. I'm not saying I became an
Olympian all of a sudden and could run a marathon, but I was no
longer athletically challenged which I was grateful for.


BOOK: Evince Me
7.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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