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"I loved my Mother, but I loved my mate...your
sister much more. My mother was without a doubt the
evilest most vile woman I've ever come across." Marco admitted, I
thought I saw a look of anger and then relief pass by his eyes,
before he stared at me blankly again. "I was a coward to not stand
up to my Mother and I can only thank you for serving her with the
proper revenge my innocent mate deserved."


It was as if I got sucked into the twilight
zone. I was sitting there staring at Marco with unsure eyes. Who is
this Marco and what happened to the old one? Can you honestly tell
me one visit from my dead sister caused him to become a changed
man? Was he that terrified of Maria, that he couldn't even stand up
to her or did he know deep down inside what she was capable of?


Shakily I nodded my head as a form
'I killed your Mother, don't worry
about it...there's no need to thank me.'
type of way.
Standing up from my seat, I was getting ready to leave the room.
Seems like all has been said and done and there really wasn't a
reason for me to be here anymore.


"I'm really glad you're ok, I'll call Julio to
come in. If you don't mind I'm exhausted so I'm going to head back
to bed." I smiled, patting him one last time on the arm I began
backing away from the bed. My body wanted to run out of the room
and down the hall back to Tristan, but I chose to take the slow
approach as to not look like I was crazy.


"Wait!" Marco shouted out, before jumping
up quickly from the bed. He closed the distance between us pulling
me into a tight embrace. "Thank you Princesa, I owe you my life." I
wanted to say
'don't mention
, but it didn't seem like the proper wording so I
decided to stay quiet and just hug him back.


Of course, that was the exact moment the bedroom
door opened. Standing there glaring at the sight before them was
Tristan with Alonso, and Julio standing at his side. Can I ever
catch a break?

Chapter 9: Think Before Speaking


Tristan's POV


Deciding to let Lise go check on Marco by
herself, I relaxed back onto the pillow with my arms folded under
my head. Taking in deep breaths I tried the best I could to calm my
raging hormones. I swear Alonso's lucky he's her brother, I
could've beat the life out of him for interrupting us.


It's been four days since I've held her in my
arms and just when things were starting to feel normal between us
again, he goes and knocks on the door. After thinking about all of
today's events along with all the things I planned on doing with my
mate when she came back, I realized Lise has been gone for what
seemed like an eternity.


An unsettling feeling began to develop in the
pit of my stomach. I could only explain it as being an
uncomfortable queasiness. Getting up from the bed, I pulled a white
tee over my head and yanked on a pair of basketball shorts. Opening
the door to the bedroom I headed towards the guest room down the


Standing a few feet outside Marco's room was
Alonso and Julio. They were discussing something calmly. What the
hell are these two doing outside the room? The entire point of me
allowing Lise to go see Marco was because I was under the
assumption that they'd be right there beside her.


"What the hell?" I grunted through clenched
teeth, the anger from earlier's interruption creeping slowly to the
surface again. "Why aren't you in there with her?" I directed
towards Alonso with an angry glare. What type of brother is he?
Knowing perfectly well what Marco is capable of, yet he would still
leave his baby sister alone with him?


Alonso shrugged his shoulders and threw his
hands up in front of him in surrender. "I...I figured she'd be
perfectly fine. We're only right outside the door." He mumbled as a
sudden look of guilt took over his expression. Guess now that he
thinks about it, not such a good idea now was it?


Breathing in deeply through my nose, I
shouldered my way through the both of them reaching out for the
door. I honestly wasn't prepared for what I saw when I opened it,
the wind was knocked right out of my lungs. Marco and Lise stood at
the center of the room in a loving heart cracked
against the cavity of my chest.


It was bad enough my ego took a beating when my
mate threw herself on top of this prick to save his life. Now I let
her come here to check up on him and I catch them hugging each
other like this? What the hell else happened prior to my walking


I already had a sick feeling something happened
between the two of them during the four days she was held captive
that caused them to become so close, but I tried the best I could
to brush it off. Lise wouldn't do something like that...she loved

As I stormed towards them prepared to kill Marco
and just end this once an

d for all, Lise pulled away from him in a panic
as she jumped in front of me. "No Tristan!" Lise's voice pleaded as
she latched desperately onto my arm sending me over the ultimate


I think it was a mixture of lack of sleep, pent
up anger, and sexual frustration that caused me to snap. I
shouldn't have said the things I did, shouldn't have allowed them
to escape from my mouth...should have definitely thought before I
spoke, maybe then I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now.


"Get out of the way Lise." I warned clenching my
jaw down tightly as I stared at my terrified mate. She shook her
head defiantly as she stood in front of me blocking my path from
Marco. "What the hell's going on between you two that you're so
protective of him?" I bellowed in her face causing tears to escape
her eyes.


My heart ached at seeing her cry, knowing I was
the one that caused her pain. I just couldn't get over the fact
that she was supposed to be in my arms not his! Why does he keep
getting in the middle of us?


"Nothing happened between us." Lise cried trying
to defend herself from my false accusations. Accusations I knew
perfectly well were crap lies. "I don't want anyone else to get
hurt because of me, it was an innocent hug!"


That wasn't a good enough excuse for me as I
shoved Lise away angrily, I was fed up with her trying to defend
this bastard. "If you're so hell bent on his safety then maybe you
and I shouldn't be mates, maybe you should be his mate!"


An audible gasp was heard stopping me in my
tracks as I closed my eyes and cringed. Dammit, I've done it
now...gone and stuck my foot in my mouth. Spinning on my heels I
reached out for Lise trying to apologize for being such an ass. She
knows I spew crap out of my mouth when I'm really angry.


Lise stepped away, out of my reach and stared at
me with disbelief. Those hazel eyes that always spoke a thousand
words to me were suddenly silent. Clearing my throat I tried to
swallow the knot that prevented me from speaking, but it stayed
put. "Lise, baby...I...I didn't mean it." I begged, but the look of
disgust plaguing her face as the tears flowed freely said it all,
she hates me.


In that split second Lise spun around and took
off running, I was torn whether to stay and confront Marco for
putting his hands on my mate or chasing after her. That pause
caused me I finally decided Marco wasn't worth it and
raced after her.


She was within my reach, I could feel her at the
tip of my fingers. "Lise, stop...wait." I called out trying to grab
a hold of the back of her shirt to stop her. 'Damn she's fast' I
thought as she suddenly flew into the room. My body slammed into
the frame of the door shaking it on its hinges as she locked me

Pounding my fists on the door relentlessly, I
called out to her. "Lise open the door. Please baby, we need to
talk. I'm sorry." I apologized but was greeted with complete
silence. Calming myself down from the rush of adrenaline pumping
through my veins, I kept reassuring myself that her father wouldn't
appreciate a broken down door.


I did the only thing I could think of, sliding
my body down the wall next to the door I settled myself in for a
long night of waiting. Hopefully she'll open up the door in an hour
or so when she cools down and lets me in so I could explain.


'Lise, baby please I love you.
I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said.'
I tried reaching
her through the mind link, but she was blocked off. She's never put
her walls up on me, not since the first time we knew we were able
to mind I knew she was pissed.


Staring up at the grandfather clock that stood
midway down the hall, I've been sitting out here for fifty minutes
and still no sign of Lise. Using the back of my fist I pounded it
against the door like I have been with each fifteen minute interval
that passes.


"Liiisseee." I dragged out her name as my eyes
began drooping closed. Yea, I know I'm a pathetic jerk...and I
deserved the silent treatment and so much more for all I've put her
through. "Please baby, just open the door."


"Maybe you should give her some time." Rico's
voice drifted down the hall from the top of the stairwell. He was
staring at me with pity, I'm sure Alonso filled him in on the
events. "Try and talk to her in the morning.


Talk to her in the
? 'It is morning!'
thought as I glanced at the time, 5:45AM. I was mentally,
physically, and emotionally drained. There was nothing left in me.
"Go get some rest in the spare room." Rico tilted his head to the
door beside him. "I'll try and talk to her when she gets


Nodding my head in utter defeat, I braced myself
against the wall and stood up. Dragging my feet the entire way down
the hall, I plopped myself on the bed and drifted off into a deep
sleep. My mind didn't want to give up, but my body thought


I was awoken from my precious few hours of sleep
from the curtains being yanked apart and sunlight shining me in the
eyes. Throwing my arm up to shield my eyes from the blinding light,
I squinted a few times to adjust to the sudden change.


When my eyes finally focused I was faced with an
angry looking blonde. Glaring at me with rage in her big blue
eyes....ahh the furious best friend. "You idiot!" Anya whisper
shrieked smacking me in the arm with her thin hands. "How could


"How'd you find out so quickly?" I sighed
staring up at the ceiling. I'm sure if Anya knows, Luke knows too.
So I'll never hear the end of it from him either, because I'm sure
Anya will keep pestering him to nag me about it.


"What do you mean how'd I find out so quickly,
that's my best friend's heart that you broke, ya moron!" Anya
thundered, her tiny fists aimed at me in a threat. "You better get
your sorry ass up, fix it and fix it now."


Covering my eyes with my arms, I let out a groan
of frustration. I know I messed up big time, I sure as hell didn't
need Anya rubbing it in and reminding me of it. I was a man on a
mission this that included groveling on my hands and
knees to beg for Lise's forgiveness. I wouldn't take no for an
answer, she's got to forgive me.

Chapter 10: Agree to Disagree


My head was pounding like there was a tiny child
sitting inside going all wild with his first drum set. I threw the
comforter off angrily as I peeled myself off the bed. There's no
hope, I'm not going to get any sleep. Sniffling, I tried to clear
out my clogged nasal passages and rubbed at my swollen dry eyes.
Damn you Tristan for making me cry.


Glancing at the clock I noticed it read seven
o'clock, may as well do something constructive with my time instead
of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I'm sure Rico's up
already dealing with his Alpha duties. Maybe I can go talk to him
and see if he needs any help.


Taking a quick shower, I used some concealer to
try and cover up the puffy bags under my eyes. This is the first
serious fight Tristan and I have been in, guess it was bound to
happen sooner or later right? I prayed silently to myself that he
wasn't sprawled across the doorway asleep, it's still too early to
face him.


Was it my fault for allowing Marco to hug me
even though it was an innocent hug? I know it's really difficult
for Tristan to see me so touchy-feely with other guys since he's my
mate, but I truly can't help the fact that I'm such a loveable


All right, maybe I'm just being a real bitch
here. I mean look at how I reacted to that girl in the club
practically mauling him! I can't even begin to imagine what Tristan
felt when I defended the person who tried to take me away from
him....ok I'm being a brat, I admit it alright?


I should've known better then to add fuel to the
already out of control fire burning deep within Tristan. I'm
surprised he didn't shift and kill the both of us! Got to give it
to my baby for having full control over his wolf, he's gonna make
one hell of an Alpha.


'Rico, you up?'
thought trying to summon my brother for help.


'Yea Lise, what's up? You
His tone was one of concern, which means he was
well aware of the events that went down early this morning.
Thankfully he's not one to rub things in or pry into my business.
Rico's just there for me as my rock, to listen and offer advice
when asked.

BOOK: Evince Me
12.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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