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Forever Yours (#4)

BOOK: Forever Yours (#4)
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Forever Yours –Series
By Deila Longford
Part Four
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~ Acknowledgements ~
This book is dedicated to all of the fans and readers of my first three books.
Without you there would be no reason me to write.
Also dedicated to my family.


The voices are loud and urgent. I want to wake up and be a part of their
conversation, but my eyes won’t open. My mind is still showering me with
images of my life and my body is completely frozen. I feel trapped in my own
head, bursting to break free and start my new life. I want my eyes to open, I
want to see Dalton, but I am powerless, so I listen to the brother’s feuding
words instead.

“How could you do this to her?” Dalton screams.

“The girl asked me to turn her, she let me read her thoughts, she loves you and
what was I supposed to do?” Nicholas says in a firm voice. I can hear hissing
and a loud bang –something must have fallen onto the ground. The room is
quiet for a few seconds, and then the sound of Dalton’s voice erupts.

“You could have called me, refused her, anything other than what you have
done. Rose isn’t going to want this, she will regret it, I know it.” Nicholas
laughs at Dalton’s words and even though I can’t see him, I know that his anger
is building. The tension in the air is captivating, and I wish that my eyes would
open, so that I can reassure Dalton that I am fine, and that I am still me.

“She won’t regret it, I read her thoughts, and she wants this more than anything.
She wants you, and she paid the ultimate price to be with you.”

“I never wanted this; she was supposed to live a normal life, without me. Rose
has had a traumatic life. Her Uncle means the world to her, and now she won’t
be able to be around him. Not seeing her family is going to kill her, she won’t
cope with being a vampire.” My head spins –I never knew that Dalton felt this
way. He is so, thoughtful when it comes to my happiness –please let me wake
up. My body hears my prayers, something is happening. My whole body jerks
with an electrifying jolt, my skin is on fire and my throat is as dry as a cork. My
memories have passed, and now an overwhelming throbbing sensation has
taken over my body. My heart feels like it’s ripping out of my chest, and I can
feel my eyes rolling around in their sockets. My body is still frozen, but the pain
is excruciating –what is happening to me? Am I supposed to be feeling this
way? I can only think of the pain and my dry, burning throat, but I try to
overlook my pain as I hear Nicholas’s voice.

“We can help her get through this. We’ll show her how to control her hunger
and I’ll be there for you, brother.” Dalton laughs at Nicholas.


“Listen to yourself; it’s almost as if you … care. Tell me something, did you
show our parents the same kindness that you’re willing to show Rose?”

“That was a long time ago, and I have apologized a million times over for what
I did. I know that you are upset and scared about Rose, but she will be fine, you
and I can look after her.”

“Why do you care about her, huh?”

“I don’t care about her; it’s you that I care about. You’re my little brother, and I
hate what I have done to you. I turned her for you. I know how much you care
about her, and that living without her would torture you. I did this so that you
could be … happy.” My legs jerk and I can feel them –am I finally waking up?
My arms are sore, heavy and numb, my head is pounding and my chest is
rapidly pulsating. My throat is dry and burning into a frenzy, I can’t breathe, I
am choking. My lips start to move and my eyes flutter under their lids.

My legs jerk again, the pain is overwhelming –is it supposed to hurt like this?
Every nerve in my body is on fire and itching intensely –please make it stop.
God has heard my wish, my eyes jolt open, and I am gasping for air as I leap off
the sofa. I am coughing and I try to focus my eyes, but they are blurry and
stopping me from seeing Dalton. I can feel a hand against my back, and now I
am walking, but I can’t see where to. I have no idea who is holding me, or
where I am going, but I follow anyway hoping that I will get to see him. The
hand pushes me down onto a bed-like surface and I fall against a silk comforterset. A pillow is under my head, and the hand is caressing my cheek. My eyes
are closed, but I force them open and there he is. Dalton is staring down at me.
He looks worried and I hate that I went behind his back, but now that I have
changed, there is nothing that he can do about it.

“Rose, look at me,” Dalton says as he kneels down to my level. He places his
hand onto my forehead and he stares deep into my eyes. “How are you feeling?”
I part my lips, an overwhelming aching is forming in my gums –it hurts.

“My head is pounding, my gums hurt and I’m … thirsty. Can you get me a
drink?” Dalton exhales and he flies out of the room. He quickly returns, holding
a glass of water. He sits me up into the bed and he urges me to drink. I take the
glass, but water isn’t what I am craving.

“Drink,” he urges. I give in and I pull the glass towards my lips. My senses are
tingling and everything is heightened. The sunlight is brighter, the noise of
Dalton’s heartbeat is ringing in my ears. I can hear birds singing, and the wind
as it blows through the trees. My eyes have cleared and everything is in high
definition. I can see every fibre of the comfort-set, every speck of dust that lies
onto the wooden floor, every line on Dalton’s face is clear in my vision. I part
my lips and I take a sip of the water, the taste is horrible and I spit it out. Dalton
exhales and he pulls the glass away from me. He slams it down onto the bedside
cabinet, and he locks his furious eyes on mine. “Why did you do this?” He

“You know why,” I say in a rough voice. Dalton paces the large bedroom and
he thrusts his hands into the air.

“You went behind my back; I never wanted this for you.” I leap out of the bed
and I am surprised at my pace –I flew across the room in a matter of seconds. I
stand in front of Dalton and I look up at him, through my HD eyes. He doesn’t
look happy with me, but he doesn’t refuse my hand when I offer it to him. He
places his hand into mine and I smile –he doesn’t feel cold. My lips start to
shake and I lunge into his arms –I need to kiss him. I lock my lips on his and I
pull him close, crushing him until he squeals. “Wow, be careful,” he says as he
pushes me away from him. I frown at him –God I love him so much. My
feelings for him are multiplied, I knew that I loved him, but not to this extent.
He is everything to me, my heart feels bound to him, connected and his lips are
irresistible. I lunge forward again and mount my lips onto his. I hold his head
firmly and I laugh through our passion –I am strong enough to hold him in
place. I kiss him harder, and then my hands run through his hair, he lifts me up,
kissing me on my neck. I hear footsteps and the sound of another heartbeat. I
push Dalton away and I focus my eyes on the doorjamb. Nicholas is standing
smugly, grinning at us.

“Don’t stop on my behalf.” He says as he folds his arms across his chest. I smile
and rush towards him. I wrap my arms around him, pulling him close for a bear

“Thank you,” I say as I pull away from him. Nicholas smiles at me and then his
expression changes, when Dalton rushes over and grabs me by the arm. He
spins me around and I focus my new eyes on his. He looks at me as he caresses
my cheek.

“Are you thirsty?” Dalton asks in firm voice. I press my lips together and an
overwhelming dryness has taken over my throat –I want blood.

“Yes, I’m gasping, I need something to drink.” Nicholas glides over and stands
in front of me. I look at him and then back to Dalton. The brothers exchange a
worried glance, and then Dalton focuses back on me. His eyes stare deep into
mine, and he cups my cheek with his hand.

“You need to feed, do you understand?” I nod –of course I understand, I am not
delusional. “Okay, come with me,” Dalton pulls me out of the room and into the
hallway. He rushes me towards the front door and he thrusts it open. My eyes
can’t adjust to brightness, and I break free from him and run back into the
house. I fly to the darkest corner of the lounge, and I rest my back against the
wall. My eyes are burning and my hands are trembling –I hate the sunlight.
Nicholas comes rushing into the room and he walks over to me. He reaches out
his hand and he pulls my face around so that I can see him.

“My eyes are stinging and my skin is on fire,” I say in a broken voice. Nicholas
smiles at me and he gently runs his finger along my cheek.

“It’s okay, you’ll be fine. You just need to feed.” I nod at him and he pulls me
out of the corner. He walks me back into the hallway and towards the front
door. Dalton is standing in the doorjamb, he looks worried. I force a smile
through my hunger –I don’t want him to think that I can’t handle this. Nicholas
leads me to the front door, and he pauses when we reach the opening. He wraps
his hand around my shoulder and he leans in towards me, whispering in my ear.
“Now I know that the brightness is painful for your eyes, but I need you to do as
I say, okay?” I look at him, our faces are inches apart, and his breath is blowing
against my cheek. I nod at him –
I’ll do anything that you say.
“Okay,” I say in strong voice. Dalton hisses and he stomps out of the house. My
heart aches –he is mad at me. Nicholas grazes my cheek, he wants my full

“Close your eyes,” he says in a fluid, southern accent. I do as he says my eyes
close. “Now, listen to my voice and follow me.” I adjust my ears and my legs
start to move. I walk out of the house and I can feel the sun burning against my
skin. I flinch and my eyes flutter, but Nicholas calms me. “Ignore the warmth,
keep your eyes closed.” I sigh as I follow his commands. “Now take a deep
breath and open your eyes.” I hesitate, fearing the brightness, but then I give in
and open my eyes. The light is still burning, but it’s tolerable now and not quite
as scorching as before. I take in my surroundings and I can’t believe my eyes,
everything is so clear, vibrant and beautiful. The air is warm against my skin. I
smile when I see Dalton leaning against his car. I speed over to him, and I wrap
my arms around his neck. He holds me for a second and then he pushes me
away. I smile at him again –please don’t be mad at me, I silently plead with

“Everything is amazing; I can finally see what you see.” Dalton pushes his
eyebrows together, as he opens the door of his car. He signals for me to jump in,
so I do as he says and I melt into the leather seats. I can hear Dalton walking
across the gravel towards his side of the car, and I hear that his breathing is
shallow. He falls into the driver’s seat and he starts the engine. The roar is loud,
too loud and I cover my ears to shield them from the noise. I make a darting
look towards Dalton and he meets my stare. “Is it always like this?” I ask
referring to the loud noise. Dalton clicks the car into gear as he answers my

“No, it quietens down, once you feed.” I am relieved; I wouldn’t want that
constant ringing in my ears. Dalton speeds out of the driveway and through the
open gates. He turns the car towards the town and he slams his foot down onto
the gas pedal. I can hear that his breathing is heavy and his heart is racing –he’s
worried about me. I reach out and I place my hand onto his knee, his lips shake
at my touch and he meets my stare. “I can’t believe that you did this,” he is
disappointed, I am heart broken.

“I know what I did was wrong and selfish, but I did it because I love you. Now
that I have changed, don’t you feel differently about me being a vampire?”
Dalton laughs and then he hits the steering wheel in frustration.
“You aren’t a proper vampire yet, you need to feed to complete the change. You
won’t know how you feel, until you feed.” My mind races and I know how I
feel –I love Dalton. I reach out and clasp his face with both of my hands, the car
sweeps all over the road at my actions and Dalton slams hit foot down onto the
brake pedal. He stops the car at the side of the road and he flicks the hazard
lights on. He loosens my hands from his face; he grabs me and pulls me towards
him. His eyes are staring into my soul, and I can’t hold back my desire. I lunge
towards him and I roughly place my lips onto his. He grabs my head, pulling me
closer and squeezing me like there’s no tomorrow. My lips are locked onto his.
My hands are slipping through his hair. I can hear him panting, and I can feel
every bone in my body screaming at me with desire. I pull my lips away from
his and I kiss his neck. I can hear his heart beating and the feeling of his skin on
my lips is intoxicating. I press my lips onto the base of his neck, and I burry my
teeth into his skin. He pulls away from me and he clutches me firmly in his

BOOK: Forever Yours (#4)
9.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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