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“I understand that we need to leave. But what am I gonna say to my uncle? He’s
not gonna roll over and just let me leave.” Dalton exhales and he bites his lower
lip. He locks his eyes on mine and he smiles.

“You’ll tell him that you’re going to see the world, and that I’m going with you.
Tell him that we are gonna spend the summer in Italy, and the winter in
England. We’re gonna take trips to China, Australia and India. You’ll write to
him, and you’ll tell him all about your adventures. You’ll be happy and you’ll
tell him that if he loves you, then he will let you go.” I bask in his words –that
sounds magical and I would love if all of that were true. I reach out and graze
his cheek.

“That’s a wonderful story, but it’s a lie. I hate lying to my uncle.” Dalton laughs
at my words and he leans in and kisses me. His lips are firm and warm, and I
smile as he pulls away from me.

“It’s not a lie. It’s the start of our new life together.”

The next morning I wake up and the blinding sunshine is tearing through my
curtains. I open my eyes and I hiss and pull the covers back over my head. The
sunlight is burning my retinas, and the heat feels horrendous against my skin.
My throat feels dry and I could really do with something to drink. My eyes
begin to sting under the covers, and I jolt out of bed when I hear my uncle
climbing the stairs. I fly over to my mirror and take in my reflection. My eyes
are burning red and my lips are white. I close my eyes and I take slow sharp
breaths. I sigh when I overcome my desire, and I run over to the door. I pull it
open and my uncle is standing in the doorjamb. He is holding a cup of coffee in
one hand, and a plate of pancakes in the other. I smile at him as he hands me my

“I thought you might be hungry, Bugs.”

“Yeah, I’m starving.” I say as I glug down the coffee. The heat warms my
throat, and I can feel the caffeine pulse through me. My uncle is smiling at me,
and I can hear his heart start to race. I pull the cup away from my mouth and I
focus on him. He looks, worried and my thoughts run riot. What if Ryan has
called my uncle and told him what I am? I turn my attention to George –
“You seem a little nervous. Is everything okay?” My uncle nervously
pushes his hands into the pockets of his greasy jeans. He looks at me, and I
know that look –he knows something.

“I’m fine Bugs. It’s you that I’m worried about.” My heart races and my temper
is bubbling away at my surface.
Calm yourself Rose.

“Why would you be worried about me?”
“You just seem a little … off. Is that yahoo treating you right?” My mind clears,
and a vivid reminder of my looming talk with my uncle takes over me. I need to
tell him that I am going away with Dalton. I am dreading telling him, and I
don’t know if now is a good time to tell him. Dalton and I agreed that we would
leave town, but I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I want to say goodbye to my
friends, and that includes Ryan. He was such a big part of my life, and I feel that
I can’t just leave Portland without saying goodbye. Then there’s Elliot and
Charlene, I haven’t stopped to think about how much I am going to miss them.
They have gotten me through so many ups and downs. I am going to miss our
crazy nights out. I am going to miss hanging out with them at the Cineplex, and
laughing at their stupid jokes. I’ll miss working at Subway with Ryan and
fighting off his flirting. I sigh and a soft smile comes to my lips. I am giving up
all of this to be with Dalton. He means more to me than anything else in my life.
I love him with all of my vampire heart, and I know that changing my whole
world to be with him, was the right decision. I clear my head, and I focus back
on my uncle as he stands in the doorjamb.

“I’m fine. Dalton always treats me right. Actually George I have something that
I need to … talk to you about.” My uncle nods and I can hear his heart rate
increasing. I sip some more coffee, and then I step out of my room and into the
hallway. I close my door behind me and I look into my uncles eyes. “Can we
talk, downstairs?” George considers my words and then he nods and rushes
down the stairs. I feel like flying from the top to the bottom, but I compose
myself and I walk extra slow down the staircase. I reach the bottom and I can
hear Jen humming in the kitchen. I smile and I focus my ears, Rachel is in the
shower. I can hear my uncle breathing from inside in the lounge. I don’t want to
keep him waiting, so I walk quickly into the small sitting room. The news is on
in the background, and the smell of coffee and pancakes fills the entire house. I
sit down onto the sofa, and I smile as I look outside. I can hear the birds singing
in the trees, and the kids next door climbing onto their bikes. Being a vampire is
awesome; I know that I was born to be one. It feels so natural to me, and I can
hardly remember what it feels like to be human. My life feels like a distant
memory, but one that I can remember vividly. It’s as if I was asleep for the last
nineteen years, and now I am awake. Every sense in my body is alive and
urging me to live my life to the fullest.

“So what’s bothering you, Bugs?” My uncle says as he meets my stare. I clear
my dry throat –God I’m hungry. I inhale a large gulp of air, and I fight back my
stinging eyes. I part my lips and here I go –I am about to tell my uncle that I am
leaving. Wish me luck.

“George you know that I love you right?” My uncle laughs at me.
“Of course I do Bugs. What’s all this about?”

“I’m leaving Portland.” I just blurt it out. I don’t want to waste time with all the
build-up. I just want to hear how my uncle feels about me leaving. My frozen
heart races, as I wait for his reply. George sits up in his chair, and he throws his
hands into the air.

“Leaving? What has brought all this nonsense on? Where are you going? Is that
yahoo forcing you to leave?” His voice is loud and very deep. I can hear his
heart pounding, its making me feel a little uncomfortable. I readjust myself, and
I try not to focus on the bulging vein that has formed on his neck.

“George, I just feel that I need a change. Dalton has asked me to go traveling
with him. He wants to take me to Italy, England and any other country that I
want to go to. This is a massive opportunity for me, and I would be foolish to
turn it down. I know that you’re gonna have a hard time processing this, but my
mind is made up. I’m leaving.” My uncle lunges from the seat and he rushes out
of the lounge. I can hear his harsh footsteps against the floor, and I can hear
him shouting at Jen. I feel awful that he has taken the news so badly, but what
was I expecting? I didn’t think for one second that he would be okay with me
leaving. My uncle holds onto me like I am his possession. He wants me to stay
with him, because I am the last piece of his brother. I feel for him, I really do.
But I can’t live my life without Dalton. I need to leave in order to be with him.
George rushes back into the lounge with Jen at his side. He starts to pace the
room, whilst Jen begins to interrogate me.

“What’s all this about you leaving?” She says in a smooth voice. I rise up from
my seat, and I walk over to my uncle. I gently place my hand onto his arm and I
look into his eyes.

“You have to let me go. I’m old enough to make my own decisions, and I
choose to be with Dalton. There is nothing here for me. I work a dead beat job
for so little money. Dalton is offering me a wonderful life, and I love him. Let
me be happy.” He considers my words and then he lunges past me.
“No, I can’t just let you leave.” He screams. Jen walks over to him and she tries
to soothe him.

“Calm down dear. Rose is a smart girl, and she knows what’s best for her. You
can’t hold onto to her forever. You need to let her grow up and make her own
choices.” I shoot Jen a darting look –man she was quick to agree with me. It’s
almost as if she wants me to leave. I try to shake off my burning annoyance, and
I walk over to my uncle again. I don’t touch him, I just look at him.

“I love you Uncle George, but I’m leaving and you can’t stop me.” George
throws his hands into the air again and he snarls under his breath. I feel my eyes
start to sting, so I quickly excuse myself. I rush up the stairs and I meet Rachel
on the landing. She is wearing her light pink bathrobe and her hair is loose and
wet. Her hands graze her hips as she looks at me.

“Wow, what’s up with you?” She says in a sarcastic voice. I really don’t want to
get into another bitch fight with her. So I ignore her sly comments, and I smile
at her instead.

“I’m leaving.” Rachel’s eyes widen, and she can’t believe the words that have
passed from my lips.

“What did you just say?” Rachel snarls at me.
“I said I’m leaving.”

“Don’t get smart with me. What’s going on?” I feel my temper rising –
yourself Rose.


“Dalton has asked me to go traveling with him, and I have said yes. We’re
leaving, soon.”

“This is unbelievable. Why does everything good happen to you?” I laugh at
Rachel, and then I stride forward and wrap my arms around her. I pull her close
to me, and I inhale her sweet scent.

“I’m gonna miss you.”

I quickly get dressed and then I rush out of the house. I climb into my truck and
I head in the direction of work. I reach the Wal-Mart supercentre; I park my
truck and then jump out into the lot. I dart over to the entrance and I rush into
the store. It’s busy in here today, and everyone seems to laughing and shouting
extra loud. I try to ignore the voices and the tempting heartbeats as I run
towards Subway. The restaurant is crowded; I have to push my way through the
sea of people. I reach the counter and I see Shelby, the blonde who just started
to work here a few weeks ago.

“Hey Shelby have you seen Ryan?”

“Yeah he’s in the back.” I smile at her, and then I walk over to the heavy door
that leads into the workers lounge. I glide into the room, and I see Ryan sitting
at the small table. He’s nibbling on a sandwich; he looks worried when he sees
me. I smile at him and I walk over and take the seat next to him. He places his
food down onto the table and he wipes his mouth with his fingers. I take a deep
breath, and I begin to wonder if he remembers what I told him last night. He
was really wasted, and what if he can’t remember that I am a vampire? My head
starts to spin and I meet his stare.

“Ryan,” I say in a desperate tone. I reach out and try to grab onto his hand, but
he pulls away from me. He is looking at me differently. He looks worried and
scared. He does remember what I am. “Ryan please we need to talk about this.
You need to let me explain.”

“Explain what, that you’re a vampire? How can you explain that to me, it’s
crazy?” Ryan’s voice is sharp and I can feel my temper staring to rise. His heart
is beating fast and pumping blood through his veins. I wonder what he tastes
like. My mind runs away from me, and I quickly snap back to reality.

“I know it’s beyond crazy. But it’s true, I’m a vampire. I want to tell you
everything, but you have to promise me that you will keep my secret.”

“Explain first, and then I might consider doing what you ask.” I smile at him,
and then I begin. I tell him about how I met Dalton, and how I felt in his
presence. I tell him how I found out about vampires, and I explain how Dalton
made me feel safe. I have told him about the pleasure I felt when he fed on me,
and that he could read my mind whilst he indulged on my blood. I reassure him
that this was my decision, and that Dalton didn’t force me into anything. I have
told him how wonderful it is to be a vampire, and that I don’t regret anything.
He hasn’t spoken since I started talking. He just listens with his heart beating
fast. His eyes widened when I told him about my vision, speed and hearing. He
seemed intrigued, but he didn’t question me. I have told him that we need to
leave, and that I probably won’t see him again. He seemed quite shocked by
that, but he still didn’t utter a word. I think that he is in shock, or maybe denial.
“That’s quite a story. Is any of it true?”

“Of course it’s true. Everything I have just told you is the truth. Now that you
know what I am, and how I got to be this way. How do you feel about me? Are
you scared of me? Tell me what you’re thinking.” Ryan sighs, and he runs his
fingers through his hair. He rests his arms onto the table and he meets my stare.

“You said something about pleasure, what kind of pleasure exactly?” I shift
around in my seat and I almost feel my icy cheeks blush. Ryan continues to
stare at me, and he is making me feel uneasy. I don’t know how to respond, but
the truth seems like a good way to go.

“Like I’ve already said, Dalton feed on me when I was human. The pleasure
that his feed brought me, was out of this world. I felt unique, powerful and
connected to him. He could feel every nerve in my body screaming out at him,
and it made him enjoy the feed even more. I can’t describe the feeling; it’s like
nothing I’ve ever felt before.” I laugh at my own words, and I can’t hold back
my smile. I can vividly remember Dalton’s feeds, and my whole body is
longing for that feeling again. But now I am vampire, and that wish is never
going to come true. I will just have to make-do with the memory of that
pleasure. Ryan reaches out and he grabs onto my hand. He looks into my eyes.
He has a very serious stare. His heart is now beating so fast, that I am scared it
may jump out of his chest. His hand is lightly squeezing mine, and I can tell that
he is about to ask me something that I don’t want to hear.

“I want to experience that pleasure. Please feed on me.” I am shocked at his
words. I can’t believe that he would want me to feed on him. What’s wrong
with him? Has he lost his mind? My head clears and his words are on repeat.
How can I think that he is crazy when I forced Dalton to feed on me, so many
times? I begged him and I desired his daggers on my skin. Why I am so shocked
that Ryan would want the same? My head is rushing and I stare at his neck. My
lips part and tremble at the sight of him –I wonder what his blood tastes like?
For a second, I let go of my control and my eyes begin to sting. I want to feed
on him, but I can’t. I really care about Ryan and we dated. What if his blood is
my weakness? I am scared, but I can’t hold back my nature. I want to feed.

BOOK: Forever Yours (#4)
9.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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