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Chapter Twelve

“Thanks for driving me home. I really do appreciate it,” Josef said for the millionth time.
“Honestly it’s not that big of a deal,” Jensen said with a smile. “I just hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind.” Jensen let out a low whistle. “I only met him that one time, but I could most definitely tell he wasn’t happy with me.”
“Yeah.” A dopey grin spread over his lips. It might make him a dick, but he liked knowing his mate got jealous. In a weird way it made Josef feel special.
“Thanks.” Jensen narrowed his eye and gave him a stern look. “I’m glad my humiliation and potentially getting my ass handed to me makes you smile like a love-sick teenager.”
He’d forgotten about that. Josef coughed into his fist. “About that, I’m sorry again. It was still really new between me and Cole, and when hormones are involved no telling what can happen.” He really hoped Jensen bought that excuse. It sounded better than saying he was pouting like a baby and decided to drown his sorrows by hooking up with another man.
“Yeah, I get it. But still”—Jensen took his eyes away from the road to look over at him—“what was up with that whole
thing? The dude growled it at me. Freaked me out.”
Jensen didn’t know that he or any of the Carsten family were werewolves, and he didn’t plan on sharing that information. The less people who knew about it the better.
“What can I say, he’s a possessive sort.” He stifled a chuckle. If Cole heard him talking like this, he’d probably punch him in the gut. He was making Cole sound like some barbaric caveman.
“No shit.” Jensen pulled into the driveway and put his car into park but didn’t shut off the engine.
Josef opened the door and turned to look at Jensen. “You don’t want to come inside? I got a text from Devon and Viktor before we left, and they should be home any minute.”
“No, that’s all right. Tell them hi for me, but I really should be going.”
“Is this because of Cole?” He didn’t give Jensen a chance to respond. He reached over and pulled the keys from the ignition and climbed out the car.
“Hey!” Jensen hopped out and met him at the passenger side door. “Give me back my keys.”
Jensen went to swipe them out of his hand, and Josef raised them high above his head in the air. He was a good seven inches taller than Jensen, so it truly wasn’t a fair fight. “No, come in and say hi. I think it’d be good for you and Cole to be friends.”
“Why?” Jensen stopped jumping for the keys and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Because you and I work together a lot, and he’s my boyfriend. No matter what, we’re all in a relationship of sorts together. I want us to all be friends.” And he did. Since Jensen knew he had a boyfriend, he stopped the subtle flirting, and Josef actually really liked hanging around Jensen. He was laid back and easy to like.
Jensen pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger and let out a heavy sigh. “Fine, I agree. I really don’t want Cole to hate me or think I’m after you. I don’t poach other men’s boyfriends. That’s not the kind of person I am.”
“I know you’re not, and I think Cole would see that if he got to know you better.” Josef handed Jensen back his keys. “So what do you say? Want to come say hi?”
“Sure, why not.” Jensen pocketed his keys and followed Josef to the front door.
Josef was reaching for the door handle when a loud howl whipped through the night. Without a second thought he took off running around the house toward the backyard. He could hear Jensen calling out to him and chasing him around the side of the house.
Wild animals did roam their land, but that sounded different from any ordinary wolf. It was a wolf shifter.
As he reached the back deck he saw two white wolves, and right before his eyes they shifted, and Josef instantly recognized them. It was Cole’s brothers, Josh and Jake.
“Holy fuck!”
Josef silently cursed under his breath. He’d forgotten Jensen was behind him. When he heard the loud howl all he could think about was getting to Cole.
“Jensen, it’s okay.” Josef turned around and grabbed Jensen’s hand as he stumbled closer to Josef’s side.
“Josef?” Cole called out.
Josef used his head to wave his mate over to help him. Jensen looked to be on the verge of passing out.
“Oh boy.” Cole rushed to Jensen’s other side and helped Josef move Jensen toward the deck and into a chair.
When they got closer to Cole’s twin brothers, Jensen stopped and stared up at one of the brothers. Josef couldn’t tell which one was which, seeing as they were identical.
“You,” Jensen whispered as he stared up at one of the brothers. His voice shook when he spoke, and his skin felt clammy to the touch.
Josef looked from the twins back to Cole. Cole wore the same perplexed expression. He was about to say something when Jensen fell like a ton of bricks and headed toward the ground. Before he could move to catch the man, one of Cole’s brothers moved in and caught Jensen.
“I got him,” the twin said as he cradled Jenson close to his chest.
Josef pursed his lips as he stared at the faces around him. He had just gotten home, looking forward to a long weekend away with his mate and then all hell broke loose.
“Someone please tell me what the hell is going on here.” Josef gritted out the words.

* * * *

“Josh?” Cole looked up to his brother as he held Jensen as if he were the most precious thing in the world.
“Not now,” was all his brother said.
“I’ve haven’t got the faintest clue as to what’s going on out here, but someone better start explaining and fast.” Devon’s booming voice echoed in the backyard.
“We’re sorry for coming unannounced, Alpha,” Jake spoke up and dipped his head down to rest his chin against his chest. It was a show of respect without baring their throat to another alpha. Cole remembered his father teaching them that when they were just kids.
“Okay.” Devon looked at him, and Cole shook his head, indicating he didn’t know why they were there. “Why don’t we take this inside?”
Josef grabbed Cole’s hand and led him up the steps to the back door. Jake and Josh followed behind him. Devon held the door open, and when Josh went to pass by, Devon let out a hard curse.
“What the fuck is Jensen doing here?” Devon shouted.
“My truck wouldn’t start, and he gave me a ride home. He was coming in to say hi to everyone when the twin wonders over here shifted right in front of his eyes.”
“Hey,” Jake snapped. “You can’t blame us for that. We had to come here. We need our brother’s help.”
With all the commotion Cole pushed aside his brother’s words about his father being missing. Now it was time to face the music and see what needed to be done to find the old man.
Cole led Josh to a nearby couch to lay Jensen down on. Viktor ran upstairs to grab Josh and Jake some pants. Cole could tell Viktor and Devon didn’t like that their mates were getting an eyeful of his naked brothers. Viktor came running back down the stairs and tossed them some shorts, and his brothers quickly pulled them on.
Josef sat down on the opposite couch then tugged on Cole’s hand to sit next to him. Everyone else took a seat, and he looked over to Josh when he saw his brother sit down on the floor in front of Jensen. He found his brother’s reaction to Jensen curious, but now wasn’t the time to decipher the connection between the two.
“You said Father was missing. What happened to him?” Cole got the conversation rolling. Josh looked at him then darted his eyes in Devon’s direction. “Josh, you guys can speak in front of Devon. This is my new pack. They all are like family to me.”
Josh gave a stiff nod. “All right then.” Josh rubbed his hands together. “Jake and I went for a run. Father was going off on one of his tirades again, and we needed some space from the man before we lost our fucking minds. We were heading back when we saw the smoke. Jake and I pushed paw to ground and ran faster than we knew was even possible. The closer we got the smoke rolled in black waves all around us. Our house was engulfed in flames. It didn’t even resemble a house anymore. It looked like a dancing demon blowing in the wind.”
“Oh God no,” Cole mumbled as he moved forward to sit on the edge of the couch cushion. His childhood home was gone. What memories of his mother he had were all surrounded by that house. A tear streaked down his cheek at the thought of never seeing it again.
“Was it an accident?” Josef asked when Cole couldn’t speak.
“It was no accident.” Josh punched his fist into his other palm. “Remember that other alpha we told you about?” he asked Cole, and he gave a short nod. “It was him along with some of our pack members. They were carrying Father off. He was unconscious.”
“Why didn’t you attack?” Viktor asked.
“Because by the time we reached the house they had already piled into their cars and driving off. The smoke was so thick we could barely breathe.” Cole saw the defeated look in his brother’s eyes.
The room grew quiet. Cole didn’t know about everybody else, but he couldn’t wrap his brain around his larger-than-life father being taken by surprise or that any of the loyal pack members he’d grown up with would turn on their alpha.

* * * *

Devon sat back and thought about what Josh and Jake had just told him. He didn’t know a lot about Cole’s home life before he came to live with them, but from what Josef said Cole’s father was domineering and demanding of his sons and pack members. But to have his own pack members turn on him, the man must have been a real piece of work.

“Do you know the name of the man, this alpha responsible for this?”
“His name is Drake and don’t bother asking for a last name. We never got one,” Josh answered none too kindly.
The man had a chip on his shoulder as big as a boulder. Josh’s attitude was grating on Devon’s last nerve. He understood the man must be overwhelmed with worry for his dad, but all Devon wanted to do was help.
“I suggest if you’re going to want our help, you lose the attitude and cooperate.” He kept his voice calm.
“We never asked for your help.” Josh jumped to his feet.
“Maybe not but you two can’t do this on your own.”
“Two?” Josh let out a bitter chuckle. “There’re three of us.”
“That’s where you are wrong.” Devon glanced over to where Cole sat. His head was down, and he looked a little pale. “Cole is a part of my pack now, and I won’t allow him to go off on a suicide mission.”
“I second that,” Josef said. “I know it’s your father, but I can’t just let Cole go off like that. It’s too dangerous.”
“You think we would put our own brother in danger? We love him. And excuse me for saying this, but this is a family matter, so butt the fuck out.” Josh’s voice rose in volume.
“Family?” Josef started to laugh. “You’re joking right? Where were you when your dad kept pressuring Cole to quit school? Where were you when he took everything from Cole and sent him packing? If that’s what you consider family then thank God I’m not a part of it.”
“Motherfucker!” Josh started toward Josef, and Josef stood to his full height.
Devon was just about to jump in to separate the two when Cole finally snapped back to life.
“Stop, please,” Cole begged. “Josh, we’re all family here, even you two. So please tell Devon what he needs to know. We’re going to need their help getting Father back. If our pack has turned on Father, then they’ve turned on us. If we go in there unprepared, we could be ambushed and killed.”
“Fine.” Josh finally relented and told Devon everything.
Cole’s father had been receiving threats for the past three weeks, and according to Josh, he’d been getting untraceable e-mails for months before that. Apparently this alpha Drake wanted the land on which Cole and his family lived, but that wasn’t all he desired. He wanted Cole as well. Omegas were rare, and Drake wanted to add Cole and his ability to the pack. When their father ignored the threats, they seemed to stop, like a quiet before the storm as Devon was seeing it now.
After hearing all the wolf had to say, Devon took a minute to think about it all. They needed to find this Drake and take him out. In this day and age it was unheard of to fight over land or over pack members. Times had changed, and there wasn’t any need for that anymore. Werewolves were allowed to have free will. They didn’t need to be a part of a pack to survive.
“He wanted me?” Cole’s eyes exposed his surprise.
Josh blew out a hard breath and scrubbed a hand down his face. “Yeah, he did. That’s why dad wanted you to leave school. And when you chose to leave he thought it might be for the best.”
“But he took away my access to all my money, my car, everything. Why would he do all that if he was just trying to protect me?”
“Less chance of Drake being able to track you. Father didn’t want to be so cruel but he thought it best to keep you safe,” Josh explained.
“Do you know where to find this Drake?” Devon asked. He could feel Josef’s stare on him, but he didn’t turn around to acknowledge his friend just yet.
“No.” Josh hung his head. The man looked tired, and Devon could relate. “The notes he left were handwritten with no return address, and all the e-mails were untraceable.”
Devon smacked his hand down on the armrest.
“Wait a minute,” Jake spoke up. The other twin had been silent until now. “I got a license plate number off one of the cars.”
Devon smiled over at Jake. That’s all they needed.

Chapter Thirteen

Cole hated feeling weak and showing so much emotion in front of his friends, but his father had been kidnapped by a deranged wolf, and said wolf wanted him. It was a lot for one man to take. Thank God Devon agreed to do everything within his power to help him and his brothers.

“This better be good.” A young man came slamming through the door. “I was on a date with a really hot guy. And all these cryptic messages you guys kept sending were distracting as fuck.”

“Is everyone in this house gay?” Josh asked and Cole turned to look at his brother.
“Only the cute ones,” Skyler answered. He looked a little offended by Josh’s outburst.
Devon quickly explained the situation to the newcomer. His name was Dominic. He looked way too young to be driving let alone hacking into DMV records.
Dominic got straight to work typing away on his laptop. He said it would take a few minutes, so Cole took the time to speak in private with his mate.
“So what do you think?” Cole asked once they were alone.
“I’m worried,” Josef answered. “I don’t like the idea of you going after a man who wants you. The man clearly isn’t right in the head, and I don’t want you getting mixed up in all this.”
Cole nodded his head. He understood what his mate was saying and why he was concerned, but in the end his father had been abducted, and he couldn’t leave the man to an unknown fate. Plus from what Josh told him earlier, his dad had been trying to protect him. It didn’t take away all the years of growing up in a hate-filled house, but it showed that his father still cared about him.
“I understand, but it’s what I have to do. He’s my father.”
“I know, and that’s why I’ll be right by your side every step of the way.” Josef pulled Cole into the warm embrace of his thick arms. Cole soaked up the comfort his mate provided.
“Thanks, babe.” Cole moved forward and kissed his mate on the lips. Touching Josef kept him grounded and helped relieve some of the stress swirling around his body.
“I got it!” Dominic hollered, and Cole and Josef ran back toward the office Dominic took up station in. “His name is Drake Williamson, and he lives actually not too far from where you three used to live before your house burnt down.”
Cole grabbed up the map Dominic had printed out and scanned the location. “So what’s the plan?” He looked to Devon, the alpha of his new pack.
“I’ve been talking with Josh, and here’s what we’re going to do.”
The plan was that Cole would approach the house in human form. He’d keep the alpha distracted while the other wolves scoped out the area. They needed to find out how many pack members Drake had. Once they got a head count, the others would attack. It sounded simple enough, but best-laid plans never go as they should.
“I hate that Cole’s being used as bait.” Josef’s face was hard set as he looked at Devon.
“I don’t like it any more than you do, but it’s what we need to do to get their father out of there. We also need to take care of this alpha. He can’t be left alone to his own devices. If he gets away, what’s stopping him from going after another pack? It’ll draw attention, and the next thing we know we’re being overrun with hunters.”
“He’s right.” Cole nodded his head. “We need to end this guy no matter what.”
“I wish you would let me call my dad.” Aiden had been saying that for the past hour. There was nothing more Cole would like than to have extra backup, but it was too risky.
“Sweetheart, I’ve already told you this. Your dad and Brandon would want to bring in backup to take care of this problem, and your dad can’t protect us all. We need to handle this one on our own.”
“I understand, but it doesn’t mean I like it,” Aiden grumbled.
“Does anybody have any questions?” Devon asked. No one said a word, and Cole started to feel the pressure of the situation. They were about to head out to battle with another wolf pack, and he prayed they all made it out alive. “No? Good. Aiden, I want you to stay here with Erik where it’s safe. If I have you two out there, I won’t be able to concentrate.”
Cole thought Aiden would complain, but he didn’t. The two men shared a look, and whatever passed between them didn’t need words.
“Okay, gentlemen, let’s go.”
They all piled into a large black Escalade. Night was upon them and not a cloud in the sky. It would have been beautiful if they weren’t heading smack dab into a fight. From the sounds of it, this Drake didn’t seem like one to negotiate, and Cole hoped that whatever happened, Josef and the others made it out safe. This wasn’t their fight, and they didn’t deserve to suffer the consequences.
Two hours later they pulled up to the small town of Clayton. It was about twenty minutes from Cole’s hometown of Smithville. He couldn’t believe how close this pack lived to his family’s home.
“Don’t forget the plan.” Devon’s voice drew his attention. “Cole, just walk up to the front gate. Look as nonthreatening as possible. Keep Drake talking so we can do a quick recon of the area and get a head count of the other wolves.”
“I got it.” Cole wiped his sweaty palms down his legs. He could do this. He wasn’t like other omegas. Cole was tall and had plenty of muscle to back up his punch if he had to use his fist.
His brothers came over to him and gave him a hug. “Good luck,” Josh said as he let him go.
“Cole.” Josef pulled him to the side. “If you get a hint of any danger or if something just doesn’t seem right, shift and run as far as you can.”
Cole wanted to smack Josef in the head for even bringing that up as an option. “I love you, and you must know I can’t do that.” He reached up and planted a kiss on his mate’s lips. “You’re my mate, and this is our pack. We stand together and fight together. We are nothing if we don’t have our loyalty to one another.” He couldn’t believe how much he sounded like his father right then. A man was only as good as his word and his honor.
“God you’re stubborn.” Josef flicked him on the nose. “But I guess that’s why I love you.”
“Probably.” Cole shared one last kiss with his mate then let him go.
Cole took a couple calming breaths. He looked to Devon, and the alpha gave him one stiff nod. Cole started walking up the road that led to the two-story brick house this Drake guy called home. The closer he got he could see the shine from the outdoor lights. A wrought-iron gate ran along the property and in front of the house. He could see and smell two wolves standing at the front gate.
Schooling his face to one of utter calm, Cole walked right up to the men. He had to keep his face impassive as to not give anything away.
“Excuse me,” Cole called out. The men turned in his direction. “I’m here to see Drake.”
One of the men smiled, showing off yellow stained teeth. “Well if it ain’t the omega our alpha’s been looking for.” The man advanced toward him, and Cole didn’t much care for the wild gleam in the man’s eyes. He unmasked his scent and let his calming ability flow through his body. Not every wolf was susceptible to his scent, but he had to hope it didn’t fail him now.
Cole watched as the man stopped walking, shook his head, and let his arms fall to the side. “Let me call Drake down.” The man headed for the gate and opened it up. “Please just follow me.”
The other man just dipped his chin in greeting as Cole passed, and he figured he had overcome this one small hurdle. Now he had to see if he could get Drake to succumb to him, but it wasn’t likely. Alphas were mentally strong and not easy to manipulate.
He followed the wolf up through the yard. Lamp-styled lights lined the driveway, and a spotlight attached to the house flooded the open front yard. Cole narrowed his eyes, trying his best not be blinded by the brightness.
The front door opened, and a large man came strolling out, letting the screen door slam behind him. The man didn’t look the type to commit arson and kidnapping. He had long wavy brown hair and a beard trimmed close to his face. Cole thought the man had a rugged quality that others would find attractive but not him. Cole knew what Drake was capable of.
“I know you came for your father, but part of me would like to think you came to meet me,” the cocky bastard said, giving him a flirtatious grin. He walked up to Cole and held out his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Cole.”
Cole wanted to cringe away at the other man’s touch but held firm and shook his hand. “I can’t say the same, Drake,” Cole answered honestly. He didn’t want to seem too accepting toward the man who kidnapped his father and burned down his family home. “So what’s your end game here?”
Drake let out a loud laugh and smacked his hands down on his thighs like what Cole said was the funniest thing he ever heard. “I like you, Cole. You’re feisty. That’s unusual for an omega. I can most certainly get used to your openness to speak your mind.”
“Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Just tell me what we need to do to rectify this. You want our land? It’s yours. Just give me back my father.”
“This goes beyond just wanting land.” Drake snapped his fingers, and another wolf came running up to him. “Go and get our guest.”
Cole’s heartbeat quickened. This was it. He looked over Drake’s shoulder toward the house, trying to see any sign of his dad.
“See, Cole, your father has been less than cooperative. He’s a real dick if you don’t mind me saying.” Drake reached for Cole’s elbow and pulled him along beside him. Cole’s teeth grated together. “I’ll admit it was about land at first. You know, proving my dominance, but then there was you.” Drake caressed his fingers down Cole’s arm. “He kept your ability secret, but if you got money and power, you can get anything you want, even people.”
“Is that what you offered my father’s pack members? Money?” Cole’s fist clenched, and he wanted to punch this guy and every one of his old pack members who betrayed his father.
“Well that and your father’s a mean bastard. It didn’t take much to persuade them.” Drake spun around and took Cole off guard. The man had Cole’s wrist pinned behind his back, and no matter how much he struggled, the man’s hold wouldn’t budge. Drake leaned close to Cole’s ear. “But I’d trade the whole lot of them if it got me you.” A wet tongue flicked at his earlobe.
“But I’m not for sale.” Cole bit out the words.
“Did you know back in the day an omega didn’t have a choice in what happened to them? They were the weakest members of the pack and needed to be protected. They did as they were told.”
“As you can see I’m not like other omegas.”
“I know.” Drake snaked his tongue into Cole’s ear, and his body jerked with disgust. “And I think that’s why I want you even more. It’ll be fun when I break you,” the man whispered against his ear.
Cole was gearing up to argue back when the door slammed shut, and two men carried his father out of the house. They were dragging him, his knees skimming across the ground. When they got closer Cole tried to go to his father, but Drake held him tight. The men threw his father at their feet.
“Father,” Cole said in a soft voice. His father was covered in blood. Scrapes and bruises marred his face. He was almost unrecognizable to Cole.
“Cole?” His father was able to croak out his name through cracked lips. It was followed by a fit of coughing.
“See, old man,” Drake spat out. “I knew he’d come for you.” The man pulled back his foot and kicked Cole’s father square in the jaw.
“Hey!” Cole fought to get free, but Drake still had a hold of his wrist in one of his large hands.
“Calm down, my sweet.” Drake yanked on Cole’s hands, bringing them chest to chest. “Maybe if you’re good I’ll let the old man live.”
Cole looked to the men standing around them, trying to implore them to have mercy on his father. He recognized a few to be his old pack members. They’d been living under his father’s traditional ways far too long. The wolves thought they needed a controlling alpha like this, but they didn’t.
He closed his eyes, urging his calming agent to fill the air. When he opened them, the look in the other wolves’ eyes appeared to be mellow, but they weren’t moving to help his father.
“Don’t worry, my sweet.” Drake ran his hand through Cole’s hair and gripped the strands tight in his fist. “I’ll be real gentle with you.” Cole didn’t have time to react before the man smashed his lips down hard on his.
Cole tried to push the man off him, but it was useless. The cold chills of desperation climbed along his spine. The man forced his tongue at Cole’s tight-closed lips and Cole looked toward the woods, pleading for some help. Drake was stronger than he anticipated, and he couldn’t break the man’s hold.
As if hearing his silent pleading, Cole’s pack attacked. His eyes connected with a pair of sparkling brown eyes for a heartbeat of a second. The rest happened in fast forward. Josef and the others charged forward in a chorus of barks and howls.

BOOK: His Dominant Omega
9.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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