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The next morning Cole woke up in Josef’s warm embrace. He woke his mate with soft kisses and took the time to love on his body one more time the right way, with plenty of prep and lots of lube. Last night he just couldn’t control himself. He needed an outlet for his pain and Josef was there for the taking.

When they went down for breakfast Devon, Aiden, Erik, Shane, Viktor, Skyler, Dominic, and Jake were sitting at the table. Josh was nowhere to be found. Jake said he left sometime in the middle of the night. Out of the three of them Josh had been the closest to their father or as close as anyone was allowed to be.

Devon told them that their father’s remains were in the barn and they needed to decide what to do with him. Jake had never been one to make decisions. That had been Josh’s job. But Josh wasn’t around at present, so Cole made the big decision to have his father’s remains cremated. Devon nodded and called in to have it done immediately.

The fire investigators also contacted Cole and informed him that his childhood home was a total loss and it appeared to be arson. Cole also spoke to the insurance company and the agent said they had a choice to have a check cut to them or to rebuild. It was up to him and his brothers.

Jake didn’t know what he wanted to do, and Devon made the offer to have Jake join their pack. With no Josh in sight, Cole urged his brother to stay. They could be a family together here with Josef and his pack. Jake agreed, and Cole breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted what remained of his family to be close to him, and he really did believe Jake would like it here. In time he hoped his brother would find his own voice.

Later that evening Devon pulled him aside and made it clear the same offer extended to Josh as well. Cole thanked the alpha for all he’d done for them. Devon just smiled and brushed off the praise. He simply said they were family and that’s what family did for one another.

After dinner Cole went out to stand on the back porch. The fresh night air helped calm him along with the sounds of nature that surrounded them. Here in the great outdoors he felt free of his pain.

“Whatcha doing?” Josef said in a teasing voice and bumped shoulders with him.
“Ah, nothing. Just enjoying the nice night.” He looked over at his mate. “How about you? What are you doing?”
“Just wondering how I got so lucky.”
Cole’s heart warmed at the bright smile his mate aimed his way. “I feel the same way, my mate.”
“Good, then we can both agree we’re extremely lucky and can be deliriously happy together.” Josef inched closer, and Cole met him halfway. When their lips connected Cole saw the bright lights of fireworks spark to life behind his eyelids. Being with his mate was his heaven, and he knew there wasn’t anything he couldn’t accomplish as long as he had Josef in his corner cheering him on.


AJ Jarrett currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children. A lover of M/M romances, she has started writing her own stories for others to enjoy. She loves her characters to be antagonistic toward one another but ultimately find their happy ever after. She believes love can be found in the craziest of places and a little humor along the way never hurt. To her, there’s nothing sexier than two men finding their soul mate and falling in love. When she isn’t chasing around her kids, she can be found sitting on the couch with her trusted laptop giving life to the voices in her head.

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BOOK: His Dominant Omega
2.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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