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Chapter Five

“Where you going?”
Josef looked up when he heard Viktor’s rough low voice. “Out.” “That wasn’t my question.” Viktor stepped closer to him. “I’m going out.” Josef shoved his wallet into his back pocket and

checked the mirror. He finger combed through his damp hair then took a brief moment to assess his outfit one more time. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, but he was. Jensen was a friend not someone he had romantic lovey-dovey feelings for, but he couldn’t shake the guilt that caused his hands to tremble. He sort of felt like he was cheating on Cole.

Why should you feel guilty? He obviously doesn’t. Plus Cole’s probably the center ingredient to a three-way sandwich, being sexually violated, in a good way, by those two hunks you saw him with earlier.

Josef clenched his teeth at the memory of seeing those two brutes embracing the man he wanted to be with. His conscience was right. He shouldn’t feel guilty. He wasn’t with Cole, and Cole made it abundantly clear he didn’t want to be with him. And why would he? Cole had a pair of hot twins in his back pocket.

“Where?” Viktor stared at him in the reflection of the mirror.

Josef almost forgot his friend was in the room. “I’m going to Club Sin with Jensen,” Josef spit out. Viktor wouldn’t leave him alone until he fessed up.

Viktor whistled low. “That hot little architect, nice.” He held up his hand for Josef to high-five him.

“Viktor Carsten!” Shane hissed. Being, as he was, a tiger shifter it was an actual hiss. “You’re not allowed to think other men are hot.” Shane crossed his arms, and his lower lip stuck out in a pout.

“Oh, baby.” Viktor walked over to his mate and pulled him into a hug. “No one is as hot as you.” Viktor bent his head and started to nibble on his mate’s neck. “Or as tasty.”

Josef rolled his eyes heavenward. “For the love of God, can you guys please not do that in my fucking room? Jeez,” Josef grumbled as he passed them, leaving his room.

“Hey, can we come?” Viktor asked.

“What?” Josef asked as he turned to look at his friend. “Why would you two want to go clubbing with me and Jensen?”
“It’s where we first met.” Viktor looked all doe eyed when he looked down into his mate’s eyes. It made Josef’s stomach roll with envy.
“Plus it’s good foreplay,” Shane chimed in as he stood up on his tiptoes to plant a kiss on Viktor’s lips.
He didn’t particularly care if his friend and his mate tagged along. Josef knew the pair would be wrapped around each other like wire pipe cleaners, ignoring the rest of the world around them.
“If you two promise to knock that shit off, then fine, let’s go.” He beckoned for the two men to follow him.
Josef suggested, no more like demanded, they drive separately. He didn’t think he could handle listening to the two of them kissing and doing their sexy little whispering back and forth to one another. He was happy for Viktor, he really was, but it almost felt like they were constantly rubbing the fact that they found their one and only in his face. It was ridiculous, and he knew it, but it didn’t make his heart hurt any less.
A little over thirty minutes later Josef pulled into the parking lot. Jensen had texted that he was already inside and he’d wait at the bar for Josef. Like he expected, once inside, Shane lead Viktor out onto the dance floor where they were bumping and grinding all over each other.
“Truly sickening.” Josef shook his head as he turned to head for the bar.
The sight of a hand waving at him caught Josef’s attention. Jensen sat perched on a barstool with a man and woman surrounding him. Josef lifted an eyebrow at the trio the closer he got. The woman was leant over close to Jensen’s left ear while the guy was doing the same to his right ear. By the look on Jensen’s face he didn’t mind the attention.
“Jensen,” Josef said loudly over the blaring music.
“You made it.” Josef hopped off the stool, turned to the pair and said something, and left them standing there. The couple looked disappointed but moved on to another guy.
“Yep, did you doubt me?”
“No, just surprised is all.” Jensen looked up through his thick eyelashes giving what Josef considered a seductive leer.
His dick twitched behind his zipper as he stared back into Jensen’s soft blue eyes. The man was good-looking, no doubt about it, and Josef’s body responded to him. There was one little thing that kept floating through Josef’s mind, Cole, and that put a stop to his rising erection.
Clearing his throat, Josef nodded in the direction the man and woman went. “What was up with that?” He needed to change the subject and get his mind off of sex.
“Oh them?” Jensen turned to look over his shoulder then turned back to Josef with a smirk on his lips. “They wanted me to join them.” He winked at Josef.
Josef looked over at the man and woman again. Club Sin was mainly a club for gay men, but women did frequent the establishment. The women he had met since he started coming here said they liked it because the men weren’t pawing all over them. They could come drink and dance without being fondled. It didn’t bother Josef. He had met a lot of nice women that way, but never had he ever been propositioned by one.
“Huh.” He rubbed his chin and pointed back to the bar. “Want another drink?” Josef motioned to Jensen’s empty glass.
Josef cleared a path back to the bar and ordered their drinks. He drowned his shot in one gulp then ordered another. The liquid burned as it rushed down his throat, and his eyes watered. He needed a little extra liquid courage to help him feel free. Jensen wanted him, and Josef needed to find some relief.
He threw back three more shots of the amber-colored whiskey and slammed the small glass down on the counter.
“Hey, slow down,” Jensen said. Soft fingers ran up the length of his arm, igniting goose bumps to cover his skin.
Josef pulled Jensen close to him, and he grinned when a shocked look lit up the man’s face. “You want to dance?” He didn’t wait for Jensen to respond, just grabbed him by the hand and led him to the dance floor.

* * * *

Club Sin was the only club Cole had visited since moving to Silver Creek, so that’s where he took his two very straight brothers. He’d seen women there before and thought it gave his brothers better odds at finding a willing bed partner or whatever they were looking for. Cole, on the other hand, just wanted to let go and forget about the mishap earlier with Josef. The man lingered in his every thought. When he closed his eyes he saw the man’s smiling face staring back at him. His damp swollen lips from the kiss they shared and the dazed look in his eyes.

“Dude!” Josh shouted above the music. “What the hell, Cole. This is a dude-on-dude club.”

Cole pinched his nose between his thumb and forefinger. “Yes, it’s a gay club, but there are women all around.” He pointed toward a group of women. “See.”

“Yeah, but how do you know they aren’t lesbians?” Jake asked.

Good question. His gaydar didn’t extend toward the female species. “I don’t,” he said bluntly. “Why don’t you guys go talk to them and see what happens. At the very least you can just have some fun.”

With that Cole turned on his heel and headed toward the bar. He ordered a Bud Light and didn’t even acknowledge the bartender’s advances as he handed over the beer and caressed his finger over Cole’s knuckles in the process. Cole didn’t want anyone. He already had a someone. Josef was his mate even though the other man didn’t know it.

The music pulsed loudly, and his heart fell in beat with the rhythm. He looked over to see his brothers had indeed found some straight women and were using their God-given charms on the ladies. Cole smiled in their direction then moved toward the dance floor.

Bodies danced and swayed to the music, and Cole bopped his head to the beat. His eyes ate up the dance floor. He scanned the occupants and wished he had the energy to go out there and join them. Cole leaned against the railing that lined the dance floor, resting on his elbows.

He was taking another drink of his beer when a hard body grabbed his attention. The man had his back to Cole and was dancing with another man. The man with his back toward Cole had thick dark hair, and sweat damped the back of his shirt. He moved his hips with his dance partner who had his arms twined around the other man’s neck.

Cole scented the air, wanting to inhale the smells of men and sweat. Watching the man dance had him wanting. Another set of dancers bumped into tall dark and sexy, and he turned around.


Cole clenched his fist around his beer bottle and stood up slowly. Anger coursed through his veins fueling his legs into motion. There was no way his mate was going to sexy dance with anyone other than him. His little dance partner had a smack down coming. No one touched what was his.

He stormed forward. The music changed again, and more bodies filed onto the dance floor. He pushed his way through the crowd, only stopping when he reached Josef. With a tight grip on his mate’s arm, he spun him around.

Recognition flared in Josef’s eyes. And between the flushed skin, full pink lips, Cole couldn’t help himself. He fisted his hands in Josef’s shirt and yanked him forward, covering his oh-so-kissable mouth. Cole’s hands came up to grip at his wrist, but he didn’t pull away. Cole hummed his approval as he forced his tongue into Josef’s moist heat. The spicy tang of hard liquor burned his tongue, but he didn’t break the kiss. He sucked and nipped at Josef’s lips, laying claim to what belonged to him.

“Excuse me,” a small faint voice said from beside him.

Cole pulled away and stared up into Josef’s big brown eyes. Josef’s tongue darted out to lick along his lips, and a smile curled Cole’s upper lip. His mate looked utterly debauched.

“Josef?” the faint voice asked again, pulling Cole’s attention toward him.
He slowly turned his head, keeping a firm grip on Josef, to look down at the other man. Cole narrowed his eyes at the man and said one little word that had a huge fucking meaning to it, “Mine.”
Cole released his hands from Josef’s shirt and grabbed him by the hand. He guided him through the throng of sweaty bodies toward the back door that led to the parking lot. Cole kicked it open with his foot and the cool night air caressed his damp face.
“Cole, what’s going on?” Josef asked.
Figuring they were far enough out not to be disturbed, Cole turned around with lightning-fast speed and pinned Josef to the side of a car. “This,” he growled right before he slammed his mouth down on Josef’s kiss-swollen lips.
Josef gasped, and Cole took the opportunity to ravage his mate’s mouth. As the kiss grew deeper and their hands grabbed and stroked each other’s bodies, Cole’s scent slowly started to filter through to his mate. He didn’t mean for that to happen, but his body was on overload and all his wolf wanted to do was claim its mate.
Every time Josef tried to pull away Cole followed him forward, not allowing the connection to break. He let his hands stroke down Josef’s chest, and he didn’t stop until he reached the fastening on his mate’s jeans. He quickly popped the snap and dragged down the zipper. Cole shoved his hand into his mate’s pants, and they both moaned when his fingers clamped around Josef’s hard length.
The hard muscle covered with silky smooth skin felt heavy in Cole’s hand. He jerked his hand from base to tip and let his index finger trail across the leaking cap. Drips of pre-cum slicked his fingers.
Cole was excited, and his cock throbbed, demanding release.
Keeping one hand on Josef, continuing to work his meat, he used his other hand to free his growing erection. When he was pulled from his denim binding, he bumped his naked flesh against Josef’s. His mate moaned loudly and let his hands drop down, and Cole flinched at the tight hold Josef had on his ass.
In no time flat they found their rhythm. Cole rocked into Josef, rubbing their heated cocks together. Josef’s tongue fought for dominance over Cole, but he just tightened his fist, bringing Josef to heel. Cole might be an omega and calm by nature, but in the bedroom he liked to let his demanding side take over, and something told him Josef liked letting him sit in the driver’s seat.
A soft whimper left Josef’s throat, and the small sound urged Cole on. He worked his hand in quick pulls, combining their juices with every tug.
Tingles ran along Cole’s spine, and his balls drew up close to his body. His orgasm neared the finish line, and he could feel Josef’s dick swell in his hand. A few pumps of his fist later Josef shot his creamy cum over Cole’s hand, and Cole followed him into the abyss. He shot his load, being sure to angle his cockhead at Josef’s groin area, painting his mate in his cum. Cole needed to mark his territory.
As their breathing started to even out, Cole kissed along Josef’s jawline, dipping lower to nip at his neck. It might have just been the euphoria from just coming, but Cole felt lighter than air. Being so close and sharing such an intimate moment with his mate put Cole at ease. So much so he wasn’t prepared when Josef placed his hands on his chest and pushed him away. Cole stumbled as his pants were halfway down his legs.
He fell against the car parked behind him. He looked up and saw the hard set of his mate’s jaw and knew he had a lot of explaining to do.

Chapter Six

After the orgasmic high started to fade, Josef came back to his body with a hard thud.
“How?” He bit out the word, just barely hanging on to his rage. The heavenly cent of cinnamon and chocolate clung to his nose. The aroma generated from Cole, and it was an intoxicating scent Josef had never smelt from the man before. It spoke to his soul and made Josef feel complete in ways no lover had before. Which meant only one thing.
“How what?” Cole asked nonchalantly like he didn’t have a fucking clue as to what Josef referred to.
“Don’t give me that shit.” He edged closer to Cole and hovered over him. “How did you mask your scent? I know you’re my mate. Your smell”—Josef couldn’t help but scent the air, his nostrils flaring—“makes me feel alive, and I want to touch you, love on you, and never stop.” He bent down the couple inches it took to be nose to nose with his mate. “So I will ask you again, how did you hide this from me?”
“All right,” Cole finally said. “But can we at least pull our pants up? I don’t want to have this conversation with my dick blowing in the wind.”
“Fine.” Josef took a step back and rearranged his clothes, making a show of tucking his semi-hard cock away. He could feel Cole’s eyes on him, and no matter how confused Josef was at the moment he still wanted Cole.
Once they were completely dressed again, Josef waved a hand at Cole. “Speak.”
“I’m not a dog,” Cole huffed. “You don’t have to bark orders at me.”
“Oh really.” Josef crossed his arms over his heaving chest. “You’re right. You’re not a dog, just a liar.”
“Liar? How the hell so?”
“Because we’re mates and somehow you hid that from me. Not an outright lie but a lie by omission, all the same. But my question is how did you do it? I can smell that you’re a wolf, but fifteen minutes ago I didn’t smell shit coming from you and now I’m being damn near blinded by it. How did you hide this?” Josef was puzzled by all this. He was a wolf for fuck’s sake. How did he not scent his mate or that the guy was a wolf?
“First, not telling you doesn’t mean I lied. I was just protecting myself and you.” Cole sighed, casting his eyes downward, then looked back up with such sadness in his eyes. Josef wanted to go to him and take away whatever was causing Cole to be upset, but he couldn’t. He needed answers.
“Protecting me from what?” Josef thought it best to start out slow. Work up to the whole issue of Cole hiding his identity from him.
“My father,” Cole said simply.
Josef shrugged. “So? I’ve dealt with asshole parents before.” Not really but he didn’t want to give Cole an out on keeping this from him.
“Not like my father. He’s the alpha of my old pack, and he follows the traditional ways of running it.” Cole flashed him a small smile, and Josef’s heart began to race from how sexy it looked on his mate’s lips.
“Traditional? How so?” Josef asked.
“Well for starters, I’m an omega.” Josef quirked an eyebrow at that. He’d heard stories about omegas before, but he had never met one. “And by the look on your face I can tell you don’t know much about my kind.”
Josef coughed, pretending to clear his throat. He didn’t know how to respond to his mate. He didn’t want to sound like a complete buffoon, but if he admitted his lack of knowledge toward that subject, he might be able to keep Cole talking. “Not really.”
Cole nodded his head. “Don’t feel bad. The majority of packs today don’t follow the old ways, but my father does. He runs his pack with him as the alpha, my brothers at the betas, and then there’s me, the omega. Low man on the totem pole.”
“Brothers?” Josef was eager to learn more about his mate and the structure of his former pack, but hearing him say brothers made him start to wonder something, and if he was correct he made an ass of himself by overreacting and put Jensen in the middle of it by asking him out on a date. “Are those the guys I saw you with earlier?”

BOOK: His Dominant Omega
12.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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