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Chapter Eight

The next morning when Josef woke up he could feel the heat of Cole’s body at his back and smell the traces of their lovemaking in the air. It caused his cock to twitch with renewed desire. He pulled out from Cole’s heavy arm and turned to face his mate.

The sun streamed through the window showering bright light across Cole’s sun-kissed skin. Dried blood clung to his mate’s chest, and Josef roamed his eyes lower to see that his pale-green sheets were splattered with remnants of cum and blood from their tryst the previous night. Skyler would have a fit about having to wash his sheets, but Josef couldn’t find it in him to care what the other wolf thought. But he thought it best to throw the soiled sheets in the wash before his overly dramatic friend caught sight of them.

Josef got up from the bed and walked to the foot. He grabbed a handful of the sheet and slowly pulled it downward. A bulge lay between Cole’s thighs, and as Josef tugged the sheet lower he could see Cole’s cock twitch and lengthen. The sheet was about midthigh when Cole grumbled and tried to yank it back up.

“Cut it out,” he mumbled as he rolled to his side. “I’m trying to sleep here.”
“Well it’s time to wake up, my sleepy mate.” Josef laughed when Cole raised his hand and flipped him the middle finger. “I want to introduce you to my family and since they probably heard us fucking all night long it’s better to get that over with.”
“Fine,” Cole said with a pout then rolled over and kicked the remainder of the sheet off his body.
“Ah, baby, don’t be upset. We have the rest of our lives to sleep in and have lazy days, but we should at least make an appearance.” It was Saturday, and everyone would be home. Josef thought it best to just get introductions out of the way so the house could get back to normal and everyone could go about living their lives. Plus he thought it best to give Devon a heads up to the fact that he might have a pissed-off alpha on his ass soon. If what Cole thought was correct, Mr. Weathers might be coming for a visit once he got word of their mating.
“You’re right, but you owe me a blow job.” Cole hopped up from the bed and smacked Josef on the ass as he passed him heading for the bathroom.
“For what?” Josef chuckled as he followed his mate, letting his eyes rack down his muscled back to land on his firm, bubbled butt.
“Isn’t it like in the mating code for one’s mate to wake them up with oral?” Cole squinted an eye in thought. “I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.”
“Then you owe me one, too,” Josef rasped against Cole’s ear as his mate turned on the water facet to the shower. He rubbed his hands up and down Cole’s chest then traced his fingers lower to the dips and valleys of his ripped abdomen to circle his hand around Cole’s now very-hard cock.
“I do aim to keep my mate happy.” Cole arched his back and brought his arms up to wrap around Josef’s neck.
Josef followed Cole into the shower stall and began to wash his body. He watched as Cole soaped up his hands and ran them along his wet body. Suds foamed and ran down his torso clinging to the curly thatch of golden curls at his base.
Stepping forward, Josef met Cole’s eyes and ran his hand along his mate’s shaft, washing away the soap. He placed a brief kiss to Cole’s lips then lowered to his knees. Cole let out a low curse as Josef engulfed the tip of his cock. Josef teased his tongue around the ribbed edge then poked his tongue against the small slit trying to coax out more of Cole’s sweet flavor.
“Yeah, just like that,” Cole mumbled. Fingers combed across the top of Josef’s head until Cole had a good grip on the back of his head. Cole gave an experimental thrust forward, and Josef relaxed his jaw, letting his mate fuck his mouth.
Cole glided his cock in and out of Josef’s mouth, and Josef hungered for more. He sank his fingers into Cole’s round globes, urging him to go faster. Cole answered the call and quickened his pace. With Cole delirious to sensations, Josef teased a finger down his mate’s crease and played along the rippled skin at Cole’s entrance. Cole moaned long and loud and pushed onto his questing finger. He slowly worked his finger as he took Cole’s cock deeper into his throat, swallowing around the tip.
“Yeah, yeah,” Cole gasped breathlessly. The sound urged Josef on to take more. He worked his throat muscles around the thick cock in his mouth and surged deeper with his finger stroking against his sweet spot with every inward thrust.
Cole’s body went bowstring tight as his release flooded Josef’s mouth, the taste bitter and salty on his taste buds. He pulled back with a hard suck, cleaning off every ounce of cum from Cole’s shaft. It took him a minute to catch his breath as he rested his head alongside Cole’s thigh.
“Come here.” Strong hands pulled him up by his arms, and Josef leaned against the tiled wall. “My turn,” Cole said with a sinful grin on his lips.
Josef barely had time to compose himself before Cole rammed his mouth down on his solid length. His mate went for a quick, hard suck of his cock. The rapid movement and the way Cole cradled his balls in one hand had his heart racing.
“Oh my God,” Josef said on a low moan. He was still recovering from giving Cole a blow job, and now his mate was blowing him away with his oral skills. He wanted it to last longer, but he couldn’t call back his orgasm from exploding out his body. He’d been turnedon for too long, and his cum burst forth from his body, and Cole happily drank down every drop. Josef looked down and could see his lips smiling around his cock. Like him, Cole was happy.
When the feel of Cole’s lips and tongue became too much for his sensitive dick, he tapped his mate on the top of the head. “If you don’t stop that I think I’m going to pass out.”
Cole looked up and shot him a wide smile. “Can’t have that, can we?” He stood up and moved into Josef’s personal space. “I was totally joking about waking up to blow jobs every morning, but I have to say that was awesome.”
Josef chuckled. “Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.”
They shared one more kiss then finished their shower. Josef loaned Cole a change of clothes and with only being a few inches taller than his mate, Cole fit the clothes perfectly. As they made their way down the stairs, Josef was excited to show off his mate. He was finally a member of that exclusive club his best friends were a part of.

* * * *

Cole followed along behind his mate as they headed toward the kitchen. The sound of voices grew louder the closer they got. His heart pounded in his ears as he stressed about meeting Josef’s family. It wasn’t because he was a bad guy or was just using Josef. No, it was because he didn’t know how the alpha of Josef’s pack would react to him being an omega.

“Morning,” Josef said gleefully. Cole moved in front of him when Josef pulled him forward. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet my mate, Cole. Cole”—Josef waved a hand out in front of him—“this is everyone.”

“Hey,” he said nervously and gave a small wave.


All eyes were on him, and Cole was afraid to make a single move. What if he did something wrong or offended this group of men? “Morning, Cole.” A tall man with long dirty-blond hair stood up.

“I’m Devon, and this is my mate, Aiden.”
“Nice to meet you.” He shook the offered hands held out in front
of him.
“I’d like to say it’s nice to meet you, but I didn’t sleep well last
night,” a petite man with dark hair said as he brought a plate of
waffles to the table. “All the noise coming from you all’s room was a
little disruptive.”
“Skyler, don’t be like that.” Cole watched his mate walk up to the
other man and give him a one-armed hug. “You’ll totally understand
what it’s like one day. Until then you can’t blame us for getting a little
carried away.”
“Oh I blame you,” Skyler snapped. “A man can only masturbate
so much before his hand or dick falls off.” The man spun around and
headed back to the stove.
“That’s so gross,” a younger man shouted from the table. “You
got off to them getting off.” The kid pointed a fork in Cole and Josef’s
“Sweetie, if you heard half the shit I did last night, you’d know
where I was coming from,” Skyler said as he walked back to the table
with a plate of sausage.
Josef nudged his arm. “That little guy is Erik. He’s Devon and
Viktor’s little brother and a pain in the ass at times.”
Cole looked at the younger man who stuck his tongue out at Josef
then turned a bright smile toward him. He gave a friendly nod of
The mouthwatering smells of food floated in front of Cole’s face,
and his stomach let out a loud growl. Embarrassed, he shifted on his
“You hungry?” Josef asked, and Cole nodded. “Then let’s have a
seat. You can get to know everyone else a little better.”
Cole had just filled his plate and was taking a bite when two other
men walked into the room. They were the two who were at the bar with Josef last night. He met them briefly before he and Josef took
“Good morning, my lovely family,” the one named Viktor greeted
everyone. “Such a lovely day.”
“If you say
one more time, I swear I’m going to skewer you
with my fork,” Skyler grumbled as he stabbed his fork into his waffle. Viktor whistled low then said, “Touchy.”
“Forgive him, Vik,” Devon said. “It would appear the newlyweds
kept him up all night with their humping.”
Viktor looked between him and Josef and smiled. “Nice!” He held
up his hand and Josef high-fived him. Cole did the same when the
man held out his hand.
“So, Cole, tell us about yourself,” Devon said, his eyes assessing
Cole. “I can smell that you’re a wolf so no use hiding that. But I have
to ask, where’s your pack?”
Ever since he made his scent known to Josef, he hadn’t thought to
mask it again, so it was no surprise Devon could smell him. He
wouldn’t take that simple joy away from his mate because in order to
hide it from others, he had to hide it from Josef. He might as well see
what this alpha wanted from him.
“There’s not that much to tell,” Cole said like it was no big deal.
“I had a falling out with my father, and I chose to move away.” “I’m sorry to hear that.” Devon’s eyes softened, and Cole believed
the man was being sincere.
Knowing it would come out sooner than later, Cole wanted to
admit his omega status just to get it over with. “Thank you, but there’s
more to my story.” He darted his eyes toward Josef, and his mate gave
a slow nod. “I’m an omega, and that plus some other things were the
stem to all my problems with my father.”
“Omega.” Devon repeated the word like it was nothing. “That’s
“That’s all you have to say?” Cole was shocked by Devon’s
reaction. Most alphas would find that extremely interesting. “Cole, I don’t know if you have noticed but we’re not your
traditional pack here.” Devon shrugged his shoulders. “You’re an
omega, so what?”
“Excuse me, what’s an omega?” Devon’s mate, Aiden, asked. “Babe, an omega is like a peacekeeper within a pack.” Devon
wiped his mouth clean with a napkin then relaxed back in his chair,
draping an arm over his mate’s shoulders. “Back in the day, like
before I was even born, wolves strictly traveled in packs, and they
were made up of an alpha, typically two to three betas, an omega, and
the remaining pack members were referred to as soldiers. The theory
was that it kept the pack strong and ready in case of an attack from a
neighboring pack or hunters. But the omega is the wolf in the pack
that exudes a calming agent. Not really sure how it works, but others
are more relaxed around them. Whatever need there was to fight just
fades away in their presence. But”—Devon held up a finger—“from
what I learned from my father, not every wolf is affected by an
omega’s presence. Something about evolution and how not a lot are
born anymore because of the way we as wolves adapt to the world
around us now.”
Cole was used to being considered special and prized among his
pack but not here, not with these men. Here he was just like everyone
else, and he found it a relief. He was just Cole. A wolf mated to
another wolf.
“So what am I?” Erik teasingly asked his brother.
“You, pup, are just a pain in my ass, but other than that you’re just
you.” That elicited laughs around the table. “Dad never fell into those
practices. He didn’t like to label people, and neither do I.” Devon
winked at his kid brother.
“I think I’m going to love it here,” Cole said before he realized he
spoke out loud. There was no politics among this pack. No stupid
hatred of others. These men just wanted to live their lives as
comfortably as they could. Of course hunters were still a problem, but
from what Josef said, they had an insider on the council. Aiden’s dad was a hunter, and so was the kid Erik’s mate. They were in the know
when it came to the hunters and their whereabouts.
“That’s good because you aren’t going anywhere.” Josef placed a
finger under his chin and turned Cole’s face upward and kissed him
on the mouth. “This is your home now, that is, if you want it to be. I
don’t want to force you to stay if you don’t want to.”
There was such sincerity in his eyes that Cole felt tears well up in
his. “There is no other place I’d rather be.” He leaned in for another
kiss but then pulled back and looked back at the staring faces of
Josef’s family. “If that’s okay with all of you?”
The table erupted with approval and welcomes to the family. Cole
had finally found a home where there wasn’t any pressure to be
something he wasn’t. He was over the moon with joy. Not only did he
have the love of his mate but the acceptance from these men to be a
part of their family.

Chapter Nine

“Josef said you were attending Hemsworth. Psych major, right?” Cole asked Aiden.
After breakfast they sat around talking for a little bit longer before Viktor and Devon pulled Josef away to talk about work stuff. Cole didn’t mind. Aiden, Shane, Erik, and even Skyler, once he had his morning fix of coffee, were great guys. They treated Cole like a longlost friend. There was no awkward silence between them.
“Yes, I love it.” Aiden smiled warmly at him.
“I did, too, before I had to take some time off. My father wouldn’t pay for my schooling if I left the pack.” He shrugged his shoulders. “But I made the right choice. I plan to save up and go back as soon as I can.” It still bothered him that his father had yanked away his financial support and left Cole with no other option but to take time off of school. His father knew damn well he couldn’t afford the high tuition rates, but the old man didn’t care. His father wanted to make him suffer for turning his back on the pack and took away his means to attend college.
“That sucks!” Aiden sounded offended for him.
“It does, and I’m not defending my father when I say this, but he has his reasons for not trusting the human world. Misguided? Totally, but he’s allowed to have his opinions.” Cole explained about his mother and how after she died his father went off the deep end.
“Still, he shouldn’t force you or your brothers to be something you aren’t.” Skyler sat forward in his chair. “If you don’t mind me asking, how are your brothers handling all this?”
“I don’t mind.” Cole thought about it for a moment before he answered. “They more or less stay around to keep an eye on our father. They’re four years older than me, and I think they feel responsible for him. They knew him before he changed.” They never said as much, but Cole could see it in their actions. No matter what, he was still their father, and his brothers would stand by him just to keep him safe. They’d do the same for Cole. That’s why they didn’t cause a ruckus when he left.
“The things we do for family,” Aiden said with a smile. Aiden asked him where he was in his schooling when he had been forced to leave. Come to find out he was only a semester behind Aiden.
“You shouldn’t be working construction,” Aiden blurted out. “You should finish school, and I know for a fact Josef would want that, too.” Shane and Skyler nodded their agreement.
“Thanks guys, but I have to save up. I’m not complaining. It’s what I like to call a life lesson,” he teased, trying to lighten the mood.
“Bullshit it is,” Skyler said in a raised, dramatic tone. “You have a goal, and it was thrown off—forgive me for saying this—by your asshole father. Josef has the means to pay for your education. You just need to ask that of him. He is your mate after all.”
Cole shook his head. Josef might be his mate, but he didn’t want to have to depend on him for every little thing. That’s what happened with his father. He had to learn to rely on himself.
“They’re right, you know.” Cole turned toward the entryway when he heard Josef’s voice. “You should be in school, not breaking your back by working construction.” Josef walked into the room and knelt by where Cole sat. “I’d gladly pay your tuition. You have dreams that shouldn’t be ignored, especially when we have the means to pay for it.”
“We?” Cole cocked his head and stared at his mate.
“Yeah, you and I.” Josef pointed to Cole then back to himself. “What’s mine is yours, and what better way to spend some of our savings than to put you through school? It’s not doing anyone any good just sitting in the bank. I want to invest in your future which means our future.”
Such sweet words. Cole didn’t know what to say. He feared if he opened his mouth he’d start to sob like a baby. When Josef said it like that, it would be a slap in the face not to accept. Josef was laying all his cards out on the table. Him using the
words was a big comment on his part. His mate was telling him that he wasn’t going anywhere and that they were a team from here on out. Cole totally hit the mate lottery with Josef.
“You guys, let’s give them some time alone,” Aiden said as he ushered Shane, Erik, and Skyler out of the room.
When he finally found his voice, Cole asked, “Do you really mean all that stuff?”
“Yeah, I do.” Josef reached for his hands. “What happened between us last night was life changing for both of us. We’re a team. I’d gladly share everything I have with you.”
“Me, too.” Cole let his eyes fall to stare at the floor. “But it’s not really fair to you.”
“How so?”
“I have nothing but an old beat-up truck that doesn’t work most days and a rented apartment filled with used furniture. Seems like you’re the only one that has anything worthwhile to share.”
“Ah, babe.” Josef cupped the sides of Cole’s face with his hands. “I don’t see it that way.” He kissed Cole on the forehead. “And I know if the shoe was on the other foot you’d do the same for me.”
Cole nodded manically because he would in a heartbeat. He loved Josef. There was nothing he wouldn’t give or do for the man.
“So please don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re fired.” Josef chuckled.
His emotions finally got the best of him, and his tears fell like rain. Josef had already given him so much just by loving him, and now he was giving him the means to go back to school.
Josef pulled him down to sit in his lap and covered his mouth over Cole’s. The kiss was sweet and gentle. His mate was showing him through his actions how much he loved him. Neither one had uttered the words yet, but he knew they would in time.
His phone beeped, indicating a text had come through. He looked down to see that it was Josh telling him they would be heading out in a few hours. Josef agreed to drive him back to his apartment so he could say good-bye.

BOOK: His Dominant Omega
2.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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