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Danyell A. Wallace

His Number One Fan

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I'm standing in my living room looking at all the pieces of my luggage that I have scattered on the floor.
Did I pack too much? I'm only going to be gone for two weeks. I guess that's what I get for having too many clothes to choose from. Plus, I didn't have any clue to what Caleb had planned for us so I guess I should be safe than sorry.


I grab my cellphone off the coffee table and I look at the time. It was three o'clock in the morning, and I had exactly ten minutes to make sure I had everything packed and ready to go, before heading downstairs to catch my taxi to the airport.


Quietly I walk around my apartment that I was currently sharing with my friend Jordyn, making sure I wasn't forgetting anything.  I walk down the hall towards my room when I hear a door open from behind me. I turn around and see a guy I didn't even know, sneaking out Jordyn's room. The hallway was dark, so I couldn't make out what he looked like, but from the light that was shining from the living room into the hallway, I could tell he was half dressed, and wearing only a pair of jeans. He was carrying his shirt and shoes in one hand, tip toeing the rest of the way down the hall and into the living room.


I stand in the hallway, not saying a word, watching him until he disappears around the corner. As soon as the front door shuts, I turn around and continue walking down the hall, and into my room.


With the lights already on in my room, I quickly look around making sure I had everything I needed. With nothing else to get, I grab my purse off my bed and I look inside to make sure I had my flight itinerary and driver's license. I cut my lights off and close my door behind me and I make my way back to living room, where I find Jordyn curled up on the love seat looking at me.


She had on her oversized East NYU sweatshirt and a pair of boxer shorts. Her curls were pulled away from her face and up into a bun. Her brown skin was clear of makeup, and she was wearing a pair of prescription glasses that were hiding her sleepy eyes.


“Jordyn what are you doing up so early? Did I wake you?”


“Naw that jackass that decided to leave without saying goodbye woke me up.” She says with a yawn. “Are you packed and ready to go?”


“Looks like it.” I respond while throwing my carry-on bag across my shoulder, then I grab my other pieces of luggage and I walk to the door, placing them beside it.


“Well I guess I'll see you in two weeks.” I say with a smile on my face.


“I'm going to miss you Nyla.” Jordyn says in a fake whiny voice.


“Girl please. You know you're going to enjoy having this place to yourself.”


“You're right.” She says laughing.


She gets off the love seat and walks over and gives me hug.


“Make sure you call or text me when your plane lands in California.”


“I will.”


“Here let me help you with your bags.”


We grab my bags and walk out the door, and take the elevator down. When we make it to the lobby, she helps me wheel my bags outside where we find my taxi parked, and waiting on me. The driver steps out and takes all of my bags and loads them into the trunk of the taxi.


“Thanks Jordyn.”


“No problem. Have a safe trip!”


“You know I will.” I say getting into the already open door of the cab. With a final wave, I close the door behind me.


The ride to the JFK Airport was pretty peaceful, considering that New York traffic is usually busy and crazy. But I guess since it was close to four in the morning, everyone was still asleep.


I pull out my cellphone and I quickly send Caleb a text letting him know that I was heading to the airport, even though I knew it was one in the morning his time. Knowing him, he probably had his phone on silent anyway.


Before I could put my phone away, a text comes through from Caleb saying that he couldn't wait to see me and to have a safe trip. It has been four and half years since I last saw him. Even though we talked, texted, and occasionally skyped each other practically every day. I was really looking forward to seeing my best friend. Smiling to myself I put my phone away and I relax and enjoy the rest of the ride to the airport.


*  *  *


I make it to the airport earlier than expected. As soon as I had my bags unloaded I make my way inside and straight to the Southern East Airline Express check in area. After verifying my info through the system, I check in all my bags and I almost pass out when I see how much it was going to cost me.
Next time I will have to travel light.
I swipe my credit card and I wait on my boarding passes and receipts to print from the kiosk. Then I stand in line with all my luggage waiting to check them at the counter with the airport attendant.


When my name is called I place my luggage one at a time on the scale. The attendant verifies that I am in fact Nyla Freeman and that I was traveling to Houston, Texas then to Sacramento, California. 


I take the escalator to the next level where I go through airport security with no problems, then I grab a cup of coffee at one of the fast food restaurants. With thirty minutes left until I was scheduled to board, I find my gate and I take a seat until it's time for the attendant to call for boarding.


I pull out my phone to turn it on airplane mode, when I see another text from Caleb wanting to confirm when I was scheduled to land in Sacramento, so I quickly text a reply.


Nyla: Why are you up?


Caleb: Excited to see you. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.


Nyla: Whatever. What are you doing?


Caleb: Working on some lyrics with Mason. Have you listened to the tracks I put on the MP3 I sent you?


Nyla: Not yet, I will during the flight.


Caleb: Cool.


Good morning and thank you for choosing Southern East Airline. We're going to go ahead and start boarding zone one. Thank you.


I hear over the intercom.


Nyla: Hey gotta go. Getting ready to board.


Caleb: C u soon.


I put my phone away, and I grab my carry-on and purse, then I get in line.


As soon as I board, I place my carry-on in the above bin then I take my seat near the window. I pull out my MP3 and I stick my earphones in my ears, then I press play.


With my seat belt secured, I lean my head against the headrest listening to the hypnotic sound of Caleb's guitar and the soothing voice of Wildfire's lead singer, that I have yet to meet, Mason Scott, coming through my earphones.


They were both very talented from what I was listening to, and I couldn't wait to hear them and the rest of the members of Wildfire play live.


About a year ago Caleb's dad, Isaac Walker and his manager Richie aka Rich, was very impressed with Wildfire when they saw them playing at The Grind, a club they've been playing at for two years. They were so impressed that his dad asked them to come on tour with them. So in a couple of weeks Wildfire will be on tour, opening up for his dad's band, Hurricane.


I was so lost in the music that I didn't even realize that another passenger had sat beside me, until they accidentally bumped my arm with theirs. After accepting their apology, I look around the plane and see it’s filled with passengers already settled in their seats. The flight attendant walks forward and stops in the middle of the aisle and starts going over the emergency and safety procedures. I've been up since two o'clock this morning, and the coffee I had earlier wasn't helping. My eyes remained focused on the attendant, until they just couldn't stay open any longer. The sound of Mason's voice was still playing in my ear like a lullaby, and eventually I fall into a peaceful sleep.



“Yo Caleb!”


“Yo!” I respond back, then I continue to strum a couple of chords on my guitar.


I stop briefly when Evan, my roommate and also the rhythm guitarist of our band stops in my doorway with a cute brunette that I've seen around the club trying to get the attention from all the members of our band, standing there topless in a pair of panties.


“Hey Caleb.” She speaks to me from what I guess she thought was a sexy tone.


“Sup.” I respond, tearing my gaze away from her and back to my music.


“Evan and I wanted to know if you wanted to have some fun?”


Damn her voice was getting on my nerves.


Shaking my head to myself I respond. “No I'm alright.”


“See Jess I told you he doesn't get down like that.” Evan speaks up.


“That's too bad, because I've been told I give the best blow jobs.” She says as if I'm going to change my mind.


“I know baby, but he doesn't want to play right now.”


Pissed about the whole scene going on, I turn my attention back to the both of them.


“What the fuck do you want?” I ask directing my attention to Evan.


“Dude! Shit I'm sorry for bothering you. I actually wanted to know what time you were going to pick up... What's her name?”


I take a deep breath to calm my nerves.


“Her name is Nyla, and her flight is supposed to be here at 6 tonight.”


“Well it’s fifteen after five. You know how traffic can be on a Friday. Especially when everyone is getting off work trying to get home.”


“I know. I’m just trying to get these lyrics on paper, for the song that I'm working on with Mason.”


“He has a girlfriend?” I hear Jess ask Evan.


“Naw. They've been best friends since the fourth grade.” He responds.


“Oh okay.” She responds, sounding hopeful.


“Fine man, I’ll leave you alone.” Evan says. “But if I were you, I would leave now before she thinks you forgot about her.”


“Shit, maybe you're right. Alright I’m going. Do you need anything while I’m out?”


“Naw I have everything I need right here.” He says pulling Jess's body closer to his. “I'll try to remember to use my manners and keep it down. I don't want Nyla thinking I'm a freak.”


“Whatever man. I'm out.”


I remove the acoustic guitar strap from around my neck, and I place the guitar back on its stand, and I grab the keys to my Camaro off my dresser. Evan steps aside, while Jess stays put in the door way, not leaving much room. I roll my eyes, and walk past her. She leans forward, causing her body to rub against mine.


“Bye Caleb.” She yells down the hall.


“Fuckin' groupie.” I say under my breath before walking out the front door.



*  *  *


“Shit!” I say for the hundredth time that night while hitting the steering wheel. Traffic was ridiculous. I look at the time on my LCD screen and see it’s now 6:35pm. I was officially late. I grab my cellphone off the passenger seat and I dial Nyla’s number again, but it goes straight to voice mail, so I leave a message.


“Nyla. Hey it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that I'm stuck in traffic. Trust me I didn't forget about you. Please call me when you get this message. Bye.”


I end the call and look straight ahead, waiting on traffic to start moving again. Minutes later, traffic still hasn’t budged.


I rest my head against the headrest and my mind wonders back to the first time I met Nyla, in the fourth grade. It was around the time she and her family had just moved to California from Texas. Her dad was an Officer in the Air Force, so that was the main reason for their move here.


He was stationed at Beale Air Force Base, so instead of living in base housing, her dad decided they would buy a house in Sacramento, California; which was only an hour or so from Beale AFB.


They ended up buying a house, two houses down from mine. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was riding my bike past their house when I saw Nyla sitting in her yard on a blanket playing with her dolls, while her mom, dad, and the movers unloaded the moving truck.


She was this skinny girl with long frizzy curly hair, and she wore these big ass glasses that were too big for her face.


I rode my bike past her house several times that day because I was so curious about the new girl on my street. When she finally looked up in my direction, it caught me by surprise. I wasn’t paying attention when my bike hit the curb throwing me off my bike. I flew face first onto the sidewalk skinning up my chin, elbows, and knees. I looked up at her from my position on the ground and saw her still staring at me. I was in so much pain that I didn't want her to see me cry so I got up and hopped back on my bike and rode home, and boy did I cry as soon as I put my kick stand down to park my bike.


Two days after my bike accident, I finally found the courage to talk to her, on her first day of school. Since she started school in the middle of the year, in the beginning it was hard for her to make friends. We didn't have the same teacher, but we shared the same lunch period. Being the good boy that my parents raised me to be, I got up from the lunch table I usually sat eating with my group of friends, and I walked over and introduced myself to her. At first she just stared at me. I stood there watching her looking me over. Her eyes eventually landed on the stitches on my chin that I ended up having to get.


“Are you that boy that flipped over his bike?” She asked me.


“Um yeah.” I responded.


She smiled up at me then started laughing.


“My name is Nyla Freeman. What's your name?”


“Caleb. Caleb Walker.”


“Well Caleb, would you like to sit down with me?” She asked, hoping and praying I would say yes.


Without saying a word, I pulled out a chair and sat down, and from that day on we became the best of friends.


Every day after school we walked home together. My mom was a stay at home mom, while my dad was on a so called road tour with his band, Hurricane. Nyla would come by my house after school when her parents were still at work. Her dad was out of town a lot on military business, and her mom was an ER Nurse that caused her to be away from home for a long period of time due to her crazy work hours at the hospital. So Nyla would spend most of her afternoons and nights at my house.


By the time we reached junior high, we practically acted like brother and sister. The only difference was I was white and she was black. I have straight dirty blond hair and she had long brown curly hair. My eyes are green and hers are light brown. No one attempted to try and tell us that we couldn't be siblings because of our differences. Even if they did, we didn't care. We had other friends, but Nyla and I were close and no one could break that. Even our parents became close friends to a point that my parents looked at Nyla as if she was a part of the family, and the same went with Nyla's family. I was the son they never had.


The summer before our junior year of high school was to begin was probably one of the worst days of both of our lives. I remember sitting in my bedroom late one night watching tv when Nyla came knocking on my window. As soon as I looked out the window and saw her tear streaked face, I knew something was wrong. I helped her inside and she didn't hesitate and told me that her dad was being transferred to another military base in Germany.


The thought of going through the rest of high school without each other was indescribable. Even though it was tough we kept in contact with each other and promised each other that we would see each other again. Four and a half years later, that promise was finally being honored.


Instead of spending her two weeks of spring break with her parents in Italy, she wanted to spend it with me before I went on tour. So now I was on my way to the airport to pick her up.


The honk of a car horn, knocks me out of my daze down memory lane and brings me back to reality. Traffic was finally moving again. I release my foot from the brake, and I drive until I reach the airport.


*  *  *


Fifteen minutes later I pull into the airport, I grab a parking ticket out the machine and I find a parking spot with no problem. I run into the airport, making my way over to a set of monitors displaying flight information. I pull my phone out of my pocket and I scroll down to Nyla's flight info that she text me the other day. Finding the information I needed, I go in search for her gate. After going through obstacles of escalators, people either running into me, or not moving fast enough to a point I had to go around, I make my way to her gate and find people standing around looking at the closed door behind the airline attendant’s counter.


I walk up to the counter to get flight information from the cute, but very rude attendant that I guess was pissed because she was tired of everyone asking her the same damn questions, only to be told that Nyla’s flight had been delayed an hour and that it would be landing shortly.


I thanked the attendant, and she stands there looking me up and down appreciating what she saw. After a couple of seconds of her checking me out, she reaches for a pen, and scribbles something on a sheet of paper. She slid it across the counter, with a sexy look on her face. I take the slip of paper off the counter. I look down and see her name and number. Shaking my head. I look up at her and slip it into my jean's pocket, then I turn around and walk over to an empty chair, taking a seat. Five minutes later, the attendant announces the landing of Nyla’s plane.


I remain seated until the door behind the counter opens, and the passengers begin making their exit. I watch as friends and families reunite with each other, while still waiting on Nyla to appear.


I continue to watch as passengers make their exit until my eyes connect with a female with shoulder length straight hair, light brown eyes, and the prettiest brown skin.
She smiles and starts waving in my direction, while trying to walk around other passengers to get to me.  I stand there counting down the steps until she would be in my arms.


While waiting, my eyes start to reacquaint themselves with her features. She was my same Nyla. Just older, mature and of course she was beautiful. I stand there watching as she makes her way to me. Finally walking around a couple embraced in a kiss. She stops a couple of feet away from me and drops her carry-on bag on the floor. Running fast enough to not knock anyone over, she jumps into my arms and tightly wraps her arms around my neck. I return the hug by wrapping my arms around her waist, lifting her feet off the floor and pulling her to my body, with her fit curves molding against my body. It felt so good having her in my arms after all these years.


“Caleb it’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you so much!” She says.


“I've missed you too girl. So much.” I respond back with my face buried in the crook of her neck.


We stand in the same spot holding each other for what seemed like forever. Placing her feet back on the floor.  We pull away from each other. I place my hands on the sides of her face and I gently rub my thumbs across her cheeks, looking down into her eyes.


“I can't believe you're here.” I say loud enough for her to hear me.


“I know. Especially after all these years.”


My hands fall from her face, I grab her carry-on, and I wrap my arm around her shoulder, walking her in the direction to baggage claim.


“How was your flight?” I ask her then I place a kiss to the top of her head.


“I don't know.” She says with a laugh. “I slept the entire time while listening to your music; which is really great by the way.”


“I know.” I say in a cocky tone.


“You're a mess.” She laughs. “But seriously Caleb. There wasn't a song I did not like. You are very talented. Then you have Mason...I don't know. When he sings, you hear so much emotion in his voice.”

BOOK: His Number One Fan
7.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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