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How many people did you invite over Caleb?” I ask while getting out his car. We just got home from the movies to find cars lined up and down the street and scattered in his front yard.


“Enough.” He responds with a smile on his face. “But that's the joys of having a house on a street with very few neighbors where you don't have to worry about anyone complaining about parties, noise, and the amount of company you have over.”


I shake my head and slide the spaghetti strap of my yellow romper that crisscrossed in the back up my shoulders. It was so hot that I was glad that I decided to pull my hair up into a top knot, giving more of a view of my exposed shoulders and back.  I make my way up the sidewalk to the front door. Before I could open the door, Jax swings the door open.  


“It's about time you got here.”


“Hey Jax.” I respond walking inside.


“How was the movie?” He asks me.


“Boring. Caleb fell asleep.”


“I was resting my eyes.” Caleb says behind me.


“Whatever.” I say, rolling my eyes. 


“Sounds like something Caleb would do.” Jax laughs. “Well everyone is out back. Can I get you guys something to drink? We have beer, soda, and water.”


“I'll take a water please.”


“I'm good.” Caleb responds.


“Okay go out back and get comfortable, I'll grab your water Nyla and meet you out there.”


“Thanks Jax.”


He winks at me and walks off.


Caleb and I walk through a set of doors leading out to his backyard. Tiki lights were lit throughout the yard, and several lanterns were hung up illuminating the area. People were in the pool, and some were sitting around talking. I look around and I spot Evan and Jeremy behind the grill.


We make our way around the pool, and my attention is drawn to Mason, who’s talking to a group of people inside the pool.


“Nyla!” Jeremy shouts bringing everyone's attention to him.


“Hey you guys.”


“Sup Nyla. Caleb” Evan speaks.


I wave and Caleb nods in his direction.


“You two hungry?” Jeremy asks.


“I'm not hungry, I think I ate too much popcorn.”


“Okay, well there's plenty of food. Can I get you something Caleb?”


“Yeah man I'll take two burgers.”


“Two burgers coming up.” Jeremy responds.


“I see you've caught the attention of Mason. He's making his way over as we speak.” Caleb says to me. He grabs his plate from Jeremy and begins walking towards the house. “I'll catch you later Nyla.” He says over his shoulder.


“Okay.” I respond.


I take a deep breath and continue to watch Evan flip burgers on the grill when I feel drops of water hit my shoulders, then the gentle touch of someone's lips against my neck.


I turn around and there he was dripping wet from head to toe. My eyes wander over his body and landing on his nipple rings.


“Hey.” I say unable to take my eyes off of him.


“I'm heading inside, you wanna come with me?”




Surprising me, he reaches out and grabs my hand and leads me through the backyard and into the house. Every once and awhile, we would get stopped because someone wanted to talk to him. We walk across the house and down the short hallway and into a room.


“This is my room.” He says cutting on the light switch. “Make yourself at home. I'm going to shower real quick.”


He shuts his bedroom door and locks it, and makes his way into the attached bathroom, closing the door behind him. At the sound of the shower coming on, I decide to look around his room. The first thing that I noticed was the huge bookshelf that covered half his wall. I walk over and notice the books were mostly Non Fiction, Biographies, and books about music. I turn around and examine the rest of his room. His walls were painted a dark gray and posters of music icons were scattered across them. Several guitars sat on stands in the corner of his room near an oversized chaise arm chair, and his bed was large but simple, with a black headboard, and covered in a black and blue comforter. A large TV was mounted on the wall on the opposite wall with a small shelf underneath that stored his DVD collection. I walk over and kneel down to look at his collection, and smile when I see a lot of movies that were my favorites.


I hear the shower shut off, but continue to browse his collection. Seeing one that I haven't seen in a while, I pick it up and start reading the description on the back when the door to the bathroom opens. Mason steps out still damp, with a towel hanging off his narrow hips, towel drying his hair.


“Why do you have so many books?” I ask the first question that comes to my mind.


He tosses the towel he was using to dry his hair, to the floor and walks over to his closet and pulls out some clothes, then he walks in my direction to a dresser that was sitting against the wall, and pulls out a pair of boxers.


I stand there awaiting my answer, wondering if he even heard me. Coming to stand in front of me he takes the DVD out my hands and looks at it.


“We should watch this together sometime.”  He smiles and hands it back to me. He taps my chin with his finger, bringing my full attention to his face. “And the answer to your question. I love to read. A lot.” He says after a brief pause, while looking at my lips. Making me feel as if he was insinuating something else. “Do you?”


“I use to until college happened. My major requires me to read a lot.”


“Well it's too bad that you don't love to read. I heard it helps relax the mind and body.” He winks at me.


He turns around, and walks back into the bathroom, closing the door but not all the way this time.


I put the DVD back and walk over to his night stand beside his bed, that has several pictures on it. Looking over them I come across a picture of Mason, Brooke, and his grandma. The next one was of him and the band, and the last one was a black and white photo of him laughing while posing on a stool shirtless. I pick it up unable to tear my gaze away.


I hear the door to the bathroom open and Mason walks out in a pair of khaki cargo shorts, and a light blue t-shirt.


“I've got to go down in the basement and grab some pieces of music Caleb and I have been working on. Did you want to stay in here and wait for me or did you want to go down with me?”


“I'll go with you.”


“Cool. Let's go.” He says holding his hand out.


I sit the photo down, and I reach for Mason's outstretched hand.


He unlocks his bedroom door and opens it to find Cassie standing on the other side with a smile on her face until she sees me standing there.


“What the fuck is going on? What is this bitch doing in here?” She asks, while glaring me up and down.


“Cassie calm down.” Mason says through gritted teeth. “What are you doing here?” He asks while squeezing my hand.


“I thought I was invited.” She responds still glaring at me. “Did you just fuck her?” She asks giving her attention to Mason now.


Before I could respond, Mason cuts in. “Nyla can you give me five minutes?”


Pulling my hand away from his, I walk around Cassie, staring her down, walking into the hallway. Just in time to hear the door slam behind me.


I make my way to the kitchen where I find Caleb talking to Jax. When they see me. They stop their conversation.


“I was just looking for you.” Caleb says. “Where have you been?”


Before I can answer, the sound of Cassie's voice catches our attention. We turn around and see Cassie storming through the kitchen and to the front door.


“You can lose my fuckin' number Mason!” She yells over her shoulder. With a final glare in my direction, she walks out the front door, slamming it behind her.


“What the fuck was that about?” I hear Jax say.


“There's no telling with her.” Caleb says. “Maybe that one will get a clue and see that Mason isn't interested in her ass anymore.”


“That boy sure can pick them.” I hear Jax snicker.


I tear my eyes away from the closed front door, and back to Jax and Caleb, when I see Mason walk in.


“Nyla, what were you saying?” Caleb asks me.


Before I can respond, Mason walks over and stands close behind me, and places one hand to my hip. He leans in, and his lips brush against my ear.


“Nyla can we talk?” He whispers in my ear.


With a slight nod, I turn around and come face to face with him. He steps away giving me some space, then he turns around and walks over to the basement door and opens it and stands there waiting on me.


I glance at Caleb who's looking at me wondering what the hell is going on.


Ignoring his questioning stare, I follow Mason.


We walk down the steps leading into the basement.


“Is she your girlfriend?” I ask him.


“Don't you think it's a little late that you're asking me that?”


“Well is she?”


“No she's not my girlfriend Nyla.”


“Then what is she to you? Why did she act like that?” I ask coming to stand in front of him.


He stands there looking down at me, trying to figure out the best way to explain the situation better.


“Cassie is someone I use to fuck.” He continues. Stepping closer to me. “Does that bother you?”


“Why would it bother me?”


“Well if you haven't already guessed it. I want you Nyla.”


“What if I have a boyfriend?”


“Do you?” He asks coming much closer to me.


“No.” I say breathless.


“Then what's the problem Nyla? You let me kiss you, and let's not forget. You let me hold you all night long.”


“True. Then I woke up alone.”


“Only because I had to get up early and take my grandma to her doctor's appointment. I want you so fuckin' bad that it hurts Nyla.” He says closing the space between us, not leaving any room. “Let me show you just how bad.” He continues.


Grabbing me by my hips, he lowers his head and begins placing kisses along my neck.


“Mason.” I moan out.


“Nyla.” He says against my neck, while working his way up, and placing kisses along my jawline. Gently grabbing my face, he places a kiss to my chin, then nibbles on my lower lip and sucks it into his mouth, before kissing and tasting every inch of my mouth. The way he was kissing me, had me wishing his mouth was somewhere else on my body.
Damn he could kiss.


“Yo Mason, are you down there!”


The sound of his name being yelled from the top of the stairs, has me pulling my lips away from his.


“Don't stop. They'll go away.” He whispers against my lips, before capturing my mouth in a kiss again.


The sound of footsteps making their way down the stairs has me pushing him away, and creating space between us. I look up the stairs and find Jeremy making his way down.


BOOK: His Number One Fan
12.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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