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Honor Thy Teacher

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Honor Thy Teacher


Written by: Teresa Mummert










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Chapter One


“Fuck” I mumbled to myself as
water droplets trickled down my face
. I had spent my night out with Angela and was now running behind schedule. I grabbed a hand towel and patted my face dry as I looked at my reflection. I was going against everything I stood for by being with a married woman. Not because I thought it was morally wrong, but because I did not like to share. In fact, I hated to fucking share. She reassured me her marriage was all but over and she and her husband barely acknowledged each other’s existence, let alone slept together.
I did no
t believe her but I
never saw what we had being anything long term. I was using her as much as she was using me.


I slipped into my bedroom and grabbed a pair of dark wash jeans from my drawer. A small picture fluttered to the ground. I picked it up, purposely avoiding the image as I tucked it away in between my clothing. Thinking of what I had w
ith Abby was too painful. She had been
my everything
. I would have gladly dedicated my life to her, to our family but she ripped those dreams away. I slammed the drawer closed harder than I intended
causing the contents on top to rattle
. I ran my hands through my hair and made my way over to the closet, grabbing a blue button up shirt and shrugging it on. I was excited to be getting back to work. Teaching had always been a passion of mine and part of that was due to Abby. She was my high school math teacher when we had met. She kept me focused. I did not realize my dream, however until college, when I took on tutoring others. I did not have to work at all, of course. My father was a prominent director in the movie industry.
I liked taking care of myself, and as much as I hated to admit it, it made me feel connected to Abby, even thoug
h whatever connection we had been
severed some time ago.


I poured myself a mug of coffee and made my way down the stairs to the first level of my building.
It was a warehouse that I had converted
into a living space. It was not flashy and overbearing like most of the more expensive houses in the neighborhood, but it gave me the space I needed. A simple apartment would not do for my lifestyle. I jumped into my car and turned it on as I waited for the giant bay doors to rise behind me. My
phone rang and I could no
t help but groan when I saw that it was Angela.


“Yes?” I called out, not bothering to hide the irritation in my voice.


“I had an amazing time last night.” She purred. Of course she did. I fucked her until her she could not stand. I rolled my eyes. She came across as desperate, an extremely unattractive quality in a woman.


“I know you did.” I replied, coldly.


“When will I see you again?” Sh
e asked, practically begging
. I checked my watch and smiled.


“Before you know
” I laughed to myself.
I had no
t bothered to tell Angela that
I was starting a new job at the
where she worked as a secretary
I had received a call earlier in the week that a teacher by the name of Ms. Gibbs had to take leave for medical reasons. I
was hired
to take over her class, American Society and Culture. I could hardly wait to see the look on her face.


…You are such a bad boy.”
She teased. The truth was
she had no idea. The things I did with Angela did not even place on the scale of kink. For her it was an awakening, but for me it was a way to pass an afternoon.


“You have no idea.” I replied honestly. I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel, as I grew more bored with the conversation. It was not Angela’s fault. No one held my interest in the way that Abby had. My lifestyle was drastically different since I had been with her. It was not until after Abby and I had split for good that I realized who I truly was. I was a dom. I needed absolute control in every aspect of my life. Perhaps Abby was partly to blame for that side of me, but deep down I knew that I
was always meant
to live this lifestyle.


Chapter Two


I pulled into Kippling College right on time. I did not have a first period class but I wanted a chance to go over Ms. Gibb’s lessons before diving into my own.
I said my goodbyes to Angela and made my way into the main building. I could not keep the smug grin off my face when I entered the office. Angela shot to her feet and panic washed over her
. I smiled in her direction, but turned my attention to another woman who was already at the counter.
I exchanged words with her
, always looking over her shoulder at Angela who looked pale and nervous.


As I headed towards my room, I heard the door to the office open behind me. The sound of her heels on the floor mirrored that of her frantic heartbeat, I
m sure.


“William?” She called in a loud whisper. I did not stop, did not turn to face her.


“Good morning Angela.” I replied as I made my way down the hall. I stopped in front of my classroom to unlock the door.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked as she followed me inside. “You can’t be here!” She was on her way to a full-blown
melt down. I dropped my bag
to the floor and spun around to face her. She backed up agai
nst the wall, her breath hitched
. I stepped closer, my nose nearly touching hers.


“You do not tell me what to do. I will go and do whatever the fuck I please. Is that understood?” I was clenching my jaw, trying to bite back some of the harsher words that had cro
ssed my mind.
I tucked her hair behind her ear and ran my finger over her jaw line.
She nodded, in utt
er shock. She did not expect me to react the way I had. Why should she? As far as she was concerned, we were doing a little role-playing. She had no idea how far into the lifestyle I actually was.
I had never taken her upstairs. Never shown her where I really like to play.


“I-I’m sorry” She sputtered. For a moment, I felt sorry for her. I took a deep breath and ran my hands through my hair.


“I’m the one who should apologize. It w
as unfair of me
warn you.
Do you forgive me?”
I smiled sheepishly and could practically see her heart melt before my eyes. Her shocked expression shifted
into a smile and I knew I had her exactly where I had wanted her. Angela was an open book. She was a liar and a cheater, like all other woman I encountered.


“Can we get together tonight?” She asked, leaning in to
me, begging me silently to kiss her
. I pulled back, turning to retrieve
my bag.


“I’ll let you know.” I walked over to my desk and did not turn back to see her reaction. I alrea
dy knew it was disappointment and
t was exactly the response I had wanted from her
.  After a few seconds, the door closed and she was gone. I blew out a deep breath. I needed to find a real sub.
Someone who knew better than to talk back to me.
Someone who took my word as law and did not question what I did.
Every move I made, every word I spoke was deliberate.
for Angela, my heart did not factor in to our arrangement. I was cold and uncaring. The thoughts melted away as several students entered the room. I grabbed my n
otes and prepared for the class


The day began relatively smoothly. I was getting back into the hang of things by the time the next period began. The students filed in and made their way into their seats. I sat watching them for a few minutes, twirling a ruler in my hands at they chatted idly about
partying. Class should have begu
n but I gave them and extra moment or two to
. As I stood to speak
, a lone straggler made her way into the class. She averted my gaze and slipped into her seat at the back of the room. She looked embarrassed and something about that intrigued me. The way her long dark hair framed her face and she innocently bit her lip did other things to me.
This one was different. I could tell from the moment our eyes met. She
have an agenda. She
looking to fuck everyone over for the greater good of herself. 


“Now that we’re all here I’d like to introduce myself. Ms. Gibbs will be out for a few months for medical issues. My name is Mr. Honor.”
I explained.
Several of the girls giggled and whispered amongst themselves. I could have any of them I wanted, but I did not want any of them. That was a lie. I glanced back up at the dark haired girl. Her cheeks flushed pink and she quickly looked down at the papers in front of her.
Pure submissive perfection.


I did my best to keep my mind on the
task at hand
for the rest of the period. When it was finally over, I could not empty out the room fast enough. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to hear her speak.


“You, come here for a moment.”
I pointed in her direction. I settled on the edge of my desk as I waited for her to collect her things. I grabbed a ruler and absentmindedly flipped it
in my hands. Her eyes watched my fingers intently.
If she only knew what I wanted to do with these fingers.

BOOK: Honor Thy Teacher
12.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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