Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Mé 4

Imprisoned Match

Anna Valdez is leading a double life that will surely land her in jail. Since the age of eighteen, Anna has been on a path of revenge to make those pay who are responsible for her family’s death.

Unbeknownst to Anna, her best friend has created a profile on a ménage dating website in hopes of pushing her into having a life. Both paths lead her to the town of Triple, where Elliott and Mitch Braxton are at odds about meeting their perfect match. Elliott thinks it’s time that his brother return to the life of the living after ten years in prison. Mitch disagrees—that is, until he meets up with Anna.

Trying to keep them at arm's length proves impossible, especially when they find out she’s not exactly who she says she is. Can Elliott and Mitch convince Anna that being imprisoned in their love is a better choice?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

42,812 words



Mé 4






Peyton Elizabeth










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Mé 4



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Chapter One


“You did what?”

Anna Valdez snapped up the computer that was sitting on her friend’s lap and gaped at the screen in horror. Staring back was a picture of herself along with every personal detail of her life for the entire world to see. Scrolling down quickly, Anna saw that even her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, was listed on the page. How could her one and only friend do this to her?

“Sarah, how could you do this to me?” Anna asked, reiterating the question that was bouncing around in her head.

“Because you can’t keep staying in this one-bedroom apartment day after day, night after night, with no social life,” Sarah explained, leaning forward to pick up her wineglass that had been sitting on the glass coffee table. “It’s unhealthy. You live here, sleep here, eat here, and work here. What kind of existence is that? Besides, if I don’t look after you, who will?”

Anna slammed the laptop down on the table and swiped up her wineglass. She was going to need the rest of the bottle after this bombshell. Anna stood up and walked to the small kitchenette, where the opened wine bottle from earlier this evening sat on the counter. Refilling her glass, Anna tried to think of a way to undo the mess that Sarah had gotten her into. She knew that Sarah had her best intentions at heart, but there were things that her friend didn’t know, such as the fact that Anna was a criminal. Well, sort of. The word
was a little harsh, but what was the point of splitting hairs when the end result would be the same—jail. If Anna had her way, Sarah would never know what she really did with her days and nights.

“I know you think you’re helping me, but really, signing me up for a dating website? I don’t have time to date,” Anna said, returning to the living room and taking a seat in her favorite big, cushy chair that sat off to the side of the couch. There were few things that gave her comfort, but her apartment was a safe haven Anna had come to appreciate. It was the only place she was actually able to be herself. While Sarah might not know what Anna actually did for a living, she was the only one who really knew Anna as a person.

“That’s why a dating site is perfect,” Sarah replied with a smile. She held the wineglass between her thighs as she tightened her ponytail. “If I can’t get you to hit the bars with me, then I’m going to have to figure out a way to bring the guys to you. And just to make sure we don’t miss any of the good men, I have doubled your chances.”

“What does that mean?” Anna asked, dreading to even hear what else Sarah had done. There was no way this situation could get any worse, could it?

“It’s not just a dating website—it’s a ménage dating website,” Sarah said, grinning like a cat that had swallowed a canary.

“Ménage? As in two men? Are you crazy?” Okay, so she was wrong and things had gotten worse. If she were an optimistic person, Anna would be saying it was all uphill from here and this could be fixed. Unfortunately, she was a realist—and reality sucked.

While Sarah droned on about how it was a good idea to increase Anna’s chances of meeting
the one
, Anna took a big gulp of her wine to keep herself from screaming. She needed to take down her profile immediately, and in such a way that didn’t send off warning signals to Sarah that something was wrong. If someone were to find out her real identity, it could be fatal. Although, if Anna calmed down a bit and really thought this through, what were the odds of the people she was deceiving scanning ménage dating websites? It was almost laughable. After all, they were criminals associated with a drug cartel. She highly doubted they would concern themselves with online dating.

Leading a double life was getting more complicated by the day, and Anna knew if she didn’t stop, she’d end up dead. Anna figured jail was being too hopeful. On the plus side, the snapshot Sarah had placed on the site was how she looked now, which was with light auburn hair—she refused to call it red. The alias she had created, Anna Cruz, had jet-black hair and dressed to the nines, which was how anyone associated with the cartel knew her. She glanced down at her gray sweatpants. This was how Anna Valdez dressed. Tuning back into Sarah’s rant about Anna needing a life, one word caught her attention.

“What did you say?”

“I said Triple isn’t that far from here. Apparently, that type of lifestyle is really prominent in the surrounding area. I reviewed some of the other applicants, and the majority of the men reside there. You should see some of the ranches in that part of the country. Wow—they sure have money.”

This could not be happening. Anna drained the rest of her glass, hoping the blood hadn’t faded from her face in such an obvious manner. She needed another refill. Getting back up, Anna made a beeline for the bottle with every intention of finishing it off. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but knew that if she did either one, she wouldn’t be able to stop. Leave it to Sarah to sign her up for a dating service where the applicants were from the one town she needed to stay away from. Instead of going uphill, Sarah had just pushed her off a cliff.

Her mind drifted back to around a month ago. It was the one time she had ever set foot in Triple. She hadn’t planned on shooting two men that night, but seeing innocent people hurt wasn’t in her game plan and she had done what she had to do to protect them. Her life’s purpose was to bring down those responsible for her family’s death, not to have innocent blood on her hands. She couldn’t prevent the memory from flooding back.


Anna walked around the cargo truck that held a massive load of illegal weapons, knowing she didn’t have much time. The sellers were undercover agents and she figured she had precious moments before the ATF swept in for the arrests. At least Sonny Jones, the straw man of this meeting, would get his payback for his role in murdering her family. That had been her one and only goal this evening.

“And how do I know that he won’t come after me later, huh?” Sonny yelled, catching Anna’s attention.

Turning her head, Anna saw that he held a woman at gunpoint. The two men who Anna had been introduced to as the sellers also had their weapons aimed at Sonny and his bodyguard, Victor. It was a standoff. Cooper and Brody Jackson had things under control though. They would make the arrest, Sonny would spend the rest of his life in jail, and she could go hunting for her next—and final—target. Carlos was already holding open the door to the black vehicle that would be her salvation. She wasn’t going to get involved in their dispute and give the ATF the chance to nab her.

“Sonny, don’t be stupid.”

Anna heard the panic in Cooper Jackson’s voice. Now wasn’t the time to grow a conscience, she thought, forcing herself to take another step toward her car. Agents were trained for situations like these. They had it covered.

BOOK: Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
12.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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