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BOOK: Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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“Suck his cock,” Elliott ordered, his tone still full of steel.

He didn’t have to tell her twice. Once he released his hold of her hair, Anna made her way down Mitch’s body, enjoying every inch of skin he displayed. Using her teeth, she tugged at his button until it popped. With shaking hands due to the overload of desire, she managed to pull his zipper down and, with his help, slide the denim over his muscular thighs. The outline of his cock was magnificent. It was long and thick, and a damp spot of moisture from his pre-cum made the white cotton almost see-through.

“Are you wet?” Elliott asked from behind her. She heard him shedding his clothes behind her. Where had the sweet and charming younger brother gone?

“Yes,” Anna keened, wanting him to touch her.

She slipped her fingers underneath the elastic band of Mitch’s underwear and lifted the material up and over his cock. His shaft seemed even wider without the cotton covering it, and the veins seemed to strain against the velvety skin. Her mouth watered, and suddenly, she was ravenous for his taste.

Anna gently wrapped her fingers around his rigid member and lifted him straight up. She swiped her tongue over his tip, lapping up the pearl of pre-cum that had leaked from his slit. Musky flavor with a hint of salt covered her taste buds. She craved more.

Opening her mouth, Anna enclosed her lips around the inflexible organ and sucked hard. She could feel the blood pulsate through his cock and knew it was only a matter of time before his seed exploded in her mouth. Longing for his loss of control, Anna went to work. Up and down, she made sure her saliva coated his satiny skin, warming and impaling him back to her throat.

The moans he let escape seemed to travel down her body and into her pussy. Anna needed to remove her panties, because her juices had now soaked through the material and she felt a drop of her cream start to run down the inside of her thigh. She felt Mitch’s hands tangle with her hair. His fingers tightened and he took over control, much to her dismay. Anna had wanted to be the one to set the pace, but when she felt Elliott’s fingers slip underneath her panties and pull them down, she thought maybe it was for the best. Elliott was distracting her with his touch and she was turning into one giant ball of electrified nerves.

“Fuck, you were right,” Elliott murmured. She heard him tear a packet open and knew it was a condom. “You are soaking wet and so ready for me.”

Anna could only imagine what she looked like to both of them. Her hands were positioned on either side of Mitch’s thighs so she could take him orally, while her knees were in between his legs, keeping her ass in the air for Elliott to do as he pleased. Her panties were down around her knees, preventing her from spreading her legs too far apart. Elliott didn’t seem to mind though, because she felt the mattress dip behind her and his large hands being placed on her hips.

Elliott’s finger swiped through her folds, gathering her cream. He didn’t touch her clit, and somehow that caused it to throb more. His touch to her anus had her trying to pull up, but Mitch’s fingers tightened in her hair, preventing her from moving. The thrill of their control inflamed her insatiability.

“Have you ever been taken here?” Elliott asked.

His question set her body ablaze, and when his finger pressed against her hole, an explosion of longing washed over her. No, she’d never been taken there. What would it feel like to have him claim her there? Would it hurt? Would it burn? His inquiry must have set Mitch’s appetite for satisfaction on high, because his fingers tightened in her hair while his thrusts sped up.

“I think we’ll have to wait on that a while, at least until we loosen you up,” Elliott said. “Right now, I want to feel you surround my cock with your heat.”

She wanted to be taken fast and hard. Elliott gave her what she wanted and drove himself into her pussy. He impaled her so fast that the burn took her by surprise. Her scream was muffled by Mitch’s cock, which was now hitting the back of her throat. Anna had no choice but to swallow. Mitch must have liked the sensation, because he screamed out her name. She curled her fingernails into the sheets and held on as Elliott plunged over and over into her pussy. It had been so long since she’d had sex, and she knew she was right to have been afraid, because this one time wasn’t going to be enough.

“Perfection,” Elliott said in a strained voice. “So fucking hot.”

The tingles started in her toes, traveling up the insides of her legs until they finally spread out all over her body like a sparkler being lit on the Fourth of July. She usually had to concentrate to maintain her orgasm, but with Elliott pounding into her from behind and Mitch’s cock growing larger inside of her mouth, Anna just let them take the reins. Her body finally exploded, along with Mitch’s, so she swallowed every drop he gave her and allowed herself to fly.

Somewhere over the ringing in her ears, Anna heard Elliott cry out his release, although he kept thrusting into her. The prolonging effect left her with little energy, so by the time her body came down off of the high, Anna pretty much collapsed on top of Mitch. He didn’t seem to mind, though, as his arms came around her. She had forgotten what it was like to feel cocooned, and her eyes drifted shut, relishing the safety he provided. She would rest for only a minute and then tell them they had to leave. Anna sighed and snuggled closer into Mitch’s warmth.

Chapter Nine



Anna jolted awake, sitting straight up in bed. The coolness of the air hit her skin, immediately bringing to mind what had happened earlier. Shit! She glanced over at the nightstand to see that the clock read after noon. She had missed her shift and another opportunity to gather information on her target. Anna went to jump up from the bed when an arm caught her around the waist.

“Hold up there,” Elliott said from his prone position beside her, “you’re not going anywhere until we’ve talked a few things out.”

“Elliott, now is not a good time. I’m late for my shift and I can’t screw this up.”

His hand tightened on her hip. “Screw what up? Who are you after? Or is someone after you?”

Elliott sat up, taking ahold of her hand. His short black hair stood on end and his eyes were a little bloodshot. It dawned on her that while she had slept last night, he must have stayed awake wondering who she was and what she was doing in Triple. She pushed aside the guilty feeling of keeping the truth from him, attempting to recall the pain of losing her family. It wasn’t hard to evoke. Vengeance needed to be served.

“Just because we fucked doesn’t give you the right to have access into my life,” Anna snapped, yanking her hand out of his. She jumped out of the bed and went in search of clothes. She would have to shower later. “You know where the door is.”

“I called Willow and told her you were sick.”

Anna whirled around at that and saw that he was making himself comfortable at the head of the bed. What right did he have to make those kinds of decisions on her behalf? They had had sex, not a marriage ceremony, for God’s sake. Even in this little town, men should know the difference. Did the man she was after think something was wrong with her not showing up for work today? Would this push up her timetable? She needed time to think and to call Agent Monroe. First things first—she needed Elliott to leave.

“Elliott, I’ve tried to explain this to you numerous times,” Anna said, looking around for her robe. This wasn’t a conversation they should have with her standing naked in the middle of the room. Plus, if he kept looking over her body like he could devour it, she wasn’t so sure she’d be able to say no. Seeing him sitting against her pillows was an open invitation that she really needed to decline. It was in everyone’s best interest. “I’m attracted to both you and Mitch, but it can’t turn into anything more than what we’ve already done. Wait. Where is Mitch?”

“He needed to run by the garage. We flipped a coin, and it’s my turn to watch you.”

“Watch me?” Why did she suddenly feel as if she was losing control, not only of this conversation but of this last crucial mission she’d undertaken?

“We’ve decided that whatever you’re involved with, you’re in over your head. You are wanted by the ATF, yet when you show up in town, they don’t arrest you. In fact, according to Cooper and Brody, they’ve gone out of their way to make sure you are given free reign. It makes us wonder if you haven’t switched teams. Did you finally realize that whatever you were doing was going to land your pretty ass in jail?”

She watched as Elliott lifted a knee and draped his arm over it, reminding her of one of those
covers that always had the women drooling. The Elliott she’d come to know was back, the casual smirk on his face and the sparkle in his eye. The sheet barely covered his midsection though. It was a distracting vision and she wondered if women were ever driven insane over sexual frustration, because that’s what this had to be. She’d gone too long without sex, and now after this first taste of it, especially at the hands of two men, nothing else seemed to matter.

“We’ve been over this. What I’m doing doesn’t concern you. It also doesn’t concern Cooper or Brody Jackson, who seem to have supplied you with classified information. They apparently don’t know their place,” Anna said, wishing they were standing in front of her so that she could reprimand them. “Let me put this to you a little more clearly. You’re going to get me killed if you don’t leave this alone.”

Anna hadn’t realized how he would take that statement, thinking more along the lines of that he would actually leave to protect her. Instead, his eyes darkened past her favorite molasses shade and into something more sinister. His fingers curled into fists. His jaw tightened and his muscle became apparent as his lips compressed. She’d have expected this reaction from Mitch but not the easygoing Elliott that everyone around this town loved.


“Who is threatening you, and what are you involved with?” Elliott stood from the bed. His body was like that of a marble statue. Anna swallowed, not sure why she was finding his intimidating presence so arousing.

“It’s not—”

“If we have to keep you locked up in this room for your protection, then that’s what we’ll do. But you are not parading around town, working in a diner for anyone to get at you, if you feel that your life is threatened.”

By the time he was finished talking, Elliott was standing in front of her. She hadn’t found her robe or anything else to put on. She didn’t need to look down to know her nipples were hard and pointed straight at him, as if begging him to touch them. She could feel her juices start to leak from her pussy and the blood start rushing to her clit. Her mind was screaming at her to get rid of him, but her body was telling her something else.

“Why?” Anna whispered, looking up at him. She could see in his eyes that he understood what she was asking. Why was it so important to him to find out who she really was?

Elliott slowly shook his head. The anger and frustration gradually left his features, leaving a tenderness behind. Her Elliott was back. His hand came up and brushed away a few strands of hair from her face. “I don’t know. Trust me, I wish I did. But there’s something about you that just won’t let us walk away.”

His mouth claimed hers before she could respond to that. She wasn’t sure she could reply, because that would give meaning to his words. He was sucking her in emotionally, as well as Mitch, and it was turning her life upside down. Needing his touch to erase the outside world for just a little while longer, Anna opened her mouth and gave him access.

Without losing their connection, Elliott started to walk her backward, to where the tiny bathroom was located. It wasn’t much, with just a toilet and a stand-up shower. In fact, Anna wasn’t so sure they would fit in the small enclosure. Elliott pushed her against the wall while he fiddled with the handle. She heard the spray of water against the plastic shell.

“I’m not good for you.” The words came out before she had a chance to stop them. She opened her eyes. Looking up, she saw him studying her and weighing her comment. “I’m not, Elliott. I’ve done some bad things.”

“Tell me.”

Anna shook her head, not wanting his desire of her to fade. Once he heard some of the things she’d had to do in order to bring justice for her family, Elliott would never again want to touch her. She’d shot people, she’d witnessed innocent people get hurt without being able to stop it, she’d stolen, she’d lied, and she’d cheated bad people out of money and weapons. It didn’t matter that she’d turned those things in to the ATF without them being aware of who was supplying them with evidence. She’d still gotten her hands dirty.

“We will find out, Anna. It’s just a matter of time. But right now, I want another hour with you before we face reality.”

Elliott pushed her into the stall and up against the wall, yanking the curtain closed behind them. The hot water ran down them, its beads racing to see which one could hit the drain first. As steam rose up between them, Elliott closed the distance and used his tongue to chase one of the droplets running down her neck. He went lower and she arched her back, presenting him with her breasts. They ached with need for him to touch and squeeze. Instead of giving her what she wanted, Elliott pulled back and reached for the soap.

“I want to get to know your body,” Elliott said, lathering the white bar between his hands until bubbles surrounded his skin. “Where you like to be touched, what awakens your senses, what makes you want more. I want to find things that no other man has. Will you let me?”

BOOK: Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
4.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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