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BOOK: Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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The endearing question took her by surprise, and all she could do was nod her head. “Yes,” Anna whispered.

He placed the bar of soap back on the tiny shelf in the corner. Elliott then slowly lifted his hands, starting at her neck. The pads of his fingers were slick with bubbles and soap. As he washed and caressed her skin, Elliott kept his eyes on her face. It was disconcerting but also very tantalizing. When he reached her collarbone, Anna gasped in surprise at the sensitivity. Elliott’s lips curled up in a half smile.


He was counting the places that aroused her? Should she tell him that excited her as well? Both of his hands traveled over her shoulders and down the backs of her arms. She jolted just a bit, the skin there feeling as if it were on fire.


Oh boy. She wasn’t sure she’d survive this exploration of his. Elliott ran his palms around each elbow, roaming further until he reached the insides of her wrists. Her lips parted.


Anna had been concentrating on his hands, but his word count brought her gaze up to his face. He was still watching her. The heat her body was producing had nothing to do with the hot water raining down on them. The movement of his thumbs switched her attention back to his search. Watching as he lathered each finger, she was astounded that each digit felt different when he traced it.


Releasing her hands, Elliott reached for the bar of soap and lathered some more suds. He was really intent on his search. His eyes roamed over the rest of her body, as if he were guessing which stroke would garner another response. She’d never been with a man who took his time finding out what turned a woman on.

“Where were we?” Elliott motioned for her to turn around. He wanted her facing the wall? Any other man would have been eager to touch the front of her. She took a deep breath, wondering how much longer he was going to continue with this examination before she cried for mercy. “Face the wall. I want to do your backside next.”

Anna’s mouth was dry. She would have laughed at that, considering they were in the shower with an unlimited amount of water, but she couldn’t bring herself to make a sound. She did as he asked and turned to face the wall.

“Hands above your head.”

Anna moaned. Okay, so that got a response. Anna slowly pushed her palms up the side of the shower wall until they were above her head, giving him the access he wanted. Elliott started at her shoulders and leisurely made his way down her back. When he reached the small arch in the middle of her spine, Anna had to lay her head against the wall.


His fingers traced the contours of her hips, down the sides of her ass. Anna couldn’t prevent those muscles from clenching. She bit her lip.


Was his voice getting deeper with every number? Maybe he was just as affected as her? Was there a chance that he would just spin her around and take her, giving her what she wanted? God, she hoped so. When his finger started at the top of her crevice and worked its way down, her anus clamped down. The closer he got, the fuller it felt, and he hadn’t even breached that muscle. When the pad of his finger brushed over her hole, Anna cried out and arched her back.


Okay. It was official. She was not going to survive this. Elliott pulled his hands away and, she assumed, lathered up again. Anna didn’t have the strength to lift her head up from the wall. Water was now running down her face, but she didn’t care. She kept her eyes closed.

Anna felt Elliott’s hands return to her body, starting at the top of her thighs. As he worked his way down, Anna hadn’t realized the backs of her knees could be so sensitive. If she hadn’t been leaning up against the wall, she would have fallen in a clump of goo and been washed down the drain.


Elliott reached her ankles. The dimples on either side of her Achilles tendon had her jerking her foot up, eliciting a chuckle from him.

“Eighteen.” Elliott touched her hip. “Turn around and face me.”

Anna emitted another moan. She needed to tap out. He still had her entire front to do and she knew she wasn’t going to last. Her pussy ached in a way she’d never known it could, bypassing sexual frustration and reaching terminal nymphomania. She decided it was time to beg.

“Elliott,” Anna said, although it came out as more of a croak, “just fuck me. I can’t take any more.”

“Turn around,” Elliott ordered. Anna rolled her forehead on the shower wall and maneuvered her shoulders until she was facing him. “Spread your legs.”



From his tone, Anna had already figured out he wasn’t going to just fuck her. She’d have to suffer through the rest of his treasure hunt if she were to be given the golden egg. For this amount of suffering, that egg better contain multiple orgasms, she thought. Anna did his bidding and spread her legs wide.

Instead of starting at the top of her, Elliott surprised her when, after he gathered more bubbles, he started at her toes. And just as with her fingers, each little digit gave off different tantalizing sensations. Her knees almost gave out.

“Twenty-eight,” Elliott murmured.

As his touch traveled up her legs, avoiding her pussy, she was astounded by how sensitive certain places were. Right below her kneecap was ticklish, yet above her hairline, the skin felt tender. Anna was grateful that she kept herself neatly trimmed, especially with Elliott inspecting every inch of her body. She knew that her abdomen was going to elicit a response, and sure enough, as his fingers trailed across her stomach and over her belly button, Anna had to raise herself up on her tiptoes. The stimulation was almost too much to bear. Anna felt her pussy flutter and knew the wetness on the insides of her thighs had nothing to do with the water. By the time Elliott reached her breasts, she heard him say the number thirty-two.

“Let’s see if we can find at least forty,” Elliott said, leaning up on his knees. The movement of his position brought his face close to her chest, where her nipples were pointing directly at him, begging for attention. “Then Mitch can do a recount and make sure I found every area that makes you wet.”

“I can’t get any wetter,” Anna cried out. She reached out and was grateful that she could hold on to his shoulders. “And Mitch will just have to take your word for it, because there is no way I’d survive another shower with either of you.”

Elliott chuckled. “Where were we? Ah, thirty-two, I think.”

Anna found the undersides of her breasts were almost just as sensitive as the nipples themselves. Well, almost. When his slippery fingers rubbed over the hardened pebbles, the electrifying rush of pleasure that swirled into her clit was almost painful. Anna couldn’t help the scream that ripped from her throat when Elliott’s lips fastened themselves to her clit. The engorged tissue immediately exploded into a feverish orgasm that consumed her. Anna could do nothing but hold on to Elliott’s hair as he wrung every agonizingly delicious, scorching spasm from her body.

When Elliott finally relented, he brought her down slowly. The suction of his lips lessened and Elliott used his tongue to slowly lick her clit. He released her nipples and brought his fingers leisurely down her sides, causing her muscles to twitch. Anna knew he would add those two extra spots to his count.


“Damn,” Anna replied, a small smile forming on her lips. “One shy of your mark.”

“Oh, Anna, you are so wrong,” Elliott murmured against her clit. Kissing her nub, he stood up and then kissed her lips. She could taste herself, but the flavor got mingled with the water running down his face, diluting her essence. “Don’t move.”

Anna wrinkled her brow, wondering what he was talking about. There wasn’t a place on her body that he had missed. She watched as he reached around the shower curtain. When he turned back to face her, Elliott was holding a condom in his hand. He must have put one there without her noticing. Even though she was still recovering from her recent orgasm, seeing him roll the latex over his cock had her pussy convulsing in tiny ripples. Elliott and Mitch were starting to become addicting. If she stopped a minute to think about the ramifications of what their touch was doing to her, Anna knew she would jump out of that shower as if the water heater had busted. Instead, Anna desperately coveted what Elliott was about to give her.

“Put your legs around me.” Elliott put his hands underneath her arms and slid her body up the wall. Anna did as he asked and wrapped herself around him, opening up her core for his impending penetration. Their skin slid against each other, the moisture creating a smooth and graceful embrace as water continued to stream over their bodies. Mimicking the elegant movements, Elliott’s cock burrowed deep into her pussy with one stroke. “Forty.”

Elliott whispered the number in her ear, inciting shivers throughout her body. He pulled out. She looked down and saw he was covered in her cream. Elliott surged back in. Anna buried her face into his neck and held on, knowing that all she had to do was follow him to that place of rapture. His hands snaked down to grab ahold of both cheeks, causing her pussy lips to separate even farther. He was unyielding in his onslaught, plunging into her over and over again. It didn’t take long before her body coiled and she felt that jolt of rhapsody.

“That’s right, Anna. Come for me.”

His momentum continued, drawing her orgasm out until she was screaming his name. It didn’t take long for him to follow her, reaching his own release. As his strokes lessened, Anna’s muscles finally relaxed enough for her to lower her legs. Although he leaned up against her, Elliott was careful of his weight. She took a moment to rest her head against his chest, knowing it would probably be the last time he held her in his arms. She ignored the tear that fell onto her cheek, blending with the water that was just now losing its warmth. Even it knew that the time had come to be turned off.

Chapter Ten


“It’s going down today,” Anna said, holding the cell phone to her ear as she walked across the street to the diner. “I don’t have time to wait for you. I’m confronting him now. He’s not a stupid man, Agent Monroe. Sam Fowler had to have recognized my last name the minute he saw my application for the waitress job.”

“You called me, Ms. Valdez. We have enough information on you to put you away for a long time. Turning state’s evidence and testifying against the men who are already in prison for other crimes—not including your family’s murders—is beneficial to us, but not if you go and blow this thing wide open. We need more time. The DEA is sending in an agent, and he will be there shortly. Fowler has been in business with the drug cartel for many years, using his diner as a delivery point. He has the ability to get us in on the inside.”

“See, Agent Monroe, this is where we differ. Yes, I called you for your help, because I knew the only way to get to Sam Fowler was through you. The minute I would’ve stepped foot in this town as Anna Cruz, I would’ve been arrested and thrown in jail. By making a deal with you as Anna Valdez, at least I stand a shot at bringing down Fowler. He murdered my family.”

“Anna, I realize that,” Monroe said, his voice softening up just a touch. “But have you ever considered that it was your brother’s choices that got your family killed? Yes, Sam Fowler ordered the hit. But it was your brother who made the decision to not only go into business with criminals but also try to extort more money from them. These aren’t petty thieves, Anna. They are ruthless men who put greed above life. And the sad thing is, you’ve already handed yours over by devoting your life to revenge. Is that really what your parents would have wanted?”

Anna tried to exhale, but it came out more as a wheeze. She stopped on the sidewalk, not able to bring herself to take another step. She placed her hand on her chest, realizing that Agent Monroe had thrown her own words back into her face. Hadn’t she told Mitch the same thing? Everyone has a choice, but it’s how we react to those decisions that make us who we are. To admit that her reaction was wrong was something she couldn’t do—refused to do. She would follow through with her plan. Piece by piece, she slowly allowed a part of Anna Cruz to take over.

“Sam Fowler murdered your family?”

Anna whirled around, finding Mitch standing behind her on the street. His brown eyes were wide with shock. She saw Elliott over Mitch’s shoulder coming toward them. He didn’t look happy, which was expected since she’d just left him in her bathroom getting dressed. She’d snuck out of the room, knowing that it was probably her only chance at doing what she needed to do without their interference. This entire situation had gone to hell and she’d lost control. Agent Monroe’s voice was coming out of the phone at a high decibel.

“Agent Monroe, trust me when I say that Fowler’s already figured out why I’m here. And if he’s stupid enough to fall for this trap that you want me to lay, then all the better. I’ll get everything I can on tape, and if you feel that’s not enough to make an arrest, then I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.”

Ending the call, Anna shoved the phone into the pocket of her jacket. Before rushing out of the bedroom, Anna had thrown on a pair of jeans with a black turtleneck sweater. She’d snatched her jacket before quietly sneaking out. Elliott hadn’t been so lucky and stood in front of her without a coat.

“Who was murdered?” Elliott asked, having missed her part of the conversation that Mitch was privy to.

BOOK: Imprisoned Match [Mé 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
12.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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