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kay, I have two hours to finish this and get to class,” Bianca said as she passed the laptop back over to Meredith.

The two of them had done this all night, watching as nurses came in and woken Jagger up at different times, asking him simple questions. He’d been so out of it, he hadn’t even noticed the three of them there. Tyler had conked out a few hours ago, but they were still going strong.

Bianca excused herself to the bathroom, taking a bag of toiletries that she kept in her purse. Glancing at herself in the mirror, she took note of her dark circles and sighed. This was going to be a hell of a long day. She worked on covering up those circles with what makeup she had and making herself appear just a little bit more awake. Since this was also her “bar bag” as she liked to call it, she had a small can of dry shampoo. Spraying it on her hair, she styled it as best she could and thanked heavens she’d had the presence of mind the night before to put on clothes that matched. Mouthwash that she also carried in her bag would have to do. She felt a million times better and knew that she would be able to face the day now.

When she came out, Meredith was typing on the laptop. “I’m just making some small changes, you should have time to read over it before you go to class. This is just about perfect.”

“I have you to thank for that. I appreciate all the work you’ve done helping me with this.”

“Not a problem. I actually enjoy doing this kind of stuff.”

From the bed, Jagger’s hoarse voice sounded. “What happened to me?”

Bianca hurried over and leaned over him. “You were in an accident. You’re in the hospital,” she whispered softly as she gently rubbed his forehead.

“That van?”

Tyler had woken up at the first sound of Jagger’s voice, and when those words were spoken, he leaned over as well. “Do you remember anything about it?”

“No, it was pretty nondescript, but I’m pretty sure it was white.”


“I’ll go get the doctor,” Meredith said as she went quickly out of the room.

Tyler stepped back, giving the two of them some space. “I’m glad you’re okay,” Bianca smiled.

“Were you worried about me?”

“Yeah. It’s not a fun thing to get a phone call from Liam that says you’ve been in an accident and they’re taking you to the hospital.”

He thought for a moment about how he would feel if someone had called him with that news about her. “I imagine that was pretty scary. Sorry I worried you.”

She could tell that he was serious. “It’s alright, I’m just glad you’re awake and talking.”

Ashley brushed into the room. “How you feelin’, Jagger?”

“Fucking sore. It hurts to breathe,” he answered honestly.

“Your ribs are bruised. You’re gonna be uncomfortable for a few weeks, but it’s a lot better than it could have been.”

Jagger knew without a doubt that she told the truth. While she checked his vitals and shone a light in his eyes, Bianca glanced at her watch and realized she needed to leave in order to make it to her class.

“I hate to do this, but I’ve got to go. I have to print out this paper and turn it in. Meredith, I’m just gonna have to trust the changes you’ve made.”

“You don’t have a car, do you? We drove.” Tyler rubbed his face, still trying to wake himself up.

“I don’t.”

Meredith grabbed her keys and her purse. “I’ll take you, and I’ll pick you up after.”

“Are you sure?” Bianca asked.

“Girl, you are going to have to accept some friendship here,” she smiled, softening the words she had said.

“I’m trying. It’s not something I’m used to.”

“I wasn’t either, but this group will
you accept their friendship. They are stifling like that.”

Bianca sat in her class, taking notes, but mindless as to what was being said. Her thoughts were still with Jagger, hoping that he was able to go home. She had wanted to say so much more to him, but it hadn’t felt right in that hospital room with everyone there.

Beside her, her phone vibrated. Glancing up to see if the coast was clear, she took a moment to check the text message, smiling when she realized it was from Jagger.

Going home. Thanks for being here all night. They gave me some pills to knock me out. Probably going to be out of it the rest of the day.

It sounded so abrupt to her and it kind of hurt. Had he meant it the way it sounded? It was so odd with text messages. You couldn’t tell what tone someone was actually using, and you couldn’t see their faces to see their true feelings. This did not feel good at all.

I can come see you, it’s not a problem. I wanted to be there!

He never answered.

“Is Jagger really alright?” she asked as she got into the truck with Meredith, who had come to pick her up like promised.

“He seems really quiet. They released him and said everything is fine, but sometimes after a wreck, guys can get very weird. It’s like they’re faced with their mortality. It sends them into an odd headspace. Why do you ask?”

“He pretty much texted me saying that he didn’t want to see me for the rest of the day. When I told him that I could come see him and that I had wanted to be there, he didn’t even answer me.”

Meredith thought for a moment. “Maybe he’s just tired.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Maybe he’s just tired, but why did it feel like he was giving me the brush-off?”

“Like I said, maybe he’s just trying to get his footing after the wreck. Sometimes those things can really fuck you up. It may take him a couple of days to be back to his old self.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Bianca agreed, but that didn’t make her feel any better.

Chapter Eleven

wo days later Bianca still hadn’t spoken to Jagger. She’d texted him a couple of times and he had replied, but it was muted compared to the way he had normally teased her. This was going to change. An ‘A’ on her paper that she had been so worried about made her very happy. Grabbing her phone, she placed a call to a number she had texted numerous times in the past days.


“Yes, Meredith, it’s me. Ya know, actually calling someone. I think you called this a friendship.”

On the other end of the phone, Meredith laughed. “Smart-ass. What can I help you with?”

“Jagger is still not really speaking to me, I want to surprise him. Would it be okay for me to bring him some lunch to the clubhouse?”

Meredith’s heart warmed. She was in love and wanted everyone else to be that way too. “That would be great. Lunch time is when it’s the least busy too, so you’ll almost be alone with him. I’ll set it up so that you have no problems getting in, and his dorm is next to Tyler’s. Their names are on the doors.”

She hadn’t really thought about that. “Is there not a table we can eat at?”

“With his ribs, it’s hard for him to do anything for too long, so he’s just been sitting in a recliner in his dorm. He’s pretty down.”

That’s what Bianca couldn’t figure out. Why was he so down? “Well, I’m sick of him being a Negative Nathan. He’s going to be in a better mood if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Sounds good.”

“Oh, by the way. Thanks so much for your help on that paper. I aced it and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the suggestions you made.”

“I’m happy to help. That’s what friends are for.”

They hung up and Bianca couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Friends. That had such a good ring to it.

Jagger was miserable. It hurt no matter where he sat, stood, or lay. It wasn’t as bad as it had been, the bruised ribs were not broken or cracked, but it gave him a good excuse to have a temper. That’s exactly what he wanted and he wasn’t sure why. He was in a foul mood and knew he was taking it out on everyone around him. When there was a knock on his door, he groaned.

“Leave me alone!” he yelled.

The knob turned, and he fought the rage that rolled in his stomach. “I told you to leave me the fuck alone. I ain’t a nice guy right now.”

Bianca finished opening the door, a smile pasted on her face. “I brought you lunch and some money. Did you forget about our deal?”

That deal seemed like so long ago had only been a week ago, but this was the beginning of a new week so she did have a point. “Forget about our deal.”

BOOK: Losing Control
10.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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