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“I’m going to ensure you wait patiently.” Gavin strapped something on Erik’s wrists. “Lay on your back,” he invited.


Erik did as he was told, stretching out on slippery sheets. Gavin raised Erik’s arms over his head and secured the other end of the strap, he guessed, to the headboard. “There.”


Erik tested the bindings, jerking his arms, fear kicking up a notch. Gavin dropped the gentlest kiss to his throat, his tongue laving the pulse. Fear exploded into desire, and Erik’s balls tightened from the force of what swirled in his gut. Jesus. He was ready to beg now.


“Shh,” Gavin soothed. “I need your consent before I do more. Will you submit?”


Erik swallowed every ounce of pride he ever owned and whispered, “Yes.”


“I’m going to take this very slow, very gentle. Just the cuffs, the blindfold. Have you played with anal plugs? Nipple clamps?”


“Jesus, no.” The more Erik knew, the more it shocked him. He knew Gavin was a fuck god, but
. The roles would be reversed for a change, with Gavin teaching him. Weird, yet right.


“Would you like to try some of those things?” Gavin’s hand ran the length of Erik’s side, blazing a trail of heat down his ribs. “You can say stop, and I’ll stop.”


“Oh, God.”


“Yeah, God isn’t going to help you here.” Gavin sounded amused as he rose from the bed. “I’m going to wash these brushes. I’ll be right back.”


His footsteps padded down the hall, and Erik strained against the leather bands at his wrists, panic setting in. Gavin was gone. What if those candles tipped and set the room on fire? He’d be one hell of a tasty barbeque menu for the town’s firefighters.




“Shh, here. The blindfold makes you feel vulnerable, yes?”


Erik jumped at Gavin’s voice, right at his ear. His heart had been pounding so loud he hadn’t heard his soft footfalls return. “Hell, no.”


Gavin laughed softly. “Sure.”


Something light caressed Erik’s abdomen. He jumped, clenching his stomach muscles. That touch came again along his ribs, then over each nipple. “What is that?”


“A feather.”


“What happened to the whips, chains, and stuff shoved up my ass?”


“Begging already, are you?” Gavin laughed—the first true one that came from deep inside, one of pure joy.


Erik warmed to that laugh, wanting more. “I didn’t expect a feather.”


“That’s the point. To set your senses off-guard, make you vulnerable, wanting.”


The feather lifted and then landed on his inner thigh, tickling its way up to the crease in his groin. “Fuck.”


“Feel good?” The feather tickled again, this time at his bicep, trailing down his forearm, rimming the leather restraints at his wrists. “I want you to feel good.”


“I want you to touch me.”


“I am touching you.”


The feather found his scrotum. Erik jumped, and the veins in his cock throbbed, jealous of the attention. “I’ve waited forever to feel your hands, Gavin. Ten years.”


“You’ve wanted me that long?” Gavin sounded surprised.


“I jacked off to images of you at the Fourth of July party when we turned fourteen.” It had been the last time they’d undressed in front of each other except in the locker room, where he couldn’t really enjoy the view. Even though Gavin hadn’t taken any care in shedding his clothes, it had felt like a strip tease to Erik. His body had been beautiful then, just leaner, less muscular.


“You had a hard-on.” That feather tickled Erik’s steely cock, tracing the head, trailing down the shaft.


“You knew?”


“Hell, yeah, I had one, too. Why do you think I spun around and yanked on my trunks? I was hard in a nanosecond. I’m hard now.” Gavin blew across Erik’s cock, inciting a riot of nerve explosions everywhere his breath touched.


“Jesus. Touch me. Suck me. Something.”


“I like it when my man begs precisely. You’re a precise man, Erik. Tell me what you want.”


In Erik’s world, they would have made out for a long time. Erik would have explored Gavin’s form, rubbing his chest, plucking at his nipples, licking his stomach. He would have wanted the same in return. But now, all he could think of was the root of the problem—his cock. “Suck me.”


“Okay.” Gavin’s lips landed, but on Erik’s neck, sucking and nibbling, lapping the flesh there. A burst of pleasure raced along his nerves, dancing in the synapses.


“Not what I wanted sucked.”


“Precise.” Gavin’s mouth darted lower, the rasp of his facial hair tickly and hot along Erik’s chest. “Maybe this is what you want sucked.” He latched on to Erik’s nipple, tweaking the tiny bud with his teeth.


“No.” Erik struggled, wanting Gavin to suck more, to suck less, hell, just drink him in, every inch of him, head to toe. “Yes.”


“What happened to precise? Yes? No? What do you want sucked now?”


“Gavin,” he groaned and struggled against the restraints, his ass sliding on the sheets, dick throbbing. “I want to touch you.”


“Yes, I know. That’s the fun of it. You want, I deliver.” His lips dropped to Erik’s stomach, his tongue rimming his navel. “I deliver when I feel like it, that is.” And Gavin laughed—the asshole, laughing—when all Erik wanted to do was burst into flame, like a phoenix reborn.


Erik struggled again. “I’m tying your ass up and torturing you next. Fuck making love to you. You don’t deserve anything I have planned.”


“Dissention in the ranks? My, my.” Gavin kissed lower, his tongue weaving a path through Erik’s pubic hair. “All you had to do was be precise.”


“Suck my cock.”


was precise.” Moist heat lapped the head of Erik’s cock in one, smooth swipe. Sheer ecstasy. Erik’s hips reared off the bed, his moan unstoppable. “But now you need to beg precisely.”


“Fucker.” The hell that was Gavin’s mouth hit Erik’s inner thigh in a series of feather-light kisses and then slid upward. Fiery dampness encircled his testicle, sucked in deeply to a place with a wicked, lashing tongue. Erik moaned and fought the restraints again, wanting to hold Gavin’s mouth there.


Gavin popped his ball free and tsk-tsked. “You have a filthy mouth, Erik Clarke.”


“You’re an asshole, Gavin White.”


“Maybe I should teach you how to speak to me. No name calling, lots of begging. You haven’t begged enough yet. Why not spark some of that precise, begging goodness?” Gavin picked up one of Erik’s legs and slung it over his shoulder, then the other, lifting his hips from the bed. A sharp smack rained down on Erik’s ass. Erik jerked in surprise. Gavin’s hand dove between them, caressing his stinging flesh. “Talk trash again, and I’ll spank harder.”


He had to be joking. “Go to hell.”




Erik groaned, wanting more. He’d never been spanked by a lover, and hell if it wasn’t hot, especially when Gavin’s large hand soothed away the ache, leaving a bloom of desire in its place.


“Precise begging.”


“Hit me again, please.”


Shit, who said
? Him. His voice, begging to be spanked. Erik had no clue where that came from, because he didn’t even like the Punch Buggy game. Gavin always slugged him like a motherfucker.


Gavin’s palm delivered a sharp crack, right below his balls. Then his mouth replaced that hand, licking the fiery skin, lapping, his tongue darting over Erik’s anus.


“God, no.”


“Oh, yes. Hasn’t anyone rimmed you before? Fucking best.” Gavin used his hands to spread Erik’s cheeks and then his tongue lapped at Erik’s puckered hole, tasting him in a place where only fingers and cocks had traveled and the fingers had been bent on mad, stretching voyages to get on with the ass pounding. Gavin lapped then used the tip of his tongue to gain entrance, pushing through the opening, tantalizing all of those nerve endings Erik had no clue he had back there.


“No, you can’t, what if—shit.” Erik exploded in an amazing orgasm, one that ripped his balls from his sac and dragged them up into his body, probably into his chest. His toes curled and every muscle went hard and rigid. Heat spattered on his stomach, and he groaned, hoping he hadn’t made a mess. “Sorry, man.”


“Why are you sorry?” Gavin let Erik’s legs slide down from his shoulders. “That’s one.”


Erik’s cock wanted to work on another, because it refused to soften. He wriggled his ass on those satiny sheets, wishing he could touch Gavin, somehow. “Let me suck you.”


“Patience. I’ve only just begun to tantalize you,” Gavin chided and used his mouth to gently clean Erik’s cock.


That didn’t help with his stamina at all, because he went back to being diamond-hard on the second pull of suction around the head of his dick. Erik gulped air, feeling like a fish out of water. He alternated between wanting to fuck Gavin’s mouth and wanting to die of embarrassment.


“What’s wrong, Erik.”


“Jesus,” Erik muttered as Gavin’s mouth traveled to his stomach, lapping. It was erotic, creepy, and hot as hell, all mixed into one. And here he’d imagined teaching Gavin about gay sex, showing him the way just as he had done in high school, teaching him algebra, tutoring him through chemistry. Now it was Gavin, schooling him in one hell of an erotic session of biology.


“Just tell me.”


Erik closed his eyes under the blindfold and ignored Gavin’s hot, sucking mouth. “It’s embarrassing to come like that.”


“Part of the pleasure is knowing you’re helpless, yet you have the strength to trust me. Give in. Enjoy the fact that I care enough to not want to waste a part of you.” Gavin lapped his belly in response, giving a growl of approval.


“I don’t know if I can do that for you.”


“This isn’t pre-school where we each have to have the exact same number of pushes on the swing.” The bed groaned and creaked as Gavin scrambled up the bed, straddling him. “I’m happy with this, Erik. If you’re done, I’ll set you free.”


“I want more. I want you to come.” The words surprised him, because the sensation in his gut said no, he didn’t. He was afraid and he should run, while he could. But his dick throbbed with fresh intent against Gavin’s ass. Gavin’s balls were on his belly, or he bet that’s what the hot mass of skin pressed to his stomach had to be.


“Do you want me to suck you?” Gavin’s hand smoothed Erik’s chest hair and gently massaged the tight muscles under his palm. “You get to choose what’s next. What would give you the most pleasure?”


“Kiss me.”


Gavin leaned forward, his cock branding a strip up Erik’s belly. He waited, breathless, needing Gavin’s kiss. His lips touched down, gentle, more of a caress than a claim. Erik sighed against Gavin’s mouth and parted his lips, his tongue dipping between firmer lips, tasting himself on Gavin’s tongue.


. This was exactly what Erik wanted. He wished for hands to sink into Gavin’s hair, to frame the firm, gently stubbled jaw. Instead, he arched upward, letting his mouth dance with Gavin’s, showing him exactly how he felt about him despite the blindfold and restraints.


“Erik,” Gavin breathed, his damp forehead resting against Erik’s when they came up for a breath. “That was the best kiss. Ever.”




“I could probably come, just kissing you like that.” Gavin rubbed his steely erection against Erik’s stomach.


Those words were like a mantle of security for Erik, since Gavin had a hell of a lot more experience in the kissing department. They kissed again, just as deep, the funny electric shocks of desire sparking against his lips, along his skin.


Gavin broke the kiss, and the bed dipped a little to the side as he reached for something. He let Erik’s cock nestle in the crack of his ass, a slick dribble of dampness easing the friction.


Then Gavin dismounted, settling next to Erik’s hip. Gavin sucked his shaft in deep to the root, the head pressed to the back of Gavin’s throat. His hand joined in on the fun, and Erik thought for sure Gavin was going to suck his balls right out the tip. Somehow, he didn’t come.

BOOK: M/M- Ripped (Boys Of Summer)
11.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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