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“Why couldn’t I believe?”


“You can, now.” Erik smoothed Gavin’s hair.


“Make love to me. I want you inside me.”


“Okay.” Erik reared back, grabbed a condom and lube, and rolled the latex down his aching shaft, the lube a welcomed cold. Then he applied lube to his fingers and slanted his body across Gavin’s so he could reach between them easier. His lips kissed the tip of Gavin’s cock as his fingers slipped and slid down the hairy slope of his sac to delve between his ass cheeks.


Gavin’s hand stopped him from probing his ass, slipping his fingers in. “No. I like the burn. Just fuck me hard.”


Erik lifted his head. “You like the burn, or you think you deserve the burn?”


Though Erik couldn’t see the fear, he felt it. Every muscle in Gavin’s body went rock hard. He felt his gulp. “Deserve.”


“You sure?”


Gavin shuddered. “No. I don’t deserve to hurt. I’ve hurt enough.” He didn’t sound like he believed his words, but he’d said them. Erik’s job would be to show him he exactly what he deserved.


“Good.” Erik angled back between Gavin’s legs, pulling them over his own. Then he let his fingers return to their duty. He eased inside Gavin’s tight ass, the muscles clenching. Gavin’s cock went steel hard in his mouth, and he bucked his hips with a moan. Erik sucked him in and added the second lubed finger, scissoring them back and forth, warming and stretching those muscles. Gavin’s hips bucked again and again, and Erik sucked him deeper, relishing the feel of his glans on the back of his tongue, the thick veins under his lips.


He let Gavin’s cock pop free and rose between his thighs. Gavin lifted his hips and Erik understood—missionary. Erik had never done it this way. He gently eased the head of his dick along the crack of Gavin’s ass, through the ample lube over Gavin’s tight rosette. He sank the head in, breaching the clench of his sphincter.


Gavin tensed. Erik reached up and cupped his jaw with his free hand. “Breathe, Gav. Let me in. Let me love you. You’re safe.”


Gavin blew out, and Erik sank an inch. God, incredible, exactly the way he dreamed Gavin’s ass would feel. Hot, tight, wet from lube, clenching his cock in a heated pulse of desire. He inched in with gentle thrusts until he sank fully.


He stretched out along Gavin’s chest, letting their full flush of skin meet. He laced his fingers in Gavin’s and held them at the side of his head, bearing down as he kissed him. He started the kiss slow, like his thrusts, his tongue darting in the same rhythm as his cock. Then he built the tempo, harder, deeper, every inch of those tight muscles milking him. Gavin moaned and bucked under Erik, shoving him deeper, urging him on.


Erik lost himself in the pleasure of loving Gavin. Harder, faster, each stroke like a gust of wind on a campfire, the pleasure going higher, swirling and dancing. He broke the kiss, panting. “Come for me, Gav. Show me how much you love me.”


Gavin tensed for a split second, eyes closed, his groan resonating down through his body so Erik could feel it around his shaft. But he also felt the resistance, the fear.


“New fantasy, Gav. Imagine me, inside you like this, every night. Imagine the sex you can give me—hot, dirty, amazing. I’ll let you tie me up if you let me make love to you. You’ll come and come, and then I’ll hold you. I’ll kiss your scars. I’ll whisper good words. How you’re smart. Funny. So handsome you make every man hard when you walk down that beach. How you deserve to paint because you want to paint, because you want to show the world how happy you are.”


Gavin moaned and clenched Erik’s fingers, his hands still next to his head. “I want to hold you,” Gavin whispered on a ragged breath. “Please let me hold you.”


Erik unwrapped his fingers, and Gavin’s arms crushed around him. He buried his face in Erik’s neck and thrust his hips upward, impaling Erik’s cock deeper. Erik reached between them and palmed Gavin’s cock as he bucked.


“Erik.” Gavin came, the hot jet of his release slick between their bellies. “I love you.” The words were so soft, and Erik thought he imagined them except Gavin held him tighter and whispered them again. And again.


Erik groaned in a rush of emotion, thrusting hard, his balls tight. He held back the release, wanting it to last, afraid he’d wake up and it would be all a dream.


But Gavin brushed the damp hair from his face and whispered, “Come for me, now. Show me how much you love me.”


Those sweet words tossed him over the edge. Erik hung onto Gavin as he came, the pulsing of Gavin’s ass around his cock taking him higher, and fuck if it wasn’t the best orgasm. Ever. He fought to breathe in a good way, so unlike drowning because Gavin was there, holding him.


Gavin realized he’d never allowed anyone to love him. Not like this. Gavin wrapped his arms tighter around Erik, the feeling of love and safety almost too much to bear as Erik finished coming, buried so deep inside him he swore he could feel that orgasm in his throat. Hell, he’d give anything for that. Later.


“Thank you,” Gavin said hoarsely. “Thank you for loving me.”


Erik went limp against his chest. “I love you. You want to save me, Gav. It’s all programmed in, since the day I made you eat paste in pre-school.”


“You remember that.”


“Yeah. I hope it tasted good.”


“You taste better.” He smiled as he dropped more kisses to Erik’s shoulders. It had been the beginning of a wonderful friendship, just as hopefully, this was the beginning of an even better romance. He loved Erik enough to do whatever, become whatever, Erik needed. He could do that, for Erik. No, he could do that for himself. “So you going to move in or what?”


“Are you going to keep trying?” Gavin nodded, but Erik shook his head. “How the hell are you going to deal with people asking about our relationship?”


“If they ask, I’ll tell them.” Gavin shrugged. He’d already rationalized this part. It had been easy. “It will be like sticking up for you, only I’m sticking up for us. Eventually, I’ll be able to stick up for myself, but…baby steps.”


Erik laid his head on Gavin’s shoulder, and Gavin breathed in his spicy scent that always felt like comfort. Home. Safe.


“We have to build new fantasies, Gav. Yours kill me,” Erik said a bit later.


They killed him, too. “I can do that. I think I can do anything for you. I’ve loved you forever, you know. It hurt to see you with Ed, after you came out. I knew what he was giving you. I wanted to be him.”


And Gavin had been so damned jealous. He’d gotten into a fight with another football player and had been suspended for two weeks. Erik had brought him movies and watched them with him, skipping school twice, despite having a boyfriend.


“Not as much as it hurt when he gave it to me,” Erik said with a laugh. “We hadn’t discovered lube then.”


“That jerk.” Gavin patted Erik’s ass. “Get up. I have a cramp in my side. Let’s go down to the water, rinse off, and you can help me build new fantasies.”




“You can suck me on the lifeguard stand. And pretend…who’s that actor you like?” He swallowed and amended, “
like?” They’d been to see that spy movie three times already.


Erik laughed as he rolled off Gavin and disposed of the condom. “Aaron James.”


Gavin nodded and rose. He took Erik’s hand. “He can suck you while you suck me. Then we’ll probably need to go home, but we’ll come up with lots of new ones.”


“I don’t want to rinse off, though.” Erik planted his feet in the sand.


“Do you trust me?” Gavin tugged him closer, into his protective embrace. “I saved you once.”


Erik gulped.


Gavin sighed and decided it was time to stick up for himself in the guise of helping Erik. “I’ll make you a deal. You come and wade with me in the water, and I promise to find a gallery and display some of my art.” The idea terrified him and thrilled him all at once. But he could do it if Erik was there.


“Really. You want to?” He could hear the broad grin in Erik’s voice.


Gavin nodded. “Yes, but I’m scared.”


“You’re safe.”


“Yes. I’m safe. With you.” And he embraced that feeling he’d experienced whenever he was with Erik. He’d felt it since pre-school when Erik convinced him eating paste was a damned good thing to try. That feeling wasn’t just safe. It was love, and he deserved it. “I love you.”


“I love you, too.” Erik kissed him, stepped out of his embrace, and tugged him down the beach toward the moonlit waters. “Let’s go.”


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Mia Downing started creating heroes at age four, but her heroes then rode ponies to rescue the princess, and only kissed her on the cheek. Today, Mia's heroes still rescue princesses, but the price of their toys and the expertise of their seduction leads to a lot more than a peck on the cheek. When Mia isn't busy creating new stories for her readers she fills in as an underwear model for a prestigious lingerie company. She also lives in CT with her family, and enjoys horses and knitting.


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BOOK: M/M- Ripped (Boys Of Summer)
11.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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