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My Forever

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My Forever


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Nikki McCoy


For those who have never, and will never, give up their search for forever. Whether it is found in the heart of a loved one, the achievement of a dream, or simply a lifetime of cherished memories, it is there for the taking. We just need to know where to look.

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Chapter One

Lucas pulled into the back parking lot of his business and stepped out into the crisp, pre-dawn air. The sky was clear, though the stars remained hidden behind the glow of city lights. Faint puffs left his mouth on each exhale, but it would warm up later. All in all, it looked to be a good day to have his wine-tasting event.

Unlocking the back door, he entered his liquor store, began flipping light switches and adjusted the temperature on the central ventilation system. When he’d opened the shop five years ago, he’d never imagined it would rake in the kinds of profits he made every month. The endeavour was financially unnecessary—he had enough money saved to fund a sizable army—but what had started out as a relief from the boredom of retirement had quickly turned into a wine connoisseur hot spot.

He was proud of his accomplishment. For the first time in his life, he was doing something that didn’t revolve around death, although it wasn’t always easy. The wine-tasting events he threw every quarter-year were starting to wear on him. As if being here at five o’clock in the morning wasn’t bad enough, the paperwork was downright exhausting.

A draught of cold air blew over him and he looked back to see his favourite employee coming in through the rear entrance. “Hey, kid. You ready for today?”

Kyle gave him a wan smile from a face a little too pale for the weather outside. Concerned, Lucas reached out to grab his shoulder as he walked past but Kyle lowered his head and shied away before he could make contact. The behaviour wasn’t atypical. Lucas suspected that his aversion to touch was due to some type of past trauma, but during the six months that Kyle had been working for him it had only seemed to worsen.

“You’re not looking too hot. Are you coming down with something?”

Kyle adapted a wider, obviously fake smile. “No. I’m fine. Is the shipment here yet?”

Lucas took in the unusually dark bags under the young man’s eyes before answering, “Should be here in twenty. The last one is coming about an hour before we open up but it’s mostly liquor. We’ll have plenty of time to get everything set up before then.”

“Cool. I’ll get started on inventory then. Save you some brain power for crunching the numbers at the end of the day.”

“You’re a life-saver.”

Kyle continued walking, fishing out his extra set of keys for the office from his jeans pocket. As always, Lucas took a moment to admire the sight of the small man’s compact ass through his loose denim. As much as he would like to say he’d hired Kyle based on his credentials, it would be a lie. Kyle had no past employment history. Not even a high-school diploma or GED. But what he lacked in those areas, he more than made up for in customer courtesy and a willingness to work.

Of course, Lucas hadn’t discovered those qualities until after he’d taken the man on. He was more than a little ashamed to admit that it had been Kyle’s looks and attitude that had initially won him over.

Long, reddish blond hair framed intense green eyes and soft, full lips made for kissing. Kyle was fine-boned, almost delicate, but every once in a while Lucas caught glimpses of lithe muscles stretching and bunching on his arms and beneath his occasional tight T-shirt. The top of Kyle’s head maybe came to Lucas’ collarbone. And his submissive demeanour…

It called to the Dom in him like a siren’s song.

Lucas let out a sigh and adjusted the erection suddenly straining against the front of his pants. Working with Kyle was both a pleasure and bittersweet torture. The man already had a boyfriend, and Kyle had made it clear from the beginning that he was completely devoted to his relationship.

Not that Lucas could have offered him forever. Not with his past. Shaking his head, he proceeded to the back to pull out several collapsible tables and other supplies they would need for the tasting.

Amanda showed up in time to stock the shelves and ready the displays while Lucas and Kyle finished unloading and storing the wares.

“Oh my God. What has she gone and done this time?” Amanda peered through the blinds behind the counter, mouth hanging open in disbelief.

Lucas didn’t need to look to see who and what she was referring to. “I told you Mrs Brackney was inviting her club from the Denver area.”

“Yeah, but that’s a mob out there! And isn’t she already a member of the wine club here? Just how many people does she know?”

Lucas chuckled. “Tell you what. Get through the next few days with me and I’ll give you both a bonus. I know the hours are going to be rough considering Jay is out of town and Cassy is sick, but it’s only for today and tomorrow.”

Amanda looked over at him and snorted. “It’s not the hours I’m worried about.”

Kyle gave one of her dark braids a tug as he walked past to deposit a crate of tequila bottles next to the register. “If any of them try to get frisky with you again, call for me. I’ll be stocking the aisles.”

“Yeah, right. You get hit on way more than I do.”

Lucas grinned at the blush that crept over Kyle’s face. It was true. The man had the kind of striking features one simply had to take a moment to admire regardless of sexual orientation. Lucas had no doubt that if Kyle were to switch places with Amanda and run the register, his sales would increase noticeably. He also knew that Kyle would do it if asked, but attention seemed to make him uncomfortable, so Lucas had never pressed the issue.

“But thank you for the offer.” Amanda pecked Kyle on the cheek then bounced her plump, curvaceous form to the front door to unlock it, missing Kyle’s habitual flinch.

Lucas suppressed the urge to pull the man to the side and ask him again if anything was wrong. He could tell from Kyle’s subdued attitude that he was in another one of his funks. While Lucas didn’t begrudge anyone their off-days, watching Kyle’s lengthening periods of despondency was becoming near unbearable.

“Lucas. Darling! How have you been?”

Lucas found himself enveloped in a flamboyant hug as Mrs Brackney ploughed through her greeting without waiting for a response. “What did I tell you?” She waved her arms theatrically at the crowd bustling in behind her. “This is going to be your most successful wine-tasting function ever. At the mere mention of your name they were marking their calendars. It seems that your reputation for good taste is preceding you. Oh, is that Montrachet? You never cease to amaze me. Collin!”

Mrs Brackney waved to a stodgy-looking gentleman and steered him towards the display of various bottles of wine and champagne placed atop the tables at the other side of the store. Lucas followed them and began the long process of introductions, pouring and placing orders. A crowd of at least thirty had accompanied Mrs Brackney upon opening and more trickled in at a steady flow throughout the day. Lucas tried to keep an eye on Kyle while keeping his ears open to any trouble Amanda might come across while ringing up sales, but by lunch, things grew too hectic for him to divide his attention.

At some point, Kyle relieved Amanda at the register so she could take a lunch break. Lucas inhaled the roast beef sandwich she’d brought back for him in between dealing with customers. At two, the rush began to slow. He took the opportunity to ask Kyle about whether he’d eaten yet, but the young man produced another artificial smile and claimed he’d already eaten. Lucas ground his teeth at the blatant lie. To date, he had yet to see Kyle subsist on more than water and air. He had hoped that the seventeen-hour work day would force the man to consume something, but by six o’clock, it didn’t look likely.

Lucas decided to retreat to his office for a short reprieve. He barely had time to kick his heels up onto his desk before a loud crash sounded from the direction of the storeroom. Rushing into the room, he found Kyle on his back with a leaking case of Miller Lite beside him. Lucas shoved aside the box and leant down. The young man’s face was lined with pain, eyes clenched tight.

“Shit, are you okay?” Lucas dug his hand under Kyle’s back to lift him up but the smaller man rolled out of his reach, a small whimper escaping his lips.

Kyle kept his chest crouched low over legs folded beneath him, breathing rapidly. Lucas glanced around, noticing the small puddles of water spotting the length of the aisle they were in. Kyle had been doing spot clean-ups after the light rain that hit them earlier, but it was next to impossible to keep the floors dry at all times with so much traffic going through. Especially considering the fact that they were short-handed.

“Amanda,” Lucas yelled. The brunette came running over and gasped as she took in the sight. “Can you clean this up for me please? I need to make sure Kyle isn’t hurt. Mind the water on the floor.”

“Of course.” Amanda called out to the pair at the register to hold on while she gathered the mop and bucket from the utility room.

“Did you hurt your back?” Lucas laid his hand gently on Kyle’s upper back.

“No-o.” His voice cracked as he inched away.

“Kyle, if you’re hurt, I need to take you to the hospital. It could be serious…”

Kyle cleared his throat and lifted his head, eyes dull with pain. “No. I’m fine. Just slipped.”

Amanda came back then and pushed the bucket to the side to pick up the crumpled box of broken glass. As soon as Kyle saw her, he lurched to his feet, nearly toppling over but for Lucas’ hand at his elbow.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get that.”

“Honey, go on and take your break. You don’t look like you should be lifting anything right now,” Amanda said.

“She’s right. Your job won’t be in jeopardy if you need to file for workman’s comp.”

Kyle shook his head with a tight-lipped grimace on his face. “I’m fine. It’s my fault anyway. Wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Honey…” Amanda continued, but to no avail.

Kyle straightened himself, shaking off Lucas’ hold then extending his arms to take the box from her. When she hesitated to relinquish it, there was a pleading note in his voice as he said, “Please. I swear I’m fine. Let me take care of this.”

“Kyle…” Lucas growled, but it was too late. Kyle had the box in hand and was walking stiffly towards the backdoor leading to the dumpster. Amanda cast Lucas a confused look but he couldn’t give her any answers. The pain on Kyle’s face had had nothing to do with his fall, he was sure. Spine or cartilage injuries in the back didn’t leave a person able to jump right up and lift weight immediately afterwards. Which meant that his injuries only ran skin deep, and Lucas could see no stray shards of glass on the floor.

“Go take care of your customers. I’ll help him clean up here.”

“If he wants to go home, I’ll stay late with you to get the store ready for tomorrow.”

Lucas smiled at the concern on her face, though what he really wanted to do was drag Kyle to his office and find out just what the hell was going on with him.

“I’ll tell him, but I think we both know he’s a little too damned stubborn for his own good.”

Amanda grunted and shook her head. “Just like a man.”

They had a mad rush over the last few hours and Lucas had to laugh when Amanda herded the stragglers out five minutes to closing with veiled threats. Once the door was locked and the ‘open’ sign flipped, she draped her chest over the front counter and groaned.

“I’m going to kill Cassy and Jay for this.”

“Go on home. Kyle and I can take it from here.”

“Ugh. I swear to goodness, if my kids wake me up early, I’ll be changing my number of tax exemptions from four to two. See y’all in the mornin’.”

Lucas walked her to her car then locked the back door as he went inside. Forty minutes later, he pronounced the store as clean as it was going to get then asked Kyle to join him in his office. The young man paused while drawing the blinds to the front windows and sent him an anxious look but made no objection. Lucas sat at his desk chair and gestured for Kyle to take the chair across from him.

“If this is about the case of beer, you can take it out of my paycheque,” Kyle said in a small voice. “I won’t file for workman’s comp.”

Lucas frowned. “It’s about the fall, but I couldn’t care less about the beer. Look, I’m not going to fire you or dock your pay. You’re my best employee and, quite frankly, I can’t afford to lose you, but I am worried.”

Kyle tensed, eyes darting around the room in every direction except at him. Lucas recognised it as a fight or flight response, and from all appearances, Kyle was definitely leaning towards flight. Lucas stood and walked around the edge of his desk, hunching down a few feet away to give him his space.

“Kid, I get the feeling that there’s more going on with you than you’re letting on. Are you having trouble at home?”

Kyle’s breathing began to quicken and he tucked his hands between his thighs, but not before Lucas made out the tell-tale trembling in them. A loud honking outside signalled the arrival of Kyle’s brother and Lucas laid a staying hand on the man’s forearm before he could rise.

“You don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to, but my door is always open. I’ll help you in any way I can, but I need to know what’s going on.” Lucas reached up with his other hand and brushed away the lock of hair that was concealing Kyle’s bowed face. He watched as a single tear slipped down a pale cheek before Kyle rose abruptly and spun towards the door.

In a rough voice, Kyle spoke, “Thanks,” and was gone.

Lucas stayed at his position on the floor, listening to the sounds of Kyle’s racing footsteps and the turn of the lock as he exited the building.

BOOK: My Forever
5.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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