Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series) (16 page)

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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“God, Violet, you are so fucking beautiful. Can’t let you go, never let you go.” Travis grates out.

“Trav.” I cry, shuddering around him.

He grips my hips and pumps his upwards, growling in pain and pleasure as he does. His muscles flex, his eyes are clamped closed as he thrusts with desperation. He bellows my name loudly and I feel him pulsing into me, his ragged cries tugging at my heart strings. He sounds like a man in pain, a tortured soul. I crush his head against my chest, stroking his hair and whispering his name softly in his ear.

“Violet, my heart started beating again when you came into my world. I can’t think about anything but you; I wasn’t living before, I
merely existed
and now…you are the sunshine…the rain…the darkness…the light; you are my soul.”

I feel tears stream down my cheeks because I know that is Travis’s way of saying I love you. When we finally pull apart, I help him to his feet. I lead him inside and begin the daily cleaning of all his wounds. He winces in pain as I wipe them over and my heart breaks once more. Guilt courses through my body. It hurts. It all just hurts.

“Stay with me.” He whispers.

“Of course.”

I help Travis dress and we spend the evening making soft love, watching movies and eating pasta. It is at that exact moment I realize that I am bound to Travis Phoenix, nobody in my life will ever compare, and that scares the hell out of me.
words haunt me. “All I wanted for
was a life without darkness.”




“Momma?” I yell, the house is bright, but I can’t see her anywhere.

I walk into the kitchen, she isn’t baking or singing like she usually is.


No answer. I walk towards her room, and I hear a faint sound. I begin running. I burst through the door, and I scream. My mother is on the bed; she is naked and her body is beaten so badly I can hardly recognize her. I run to the bed, and call her name over and over again. She is alive; I know she is alive, and I have to get help. I pull out my phone, and I ring an ambulance.

“Momma, it’s going to be ok. I got you.” I whisper, stroking her mattered hair.

“Vi…” She croaks.

“Going to be ok Momma.”

I dial
’s number.


“Daddy, help please. Help. I don’t know what to do.”

“Baby slow down, where are you?”

“Home…daddy someone has hurt her. Momma…oh god.”

“What? Violet what has happened?”

“Someone has beaten her
she is in a bad way. I am taking her to the hospital now.”

“I will be there.”

I flip the phone closed and swipe my tears away before calling Travis. I can’t drive right now even if I wanted to.

“Phoenix records, Janice speaking?”

“Janice, I rang Travis’s office. Where is he?”

“I don’t know.” She snaps.

“Don’t fuck with me right now Janice, where is he? It’s an emergency.”

“I will put you through.” She sighs.

About five minutes later, the phone is picked up again.

“Travis Phoenix.”

“Trav, it’s me. I need your help.”

“Baby, what is happening?”

“My mother has been bashed, the ambulance is coming. I need you please.”

“Shit, I will be there in five.”

I hang up and drop beside my mother. I stroke her hair, talking to her and trying to keep her awake. I scan the damage, broken ribs; five at least. Broken arms and legs, bones protruding. Beaten face, possibly a broken jaw. She has been raped; I just know she has been raped. I feel sick. I swipe my tears again, desperately trying to keep myself from hyperventilating. Got to be strong, she needs me to be strong.

The ambulance officers arrive ten minutes later and are horrified with the scene they witness. After answering as many questions as I can, they tell me I have to wait for the police. Travis arrives ten minutes after they took my mother to the hospital to find me screaming on the ground. He runs in and pulls me into his arms, rocking me backwards and forwards. When I settle down enough, we wait for the police to arrive. When they do, I am given the third degree.

“You have no idea who did this?”

“No sir,” I whisper. “I came home and found her like this.”

“Has she been getting any suspicious phone calls, any threats?”

“Not that I know of.”

“If there is anything you remember, please call. You will need to make a statement.”

“Yes sir.”

When we arrive at the hospital, I run inside. I hurry down the bland corridors and skid to a halt at the reception desk.

“Amanda…she just got brought in?”

The nurse smiles. “She is in surgery.”

“What, why?” I cry.

“Mischief, baby…”

I turn a
nd am crushed firmly against
’s chest, where I finally allow myself to crumble.

“S’all my fault daddy, all my fault.”

“No baby, no.”

“It is.”

“It’s mine. Not yours.”

“Should have run, should have let her run with me when she wanted to.”

“Come now.”

“Was it demon?”

He pulls me back and stares over at Travis who has just got in, he looks over at him and winces.

“Chief.” Travis says.


“So was it daddy?”

“I think so.”

“She isn’t
she needs to get out of here.”

“So do you Violet.”

“Daddy no; I can’t leave. I have a court…”

eyes flare. “A what?”


“What did you say Violet?”

“She has a court case Chief.”

“Travis!” I cry, glaring at him.

“For what?”

“Jeremy is back.”

I glare at Travis again. “Stop.”

“Jeremy, as in that little fuck who beat my baby?” Chief roars. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me.”

“It isn’t the time daddy.” I whisper.

“Why is he back?”

“He wants me put away.” I cry.

Chief pulls out his phone and begins dialling.

“Bill, we got a problem…”

He walks off, and I turn to give Trav a truly awful look.

“Why did you do that?”

“He had a right to know, he can help.”

“By killing him and getting me in more trouble!”

“No, by scaring the fuck out of him and making sure he never comes back.”

“I can’t deal with this right now.”

“You are staying with me until Chief gets Demon; you are staying.”


“No arguments.”

“Best idea I heard all night.” Chief says coming back.

“I need air.”

I turn and walk outside, needing to get away. I sit out in the blackness a while until Trav comes out and sits beside me.

“She is out and awake, do you want to see her?”

I am up and gone before another word can be spoken. I run into her room; Chief is by the bed. I see her and my lip quivers.

“Oh baby.” She says in a hoarse voice.

I run over and bury my face into her neck. “I’m so sorry Momma.”

“It’s not your fault honey.”

“I…it is. He wants me.”

“Not your fault.”

“I am so sorry.”

“I am sending you away Mandy,” Chief says. “To your Ma’s.”

“Ok.” She whispers, she doesn’t even argue.

He strokes her cheek. “I’m real sorry.”

“I only ask one thing of you Caden, don’t let anyone hurt my baby. I couldn’t bear it.”

“I swear it to you.”




A week passes and my mother comes home from hospital; Chief sends her away immediately. She goes to my nan’s house but not without intense protest. She wants me to
she doesn’t want to leave me. When I tell her about Jeremy it only gets worse. I know she needs to be away from all this; her mind is in a bad place and her body is even worse. She cares about me more than all that though, and I can’t go safely away with her.

She finally gives in when
tells her I am staying with Travis and the building will be fully secured. I will be dropped to and from work and have an escort at all times. I promise to call her twice a day, and when the case comes I promise to go with her until Demon is found. I don’t like that because it means months without Travis and I don’t know if I can deal with that right now. I hate that I have to be watched and guarded at all times. I hate this situation.

“There’s my gorgeous girl.”

I am in the tub at Trav’s house and he has just come in from working in his office. I grin and wiggle my toes at him.

“Hey handsome.”

“Handsome? You wound me.”

“I always wound you. Sorry, hey there hot stuff.”

He laughs and slides off his shirt. “Shift over.”

I do, and he slides in behind me, when his hard chest presses against my back; I sigh.

“Oh Trav, I have missed this.”

; Reagan called before.”


“She wanted to know where I lived so she could come and get on the ‘charge’ with you.”

I laugh. “That’s Reagan.”

“Your mother also called, I told her you were in the bath but perfectly alive.”

I snort. “Maybe you strung me up and fucked me to death?”

“Maybe.” He chuckles.

“Speaking of which…” I say, shoving my bottom against him.


“Travis, have you turned gay? You can tell me? We can be friends.”

He bites my shoulder. “No.”

“Then why have I been deprived for two weeks?”

He stills. “It’s been a hard time.”

“My mom is ok, she is safe. I am ok…I am doing ok.”

“It’s still been a hard time.”

“So we can’t make love? Can’t fuck against walls?”

“Of course we can…”

“Trav…are you unattracted to me?”

He groans. “No, god, no.”

“Then please…” I plead, pressing against him. “I need you.”

“Oh yeah?” He whispers, nipping my ear.


I stand and enjoy the hiss of his breath; I turn slowly and look down at him.

“I need you to fuck me every which way you can, and I need you to do it now.”

He grips my legs and turns me in a swift movement so I am perched on the side of the bath. He spreads my legs and growls with satisfaction. He leans in and swipes his tongue through my flesh. I moan and let my head fall back, it slams against the tiled wall. I don’t care. He sucks my clit into his mouth, bitting and licking it until it is swollen and aching. He slowly inserts one finger, then another until I writhing and calling his name, begging for more.

“Patience, my beautiful girl.”

“Travis, I need you now.”


He pulls away, and I mewl in protest as he lifts me and carries me out.



“I don’t want it on the bed. I want you to fuck me against the wall, hard and fast.”

He stills and looks down at me.

“I am fairly sure I just about blew my load.”

I grin and pull him in for a deep kiss. He puts me on the ground and backs me against a wall. He reaches over to the bedside table to get a condom and slowly rolls it on, then he has my legs around his waist. He grips my bottom and squeezes, causing a yelp to come out of my mouth.

“Trav, one more thing?”

“God, you are killing me as it is.”

I want you to spank me.”

His eyes widen, and he makes a rough sound with his throat. He nips my ear and then my neck before releasing one of my legs and keeping hold of the other. He bends his knees just a touch and drives upwards. I moan when he slips into me, and I scream when his hand comes down on my ass. I bite down onto his shoulder as he repeats the process, thrust, slap, thrust, slap.

“Travis, fuck, Trav…”

“Come around me, let me feel that pussy come.”

I do, erupting around him with an intense scream. He thrusts harder, faster, bringing me to the edge once more. I am hoarse by the time my second orgasm erupts.

“Going to come so fucking hard.” He pants.

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
8.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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