Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series) (22 page)

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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“Violet,” He yells, gripping my arms.

“Open this fucking door Travis.”


“Open the fucking door!” I scream.

He pulls out a key and opens it; I swing it open and gasp. It is a little
bedroom. I lean over gripping my stomach, my world spins.

“Violet baby…”

“You left for her, didn’t you? Oh my god.  All those years I thought…I thought you loved me.”

“I did love you, I do.”

“You were fucking her!” I scream. “While letting me think…”

“It was a few times, it was a mistake.”

“You left to be with her, didn’t you?”

“It didn’t work out, so I came back.”

“You lied to me!”

I grip my phone and keys and begin running towards the door.

“VIOLET!” Travis yells.

Annabelle is standing beside the door now, clutching the little girl. I skid to a halt and stare at the little girls beautiful face. All this time he lied, in the past, now. The one person I loved more than my own life lied to me. I can’t breathe. I shove past Travis who is standing by the door and I run towards the exit.

“PLEASE!” He calls.

I run faster, managing to get to the elevator before he does. It closes and I fall to my knees, screaming and gripping my head. When I step outside, it is pouring rain, and I can’t see anything in front of me. Lightening thunders down and I still, my whole body just freezes. I can’t move, can’t walk. I need to get out of here; I need to run. All I can hear is that song in my head, the song he sang me so often.

I told you I should let you go…

All I can see is Annabelle, walking in that door and holding that little girl. My mind overtook my heart in this instance and forced my feet to move. I have to move. I slam into a hard form and leap back. Out of the mist steps Jeremy, I don’t even know what I feel in that moment. Fear is beyond me now, all I can see is Lillian when I look at him. I have lived with her face in my mind, for so long. Maybe I deserve this, maybe it’s how my life is meant to pan out.


Give a little time to me; we’ll burn this out,

We’ll play hide and seek, to turn this around…


Everything in that moment happens so slowly, yet so quickly. He lifts a gun, a shining grey gun. I hear my name being called, and I turn to see Travis running. He is calling my name, and yet all I can hear is his voice in my head. He sees Jeremy, sees the gun and his face…I will never, in my entire life forget his face. He picks up his pace, but I know it’s too late; Jeremy came here for one thing and one thing only: Revenge. I hear the sound of the gun blast a shot out; I don’t really feel it hit my chest. All I can think in that dark moment is ‘I don’t have to feel this pain anymore.’


All I want is the taste that your lips allow,

My my, my my, oh, give me love…


Continue Travis and Violet’s story in the second novel in the Rockstar series “Heart Song.” Released March 2013.

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BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
4.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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