Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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2013 Bec Botefuhr

Published by Bec Botefuhr, January 2013.


Phoenix Rockstar is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and events portrayed in this book either are from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, establishments, events, or location is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Please do not take offence to the content, as it is FICTION.


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PHOENIX ROCKSTAR (Book one in the Rockstar Series)

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For everyone who believed in me, who knew that I could do it even when I didn’t believe it. My family, friends, co-workers and everyone who said “You can do it.” Thank you.

For my husband’s patience and love, and for not hitting me over the head for all the hours I have spent working on my novels. For my gorgeous daughters who are the best children a mother could ask for.

For all my fans, for their encouragement and belief, for their kind words and amazing hearts. You all make this possible for me.

This one is for my sister Belle; though she is a hard ass on the outside, she is totally loveable on the inside. I love you sis!




“Baby, can’t you stay this weekend?” My mother pleads, giving me that look.

“Mom, you know I don’t want to do that. We do this every weekend.”

“Your daddy and his world; I don’t like it.”

“I have been visiting
every weekend for eight years now and have I ever come home with a cut or bruise?”

She pouts. “No but…”

“And have I ever been hurt, emotionally or physically?”

“No, but Violet…you’re getting older now and those men...”

“Have never treated me like anything but a prince
ss. I am twenty one Momma and I
know that you don’t like it, but you don’t get a choice. I respect you because this is where I live most of the week, but I want to see him.”

“Alright, ok, I can’t stop you. I just get so worried.”

“I will text you every day.”

“I thought Caden had a ride this weekend?”

“He does.”

“Are you sure it is ok to go?”

“I will text and ask.” I sigh, rolling my eyes.

“Who will be there if he isn’t?”

“He always has someone to watch me if he goes.”

“I don’t like when he leaves you with Jaq.”

“I don’t either, but I stay out of her way.”

“I can’t believe he is still with her.”

I frown. “Neither, she is such a cu…”

“Don’t you dare say that word in my house young lady.” She snaps, throwing her hands over her hips.

“Sorry Momma, I can’t help it. She is not good enough for daddy, not nearly. He is devilishly handsome, and she is a drag queen look alike.”

Mom laughs. “I love how you put things.”

“Only you were good enough for him.”

She smiles, but her expression is pained. She loved
; he owned her soul, and she never got over him. They were sweethearts and best friends.
chose a dangerous life that Momma could not handle, so she took me and left.
is the president of the Phoenix motorcycle club; he is dangerous, deadly and lives a scary life. My Momma was the valedictorian of her school, brought up in a life of luxury; some might have called her a princess. They were so opposite and yet…so in love.

“Thank you angel; now find out if he is ok with you coming, I will drop you off.”

I stare at her, shocked. “You will drop me off?”


“You haven’t dropped me off for like three years.”

“Well, I want to make sure things are ok now you are twenty one and able to do things you weren’t before.”

“Ok, whatever you say.”

I pul
l out my mobile and punch in
’s number.

Daddy, can I still come this weekend?

Baby girl, of course you can. Why, is mom giving you grief?

She knows the ride is on this weekend, and you have to go.

Only 4 a night.

Ok then, she is dropping me off. See u soon.

She is dropping u off?

Yes, she wants to make sure all is ok now I am the big two one.

Uh oh.

“Well?” She asks.

“All is good, can we go now?”

“Alright, just let me get my keys.”

I shake my head as my mother walks off. She loves me to death, maybe too much sometimes.




“Caden, it is nice to see you.” My mother says when
walks out.

I try to picture them in my mind, such a beautiful
couple they would have been.  Chief
is handsome for his age and often has women hanging off him. He has dark hair, all ruffled and thick. He has the same grey eyes as me, and a killer smile. He is covered in tattoos and is built; I think he keeps his body so toned because of the fights he is constantly getting in. I look most like him; I have the same grey eyes and dimpled smile.

My mother and I share the same hair color; it is dark brown with flecks of gold. My mother is stunning and petite with sparkling blue eyes. Daddy always said her eyes reminded him of the sky, of heaven; a place he wanted to go when he died. I watch as they stare at each other; so many emotions flow between them. There are so many unspoken words, so many things they want to do, to say, but they can’t. Love is like that sometimes; it just can’t be explained and even worse, sometimes it just isn’t enough.

“Good to see you Mandy.” He grins, dropping his cigarette and crushing it with his heavy black boots. My mother flushes.

“I just wanted to drop her off and make sure all is ok while you are away.”

“I am gone only an afternoon and night. She will have protection; you know I don’t leave her unprotected Mandy.”

“I know Caden, it’s just she is twenty one now…”

“And smart as hell. She ain’t gonna do nothing stupid.”

He winks at me, and I grin back.

“Alright, well listen…she wants to go to a party tonight with her friend Reagan. Can you make sure she gets there and back safe?”


“Alright baby, call me if you need.”

I hug her and let her hold me just a bit too long.

“Love you Momma.”

“You too angel.”

When she is gone, I turn to
who is watching her leave. His eyes swing to me, and he grins.

“Come on
, let’s go.”

He has called me
since the day I was born. It is a little spin off from his nickname in the club, which is

“Is Jaq here this weekend daddy?”

“Yeah baby, is that a problem?”

I frown, and he stops, turning to stare at me.

“Why do you like her so much daddy, she is no good for you.”

He laughs and his grey eyes twinkle. “My little one looking out for me, you flatter me

I huff and cross my arms. “I am serious daddy. She is nasty.”

He looks serious now; he steps forward and rests his beefy hands on my shoulders. “If she is ever fucking nasty to you, I will knock her fucking block off.”

is scary when he swears and even scarier when he fights. I have seen him in a fight, and it is not pretty.

“It’s fine daddy, I can take care of myself.”

He strokes my cheek. “You’re my little girl; you ain’t gonna take care of yourself. That’s what I am here for.”


He grins and shoves me inside. I step into his massive house; I know he probably got it with stolen money, but I love it all the same. The outside is white, two stories with blue shutters. The front has a white picket fence and to a person passing by it looks like a quaint home that holds a quaint family. How wrong they are. It holds a bunch of misfits I like to call my family; the Phoenix Motorcycle club members.

The inside is all polished wooden floors, black furniture and has
unusually manly feel. All except my room, which I begged
to pain bright pink when I was eleven. He did, but he grunted the entire time and the boys teased him for weeks after they saw him coming out with pink splattered coveralls. I smile at the memory, but it soon
fades when Jaq walks in. Her g
ritty fingernails slide over
’s arm, where she proceeds to squeeze his biceps.

“Ah Violet, nice to see you honey.”

Honey; we all know that is a bullshit cover up. The woman is a dragon; she is only polite when
is around.

“Sure, you too.”

I whisper a particularly nasty curse under my breath, which
catches and gives me a warning look.

“Caden, I just got a call from Travis. He will be here in an hour.”

Travis? As in…Travis Phoenix. My heart stops beating.
catches my look and sighs.

, Travis is back.”

“Back? Since when?”

“About two months ago.”

“Two months, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Didn’t think you had any interest.”

“He was my best
of course I wanted to know.”

“Well, he is a grown man now and running businesses of his own. He doesn’t need a girl running around after him.”

“We were friends; I would have liked to know he was home.”

“Well you know now. He will be here soon. Jaq, in my office.”
says to Jaq, and they walk off.

Travis and I grew up together; he is six years older than me, but I knew him from the day I was born. He left about four years ago, just upped and left. I had been devastated; Travis Phoenix was my first love and unquestionably the most beautiful man on this planet. He gave me my first kiss; he gave me my first heart palpitation and he changed me. Then he left me. No explanations. He just left. He is a huge rockstar now and likely has no time for someone like me. My mind goes back to when we were young for a moment.

, look what I found.”

I smile at Travis walking towards me holding a bundle of fat rolls. Is that a puppy? I squeal.

“Trav, is that a puppy?”

“It sure is, got him from the shelter.”

I run over and coo over the small puppy in his arms. Its little nose is all squashed up, and it has rolls everywhere.

“Oh Trav.”

“He is a bulldog.”

“I love him!”

“What do you think we should name him

“I t
hink we should call him B


“Yeah, he has to fit the image.”

Travis laughs. “Bruiser it is, I got you something else.”


He puts Bruiser down and the pup whines at his feet. He digs into his pockets and pulls out a small box. He hands it to me and with trembling fingers I open it. Inside is a bracelet, a beautiful gold bracelet. On it dangles three charms. One is a guitar, the other is a bike and the last is a heart. Travis takes my hand, and his fingers graze over my skin as he snaps the bracelet on.

“The guitar is because one day I will be a rockstar and you will be my groupie, the bike is for your dad and the heart…”

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
12.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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