Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series) (10 page)

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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“Is it Trav?”

I smile. “Yes.”

Yeah, I will be there.

How was your day?

How to answer that?


Just ok?

Just ok rockstar. See you later.

Later baby x

We spend the rest of the afternoon getting ready for Trav’s concert and by the time we arrive, it’s packed. I don’t get to see Trav before he goes on stage, but boy do I know when he does. He looks absolutely gorgeous when he steps out. He is shirtless by choice tonight and his chest shines under the blue lights. He is wearing black jeans that are ripped and torn. I feel my heart kick up a notch. He drops to his knees and slides across the stage, and that is it…we are all under his spell.

I dance and cheer to his songs, like a good…girlfriend? would. Reagan wiggles beside me and we enjoy the music and drinking. When a woman shimmies onto the stage for the final performance, I try hard to ignore her touching Travis. I mean, he is a rockstar and it’s likely part of the act, but when she leans up and kisses him, and he returns it, I crumble. Jealousy rips through me. I am drunk, that much I know because when I turn
I stumble. I fall into a man’s arms who grins down at me.

“Whoa there little darlin.”

He is handsome with a thick western twang. I peer up at him and smile, well it’s more a drunken grin, but I am grateful, he saved me from landing on my ass.

“What the fuck.”

I hear someone scream those words, then the crowd parts as a raging Travis comes barrelling through, and lands smack bang into the man holding me. I stumble backwards and fall onto the floor, landing with a thump on my ass. Travis drives a fist into the man’s face causing him to bellow loudly. A loud crack, followed by a crunch and then Travis is being pulled off.

He looks over at me; his eyes filled with rage and they are screaming ‘How could you?’ I think he has read this all wrong. Now I think about it; that man was holding me horribly close. God. Travis walks over, grips my arm and leads me out into the back room. He slams and locks the door, then turns on me, giving me a truly horrible glare.

“What the hell were you doing? What part about me being possessive and jealous didn’t you understand?”

I blink stupidly. “Excuse me?”

“If you have the need to fuck around Violet, then you shouldn’t have agreed to being mine.”

I lose it now. I throw my hands up and then bring them down with a thump on the bench.

“I beg your pardon rockstar, but you were tongue bashing that woman on stage, but it’s ok for you…”

“It was part of the fucking
I do it all the time.”

“Well I didn’t like it!” I cry, gripping my head.

“And I didn’t like turning to see you grinding against that man.”

“Excuse me? You are being a hypocrite.”

He growls and leans in to grip my shoulders. “You are mine Violet, what part of that don’t you understand?”

“ALL OF IT!” I scream. “You left me Travis, for four fucking years and you broke my damned heart and now you are back, and you just want it all to be so fucking perfect. It’s not perfect; I AM NOT PERFECT!”

He grips my face. “You are to me.”

His lips are on mine then; I didn’t even see it coming. He slams my body back into the bench, and I groan at the impact. His kiss is desperate, hungry and forceful. Mine is just the same. I grind my hips up towards him, desperate, needy. He leans down and grips my legs, throwing me up onto the counter top. He yanks up my dress and pulls aside my panties, then his tongue is inside me, sliding up and down my flesh.

“Travis, god…”

I am about to come, when he stops. I growl in frustration as he yanks his jeans down and pulls out his cock. It is throbbing, and he groans at the release of pressure. He pulls out a foil packet, ripping it open with his teeth. I watch as he rolls it over his length, slowly. When he presses against my sex, he slowly inches in. He is driving me crazy, fucking crazy. He slides fully in, then drags it back out.

“Travis please.” I beg.

He quickens the pace, bringing me to the edge and then he stops. I cry out and grip his shoulders.

“Travis, please…” I whimper again.

“Why were you with him?”


“Why were you with him?” He grates out, sliding his cock back inside me.


“Did you want him Violet?”

“No.” I cry.

He slams into me hard and fast, bringing me to the edge again.

“Why were you with him?”

“Please Travis, I want to come.”

“Tell me why!”

“Because I saw you kissing that girl and I turned so angrily I slipped. He caught me. That is all.”

“You were jealous?”

“Of course I was fucking jealous.”

He stares at me for a long moment, then flexes his hips again. In and out he drives until I finally come around him. I scream and grip my own hair, yanking at it as my body convulses beneath his. I feel his body tense around me, and he roars his own release. I feel him pulsing inside me, his body flexing around me. When he slows, he pulls out and stands back.

“You were punishing me just then, weren’t you?” I whisper.

He stares at me.

“Oh my god Trav.” I stand and pull down my dress.

I storm towards the door, furious at him and myself.

“Wait.” He yells.

“What for Trav? So you can humiliate me some more? I said I would be yours, and I meant it. I can handle your possessiveness; I can even handle jealousy, but I can’t handle being punished for things I didn’t do. You kissed another girl Travis, not the other way around. I hate that, just so you fucking know!!”

I leave then, and he doesn’t follow me. Perhaps Travis and I are lining ourselves up for disaster.




“Your mom is worried, call her.”

“I will, I am staying here tonight. I want to talk with

“Just call
she is frantic with your behaviour at the moment.”

“Ok Reagan!” I snap. I glance down at my phone ringing, Travis again.

“You and Travis fighting again, why bother I say? If you can’t get along now…”

“What crawled up your ass and died Reagan?”

She sighs and stands.

“You did Violet. Grow up, stop acting like a child and face your life for what it is. You have a man who wants you, a friend who loves you and parents who adore you and yet it’s still not enough. Wake up to yourself Violet, before the world abandons you and you end up alone.”

I manage to hold back my shock as she walks
when I am alone I sink into the lounge chair. I get dressed and call a cab, time to face Travis and sort this out because she is right about one thing, I do have a man who wants me and I am being far too standoffish for him…and me. I catch a cab to Phoenix records and make my way into the reception area and face the sour faced receptionist.

“Travis please.”

“He is in a meeting.”

“Then I will go wait in his office.”

“Travis doesn’t like unexpected visitors.” She argues.

“Listen love, whatever fantasies you have about Travis Phoenix better leave your mind quick smart. He is with me now, and he will NOT be going anywhere near you, if you value your job, I suggest you stop the rude attitude and start acting like a receptionist!”

She gapes at me as I turn and walk away. I feel reasonably good by the time I get to Trav’s office. The girls upstairs let me in, and I sit reading while I wait. Travis comes in about an hour later, and smiles when he sees me.

“Hey you.”

“Hey Trav.”

I stand and walk over to him, taking his head in my hands and planting a hot, steamy kiss on his mouth. He steps back bewildered and then smiles.

“Is that a sorry kiss?”

“Trav, I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did but…you have to understand something about me, and that is that I don’t share well.”

He grins. “Yeah well, neither do I, so we are even.”

“I want this…I want you…”

He sweeps a kiss across my lips. “Right back at you beautiful.”

“So, can we start again?”

“We can.”

“Will you come around tonight?”

“I have a better idea; you come around to my place.”

I have never been to Trav’s house, and the idea thrills me.

“Ok…sure. What time?”

“Seven, I will pick you up. Stay the night, I missed you.”

I flush and peer up at him through my lashes. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah I will make it up to you, in the bath, on the bench and in the bed…at least once for each.”

“You are a deviate rockstar.”

He leans in and kisses my earlobe. “Only for you.”

“Is there anything I should be pre warned about?”

He laughs and steps back. “No, well maybe one thing…”

“And that is?”

He steps closer. “You are in for the night of your life, that is your warning.”

“Would you like to elaborate?”

“Hand cuffs, spanking and wild hot sex.”

I give him a lopsided grin. “Well ok then, I can live with that.”

“I have another meeting, I would love to bend you over right now,” His gaze is hungry, “But I have to go. I will pick you up at seven, ok?”

“Ok rockstar.”

He kisses my head. “Tonight Mischief.”


I head out with a grin on my face. I have so much to do before tonight. I get home just as mom is pulling fresh cookies out of the oven. I figure I had better come and see her, knowing she is worried about me.

“Hi honey, where have you been?”

“Hey mom, sorry I was with Reagan. It was a long few days.”

“You promise to text Violet, and you don’t, I worry.”

I kiss her cheek. “I won’t do it again, I swear.”

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“Is it that obvious?”

She rolls her eyes. “Yes it is.”

“Oh…just a special boy.”


I grin.

“You know your father isn’t going to like that…”

“He will get over it.”

“Be careful honey, Chief doesn’t do so well with his little girl disobeying him.”

“I am not a little girl; I am a grown woman, and I don’t have to ask him for permission every time I do something.”

“Travis is different, you know he is.”

“I don’t care.”

“You are a grown girl, I won’t tell you what to do, but I do ask that you tell your dad soon.”

I sigh. “I promise I will.”

“So, what is happening tonight that has you smiling like that?”

“I am staying at Trav’s.”

She frowns. “Do I need to ask if you two are sleeping together?”

“No!” I flush. “You don’t.”

“You are being careful aren’t you? Tell me you are?”

“I am. I started taking the pill, and we use protection mom.” I whine.

“Ok, I just need to know…”

“What about you, how are your dates going?”

She wrinkles her nose. “Not great.”

“Still hung up on one sexy biker?”

She gives me a smile and tosses a cookie at me. “Maybe, now go on and get dressed.”

“What do you think I should wear?”

“Black honey, men love black.”

I laugh and walk down to my room. I shower, shave, primp and fix myself until I feel brand new. I pack some clothes, wondering if men really do like black? With a grin, I pull out my phone.

Do men love black?

That depends, if you are dressed as a nun…no.

I am laughing. What about black lace?

Stop it, I am in a meeting right now.

And texting? Shame on you.

I know, bad boss.

So, black lace and thongs?

I just got hard.

That is a yes then?

That is a hell fucking yes.

Maybe I will give you strip dance.

I think I just came…

Lol. Later gorgeous.

Later baby x




Travis’s house is…wow. It is massive
It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a massive kitchen and two living areas. It is ultra-modern with top notch fittings. It is very manly, and it’s clear there hasn’t been a woman in this home. His couch is black leather, his furniture all top notch black and silver. His kitchen is black marble, and his bathroom tiles are also black. The man likes black.

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
7.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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