Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series) (6 page)

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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I stop laughing and stare at him. “You really mean that?”

“Every word. Men who cheat are weak minded because they don’t have the balls to break it off first. Same goes for women. How hard is it to say ‘I just don’t love you anymore?’

“I guess too hard for most.”

“Well, his loss is now my gain.”

“I am sure you have better girls to look at Travis; I am not tall, gorgeous and blonde.”

“Is that what you think men really want?”

“Are you going to tell me it isn’t?”

“Yes, in fact, I am. Look, I have had enough women and do I regret some of it? Yes, but they weren’t all hot models. Women are beautiful for what’s inside, not what’s outside. You are beautiful; it radiates off you. It’s not all about looks Violet.”

“So you are saying I am ugly but that’s ok because I am beautiful on the inside?”

He laughs and stands, walking around the table and sitting beside me.

“I am saying you are beautiful on the outside AND the inside, and that is a rare combination.”

I stare at him, flattered. My heart stammers against my chest, he is so close.

“Thanks.” I whisper.

“Now, it’s time for some fun.”

“No Travis, can’t we just sit and talk?”

“Life is too short to sit and talk, come on beautiful.”


“It’s that or the kiss?”

“I am not kissing you Travis.”

“Then we play my way.”

He stands and drags me to the jukebox, kicking and protesting. He flicks through the songs, and I glare at him, which he doesn’t notice. He pulls out two microphones and plugs them in, then the song begins and he stares at me with a wide grin.

“Really Trav, Mr bombastic?”

He winks and turns to face all the people watching. The women aren’t screaming because they have been threatened not to, but their faces say it all.

“Mr lover lover…” Travis sings in a husky, deep voice. I blush and everyone finally cheers.

“Sing with him!” They all cry.

“Come on beautiful, live it up for once; you won’t regret it.”

I stare out at the crowd, and I repeat Reagan’s words in my head. With a deep breath, I take the microphone from Travis’s hand and begin singing along with him. The crowd go crazy, and Travis laughs beside me.

“Mr lover lover, mmmm, Mr lover lover…she call me Mr bombastic.” Travis purrs in a voice so close to the original singer, it gives me shivers. His voice is filled with sex, lust and pure raw need.

We sing the song, belting
out at the top of our lungs and I feel free. I haven’t laughed so much in years; I haven’t been happy for so long. When the song is finished, Travis and I take a bow, and he takes my hand and holds it above our heads.

“Big round of applause for my beautiful girl here.”

Everyone cheers and I laugh, bowing again.

“Now, before we go I have another problem. My little petal here, just refuses to kiss me since our first experience, I think she needs a little encouragement.”

The people cheer and begin chanting. “Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him.”

Travis gives me a grin and I flush. He steps forward, I step back. The crowd screams louder, their voices filling my ears.

“Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him.”

Why do I feel like I have been here before?

Travis wraps his hand around the back of my neck and pulls me close; his mouth goes over mine and I moan into it. This time, his tongue snakes out, and I can’t help but move mine with his. His kiss is hot, burning hot, and his lips are soft like silk. He presses me close to his body and everyone cheers, here we are again kissing in front of everyone. When the kiss breaks, I am flushed and panting. Travis stares down at me.


He takes my hand and leads me back to the booth to collect the bill,
and then
he throws a bundle of cash at the waiter who thanks him furiously. When we get out to his bike, he gets on, and I slip on behind him, then we zoom off into the night. Silently. He doesn’t take me home; instead he pulls up at a secluded little cove right on the beach. It’s beautiful and the moonlight shines down on the water, creating a beautiful shimmering path.

“What is this place?”

Travis pulls my helmet off. “I come here sometimes, when I need to think.”

“And why are we here now?”

He grips my face and pulls me in towards him, slanting his lips over mine. I melt into the kiss; it’s hard not to. He has this feel, this deep pull that drags me in each time he touches me. We fall back onto the sand, and I moan when his body falls over mine. His tongue snakes out and slides across my bottom lip before he drags it into his mouth and sucks. I grip his shoulders and thrust my hips upwards, not even realizing how sexual that must seem.

“I want you, so fucking bad. I can’t stay away. I have thought about you for years, seeing those eyes in my mind when I sleep. You changed me Mischief; you made me what I am. Everything I have done; I have done for you.” He rasps into my mouth.

“Trav…” I whisper.

“Don’t turn me away; I made a mistake…I need to possess you, to have you, to feel you…”

He slides his lips over mine again, and I crumble. I want him, for so many years I have wanted him, and I need to feel him against me; to feel his heart beating against my chest, to feel his breath on my ear. I need him; so badly. He lowers me to the sand, kissing and nipping a trail down my neck and over my shoulder. I whimper and cling to him, so desperate, so ready. He
runs his hand up my side and squeezes
, edging me closer to him until we are pressed together.

He slides his hand up under my dress and strokes my thigh while dragging his tongue across my collar bone. I moan; my head hits the sand and I have no protest. He slides his fingers into my sex and growls raggedly. I reach up under his shirt, resting my
palms on the hard planes of his back. God he is beautiful, so fucking beautiful. I press my lips to him again, dragging him in for a desperate kiss.

“Trav…” I whimper when his finger slides into my flesh.

“You’re so wet, so fucking wet.”

He slides his finger up and down, and my body tenses. The feeling shoots hard and fast through my body and I wail. Travis deepens the kiss and presses a finger to my entrance while his thumb circles my clit. He slides his finger out, then slowly back in while lazily rubbing my clit. I clutch him, pleasure shoots through my body, and I can’t think, can’t breathe, can’t do anything but feel this pleasure.

“Oh god, Trav.”

“Come beautiful, come for me.”

I do, erupting around his finger. My nails grate down his back and I scream, my voice echoing through the trees. When I come down from my high, Travis is staring down at me. I can just see his features through the moonlight, and he looks utterly beautiful. He pulls me up and crushes me to his chest; I can hear his heart thumping wildly.

“I missed you Mischief, you were always on my mind.”

I look up at him, and his lips are glistening from my kiss.

“You scare me Trav.”

“Right back at you.”

We sit staring out at the ocean for the longest moment, and not once does he push for more. He doesn’t try and take me on the sand, or ask me to return the favour. He is a perfect gentleman, and it only makes me want him that much more.



“Can you sing without your guitar?”

He looks over at me. “Sure, any good singer can just sing.”

“Will you sing to me?”

He smiles, and it’s a truly beautiful smile. Then he begins singing, and his voice, oh god his voice, it makes my skin crawl in the best possible way. It’s like honey; it’s smooth, silky and so damned sexy. My heart kicks up a notch, and I stare at his beautiful lips as they move…

Give me love like her, cause lately I’ve been waking up alone,

Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt, told you I’d let them go

And that I’ll fight my corner, maybe tonight I’ll call ya,

After my blood turns into alcohol, No I just wanna hold ya,

Give a little time to me, to burn this out,

We’ll play hide and seek, to turn this around,

All I really want is the taste that your lips allow,

My my, give me love, my my, give me love….

I don’t realize I am crying until he stops singing and grips me. I feel my cheek press to his chest, and I breathe in his scent, realizing just how much I have always adored Travis Phoenix, and that scares me.

“Hey, stop that. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to; you sing so beautifully.”

He chuckles and holds me close for a long moment.



“Do you believe in love?”

He pulls back and looks down at me. “Of course, don’t you?”

I shake my head. “Love is something people believe in until they get hurt by it,
and then
they realize love is a waste of time and heart space.”

He looks at me painfully. “No, you are wrong. Love can change everything.”

“It can also break everything.”

“Life is a risk; if it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be worth living.”

I look away and think about his words.

“Hey, I haven’t seen Lil around. Has she moved away?”

My body stiffens and I struggle to breathe. I stand.

“Can we go home?”

He looks up at me. “Did I say something wrong, did you two have a fight?”

“Travis, did you not talk to Chief at all for the last four years?”

“Not really.”

“Travis…Lillian is dead.”




“So he hasn’t called, he could be busy.” Reagan says, sitting on my kitchen bench and staring over at me pacing the room.

“I think I scared him off.”

“How? Tell me everything that happened, stop being so tight lipped about it.”

“We went to dinner, we kissed and then…well after the kiss he took me somewhere and we…”

“Oh my god you had sex?”

“No, of course not but he touched me.”

“Travis Phoenix fingered you?”

I blush. “Do you have to be so blunt about it?”

“You lucky…oh my god…fuck.”

“Now we have that out of the way, afterwards we talked, and he sang to me…”

“He SANG to you, Jesus Vi…”

“Then we got talking, and I may have said I don’t believe in love.”

“Violet!” She whines, shaking her head. “Why do you kill good moments? A gorgeous rockstar touches you, sings to you and then you say that! Woman, I ought to strangle you.”

“There was something else, he asked about Lillian.”

Reagan’s face drops, and she grips my arm. “What did you say?”

“I said she was dead, and I didn’t want to talk about it. Then he took me home.”

“I don’t think that would have been the problem, it was likely your little speech on love.”

I grimace. “So I should text him?”

“I would, look it is simple…do you like him?”

“That is a stupid question; you know how I feel about him.”

“Do you want to see him again?”

I sigh and whimper helplessly. “So much.”

“Then text him and break the ice.”

“Alright, ok…”

I pick up my phone and stare at her, then punch in Trav’s number.

Hey rockstar.

“Rockstar?” Reagan asks, looking over my shoulder.

“He will understand.”

We wait ten minutes, then fifteen, then half an hour.

“He isn’t going to text back, and now I feel like an…”

My phone buzzes.

Hey beautiful.

“Oh my god he replied, and that is a good answer.” Reagan cries, laughing.

“I have to play this cool.” I say, taking a deep breath and replying.

How have you been?

Really good, you?

Good. I had a good time the other night.

Me too, sorry I didn’t call. Work has been mad.

That’s ok.

Have you been sleeping well?



I had a good time; I was wound up for a few nights after…well you know.

“You devil Vi!” Reagan laughs.

I am hard now, thanks for that.

“Oh my god!” We both squeal and laugh.


Kidding...maybe…sorry to leave you wound up? Can I help?


Come and see me for lunch, I have a surprise for you.

Oh? What is it? Is it in your pants?

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
9.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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