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BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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“The two lucky girls, Phoenix is waiting. Jock here will take you through.”

He points to a big, burly man who gives us a brief nod. Reagan grips my hand and leaps up and down as we begin squashing through people to get backstage. When we walk out, I am engulfed by smoke and the smell of alcohol. The beefy bouncer walks us into a back room, and then opens the door. We step in and four men are sitting and chatting; laughing about something. They all look up and two whistle. I spot Travis right away and feel my cheeks flush.

“There you are

“Did he just call you
, OMG, I am going to die.” Reagan fans herself.

“Boys, these are our guests tonight. Vi and…”


“Nice to meet you Reagan.” He grins; taking her hand.

I think Reagan just pissed her pants.

“N-n-nice to meet you too.”

“Thanks for coming. These are my boys, Greg, Harley and Marcus.”

I smile at the three men, but I can’t take my eyes off Trav. His messy hair is swishing around his face as he moves. His black shirt is tight and clinging to a very…very hard and toned body. He has a black belt with a solid silver buckle that is wrapped around black jeans that fit him oh so well. He is wearing a pair of black boots and the look combined just makes him look dangerous. His grey eyes twinkle as I stare in awe at him.

“Like what you see?”

I snap my head up. “What, I wasn’t…”

Everyone is laughing now. Great.

“It’s ok beautiful, you are only human.”

“Don’t call me beautiful.”

He steps closer. “Why not? You are.”

I flush and look away quickly. Take a breath Violet, breathe.

“So would you girls like to hear the song we got going tonight?”

I stare at the handsome blonde man; I forget which band member he is. He smiles at me, and I admire his spiky blonde hair, pierced lip and tattooed body.

“Sure.” I beam and sit down beside Travis. Not intentionally, it just happened.

They pick up their instruments and begin to play lightly. The music is the kind of music that takes you away and changes how you perceive the moment. When Travis starts to sing, I pretty much melt. He has
voice…the voice that can be soft and beautiful or hard and rock like. Right now, it’s soft and beautiful, and I feel my skin tingling as he sings. I am lost in the moment; I don’t even realize he is staring at me until the song ends and I re-focus my star struck gaze.

“Wow.” Reagan stammers, her cheeks rosy red.

I can’t get Travis’s gaze from my face; he is just staring at me. I stand and smile.

“I am going to get a drink.”

“I have a private bar, I will take you.” Travis offers.

I nod, cursing that I didn’t think that one through. Of course he has a private bar!

“So did you like my music?” He asks as we walk through a door and into a quiet room with rich red carpets and a wooden bar. I can see scattered tables and chairs throughout the large room; it is all very rustic.

“Of course I did, you are Travis Phoenix. You wouldn’t be so popular if you sucked.”

He laughs, and it’s a rich, husky sound.

“Was that a compliment
, because I thought you hated me…”

“I am being honest. I don’t lie Travis. Your voice rocks…you do not.”

He grips my cheek. “You didn’t say that four years ago.”

“I grew up idiot; maybe you should to.”

He laughs. “You are too easy to wind up.”

“And you are an ass.”

He grins and slides me a martini, apple I think.

“A beautiful ass.”

“Don’t flatter yourself; I have seen better.”

“In your dreams?”

I feel a smile touch my lips. “Perhaps…but that still means there is better.”

“If you say so, now tell me
, are you seeing anyone?”

I choke on my martini and quickly try to cover up my spluttering with a cough.

“What?” I croak.

He is grinning again; damn that grin.

“No I am not right now, but you already know that.”

“Did I?”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Of course you did, or you wouldn’t be hitting on me.”

He laughs again. “Is that what you think I am doing?”

“Isn’t it?”

He steps closer. “Beautiful girl; when I hit on women, they are fucking me in less than five minutes; last time I checked we still have our clothes on.”

I gape, and blink, did he just say that? Well now I am offended; I turn away flushing. God, how could I be so stupid as to say he was hitting on me when clearly he isn’t. I feel his warm fingers grip m
y chin and lift it. I meet
grey eyes that are deadly serious.

“Don’t give me those pained beautiful eyes Violet, I have seen them in my mind for four fucking years. You are the daughter of the most feared biker on this side of the world. Not to mention, you are beautiful, sweet and far too good for the likes of me. You are the forbidden fruit
, the girl I could never have.”

“Why?” I whisper, hating that my voice sounds so desperate.

“You know why, believe me I want…”

“Travis, show starts in ten.”

The moment is ruined when Marcus walks in the room. Travis let’s go of my chin and my heart thuds against my chest. I want him to finish the sentence; I want him to tell me what he was going to say, but he walks out, leaving me wondering yet again.




The show is crazy, and Travis is crazier. I have never seen a man look so hot on stage while banging his head and screaming into a microphone. He is half naked now, having lost his shirt during the evening to some lucky girl. His bulging muscles have most of the women running off with wet panties. He has the body of a rockstar – I mean literally. His abs move when he does; his chest muscles are defined and bulging. His chest is covered in tattoos, and there is one across his stomach, just under his belly button that reads “Eternity” in some thick, black lettering.

“He is so fucking gorgeous.” Reagan screams.

I can’t deny that.

“I know.” I yell back.

Travis is sweating, making his body glisten. I am staring so hard at him, admiring his stunning good looks that I don’t realize the crowd has gone quiet.

“Vi, oh my god, Vi.”

I snap my head towards Reagan. “What?”

“Travis just called you on stage.”

“Excuse me?”

I look over at Travis who is grinning at me.

“Come on
; get up here.”

All the women in the room are staring at me as if to say ‘What does she have that I don’t?’ well if I could answer them I would say ‘Fucks me.’

“Don’t be shy, get up here or I will come and get you.”

I shake my head, feeling the five drinks rushing through my body as my blood begins to pump. Travis jumps off the stage and I gape in horror as he strides towards me; his fans scream and reach out to him. When he reaches me, he leans down and suddenly I am up and over his shoulder. I scream and pummel my fists into his back. When we land on stage, he sets me on my feet.

“This gorgeous girl is my guest tonight, everyone say hello to Violet.”

The crowd clap and scream.

“Now, she is going to join in and sing a little song with me.”

“No, Travis…” I protest but he cuts me off.

“OR she has to kiss me.”

I gape and shake my head again.

“What’s it going to be?”

“Neither.” I say, feeling a slight amount of dutch courage creeping in.

“I guess I will have to make the choice for you then or perhaps the crowd will, what will it be ladies? Sing or kiss?”

“KISS KISS KISS!” The women scream.

“It’s settled then.”

I can’t say a damn word because suddenly his lips are on mine and oh god, they are soft and tasty. I put my hands up to push him away, only to find my palms resting on a rock hard chest that is covered in sweat and smells divine. I melt; I am a woman all the same and I have all the same needs. Travis kisses me with skill, with passion and hunger. I move my mouth with his, relishing in his taste. I can taste Travis with just a hint of whiskey; he has always had this mind blowing taste. He crushes my body against his and deepens the kiss. God I missed his kiss. My head is dizzy; my ears are ringing from all the screaming. When he lets me go, I sway on my feet.

“I think she liked that.” He laughs, but his gaze is hungry and set on me.

“I have to go.” I whisper, dazed.

I jump off the stage quickly, and I run. I am through the crowd and out the door before I hear Reagan calling my name. She grips my arm outside and swings me around.

“What the hell just happened?”

“I have no idea. God, I have to go.”

“Why? Why do we have to go?”

“You don’t understand Reagan, what
would do to Travis if he knew about that kiss. You also don’t understand the past between us…”

“You are a grown woman and whatever happened in the past can stay there. It’s why it’s called the past Violet.”

“Look, we have to leave.”

“Fine,” She huffs. “I am not happy about it though.”

I grin at her. “Sorry, I will make it up to you.”


I turn to see Travis running towards me; when he stops in front of me, I give him a glare.

“What was that?”

He grips my face. “I have needed that kiss since the day I kissed you all those years ago, your lips have haunted my dreams.”

“Travis, you know this can’t happen.”

“And yet I can’t stop myself.” He whispers, stroking his fingers down my cheek.

Reagan walks away, traitor. Travis grips my hips and pulls me closer.

“Dangerous grounds Travis.”

“I like danger.”

will kill you.”

“I’ll risk it.”

He plants his mouth over mine again and I fall into the kiss, how can I not? His body is hard against me, his hands soft as they stroke my hair, my face, my back. His tongue slides into my mouth, and I whimper at the contact against mine. I pull back after a heated moment and stare at him.

“Until next time, Mischief

Then he is gone.





“You have to be kidding me!” I cry, throwing the newspaper across the room.

“It’s amazing.” Sarah, my office assistant, sighs.

“It’s not amazing Sarah, I am on the front page with my body crushed against Travis Phoenix!”

“And you are complaining why?” She asks, horrified.

“Because I don’t need my name being flaunted around like that, fuck, I need this removed. Get me Trav’s number NOW!”

She nods and hurries out; I stare down at the paper. I was enjoying my morning at work until this. It is a picture of me wrapped around Travis and kissing him on stage. I sigh and close my eyes, rubbing my temples. If
sees this paper…if
sees this paper, I could be in deep shit. I have to get this off, and fast. Sarah comes back with a strip of paper and hands it to me; I stare down at it.

“Travis is CEO of a company? Since when?”

“I heard it’s very flash, and the top place to go for music records. He had a place in NYC, but he moved up here and started it up here a few months ago”

I shake my head, and dial the number on the piece of paper.

“Phoenix records, how may I help you?”

“Yes hello, I was wondering if I could speak to Travis please?”

“Sorry Travis doesn’t take phone calls from…”

“I am not a fan!”

“You can imagine how many women ring each day and say that…”

“Tell him it’s Violet.”

“Oh Violet, just one moment.”

Why did she sound like she knew me, I bet she is reading the paper right now. I listen to the sing song voice on the hold line for about ten minutes, when finally it picks up.

“Mischief, the tables have been turned.”

Travis’s husky voice flows across the phone.

“Don’t get your hopes up rockstar; I am calling about the paper.”

“You saw that huh?”

“Yes I saw it, and I need my picture and name removed ASAP.”

He goes silent a minute. “Why?”

“Travis, have you forgotten about my father?”

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
7.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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