Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series) (8 page)

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
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“Spread your legs for me, I need to see your beautiful pussy.”

I feel heat rising in my cheeks, but I do as he asks. He grips my knees and spreads my legs, then grips hold of my panties and slides them down. I can feel my heart hammering against my ribcage as he tosses my panties and edges my legs further apart. He makes a ragged, husky sound and stares up at me.

“Fuck. That is the prettiest pussy I have ever seen.”

“Trav.” I whimper, desperate.

His head is right there between my legs, he is still sitting on his chair making me that much higher than him. He slides his fingers into my sex and strokes; I cry out and my head falls back. He swirls his thumb around my clit, then inserts two fingers. I tense a little at the pressure, but that is soon replaced with wild pleasure. When he leans in and grips my hips, yanking them forward, I whimper.

His tongue hits my flesh and everything in my world stops. I have never been licked before. I bite down on my cheek to keep from screaming as Travis swipes his tongue up and down my flesh, slowly, painfully. I plead and squirm, lifting my hips in an attempt to force him deeper. He chuckles and the vibrations shoot right through me.

“Travis,” I cry. “Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please, don’t stop.”


He stops licking me and I whine, gripping his arms and glaring at him.

“Stop what Mischief?”

“Don’t make me say it.” I pant.

He grins at me, and his grin tells me he won’t go further until I say it. I close my eyes and mumble. “Please don’t stop licking me…”

“What, I can’t hear you?”



“Lick me Travis, fucking lick me before I kick your sorry ass from here…”

He leans in again and swipes his tongue over my clit, harder and faster this time. I am so close to the edge already, and he has barely begun. When he slides a finger in and finds that sensitive spot, I scream. I quickly muffle it by clamping my own hand over my mouth. He quickens the pace of his fingers and his tongue until I am arching and panting; my nipples rock hard.

“Trav…I can’t…I am going to…come.”

I erupt with a bellow and my body thrashes on the desk as wave after wave of pleasure shoots through me. When Travis has wrung every last shudder from me, he lets me go. I prop myself on my elbows and look over at him. My legs are still wide, and my skirt is hitched up, but I don’t care. He stares at me for the longest moment, then stands and lifts me from the desk and puts me on my feet.

“Trav…I have never…I mean…”

“No one has ever licked that sweet pussy, have they?”

I flush and shake my head.

“I could tell, and let me tell you they were missing out.

I look down, and he grips my chin, lifting my head.

“You make me crazy baby.”

I smile up at him, though it’s a lazy, lopsided smile. His phone rings and he stares over at it.

“Damn, I have to take that. Stay a bit longer, please?”

I nod and sit on the couch, watching him take the call.

“Well what the fuck do you mean he isn’t going to pay?”


“Fuck it John, he has no choice. I will find him myself.”


“Right, fine. Schedule a meeting with him and I will go over it with him.”

Silence and a laugh.

“Yeah, I am hearing you.”

I get an idea as he is talking, though it is a mad, crazy idea. I look around the room, and then drop to my knees and begin crawling over towards him. His eyes swing over to me, and they narrow. I reach his knees and lean up on them, running my tongue over my lip. His eyes widen, but he continues his conversation. I wonder how long that will last? I grip his belt and undo it, sliding it off.

When I have unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, I gaze at his hard erection. The man isn’t wearing any underpants. I stare at the sheer size and thickness of it, and all I can think is ‘That could hurt’ I take him in my hands and his voice hitches as he talks to his friend on the phone. I stroke up and down, feeling the veins pulse in my palms. When I lower my head and take the head of his cock in my mouth, he hisses.

“What? Sorry buddy, just a rude email.” He grates out, his hands white on the phone.

I slide my mouth down his length and suck hard. I can hear his voice cracking, but mostly he keeps his composure. I can tell he is all but cool though, his body is rigid; his eyes are flaring and he has nearly snapped that phone in his hand. I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft and stroke as I suck. He tangles a hand through my hair and thrusts his hips upwards, driving his cock deeper.

“I gotta go, call you later.”

He slams the phone down and lets out a ragged groan. “I am going to come Mischief, so fucking hard.”

I lick and suck until his hips are jerking and his seed is shooting hot and heavy into my mouth. He bellows and his fingers tighten in my hair as pump after pump of his seed continues to empty into my hungry mouth. When he finally pulls back, I swipe my mouth with the back of my hand and grin up at him.

“You bad, bad girl.”

“I couldn’t help myself, I saw you there and I just had to.”

“Fuck, you felt so good. Where did my little reserved girl go? I never saw that coming from someone like you.”

Someone like me? I stand on wobbly legs, feeling utterly slutty. His words hurt, someone like me…someone who in his mind is sweet, innocent…someone he doesn’t know.

“I have to go.”

“Mischief, baby…”

“Don’t call me baby!” I cry, then rush to the door.

“MISCHIEF!” He calls.

I swing open the door and rush out; I run past the desks and staring clerks. I get to the elevator and punch the buttons furiously. It opens just as Travis comes running out. I hit close and see him running towards the door.


It closes before he gets to me. I slide down the wall and cup my head in my heads. What the hell is wrong with me? I am better than this and yet there I was sucking his dick like…oh god. What am I doing to myself? I have fought so long to gain control again, to keep myself safe and sane. When the elevator pings open, I rush out and straight past the staring reception girl. When I step outside, George rushes over, but I put my hands up.

“No George, I am taking a cab.”

“Travis insists.”

“Travis can shove it up his beautiful ass!”

I rush off and wave down a taxi. I get in and give him my address. When I am safely away from the building, I slump back. I feel so guilty, so cheap. I would have never done something like that. The girl Travis wants so bad wouldn’t have done something like that. Maybe he is right, maybe I have changed. My phone buzzes furiously beside me and I look down to see the text messages and missed calls.

Mischief, it was a joke. Answer the phone.

I ignore the text message and punch in Reagan’s number.

Are you home, I need you? X

Yeah I am here, are you ok?

I don’t think so. Be there in ten.

Ok x

I give the taxi driver Reagan’s address instead. When I arrive, I pay the cab driver and make my way into her apartment; Reagan is waiting and comes rushing over as soon as she sees me.

“What happened Vi?”

I tell her everything in a babble, and she just stares at me.

“Wait, you went in there and he told you he got rid of the pictures. Then…you two basically mouth fucked each other, and you freaked out?”

“I freaked out because he said someone like me…someone he remembers who didn’t do those things. Someone who was sweet, who was different.”

“So what Vi? So what? You changed a bit; you did something you usually don’t do. Is it really the end of the world? Did you enjoy it?”

“At the time…”

“Did he?”

I blush.

“Then who cares! It’s not as though you just met him today and dropped to your knees. You two have known each other forever. You didn’t sleep with him; you just enjoyed him. I think he is good for you Violet; I truly do. It’s time you let a little crazy into your life and Travis Phoenix is just the man to do it.”

“What if you are wrong Reag’s?”

She rolls her eyes. “I am never wrong honey.”

I give her the eye and slump back.

“I am hungry.”

“Pregnant already?”

“Up your ass you fool; I haven’t slept with him.”

“Oh, can you image how good it is going to be when you do?”

I blush.

“Did you just blush?” She laughs.

“No, I did not.”

“Oh my god you blushed.”

“Shut it.”

“Violet’s in love,” She sings dancing around the room. “Violet’s in love.”


I chase her out of the room and leap onto her back.

“Ow, get your fat ass off me.”

“It’s not fat.” I laugh, shoving my hands over her eyes.

“Fatty fatty.”


She drops me on the bed and leaps on beside me. “No, you have a totally fine ass.”

“Reagan, are you a lesbian?”

She snorts. “Like ew.”

“Did you just say ew?”

“I totally just said ew.”




Lightening scares the crap out of me. Actually that doesn’t even cut it; it puts me into a state. Storms, wind, but mostly lightening. No matter how many years I live through it; it still gives me the same reaction. That night, after arguing with Reagan for hours about how normal my actions were; the storm set in. Trav has been trying to talk with me at every chance. What can I say to him? I am fucked up Travis; I am a mental case and you are better off without me?

I don’t know that it is going to storm, I usually pick up the wind or the rain, but tonight it just hits hard. I am at Chief’s house, and sitting outside with him and the gang. Travis is here, but because of my dad he can’t talk to me. He gives me looks, pained little stares and I want to go over and make it better, but I am not sure that is the right thing to do. Chief is sitting with that hag on his lap, and she is stroking his arms and kissing his neck.

“Daddy please, you are testing my gag reflex.”

He gives me a grin. “Sorry baby.”

“Get a room or something.”

He laughs and turns to Trav. “Where is your usual line up of women Phoenix?”

“Slack tonight buddy.”

“Rena, get over there and show Travis some fun.”

Rena, one of the bimbos from the club stands and saunters over.

“Nah it’s cool.” Travis says, putting his hands up.

“Travis, you never turn down a fuck...why I remember about a month ago we had a good time…”

That is the cold hard truth of it too; this club fuck like a bunch of rabbits on heat. They are all unfaithful, all dirty perves. Except for with me, none of them would dare to touch me. It’s the code, the rule. You don’t touch Chief’s daughter, so I am safe, mostly. Rena saunters over and straddles Travis’s lap. I want to go and rip her off by her hair, but that would only end with a bullet in Trav’s brain.

“My room or yours baby?” She purrs. Ugh.

“Not tonight Rena.”

“I miss you Trav, come on, we have so much fun.”

“I said not tonight.”

“Aw Trav, you playing for the other team?” Marcus laughs.

“Fuck of man.”

Rena slides her lips over Travis’s neck, and he gives me a sorry look. I glare at him, and turn away. That’s when the lightening cracks, out of nowhere it just cracks. I freeze; the glass slips from my hand and I can’t move.

“Aw shit, baby, come on.” Chief says standing and tossing Jaq off his lap.

I can’t move; it cracks again and I can see her face. Lillian, my best friend…I miss her and her death was all my fault. I can see it, her beautiful blonde hair,
and her
smiling eyes. I scream when the next crack sounds out.

“Inside with her Chief, you know the drill.”

The club members are used to this, used to how I react when this happens. Chief grips me in his arms and lifts me; I am stiff and still.

“Come on baby, daddy will get you some earplugs ok?”

“Chief, what is wrong with her?” Travis asks, standing.

“Long story for another night.”

“Can I help?”

“Find me some earplugs.”

I scream again when the lightening cracks against the roof. Chief soothes me with useless words and carries me upstairs.

“Wasn’t your fault. All over. Going to be ok.”

He says these words every time this happens. Every time. He takes me to my room and puts me on the bed, then takes the earplugs Travis brings in. He gently shoves them in my ears and strokes my hair while the sound slowly drowns out. Then he stands.

BOOK: Phoenix Rockstar (Book One in the Erotic Rockstar Series)
7.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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