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“Tess?” Caroline speaks up as the nurse removes her IV.

I leave Ben’s side and I walk over to her bed and she pats the bed for me to sit next to her.

“My doctor told me that I get to choose who I want to go with me to the … rehab to help me get settled in.” She was reluctant on the R word.

I nod.

“I want you to go with me Tess.”

I notice Ben’s head shoot in our direction and I try not to notice his shock. “Why me Caroline?”

She drops her head and shrugs, “I just trust you and I need a girl to go with me.”

“What about Gwen?”

“I love Gwen, but I don’t want a lecture. I don’t want to be fussed over. I just need someone who gets it, because it’s bad enough I have to go.” Her eyes drop to her hands. “But, if you’d rather not…”

“I would love to.” I jump in, she doesn’t need rejection on something that could bring her comfort right now. I look over my shoulder at Ben who sends me a nod of approval.

Caroline offers the tiniest of smiles, but it’s a start.



Caroline has just been discharged and was released in Jack’s care, to fly back. I volunteered to sit with her on the flight back, in case she wanted to talk, but Jack was told to give her a sleeping aid for the flight to keep her relaxed.

“Here baby girl,” Jack hands Caroline a couple of pills. She retrieves them and pops her head back and takes them down.

“Thanks Dad.”

Ben is sitting behind us on the flight, because this plane only has rows of two and I am with Caroline. Jack and Gwen are seated in front of us. I twist in my seat just before the take-off, to give Ben a little kiss. “You okay?” I ask.

With sad eyes he offers a nod, “Thank you for being with her, in more than one way.”

I give him a tight smile and lean in for another kiss. He sits back and I return my attention back to Caroline, “How are you?”

“I’m okay, the pills are starting to take effect.” She rests her head on the back of the seat. I grab a flight attendants attention before she sits for take-off and ask her for a pillow and blanket for Caroline.

I see her eyes close and I know she is out for the count. The attendant returns with my request. I lightly lift her head and place the small white pillow under it and cover her with the blanket. I see her take a restful breath and I am relieved I could help in that.

When we touch back down in Seattle it’s late at night and the facility is closed till morning. Caroline wakes up in shock from the landing and panics slightly. “Hey, it’s okay, we just landed.” I take her hand.

She shakes her head and rubs her eyes, wincing at the movement of her arm. I only offer her a knowing glance and as if reading my mind she tells me, “No, I’m fine, I don’t need any medication.”

Brave thing.

Jack and Ben jump to our side in the isle to offer help, and I see her giggle behind her hair, which is around her face. It warms my heart. I start out of my seat and Ben kisses my cheek and whispers, “Would it be okay if we asked Caroline to stay with us till morning and then you can take her in?”

“I was going to make the same suggestion.”

I step back to let Jack put his arm around Caroline and help her off of the plane. In the gate that’s when Ben offers to take Caroline. Jack is against it at first, but Caroline insisted as well.

“But honey, wouldn’t you rather sleep in your own bed? You’ve been in New York for some time and well, you’ll be at…”

“I know Dad, but I feel the need to be with my brother and it would make more sense so Tess can take me in the morning.” I can see the strain in her eyes, just hoping that he won’t fight her anymore.

He goes to her and gives her an easy hug and tells her, “Alright honey, get a lot of rest and we will see you on Christmas in a couple of days.” He kisses her forehead, “I love you baby girl.”

“I love you too Dad and thank you.”



We walk in to not only Ben’s place but our place and it really is a great feeling to come home together. They say home is where the heart is and Ben could live in a cardboard box and it’d still be my home.

Ben carries in Caroline’s bags. Jack and Gwen went to her dorm to collect some of her important belongings and packed her a few bags for her stay.

“You can stay in our room,” I offer.

“I can stay on the sofa, I don’t want to put you two out.”

I stride over to Ben and snatch up her bags and head for our room. Ben darts in front of me just before I cross the threshold. “What are you doing?” I ask him.

He backs into the room and holds up his index finger to Caroline who has followed us, signifying that he wants a minute with me. Ben pulls me in and closes the door.

“What are you doing?” I ask confused.

He smirks at me, which does things to my insides. “Um, don’t you think we should take down the birthday gift you gave me?”

I toss my head back and laugh, “Yeah, you might be right. I don’t think Caroline would appreciate seeing me in all my glory, or knowing that I gave it to her brother.”

Ben wraps his arms around me and sighs, “Thank you for being amazing through all of this.”

“You would do it for me.”

“That’s true. Now, let’s get this sexy piece down, before my baby sister sees it.”

“I’ll get some clean sheets and make up the bed,” I tell him and as I turn to walk away he smack my butt and I jump. “Watch it Bond,” I smirk back at him.





Ben and I sleep on his pull out black sofa, which is considerably smaller than his king size bed, but I was fine with that, because that meant cuddling extra close.

I had set my alarm on my phone so I can get myself and Caroline up. I fumble off of the pull out and plop on the floor,
what the hell
? Then I hear my favorite robust laugh, I lift my head to find Ben in the kitchen making breakfast.

And coffee.

“Have a nice fall?” He jokes.

I hobble over to him and smack him on the chest, “jerk.”

He grabs me from behind as I make my way to the coffee maker and nuzzles into my neck. I instantly arch back and feel his growing hardness. Then I come too and remember we aren’t alone.

“Caroline!” I jump and pull away, “I need to get her up and get ready to leave!”

“Calm down. She is in the shower.”

“Is she okay to be alone in there?” I ask reluctantly, but we have to be realistic here.

“Fuck! I don’t know, should I not have let her go in there?” He tugs on his locks in frustration.

I sigh and think about it, “I think she is okay enough, but I am going to check.” I pad to the bathroom door and I hear the shower going. I knock, “Caroline, you okay?”

I wait for a response before turn the knob. I creek open the door and ask again, this time I get a response and my heart starts to beat again.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” She sniffles out.

Concerned, “Can I come in?”

“Yes.” She turns off the shower and as I close the door behind me she has the towel wrapped around her and steps out.

Her bandage is a little damp, “Can I help change your dressings?”

Looking down at her left arm, she lets out a little sob, “Shit, I can’t do anything right,” she mutters.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Come over to the sink I’ll change them out for you.” I go into the cabinet and pull out the gauze. I slowly remove the damp coverings and toss them in the wastebasket, I notice her wince, “You okay?”

She nods and wipes away the start of a tear with her right hand. I look back down to the injured arm and I feel so much pain and sadness for her. Not pity, just sadness, sadness in knowing that someone or something upset her so greatly to do this. I know the feeling all too well.

“I feel like I am being a nuisance.”

“There is no possible way you could ever be a nuisance Caroline. Look at me.” I demand as soft as I can, she has to know.

She looks into my eyes, “You are significant. You are loved by so many, including me. You are already my sister and I will do anything for you. Do you understand that?”

“I do.”

I nod and start to clean and wrap her wound and stitches.

“Okay,” I finish. “Let’s get you dressed and something to eat. Ben made breakfast.”

Her eyes widen, “I haven’t had Ben’s cooking since he lived at home.”

“He never cooked when he visited home?” I ask.

She shakes her head no, “He used to make me breakfast every morning before school.” She keeps her head down when she speaks, but I spot a soft smile cross her face as she recalls the memory.

“What was he like back then? Before he left for college?” I ask. I have been curious for some time. I know he was in a band with Dan, but never what he was like at home.

She touches the fresh bandage lightly with her finger tips, “He was there. He was there for me all the time. When Dad wasn’t, he was. He cooked, did laundry, and helped me with my school projects. He can rock a shoe box diorama.”

I laugh at the thought of him elbow deep in Elmer’s glue and glitter. She even gives me a soft giggle, “But then he went to college … met Nicole and he wasn’t around as much. Missed many Sunday dinners, because she thought her time was more important. He went a long with it, because he wanted to eventually be a good husband for her.”

I feel my face drop.

“If I thought he wasn’t around much when they were together, well it got much worse when they broke off the engagement.”

I bite the corner of my mouth and ask, “Worse?” We start to make our way back to mine and Ben’s room so I can help her get dressed.

“He stopped coming home all together. He started to drink more, I know because when he did answer my calls he slurred … and then I would hear women’s voices…” She looks up at me and I can see the look on her face, the look that says
I have said too much…

I help slip a loose fitting tee over her head and arms though the holes. “It’s okay. I know about his … pasts.” She nods. “Do you want jeans or leggings?” I ask her, her clothing choices.

“Leggings.” And I kneel to help guide her legs into them. I know she could probably do it herself, but I like helping her and if it helps keep the pain out of her arm, then I am more than willing to help her.

We here a light knock on the door, “Are you ladies doing alright?” We hear Ben ask.

BOOK: Private Affair (The Private Series)
13.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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