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Lexi Buchanan

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Ramon [McKenzie Brothers 2.5]


Lexi Buchanan


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This takes place after The Wedding, but
before Rapture.


Walking into his apartment, Ramon McKenzie
stopped in his tracks when his gaze found Noah sprawled out on the
sofa. He had one leg bent along the cushion and the other leg hung
from the seat. His arm was in a relaxed position above his head
while the other rested over his belly.

Ramon licked his lips; he couldn’t help it
as he continued to watch the sexy guy, and noticed the growing cock
hidden by the deep red robe Noah wore.
Asleep my ass!

He gulped as he clenched his fists together,
forcing himself to resist the urge to walk over to Noah. He wanted
to do everything he’d thought about doing today. After a shit day
in the office, all he wanted was to unwind with Noah—to celebrate
turning thirty.

Normally, he’d have worked out of the site
office, but his brothers had wanted him in the McKenzie offices
today so that they could take him out for lunch and treat him to a
few drinks. The lunch had been good, and he’d found it relaxing to
spend time with them, but he’d felt as though something was
missing—when he’d walked into the apartment and seen Noah, he’d
realized what or rather who had been missing.

Ramon had never expected to fall for a guy,
and fall big time he had. Up until he’d turned twenty-four he’d
denied his attraction to other men, and always chased skirts. But
that had all changed after a very drunken encounter—one he’d rather
forget, but always seemed to remember. He’d basically realized from
that point that he wanted to be with other men. Every now and
again, however, he’d get an itch for a woman, unlike Noah, who was
one hundred percent gay, but it wasn’t like before.

“You planning on standing there all night
watching me sleep, birthday boy?” Noah asked. He stood up and
grinned at Ramon, his smile welcoming as he stood from the sofa and
dropped the robe behind him. Ramon bit back a groan at all of
Noah’s naked glory as he started to walk toward him.

Ramon grinned. “Nope. But I’m ready for the
only birthday present you can give me.”

“And what’s that?” Noah asked, stroking his


The blaze of heat Ramon could see in Noah’s
eyes made him react by yanking his shirt over his head as he
slipped his shoes off his feet. He kept his eyes on Noah as Ramon
unfastened his belt, button and zipper. Before he could get his
pants down past his hips, Noah was on him.

Noah’s hands slid into Ramon’s shoulder
length hair and pulled him into his kiss. He locked Ramon’s mouth
against his as their teeth clashed and tongues mated. Ramon placed
his hands on either side of Noah’s whisker covered cheeks as Ramon
deepened the kiss—he needed more. Noah broke from the kiss and
caressed down Ramon’s back with his arousing hands. He slipped them
into the back of Ramon’s pants, shoving them down past his hips,
which allowed his hard-as-fuck dick freedom.

Noah shuddered and cupped Ramon’s balls in
his hand before he stroked up his cock. His hand squeezed his dick
briefly before he rubbed the pre-cum into the mushroom head.

“Oh fuck. You’re going to make me come too
soon,” Ramon groaned.

Noah laughed. “You’d get it up again the
minute I touched you.”

Ramon smiled when Noah acknowledged with
that statement that he knew him well. He could keep going all night
when he was alone with Noah—orgasm after orgasm. Nothing had ever
felt as good as it did when he was with Noah.

He pulled Noah back into him and nearly came
as their cocks slid against the other and their mouths met. With
Noah’s naked form pressed up against his and his scent all over
him, Ramon was ready to release. He’d had thoughts of Noah in his
head all day so he could even go as far as saying he’d had a
permanent hard-on wanting this man.

Growling, deep in his throat, Ramon wrapped
his arms around Noah who placed his hands on Ramon’s ass and
squeezed as they rutted against each other—both leaking with

Noah slipped a hand between their bodies,
and wrapped his hand around both cocks before he started to jack
them of. The closer they got to climax the more erratic their
breathing became.

Ramon nipped around Noah’s lips, biting the
tender flesh softly as he moved down his strong masculine jaw
toward his ear—Noah’s trigger spot. They where both seconds away
from coming when Ramon clamped his teeth around Noah’s lobe. Noah
slid a finger in the crease between Ramon’s buttocks and pressed on
the rosette—they both shouted as they came. Their cum mixed and
coated both their stomachs, cocks and Noah’s hand.

That had blown his mind, and Ramon was
afraid he wouldn’t be able to walk. The orgasm had taken everything
out of him. By the look of things Noah was in the same

“Shower,” Ramon panted, a slow smile
spreading across his lips.


Noah was standing facing the wall with his
arms stretched over his head, his hands resting against the wall
and his legs wide open while he gritted his teeth against the
unbearable passion he felt for the man kneeling behind him. The hot
water beat down over them, but all he could concentrate on was
Ramon cleaning the calf of his right leg. He hoped Ramon planned on
moving further north.

Ramon had the most talented hands he’d ever
experienced on his body and right now they were moving in the right
direction—to his aching balls and throbbing cock. He’d never come
as hard or for as long before he’d met Ramon, but it was more than
the hottest sex that was making him stay with him. Noah loved
Ramon’s sense of humor, when he chose to use it, and he was a wiz
at solving problems. They could talk for hours about music, films,
books and even sports with them both supporting the same ice hockey
team not to mention baseball.

Noah sucked in a breath as Ramon finally
stroked him where he needed his touch. His legs quivered as Ramon
spread his ass cheeks and kissed him right on his puckered hole.
Groaning, Noah tried to keep still as Ramon’s fingers stroked
between his legs before he cupped Noah’s balls in his hand. He was
going to come before his cock received any stimulation—so

“Fist your cock.”

He didn’t need Ramon to tell him twice as he
wrapped his hand around his shaft and started a shallow back and
forth motion, but he nearly lost it when he felt Ramon spread him
open with his fingers before he leaned in and pressed his tongue
against him.

“Oh God, Ramon… I can’t hold on.”

“Shush… Don’t come yet. I want my finger in
you first.”


His legs were about to drop him to the floor
of the shower.

Noah pressed down hard on the base of his
dick and breathed deeply as Ramon slowly inserted a finger into his
ass. His finger sank deeper, and Noah nearly lost it when Ramon
rubbed against his prostrate.

The tingling started in the base of his
spine as Ramon kept stroking over his sweet spot—he couldn’t hold
on any more.

“Harder…Ramon, harder.”

Ramon didn’t say anything, just slid two
fingers inside him and fucked him.

If Noah’s balls pulled up any tighter they’d
disappear. Grabbing his cock again, he started to fist himself—back
and forth—back and forth. As tension built in his body, Ramon
slowed his movements until his fingers pressed against Noah’s
prostrate again. Gritting his teeth to hold on, Noah almost roared
in ecstasy as Ramon stroked against it. Noah released all over the
shower wall and his hand.

Ramon gently pulled out of his ass, washed
his hands with the foam soap before he turned Noah around and
watched as Noah gave in and slithered to the shower floor.
Grinning, Ramon settled between his legs and leaned in to suck
Noah’s cock into his mouth.

Noah pulled Ramon’s head away. “It’s your
birthday. I want to give you your birthday present.”

Ramon grinned, his cock sticking out from
his body. “Oh yeah. I’m not about to complain.”

Before Ramon could say anything else, Noah
changed position and had Ramon sitting on the shower floor with his
legs spread.

Noah caressed up Ramon’s thighs, unable to
move his eyes from Ramon’s weeping cock. It stood long, thick and
proud reaching toward his navel—so damn long. Noah loved this part
of their sexual relationship because Ramon’s cock was beautiful.
He’d been with some guys whose dicks did nothing for him—but
Ramon’s was deliciously thick and elegant, which had his own rising

“We need a bed,” Noah groaned, eager to have
Ramon completely open for him.

He held his hand out to Ramon, which he took
as he allowed Noah to haul him to his feet before they quickly
dried off.


Lying on their bed, Ramon watched Noah
approach while he stroked his cock knowing the man was going to
send him to heaven with his hot mouth. Pre-cum leaked out of his
cock, more than usual, dripping down along this length.

“Hands off. That’s mine.”

Ramon didn’t have time to think before he
was moaning and thrashing on the bed. Noah leaned over him and
licked the pre-cum up before his tongue slid over his length and
back to the head of his cock.

“You always taste so fucking good.” Noah
sucked as much of Ramon’s shaft into his mouth that would fit. He
used his tongue to swirl around the head knowing it would drive
Ramon wild.

Without removing his mouth Noah spread and
bent Ramon’s legs so he had free access to his balls and ass. His
eyes shone as he sat back and admired the feast in front of him.
And what a feast Ramon made.

“I can’t decide whether to suck you off or
fuck your ass. I want to do both,” Noah told him with a wicked look
in his eyes.

Ramon gulped, and gulped again. “Both.” His
hips arched, and his dick jerked, leaking even more with the
thoughts going around-and-around his head. Thoughts of Noah’s
talented tongue and what he could do with Noah’s thick shaft.


Breaking out into a sweat, Noah grabbed the
lube and a condom. He smoothed the condom down his shaft, and just
prayed he didn’t come before he’d gotten inside Ramon. He coated
his hands in the oily liquid. Ramon always affected him like
this—like he was an uncontrollable horny teenager.

He wrapped his hand around Ramon’s cock and
felt his own expand at the shudder that wracked Ramon’s body as his
cock slid through Noah’s fingers. Unable to prolong this anymore,
Noah slid his other hand between Ramon’s legs and started a gentle
rubbing motion around his asshole.

Noah leaned over and took Ramon’s cock back
into his hot mouth while he inserted one finger through the tight
ring of muscle, which made Ramon arch up from the bed when his
finger hit him right on the good spot.

Ramon’s cock was leaking and twitching in
Noah’s mouth, which told him to get a move on before Ramon came too

When he was sure he’d prepared Ramon enough,
Noah took hold of his cock and pushed the bulbous head through the
muscle and stopped. He needed to catch his breath because he was so
close. He always was. Being inside Ramon was like nothing he’d
experienced before.

“I want all of you.” Ramon moved his hips
and took more of Noah inside him. “Now…before I come.”

“Fuck,” Noah cussed and slammed all the way
inside—his balls smacked Ramon on the ass.

Ramon clenched his fists in the bedding as
every muscle in his body tensed, squeezing the fuck out of Noah’s
cock. “Move…Christ, Noah...Fuck…So fucking good.”

Ramon arched up into Noah, sending Noah’s
eyes into the back of his head in pleasure.

Noah caught his breath before he leaned over
and sealed his lips to Ramon’s. He loved the rough texture of
kissing Ramon; the spice cologne he wore always filled his nostrils
when he was this close to him. As they kissed, and kissed, Noah
started to slide out of Ramon, and back inside just as slow,
rubbing against his prostrate—Ramon caught his breath.

BOOK: Ramon
5.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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