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Using his arms to hold him up, Noah hovered
over Ramon and started a fast paced back and forth motion—making
them both sweat. With one hand he took hold of Ramon’s dripping
cock and started jacking him.

“Ahhh…fuck…I’m going to come,” Ramon moaned
continuing to twist the bed covers in his hands.

“Me too.” Noah could hardly speak with the
pleasure that ran through his body from the tip of his dick to the
tip of his toes.

As Noah watched Ramon writhe under him, he
witnessed Ramon’s beautiful cock enlarge even more in his hand. The
visual made Noah’s dick swell and leak into the condom as he
carried on fucking Ramon’s ass.

Noah looked up and met Ramon’s gaze before
he dropped his head—Noah could just reach the head of Ramon’s long
cock—he sucked Ramon’s shaft between his lips and was more than
satisfied when the man under him moaned and gasped in pleasure as
his orgasm tore out of him.

Noah swallowed everything Ramon gave him,
and had just finished when Ramon leaned up and started nibbling his
jaw. Ramon nipped along to his lobe as he pressed against Noah’s
asshole—Noah came—cum shooting out of him into the condom as
Ramon’s ass tightened around him—prolonging his pleasure.


After they were done and they’d cleaned up,
they found themselves lying in each other’s arms watching a replay
of an earlier hockey game. The left over birthday cake sat on the
bedside table along with the tickets to a game, Noah had bought him
for his birthday.

Life couldn’t get any happier, unless of
course his family ruined it. Ramon didn’t think they would, but he
couldn’t help but wonder how his family would react to him being
gay, or bisexual. Although, since he’d met Noah and they’d been
living in Lexington close to his family he’d only been with Noah.
He didn’t want anyone else.

“What are you thinking about?” Noah asked.
“You where happy and relaxed and now you’ve tensed.”

Ramon sighed and turned to lie on his side
so he could face Noah. “I’m thinking about my family, and how
they’d take the news about us.” It was pointless lying to the
man—Noah knew his mind as well as he knew Ramon’s body.

“So that means you’re thinking about telling

“I constantly think about telling them. I’m
not ashamed to be with you and I want you to be with me at family
meals and other family stuff, but every time I intend on telling
them…I always

Noah moved in closer so they where lying
skin to skin, and said, “Knowing you want to tell them about me,
and that you aren’t ashamed to be with me is all I need right now.
You’ll tell them when you’re ready and I’m good with that.” Noah
grinned. “So, tell me. Did you have a good birthday?”

Ramon laughed before he tackled Noah and
loomed over him. “I had the perfect birthday, and that was all
thanks to you.” The kiss he placed on Noah’s lips was as slow as
his smile. “Thank you.”


The end


BOOK: Ramon
4.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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