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Rogue's Angel (Rogue Series) (6 page)

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"If this is how it feels, I can see how you'd fuck all the time. Aaaah!"

He laughed. "I don't fuck all the time."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because it's not like this, and this is what I want."

"What is?"

He thrust hard into me. I whimpered and my hands tightened on his behind.

"You," he said.






We fucked all night. Stevain taught me a lot, just like he said he would, but fucking was my favorite. After we'd finished fucking and sucking each other, we showered together in that beautiful golden bathroom next to the playroom. That's what he called it. His playroom. I was supposed to go to work that evening, but Stevain had me call in and tell them I couldn't make it. He made me call them while he was licking my pussy.

Eating me out, he called it. He really liked doing that, and to be honest I liked it a lot too. It wasn't as fun as fucking, but he could make me cum with his tongue a lot faster than he could fucking me, and when he ate me his cock would get hard. A hard-on, he said. And since he needed a hard-on to fuck me, I decided he could eat me out as often as he wanted to.

We'd just finished fucking in his bedroom upstairs. I was laying on my stomach, happy, enjoying the wonderful aftermath of a heavenly cum he'd made me have. He was laying beside me, tracing the scars on my back with his fingertips. He leaned over and kissed them, up one and down the other. I rolled over to look at him.

"What happened?" he asked. "What did you do?"

"I fell," I said.

He snorted and rolled his eyes. "I'm not stupid, Angel. I know that. What did you do to fall?"

I sat up and looked at him. "No, I mean I fell. I tripped and fell. There was a thunderstorm, and the lightning...." I shivered and looked away.

He gathered me in his arms and held me close like he had the night we met. "Which is why you don't like thunderstorms. You were in an accident."

"What about you?"

He stiffened and pulled away. I caught him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed him with my tongue like I knew he liked. He whimpered and kissed me back. I rested my head against his.

"I saw the scars," I whispered. "And that's the real reason you don't like fucking face to face. Because you're afraid they'll see. Or feel. Tell me. Please, my lord."

"I...denied Him. He asked something of me I could not do, and I said no. This was my punishment," he said.

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

"A long time," he admitted. "Much, much longer than you."

"What was your name? Please, I know you. I feel you. You're so beautiful. So dark and beautiful. I know you, don't I?"

"I was Stevaniel," he whispered.

"The Crown," I said. "You were the Crown of God, cast down for refusal to obey. It's why you know the words to say. The language."

"And why you recognize me as your lord. You weren't very high-ranking when I Fell. What were you when you did? How long have you been here?"

"A few years. It took me a long time to get used to being...human. I was a lieutenant at the time of my accident."

"You were but a recruit when I was home last." He kissed me and smiled. "I never thought to find another of my kind down here, let alone a female. Oh, I've seen them from time to time, here and there, going about their business, doing His bidding. They of course don't acknowledge me. I'm forbidden. But now there's you, little Angel. And now that you know who and what I am, will you also refuse to suffer my company?"

I smiled and lay back on his bed. I opened my arms and parted my thighs.

"Fuck me, my lord."



Farita Surdare lives in a city in middle America with her two cats, Emma and Luna, and a pot-bellied pig named Sprinkles. Her favorite color is pink. She likes to garden and spends as much time as she can enjoying the sunshine.

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