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“Just as well I’m neither annoying nor little then,” Lark retorted with a mock pout and a sniff of disdain.

He didn’t object to the charge of sadomasochism, however. He really did enjoy winding Zak up far too much to deny it, and he absolutely loved Zak’s punishments afterwards. He did, however, relent just a little on the physical abuse now that Zak was beginning to sound coherent. Lark knew it wouldn’t be long before he got what he wanted.

“Oh! You’re definitely little,” Zak muttered into his pillow.

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

“Am not!”

Lark could hear the smile in Zak’s voice but knew his lover was fighting it as they continued back and forth with the familiar banter. He felt his heart swell a little more with overwhelming love.

“I’m not little where it counts,” he insisted playfully, thrusting his hips forward so Zak could feel the growing bulge of his erection through the thin sheet.

Zak growled, then rolled over with a loud roar to pin Lark to the mattress beneath him in a squealing, giggling mess.

Lark squirmed and thrashed, but when Zak swooped in to claim his laughing mouth, in a hard, possessive kiss, Lark surrendered enthusiastically. Zak’s kisses were far too good to miss a moment of them.

Tongues tangled and caressed across each other, probing deeply then gently licking at the tender, bruised flesh and running lightly over smooth white teeth. Eyes closed in bliss and moans of appreciation began to fill the room as retaliation turned to rapture and red-hot need.

Slowly, they pulled away from each other, and Lark couldn’t hold in a soft whimper at the loss.

“Are you trying to distract me?” he panted, staring up into Zak’s handsome face and tracing his fingers down the dark stubbly fur of his cheek.

“Is it working?” Zak asked; his light peridot-green eyes flecked with golden brown smouldered with a heady combination of mischief and lust. All traces of sleepy man were now completely gone.

“Maybe,” Lark replied with a saucy grin. “But I’m really hungry, Zak,” he added, raising his head to lick
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suggestively at Zak’s lips again.

“Mmmm…me too,” Zak agreed as he leaned in for another drugging kiss. “What do you think we should do about that?”

Lark bit at his bottom lip as he pretended to consider his options. But after barely a second of teasing, he began to push insistently on his lover’s shoulders until the much bigger man took the hint and settled onto his back in the middle of the mattress.

Lark took the time to push the light cotton sheet off completely and admire Zak’s beautiful, naked body.

He let his gaze travel down firm, defined muscles before straddling rock-hard thighs. He admired Zak’s bare, tanned flesh and was once again eternally grateful for the man’s predilection for nude sunbathing.

Laid out like this—a veritable feast for the senses—Zak was magnificent.

Reaching out, Lark traced Zak’s well shaped pectorals and tweaked both hard, pebbled nipples. He ran his fingers lightly through the soft mat of hair that grew across Zak’s broad chest—such a contrast to his own smooth torso—then followed it down over his firm, rippled belly as it trailed in a teasing path to disappear beneath him where he sat over Zak like a conquering hero.

No matter how many times he saw the man naked like this, Lark could never bring himself to believe Zak was real. He always found himself needing to touch and caress. To reassure himself that Zak was there with him.

When Zak groaned and thrust up against him, Lark chuckled and shifted a little to let Zak’s rigid cock, trapped beneath him, run up along the smooth silk of his sleep pants and stroke across his inner thigh.

Well, that certainly felt real, Lark thought, grinning like a fool when he saw the small trail of pre-cum that was left behind in a thin, wet line across the silk of his pants and the jewel-beaded thread of cum that now connected him to Zak’s thick, uncut cock.

“Naughty boy,” he chided playfully, “you got me all wet.”

“Oh, baby!” Zak rumbled back in a deep, husky voice that sent a shiver down Lark’s spine. “Let me make it up to you and help you out of those messy things.”

With that, Zak began to slip the material off Lark’s hips with his broad, calloused hands. Lark didn’t waste any time in lifting up and helping him remove the offending pants, quickly returning to his position over Zak’s thighs and delighting in the feel of their cocks meeting and rubbing together—happily sharing their pre-cum as the lust and need grew between them.

Lowering himself to lay over the much bigger man, Lark joined their lips together for another long, passionate kiss. The sensation of Zak’s broad hands travelling up and down his back, caressing him as their tongues danced and mated between their mouths, had him moaning and undulating helplessly in seconds.

No way could Lark stop himself from rubbing and thrusting against Zak when they touched like this. His body simply refused to be restrained. But Lark had plans for this morning, and he knew if didn’t find some control soon, he was going to miss his chance.

Not that there wouldn’t be other opportunities. In fact, he sincerely hoped that this morning would lead to a whole new enthusiasm and repertoire for them to explore in their lovemaking. But first, he had to get
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them both back on the right track.

Using every ounce of willpower he possessed, he gradually managed to bring the kiss to an end and pulled away. For a moment, all he could do was pant for breath as he tried to get a grip on his runaway libido. Then he looked down at Zak and saw the slightly unfocused, confused look in his eye, and he couldn’t help but grin wickedly.

This was going to be so much fun. In fact, it already was, he realised. He loved the wary look of expectation that entered his lover’s eyes as Zak cocked an eyebrow, waiting to see what he would do next. He was thrilled with the idea that he could still surprise his lover. He had to admit it was getting harder and harder to do.

They’d known each other practically forever. In fact, Lark couldn’t remember a time without Zak. And he loved that about them. He knew everything there was to know about the other man—what he liked, how he liked it and every sensitive, sensual spot Zak possessed. And in return Zak knew all his secrets, too. It was something that warmed Lark to the very centre of his being, and he never wanted to lose it.

But lately he was starting to feel like there was something…missing. Like there was something more they needed. It was…unsettling.

Lark ruthlessly pushed the uncomfortable thoughts away. He didn’t want them to intrude on this time. It was one of the reasons he had bargained so fiercely withRio to open up the restaurant today—so he could have some quality time with Zak.

He certainly wasn’t anywhere near brave enough to ask Zak if he was feeling the same sense that something was missing. All he knew was he needed time to love on his man and reassure himself that everything was going to be okay between them. That whatever it was he was feeling, they would get through it together. Just like they always had.

“You know, I bought you something special, big boy,” Lark announced.

He watched with amusement as a comical mix of curiosity and concern crossed Zak’s face. Ah! He loved that look. It seemed like an age since he had managed to put it there. He felt a sudden easing of his anxiety, knowing that he could still do it after all these years.

“You did?” Zak asked hesitantly.

“Mmmm…I did. Want to see?” Lark fought hard to hold in his laugher as his cautious lover warily nodded his head.


Leaning up over Zak, Lark reached for the top drawer of his bedside table and pulled out a black rectangular box with a bright red ribbon tied elegantly around it. A nice match to the contents actually, he mused, settling back down over Zak’s warm, firm body like a cat reclining on its favourite napping spot.

Which he supposed was a fair analogy—Zak was his favourite napping spot.

He brought the box down to rest on Zak’s broad, furry chest and waited.

Zak eyed the box suspiciously, shifting his gaze to focus on Lark for a moment, then back to the box rising and falling innocently on his chest as if it might bite him. Finally, Zak reached for it and began pulling gently at one tail of the ribbon.

Lark felt like bouncing on the spot with excitement as he eagerly awaited Zak’s reaction to his gift. This, he decided, was so much fun he’d have to make sure they got another picnic day again very soon.

Finally, Zak worked off the lid, and Lark had the satisfaction of seeing his lover’s eyes almost bug out of his head as he lifted the bright red, glittery butt plug from its bed of snowy white satin.

Lark finally gave in to the temptation and began to bounce softly, feeling their cocks riding over one another with the sudden movement and wanting more. More action. More play. More, now, damn it!

“Do you like it?” Lark asked enthusiastically.

“It’s ahh…”

“It’s a butt plug.”

“I know what it is, Lark! But…ahh…is it for me or—”

“Of course it’s for you!” Lark cried, snatching the moulded red plug from Zak’s hands. He reached for the lube that always sat out beside the bed. “You’re going to love it. Trust me. I know we haven’t really been into exploring this sort of thing before, but I just know it’s going to feel so good.” Applying a liberal amount of lube and smoothing it evenly over the plug, Lark waggled it enthusiastically in Zak’s face. “I’m going to blow your mind with this, baby.”

Zak looked less than convinced as he eyed the modestly sized sex toy.

Lark forced himself to calm down for a moment in the face of his lover’s obvious uncertainty. Leaning forward, he gently touched their lips together in a sweet, tender caress.

“Trust me, sweetheart,” Lark said, gazing into Zak’s eyes.

“I do, Lark. Always,” Zak replied quickly with a serious intensity.

Lark touched Zak’s lips again, trying to convey all the love and care he had in his heart. He’d never do anything to hurt Zak. Never in a million years.

“Good, boy,” Lark suddenly quipped, breaking the intense moment with a cheeky grin.

Lark was delighted when he heard Zak reply with an easy chuckle. Reassured that Zak was ready to explore, Lark began to wiggle down his gorgeous lover’s body.

Zak adjusted himself so Lark could kneel between his spread thighs and Lark paused for a moment to stare—savouring the moment of seeing the most intimate part of his lover.

Lark loved the fact Zak could still amaze him sometimes almost as much as he loved the idea of surprising the man. Being willing to explore something new like this, letting Lark see him all vulnerable and exposed…it was the ultimate in trust and acceptance. Especially for someone as naturally cautious and reserved as Zak.

Lark thought back to how hard it had been in the beginning. They’d been together like this for nearly six years now. But they’d been in each other’s lives a lot longer than that, and becoming lovers had been a
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long, difficult struggle. For both of them.

Fuck, it had been hard—waiting until he’d turned eighteen, convincing Zak that they belonged together, confronting their parents. For a long time, he thought they would never make it work. But now, after six years, the two of them finally seemed to have made it.

And they’d pretty much explored every inch of each other, too. They had fucked—man, that first night had been something else—fingered, jerked, blown, and rimmed each other endlessly. But, strangely enough, they’d never tried sex toys.

Maybe there just hadn’t been enough room in their lives for anything else up until now. Maybe it was his own fault for not taking the initiative. Heaven knew the sensible, straight-laced man he loved wasn’t likely to. Not that Zak wasn’t passionate and amazingly competent with what he’d been born with, but Lark knew he would need to be the one to lead if they were going to expand their horizons in this area of their lives.

And more and more Lark felt that was what they needed. He finally felt settled and comfortable in his skin, in his relationship with Zak, and he wanted to explore his newfound confidence. To try new things and see what happened.

Pulling himself away from the rambling thoughts in his head as Zak started to shift—apparently uncomfortable with the continued scrutiny—Lark reached out for his lover. He lightly caressed his fingers down from Zak’s balls, along the tender flesh of his perineum and around the small puckered entrance of his ass. As he did, he felt Zak shiver and tense slightly under his gentle caress.

“Well, this isn’t going to work,” he said lightly, running his fingers over Zak’s tense hole again.

“What?” Zak demanded anxiously.

“You’re all uptight. I think you need a little something before we start.”

Without allowing Zak time to process the words, Lark leaned in and swiped his tongue over Zak’s tight hole, giggling when the man nearly shot up off the bed.

“Aaahhhh! Shit, Lark! A little more warning, huh?” Zak chastised as he slowly relaxed back down on the mattress.

“No way! Life’s too short to worry about warnings,” Lark grinned unrepentantly.

“You should come with a warning,” Zak groused.

Lark licked him firmly again before stabbing his stiffened tongue into Zak’s hole in retaliation and delighting to the sudden cry he dragged from his lover.

Oh, yeah. So much fun!

Enthusiastically, Lark began to work at Zak, trying to loosen the tight muscles so they could really begin to play. Zak squirmed and moaned under his questing tongue, but gradually his hole relaxed until Lark could add a finger, then a second and third—gently scissored and explored with them until he was sure Zak was ready for his gift.

“That’s it. Just relax, baby. I’ve got you,” Lark crooned, as he ran the tip of the plug over and around Zak’s now-eager hole before applying gentle, firm pressure and watching in awe as the rounded head of the plug disappeared into his lover’s hot body.

BOOK: Sandpipers' Secrets
4.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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