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One of his hands left my hips, sliding slowly over my pelvis in delicious counterpoint to the fast lapping of his tongue. It tickled as it trailed my pubic hair, then probed softly against my most secret of centers, parting it and pushing slowly inside. I was so turned on his finger was lubricated immediately, but he didn’t increase his pace. Instead, the finger inched inside me even as his tongue built me to a crescendo just above. A groan escaped my lips. I couldn’t help it. I was so close.

The finger continued to enter me slowly. Past the first knuckle and then the second. A wave was building, cresting, rampaging inside of me, towering so high I thought I must be knocked out when it came down. Then his finger buried to the hilt within me, and curled.
Holy Fuck!
It was too much. My hands went to his head then, and I came with a raging thunder that saw waves upon waves of orgasmic bliss crash down over me, an ocean of pleasure that raged through my very bones until I was left shaking, shivering on the sand after.

I was almost delirious when his finger slowly withdrew, sending pleasant little aftershocks through my hips as it did.

I looked up at this man above me, still between my legs but now towering over my naked body, suit still impeccable. This man. This man! “
do you see the benefits of a suit?” I asked.

“I swear, I’ll never go without one again.”

I could still feel Jacob’s manhood between my legs, pressing against my thigh. “There’s something else I don’t think you should go without,” I murmured.

His eyes widened as I slid from the table slowly to my knees before him, hands trailing down his suit as I went, enjoying its crisp lines, the way it shaped his body in just the right way. They stopped, eventually, at the zipper before my head. I drew it down slowly, teasingly.

“What do we have in here?” I whispered, playing the intrepid explorer. My fingers brushed across tight, white CK boxers. His breath sucked in; I felt him quiver. I pulled the boxers down, slowly. He felt so big! It was velvety soft on the tips of my fingers, but hard in my hand. I pulled it slowly into the light, past the zipper.

It was my turn to suck in a breath. I caressed his length in wonder; awed and yet a little scared.
Could I do this?
Could I do what he’d just done for me?

It gave a little jerk as my fingers trailed over the tip, and I smiled.
Yes. Yes I could.

Slowly, my mouth lowered to hover just above the tip, breathing on it, washing it in my hot breath even as I held the base between delicate fingertips.  “I seem to remember you teasing me for
oh so long
.” I said, looking up. “Maybe I should do the same to you.”

His eyes were that of a desperate man. “Please. Please, I don’t think I could take…” My mouth sunk down over his smooth length, and he stopped mid-sentence with a groan of pleasure.

Salty, sweet flesh filled my mouth. After my initial dive I withdrew, lips trailing over the head until they had lifted just millimeters off the top. I hovered there and then plunged back down again, over and over until my mouth had made him moist and smooth. When I withdrew to pause above him once again we were still joined by the most delicate trail of saliva.

I looked up at him then and grinned, winking, before going back to work, plunging halfway down his shaft before coming back up, over and over again. He was far larger than I’d ever had before – not that I’d had many – but I knew instinctively that before me was something special.

Could I go deeper? It made me hot just thinking about it. The power I already had over this man, worshiping me even though I was the one that kneeled. I withdrew, my tongue trailing up the underside of his member.

“I’m going to try and go deeper,” I said. “Don’t move.” His eyes went as wide as saucers.

My mouth slid back upon him. Down I went, deeper than before, until I could taste my own lipstick; a waterline that marked the end of my previous endeavors and the start of unexplored territory. I came back up, lubricating him, licking him, and then slid back down again. Up, down – each time inching just that little bit lower until my mouth was full of his hard, warm flesh and his tip was at the back of my throat. It felt so good knowing I was pleasing him as he’d pleased me. I inched lower cautiously - this would be the bit that made or broke me. I didn’t have a bad gag reflex, but it was there.
Could I do this? Could I take all of him in?

I lifted back off one final time, and then thrust myself down, deeper, deeper; past the point of no return until he had sunk into the back of my throat – a force of will rewarded by a cry of amazement from him as my lips sank around his base. I withdrew slowly to find him staring at me in wonder – this man fully suited but for his throbbing member, rigid before me. His hands flew down to grab me and lift my naked body to its feet. He kissed me passionately. “No-one has ever done that before.”

The comment sent a huge grin to my face, and I slid back down. “I’m not done yet.”

I looked up as I grasped his member with my hand to see eyes roll back in pleasure. It was time to drive this home. I started with one hand at first, pumping faster than I’d been able to with my mouth, then two as I heard his breathing increase. Soon he was panting above me and I knew the end was close.

He gripped my shoulder and squeezed. “Your breasts. I want to come on your huge, beautiful breasts.”

I leaned back, positioning myself under him just in time, one hand pushing my breasts together while the other continued to work him mercilessly. He swelled suddenly, even as he issued a cry from above, and then he was pouring out all over me in sweet, creamy jerks of fire that laced my skin with warm, sticky passion. There was so much! His hands gripped me desperately as he spasmed, until finally he slumped.

“Oh my god! That blew my mind.”

I looked up at him, still kneeling in supplication, creamy lines dripping into my cleavage. “That’s funny, I thought just I blew something else.”

He looked at me, then burst into laughter. “Touché, madam.” Then he seized the nearest tools he could find – a handful of silk ties from a nearby rack. “Here let me clean you up.”

“You’ll ruin…” It was too late – he’d already started running them over my breasts.

“Do you think I care about ties after what you’ve just done?” he asked. “I’ll buy the fucking shop if they have a problem.”

He started to wipe my breasts carefully, lovingly. But his statement had brought back unbidden thoughts. I turned my head, shamed at what I had just done, and caught sight of myself in one of the full length mirrors surrounding the shop. Me, naked and kneeling before him; a prostitute on my knees. He, standing tall, suited and proud; the businessman that had bought me for a handful of coins.

I put my hand on his. “This is wrong.”
He’d given me money. And then this happened.

He knelt, eyes searching mine. “Is it?” His fingers resumed their movements. Cleaning. Tickling. Tantalizing. “Because for me, nothing ever felt more right.”

It had been pretty good
. I shook my head even as familiar fingers started to trace delicate lines around each breast.
Scrap that. It had been amazing

I shook my head again, trying to clear it. “I can’t.
We can’t.

He pulled me to my feet slowly, mouth going to the nape of my neck. “Forget about everything else,” he whispered, breath hot on my shoulder. “Everything except you and me.”

His hands continued to trace soft, delicate lines across my breasts even as his lips did the same to my neck. I closed my eyes.
I wanted him so bad!

“Forget about the money,” he said, reading my mind. “Hell, work can start tomorrow if you like. This is about us.
Please –
I need you
.” The last words were an urgent whisper.

A shiver went through me, I couldn’t help it. “Mr. King, what are you doing to me?”

He looked me in the eyes. “Nothing you aren’t already doing to me.”

I glanced down and I gasped. His member was standing rigidly to attention, incongruent against the soft lines of the suit. “But… but you just…”

“I told you before. I need you.”

The thought of what I was doing do him excited me.
I had this effect on him!

His head moved down to my chest, mouth seeking and then closing over a nipple. I felt him suck sharply, enclosing me in warmth and wetness. The feeling travelled to my loins; I began to feel warm and wet there, too. 

His hand moved to the other breast, cupping it even as his tongue flicked out to lick the areola of the first, gently. Both nipples began to harden. His dark, handsome, mussed up hair tickled my collarbone.

A fire ignited in my belly, where I had thought I couldn’t possibly have any left.  “Mr. King, are you trying to turn me on?”  I asked.

He answered with a statement. “If I’m not paying you for today,” he said, lust written on his face.  “I think we need to get me out of this suit.”

It was answer enough. I leapt for him, tearing his tie loose even as he ripped his jacket off, popping the buttons in his haste. We staggered backwards until I was up against the table once again and my hands went to his shirt. I started undoing buttons but he just reached up, seizing one side of the collar in each hand and ripping downwards with a strength born of urgent need. Buttons went flying, and then the shirt was loose.

Even amongst the urgent action I found time to gawp. Was this man perfect
in all things
? Revealed in glimpses behind the ragged remnants of his shirt were tanned abs that bulged and rippled with each movement of arms twisting back to remove his white shirt. These were Brad Pitt abs. Bruce Lee abs.
Chris Hemsworth as Thor abs
. I stared mesmerized as they moved and rippled below me until the chest was revealed above. Then my viewpoint expanded to include solid, broad pecs and thick, toned arms. And I realized my mistake. The suit didn’t make him look good.
He would make any suit look perfect.

His hands went next to his pants, unbuckling the belt before undoing the button below it. The pants dropped loosely to the floor, zipper already undone, and he kicked them off, along with shoes and socks.

I tried to step back to admire all of him at once but had forgotten about the table. He grinned at me, realizing I was trapped, and then stepped forwards, between my legs. “I want you so bad,” he breathed into my hair. Then he pushed me up, onto the table, using his hips to spread my legs. I lay before him, vulnerable, aroused, panting; our hips at the same height but not touching.

This was so wrong!
The thought turned me on even more.

He had his member gripped in one hand. He positioned it and then…

It was all I could manage as his tip slid inside me. Just like I had done with one set of lips, he did with the other, moving slowly at first, teasing just the tip in and out until I was wet and he was covered in my moisture.

The buildup was electric, tantalizing. “More,” I groaned. “I want …”

He thrust in hard, deep; piercing my inner core with his manhood in a motion that cut me off mid-sentence and made me see stars.
It felt so good!

I could feel every single long, hard inch as he moved; slowly after the first motion, with a tenderness and grace that belied the passion in both our eyes.

My hips started to buck with his, flexing on the cold table covered in warming cloth, moving with his motion as he speared me again and again, proving his need – his desire – with every movement.

Suddenly his hips stilled, and he bent down with furious passion to pick me up and walk me, still speared, and place me against the changing room wall.

I gave a small cry as I clung to his neck, terrified to be suddenly off the ground and at the same time thrilled – the danger and grace with which he carried me, the rocking of him inside me as we walked and then thumped against the wall, pushed a whole new set of buttons I hadn’t even known existed. Pinning me to him with my legs around his waist he began to pound again, each motion sliding deep into me, filling me with such completeness that I thought I must explode to release the tension. Sweat covered his hot, masculine chest now, and his eyes were wild. I didn’t think he could stop even if I asked.

Each thrust swung my legs back and forth against him. Each motion pushed my breasts, tingling at the touch, into his hard chest. I pressed my head into the crook of his neck as I gave myself to him. I could feel myself getting closer… closer.

“Don’t stop,” I begged.

He redoubled his efforts, mouth finding mine as he pumped. It was the last straw, and I broke, pleasure washing over me in waves as my loins tightened and my mouth left his to issue a raw, animal cry of emotion.

He blinked, as if unbelieving that such a thing was possible, and then I felt him begin to convulse inside me too, set off by my spasms. The thought of us coming together, up against the wall in this random shop, sent a fresh wave of pleasure through me. Oh god - I didn’t even know this was possible. Crazed, in the throes of ecstasy, I reached out, clawing at the velvet curtains on either side of us. They ripped free of their hooks with little springs of tension that tightened and then came loose one after the other, a fitting mirror for how I felt inside. When we were done we both collapsed, panting, to the floor.

BOOK: Services Collected Boxed Set
12.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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