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“Where’s everyone else?”
I asked.

A bouncer had come to get me as the party started to die down. I was actually glad when he did – I’d been worried that Victoria had forgotten about me, and the celebrities that I had talked to had all been remarkably boring.

I felt like some groupie for a band, being fetched when it was convenient. But then, I guess to Victoria that was exactly what I was. I’d been led directly to the master bedroom; wallpapered walls and a huge white bed full of pillows. Victoria was standing before me, a glass of champagne in each hand.

“They all… cancelled.” She said in response to my question. She smiled, handing me a drink. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“I’m glad,” I said! I clasped my arms before me, pushing up my breasts. “But where’s Mr. King?”

She moved toward me, and her hand went to my hip. “He’s been delayed.”

This close she was still flawless.
God – this woman was perfect!
I raised my glass to my lips, taking a delicate sip, it trembled slightly. “What shall we do then?”

She raised an eyebrow, then turned away from me, lifting her hair to reveal a delicate zip that ran from the nape of her neck to the small of her back. “Why don’t we start by getting me out of this?”

This was it. This was the point of no return. The point after which I couldn’t pretend I’d been confused, or had misunderstood. The point after which I committed myself to something I thought I would
never, ever

I reached forward, tentatively, and clasped the zip, sliding it down slowly.

The first thing I noticed was her skin. Smooth and white; tiny bumps at each vertebrae of her spine and the single strap of a silky white bra. I traced a finger wonderingly up her skin, snagging briefly at the material crossing it, arriving eventually at her shoulder, then collarbone, then cheek. Her body was so… sensual.

Her hand came up to catch mine, and she turned around. I was so close I could smell her perfume. It was different to mine – spicy, but they didn’t clash. Instead, the two seemed to mix, to fold together and form something else. Something beautiful and new.

Despite myself; despite my resolution that I was just doing this for Jacob, despite how much I wanted to hate this woman, I found that suddenly I was aroused. Could I kiss her? Should I? Unconsciously, I leaned in.

Her lips came toward mine, so close I should think that sparks could jump between them, so close that I felt her hot breath blow gently against my lips. But we didn’t kiss. Not then. Not yet.

She stepped back, a hand moving to slide first one shoulder and then the other off her arms, before peeling the dress slowly down her stomach, revealing the padded bra underneath. Her breasts weren’t as big as mine, and I felt a small preen of satisfaction that she lacked something I could supply. But the feeling was mixed with an urge to see what was underneath the material. To explore her further.

This… this goddess standing before me – she could have had anyone tonight, but it was me she was with. I couldn’t help it, my thighs clenched. I’d never felt this way with a woman before, but she was doing things to me, things I didn’t think were possible. 

“Do you know what I like most about being with women?” Victoria breathed.

I swallowed as I watched her dress wiggle down her hips. I shook my head.

“They always know exactly what you want. They know how to please a girl, because they know how to please themselves.”

The dress fell in a pool of silk at her feet, revealing a delicate, white thong atop long, perfect legs. “Would you like me to please you?”

I nodded silently, scared and excited at the same time.

She moved toward me, arms snaking around my shoulders. “Well then, maybe we should take this off.” The clasp on the back of my cocktail dress popped free with a small click, and I felt the weight of my breasts shift forward slightly. Her body leaned toward mine, and I felt hot breath drift over my cheek.

Our lips met, and we kissed. It was electrifying. So sensual, so soft; so different to how I was usually kissed. Tentatively, my tongue explored her mouth. Her hand reached up between us, grasping the lip of my dress, starting to pull it down. The kissing grew fiercer. The clenching in my thighs was starting to generate a warm glow.
I was kissing another woman!

My dress fell to the floor to rest beside hers, and then we were both on the bed. It felt so strange to be exploring another woman’s body. I unclipped her bra with a snap that came surprisingly easy, letting the white material fall away to reveal small perfect nipples underneath. She did the same to me, gasping in pleasure as I fell free. Her eyes went wide and her mouth left mine to trail downwards and take a nipple between lips.

Her gentle suckling had both nipples peaked and hard sooner than I could believe. How could she be so good at this?
They know how to please a girl, because they know how to please themselves.
If she was doing it to me, it meant she liked it in return. I put my mouth toward her breasts hesitantly. I always liked it when someone trailed their tongue up like
, then gave a sharp suck

“Ooh,” she groaned. “That’s good.”

I smiled around the nipple. This was easier than I thought! Then my eyes widened in surprise.
Oh… my.
Her hand had slipped down my panties, exploring me gently.
She knew what I liked too.

“Let’s take these off.” Her hands stripped me naked before I could protest, pushing me back on the bed. Then they returned to me, running down my breasts, caressing them, before roving lower. I knew what was coming this time. They circled gently, pushing through the moisture they were quickly creating. I felt a finger inside.

“Ooh…” It was my turn to groan.

“Jacob’s going to be a little while; I thought we could entertain ourselves until he arrived.”

Oh? I was finding it hard to concentrate. I… I’d assumed he was close by. “What did you have in mind?”

She stood up in answer, swiftly removing her G-string to stand before me, shaved and gloriously naked. “I’m sure we can work something out,” she said. Then she climbed on top of me, but facing the wrong way – head at my hips, her hips at my head.
So this was what a 69 was like.

It had happened so fast that I knew I had no chance of delaying the action. I looked down my body to see her breasts hanging over me. I focused closer to home and saw… her… before my eyes. I’d always known this would be a part of it, but I had just assumed he would be here when it was.

I closed my eyes briefly. It didn’t matter. As long as I saw him at the end, I’d do anything.

What did I do?
It felt strange to think it, but I’d never been this… close to
down there

Between my own thighs, Victoria was having no such problems. I could feel her breath tickling me, her lips kissing me even as fingers parted me wide.
Think, Anna, think! What did I like?

Well I liked what Victoria was doing right now. It was starting to generate warm fuzzy feelings in my loins; a tight little ball that was beginning to coalesce in my stomach. I reached up to touch her – part her – and then tentatively moved my head forward until I could give her the gentlest of licks. Her mouth moved in surprise on me down below. I gave her another lick, stronger, and her mouth moved pleasurably on me again. A woman’s anatomy was more… intimate than a man’s. You had to be closer to the body. I licked her again, then pulled her down toward me, taking her gently into my mouth.

The effect was immediate. Victoria began to groan into me, increasing my pleasure in return. I could feel the vibrations of her murmurs running up through me, deep into me. And as I felt something build inside me, I began to moan in return.

This feeling – it was fantastic! Most lovers were too hard, too enthusiastic when they did this. They didn’t realize that a woman needed to be built into it – needed to grow with the pressure. My tongue circled her bud gently, alternating between a smooth slow slide over her, and deep groans that vibrated through both our bodies.

I could feel my juices flowing now, feel that tight little ball in my stomach grow and start to spread. I could only imagine the same feeling build within her, too. My tongue started to glide faster, increasing pace even as she increased pace, building us both.

My finger rose tentatively toward her as I continued to lick. I’d always liked it when someone used both hands and mouth, would she like it too? I hovered at her entrance, lubricating a finger with her moisture and my saliva, then pushed it gently inside. Her whole body stiffened, and she let out a groan that threatened to burst that tight little ball in my stomach. Her fingers then did the same to me.

Oooh, that felt so good
. Her finger pushed inside me – I could feel it sliding it deeper and deeper – bringing pleasure with every sweet, sweet, inch. I started to slide
finger in and out in time with my tongue. Slowly at first, then faster as both our bodies started to stiffen. That ball in my stomach? It was a whirlwind now, frothing inside of me, straining to explode within me. I wouldn’t hold on for much longer.

I dipped a second finger inside her, to join the first. She did the same. It was too much. It was too…

The ball exploded, firing every nerve ending in my body in a torrent of sensation that sent a muffled scream deep into her body. I felt her tense above me, and then she was suddenly screaming into me too. The effect doubled the explosions within me, rebounding them over and over until all we could do was collapse into each other and hold on while we rode out the aftershocks.

Afterwards, she rolled off me with a groan, then turned around to slide up, naked, beside me. “Holy fuck,” she whispered, kissing me with lips that tasted of my pleasure. “That was… something else. Fuck Jacob, let’s just do that over and over again.”

The thought of Jacob King suddenly made me sit up, clearing the fog from my head. “Jacob…”

Victoria rolled on her back, lazily. “Yes. Imagine what he’s going to say when he discovers what I’ve found.”

“He is coming, right?” I asked tentatively. Please don’t let this have been for nothing.
No matter how much I enjoyed it.

She started to lick her fingers clean, a cat that had got the cream. “Yes. In fact, any minute now I’d guess. But I wanted you to myself first. He’s… been in a mood of sorts lately. He might not be interested.”

Not interested? What did she mean?
Did he not like threesomes anymore? Would he only want Victoria? Oh god, and he was about to see me naked, the harlot that had seduced her! I looked around wildly. Where were my clothes? I had to get out of here!

I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Perfect timing.” Victoria sat up in bed, arranging the pillows so that she was reclining luxuriously, the closer of us to the door. “Please, come in.”

Oh god.
It was too late.
What if he didn’t want me? What if Victoria was his only true love, what if he’d been trying to let me down kindly? What if all I’d done was go and create an awkward situation?

How was I going to explain myself? I slunk back into the shadows, as far on the bed from the door as I could, pulling a sheet up to cover everything but my eyes. Maybe I should tell Victoria I wasn’t interested anymore. Maybe I should….

The door opened, and then he was there, paused in the doorway, a silhouette that filled the frame. And the mere sight of him made it all come rushing back. Oh god. I missed him so much. I’d do anything for just one more night in his arms.

His head cocked to the side. He’d seen two bodies, but was focused only on the one he expected. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were busy.” He coughed, embarrassed. “I’ll come back later.”

Victoria’s hair flicked over her naked shoulder. “Take a seat. We were expecting you.”

He stiffened.
No, he hadn’t been expecting this at all.
“I’m sorry ladies. Not tonight.”

She pouted – I could hear it in her voice. “Not once, not once in the past week. What’s wrong with you?” Her hands ran over her movie star breasts. “Don’t you think I’m beautiful?”

Jacob shook his head. “Of course you’re beautiful.”

“Then what?”

His hand went to his hair in that most familiar of gestures. He stepped into the room. “Victoria. I’m not that same person anymore. I’ve changed.”

She flicked her hair to the other shoulder. “I’m sick of waiting.” I saw a hand run from breast to hip, then between thighs. “All this could be yours.
could be yours. Come to bed.”

He shook his head. “I’m sorry – I’ll take a guestroom tonight.”

He was at the door when I said his name. “Jacob.”

His whole body froze, instantly. His head cocked, as if not believing what he had heard. He swiveled to face the bed once more.

I slowly slid the sheet down, revealing myself. “Jacob. Are you sure you don’t want to come to bed?”

His eyes went wide. “An…”

BOOK: Services Collected Boxed Set
9.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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