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He began to move faster. I opened my eyes. And suddenly I gasped.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his beat faltering.

I’d forgotten where we were. The spectacular view - all of Paris before me. “It’s so beautiful,” I whispered.

“Not as beautiful as you.” His thrusts grew faster once more.

There was…
the Arc de Triomphe. And there, the traffic…
twinkling below us. The river… the Notre…
  Soon I stopped even trying to pick sights out. I could feel him within me and began to push back, riding the motion he had created, increasing the tempo as I felt my loins catch fire and those sweet tendrils of pleasure make inroads across my body.

It felt huge, this love, and suddenly I knew that the earlier orgasm had been nothing compared to what was coming. Before had been a raindrop; God’s signal to Noah that he’d better build an Ark. This, what was coming? It was going to be a tidal wave.

Jacob began to pant, and I bounced back and forward against him harder, hair flying over my face as hands strained against the wire caging before me. I began to groan in pleasure, then I began to cry out in large, heartfelt sobs. I couldn’t hold on much longer. Not like this. Not with what he was doing to me.

In and out, in and out. It was all I could focus on. Each thrust filled me.
I loved him.
Each motion electrified.
He loves me.
Each movement revealed our need.
We were going to get married.

The dam broke, and a deluge of indescribable pleasure surged through my body. I stiffened, unable to continue moving. It broke Jacob, too. I felt him swell within me, and then we were both crying out as his love released inside me in wave after wave of emotion that washed through my body, filling me.

I turned around when he was done to look at him, choosing the most beautiful of all the views on the tower. My dress fell back down around my hips. My hands found his face. “I love you Jacob King. Let’s get married.”




The very next
day, in a tiny chapel in the heart of Paris, we got married. There was no pomp, no ceremony.
True love didn’t need that.

Instead, there were just four people in the chapel – the two of us, a minister to officiate and the hotel concierge to witness. When we got home, we’d do something bigger. But for now, my white dress was a cute summer frock, my bouquet was a bunch of pretty pink peonies from the hotel garden, and the wedding ring – well, let’s just say
had been happy to accommodate. We hadn’t wanted to wait once we’d heard the news. Hadn’t been able to.

The moment we said
I do
was been one of the happiest of my life. Until this morning, I might have even said
the happiest
. But something else had happened this morning. Something that gave me equal Joy. I couldn’t wait to tell Jacob when we got back home.

* * *

ne glass won’t hurt.” Jacob offered me a tall crystal flute of champagne at our two person reception.

I declined, picking up a mineral water instead. “That’s what Victoria said when she tried to seduce me. And that sleaze, the first day we met, when he was trying to seduce me too.” I cocked my head to the side, with a giggle. “Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. King?”

He raised a glass. “Indeed I am, Mrs. King…”

Mrs. King.
I hadn’t even thought about that!

He drew me in for a kiss. “Anna, since I first met you, life has just been one big, beautiful whirlwind. When I first laid eyes on you, I saw a feisty beauty who couldn’t be bought for money. I knew I had to meet you, right then and there.”

I blushed.

“And we went shopping.
Of all things as our first date…” he continued. “To say that we started unusually would be an understatement. But it worked, because whatever we did, whether it was fight, love,
or shop,
” he said with a grin, “it was love that dictated the terms.”

I leaned in to kiss him. “And now we’re married.”

He returned my kiss, then held me at arm’s length, serious. “I want you to know that I will never take you for granted, Anna. I will value every day that I’m with you, till the end of time. And I intend to work for your love. Your services can’t be bought – you’ve shown that over and over again. But perhaps they can be services earned.”

I couldn’t help it, I let out a giggle.

“What. What did I say?” he asked, confused. “I’m trying to be serious here.”

“Oh Jacob, you’re so cute.”


Services Earned.
So appropriate. I’d been going to leave it for when we got back, but… yes. I wanted to tell him now. “Jacob.” I drew a deep breath. “Your child with Victoria. You’re about to have another.”

“Victoria’s pregnant again?” His hand went to his head. “Wait, she hasn’t had the first yet, how is that possible?”

“No silly,” I laughed. “It’s me. I’m pregnant. I found out this morning - we’re going to have a baby!”

He went still, like he’d been frozen in ice and my words were slowly chipping their way in through his ear. “A baby? Us?”

I smiled tentatively. “Yes. Are you… does that make you happy?”

He broke out into a grin that split his face in two. It reached up to his eyes and all the way down to his hands, which seized me. Then he pulled me into a hug that I thought would never end.

“Oh, Anna. Words can’t describe how happy that makes me. Well done Mrs. King – we’re going to be a family!”



– The End –



nd so ends this first chapter of Jacob and Anna’s lives. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the
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BOOK: Services Collected Boxed Set
3.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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