Stone Cold: An MC Erotic Romance

BOOK: Stone Cold: An MC Erotic Romance
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.


Stone Cold copyright @ 2014 by Kristin Fletcher. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.





Chad "Gypsy" McGill guided his V-Rod Harley to the first exit coming into El Paso near ten o’clock in the evening. The road signs suggested a diner ahead, and he was tired and hungry after nearly twenty hours on the road. He needed a break. Victoria, his 21-year-old lover riding behind him, shifted her weight to look past his shoulder.


“Diner,” Chad told her, as they came up the exit to the crossroad.


“Good,” she shouted back, and gave him a squeeze.


The diner was a typical all night truck-stop type serving the standard American fare which was fine with Chad. He pulled the bike into a stall close to the front doors and shut-down the engine. The large bike purred into silence without complaint.


Eager to get off the backseat, Victoria alighted to the pavement and then rubbed her finely curved ass and long legs, while twisting her back and hips a bit, “That was a long run.” She sighed as Chad got off the bike and stretched his back.


“Almost there. We have about 20 miles to go. From here we cross the border into Mexico, drive through Juarez and into the outskirts of the city. Cesario’s home is in the suburbs.”


“With a bed, right?” She grinned, taking his hand and letting him guide her into the diner.


“God I hope so,” he nodded. “You did alright. I was sure I was going to be dropping you at a hotel by the time we got through Arizona, and leaving you there. You’re tougher than you look.” She was too, he decided. She was only five-foot-six and weighing in around 130, or less. Blonde, blue-eyed and well curved, she didn’t feel especially strong or resilient. Tight? Yes. There was very little jiggle to her. But tough? Tough wasn’t a word he believed anyone would use to describe her, but it was a word he was beginning to consider the longer they were together.


She gave him a serious look as they slid into a booth together, “Would you have really left me alone in a hotel, while you continued on to meet up with Mike?”


Nodding his head he scanned the plastic menu sheet laying on the table, “Afraid so. Mike said he needed me there right away.”


“And Mike is the president of your club, so you do what he says,” she added a little accusingly.


He glanced at her, “That’s right. If I can’t be depended on, then what’s the point of being in a club at all? But you stayed on so it’s a non-issue, right?”


She grinned, “I had to. Those bitches at the Drunken Maiden would never have let me live it down if I gave up.”




“Kathy and them,” she added. “They’ve been giving me shit about not being worth your time, since I wasn’t a serious rider like they were. Said my little ass couldn’t take more than a hundred miles.”


“Your ass already took everything I needed it to,” he mused with a wry grin, as the waitress came over for their order.


Victoria was blushing when she gave her order, and played with her spoon. Chad liked the look of it. She had an attractive innocence about her, he really didn’t want to see taken away. After giving his order, and waiting for the waitress to return with their drinks, he said, “Well, we’ve come almost fifteen hundred in 20 hours. That’s a long hard ride for anyone. So you have nothing more to prove to Kathy and the others. Not that you had anything to begin with.”


She shifted a little in her seat and took a long drink of water, and frowned a little, “Says you. Kathy wants you bad. So does Beth.” 


“I don’t want Kathy,” he said, looking out of the diner window into the night, and checking his bike.


“She doesn’t care,” she told him. “Remember the party? She was all over you.”


He laughed a little, and nodded his head in agreement, “You took care of it though. Shocked her, the way you flew at her. I thought you were going to scratch her eyes out.”


Victoria looked fierce for a moment, which on her managed to look cute at the same time. “I couldn’t believe she would to that! Right in the middle of the damn room too! I was only gone for a minute, less really.”


“Probably decided you were the same girl that showed up at the Maiden four weeks ago,” he mused.


“Well I’m not,” she asserted, and then added, “Am I?”


Chad looked into her eyes, “In many ways, yes, but I like all of those ways, and I hope they never change. But you know the score now. You know that shit is real. But you were as naïve as they come that night. Fresh meat.”


She became thoughtful. “Yeah. I really didn’t know what the hell I walked into. I’m not even sure what I was thinking. Just thought it looked like a fun place to hang for a while. Something new, ya know?”


“Some place your mother would never approve of,” he suggested.


She glanced at him and then after a pause, “Yeah, something like that, probably. I really didn’t give it much thought. I was bored in the hotel, tired of driving, and wanted to get out.”


“So a shady tavern full of outlaw bikers looked like a good time.” He grinned. “A nice safe place to get drunk and have a good time.”


She smirked at him, “You got to me first though. I knew I was alright with you.”


“Alright hell,” he coughed. “You hanging with me just proved how off you were in judging what was safe and fun.”


“I was alright,” she argued.


“I believe I took you home and fucked the shit out of you,” he pointed out.


“True, but in the morning I woke up and returned the favor,” she grinned. “I wasn’t that drunk. You wouldn’t have raped me or hurt me. I knew that. You’re big, and mean and probably kicked the shit out of a lot of people, but you wouldn’t have hurt me.”


Well, she had him there. No, he wouldn’t have raped her, or forced her. Not fucking her on the grounds that she was drunk and might not know what she was doing, however, was not an option. He wasn’t that safe. But she insisted the next morning that she did know what she was doing, and wanted to do it again. Then she mounted his thighs and rode his cock with a frenzy to prove it.


He shrugged, “Just keep on your toes in that place and remember what I told you.”


“Having a patch doesn’t mean he’s safe,” she recited. “And if he’s not a patch holder, he’s never safe.”


Chad nodded. The Lords of Darkness Motor Cycle Club was like any other outlaw biker club. No better, and not much worse. The members were tough, hard, and didn’t take much shit. Most of the time they did as they liked, and if you waved a piece of ass as sweet as Victoria in front of most of them, what they
was going to be fast, hard, and probably brutal.


Chad believed that 98 percent of them wouldn’t have raped her, but none of them would have given her the out of being drunk. As soon as she walked in the Maiden, she was already fucked, it was just a matter of
, and possibly,
how many
were going to stretch her open. After that, the question of
for how long,
might have come into play as well. Some of those guys didn’t like to let go of things they had their teeth into, especially if they were sweet. He smiled at this thought, recalling that it was now a little beyond four weeks and she was still in his bed, so who was he to talk.


Their food arrived and both of them focused on their plates and drinks for the duration. Afterward, Victoria ordered some pie for them with ice cream. “You still don’t think I’m with you to stay, do you,” she said as more of a statement than a question.


They were working on their pie and drinking cokes. He glanced out at his bike, “I want to,” he offered, which was true. But it was also true that even with the toughness in her growing, and her awareness of the lifestyle growing, she really didn’t get it yet. This wasn’t her fault, she simply didn’t have any experience or reference to navigate by. She knew the words, like drug running, hi-jacking, and outlaw, but didn’t actually understand the reality of living inside his world. Sooner or later though, it was going to click, and when that happened, she would be gone. She was smart, beautiful and came from a rich family back east. She had money coming in every week from a trust fund. There was nothing with him that was worth staying for once this lifestyle caught up with her. It was just a matter of time.


“You thought I would be gone by now and I’m still with you,” she offered. “More than four weeks. I make you happy, right?”


He nodded his head. She did make him happy, and with the way he had treated her a few times, it was more than he deserved. Over the last few weeks, the idea of her impending retreat got to him and he tried to make it happen, to chase her off by shoving the lifestyle in her face. As expected she was shocked, and her eyes opened a little more, but she also stayed, and even held on tighter. “Yes, I am.”


“But you don’t trust me,” she said a little softly.


“If I didn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be on the trip,” he told her.


“You don’t trust me to stick it out with you,” she countered, “You think I’m still looking for fun, and as soon as the good time is over, I’m out of here.”


“Vic.” He sighed, “It is the time and the place I don’t trust. Hell, I’m ten years older than you, Vic, and the only thing we really have in common is we know what life is like having to depend on ourselves, knowing no one else was going to be there when the chips were down.”


She sullenly mulled this over. Victoria had told him about her mother, the corporate lawyer, who possessed the emotional warmth of a great white shark, around the first week she was at his house. From what he pieced together, she was a real cold bitch. She put her career ahead of everything, including Victoria.


“I’ll be there for you,” Victoria said stubbornly. Then she looked up at him, “I know you’ll be there for me, too.”


he thought to himself, looking into those perfect, large, innocent eyes. He should have left her back at home. Maybe some distance from each other would have cleared their minds a little … cleared his mind anyway. But he was hooked, and it was going to be nothing but pain when she finally took off on him. For now, though, she was here. “Yes, I will,” he told her, unable to say anything else with her looking like that at him.


Her eyes lit up and he saw the flash of a smile, which she tried to hide, crest her lips. “You’re old and all of that,” she said, deadpan, “But you still got it in the sack. Maybe when you need Viagra and shit I’ll take off, but I got a happy pussy right now.”


It was odd, and something he was still perplexed about, but when she talked crude like that, it really bugged the shit out of him, but it wasn’t like he could say anything about it. “Even after fifteen hundred miles? That’s a good pussy. Might have to get some of that after we arrive.”


She blanched slightly and it amused him. “I might be a little sore,” she admitted softly, digging into her pie.




“Well, yeah, a little. But I’ll do you if you want it, of course,” she said, steeling herself up. She glanced outside at the bike and then changed the subject, “I’ve heard stuff about the drug cartels, you know, like on the news and shit. Should I be worried? You know, like are they likely to get mean?”


“Could happen,” he said with a slight bit of caution. “This was supposed to be a regular meet. Basic negotiations, nothing new or strange on the menu. Something’s up though, or Mike wouldn’t have asked me to come.”


“Why you? I mean, I know you’re a patch holder, and Mike likes you, but what made him call you instead of someone else, or a lot of someone else’s? Wouldn’t a group of guys have been safer?”


The same questions had been running through his mind with each passing mile, but no answers bubbled to the surface. “Not really sure.”


“It’s alright if you can’t tell me,” she said looking back at her pie again, “I’m just your bitch. I get it. Club business is club business.”


He failed to control his grin, “That sounds like Kathy.”


She frowned, “But it's true right?”

BOOK: Stone Cold: An MC Erotic Romance
10.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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