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Authors: Gary Yantis

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Survive Infinite Dangers: The Family Survival Guide of 21st Century Dangers

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Infinite Dangers

The Family Survival Guide of 21
Century Dangers

Gary L. Yantis

Infinite Dangers, Inc.

Lenexa, Kansas, U.S.A.


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2011, by Gary L. Yantis, Infinite Dangers, Inc.

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First Printing, 2011

ISBN e-book: 978-1450769648

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The author has made every attempt to fully describe all of the new “dangers” the madness that has over taken so many parts of our world has produced in the last few decades. The author has also attempted to end the (very) false sense of security many people have (until a “9/11” disaster occurs then forgotten after a period of time) providing detailed knowledge of each “danger” to maximize everyone’s ability to protect themselves and their families and/or GROUP. At the same time, the author has intentionally been vague where needed so as not to provide information concerning production of WMD’s that might be of possible use to any person or group who wishes to carry out evil and senseless attacks on their fellow man for any purpose.

Such information has been has been intentionally left out of this book even though some is openly described in detail on the Internet. Such information is not described in this book! Nor is any form of offensive actions described no matter how helpful you may believe them to be. Lastly, detailed politics concerning specific individuals, political parties and so on is left to other books and media sources; there are plenty! This book is meant solely to help you understand each of these “dangers”, how best to prepare and what to do if a major disaster ever occurs.

Every possible danger that might occur above the minimal level is included. Better to be prepared for everything then you are prepared for everything. However, the likelihood of even half of this book being of use in after a catastrophic disaster is improbable. You may encounter an emergency where only one chapter is of use. But that one chapter might save your life. Other written material (such as the “Are You Ready?” document available for free at
) takes the approach of its chapters being specific to each type of possible problem, such as one chapter for floods, one for hurricanes and another for tornadoes. Since preparation for most emergencies has much in common (store extra food and water) I’ve elected not to waste space repeating the same information chapter after chapter. However, such material is useful and I encourage you to obtain copies (such as “Are You Ready” – especially since it is often free!).

The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to have caused, directly or indirectly by the information in this book. Neither the author nor publisher are engaged or are qualified to provide advice such as, but not limited to, medical, financial or legal advice. Should professional advice be needed, seek the services of a professional in the field or fields that concern your questions or needs. Neither the author nor publisher accepts responsibility for errors, omissions or typographical errors in this book. No illegal activity or actions are suggested or recommended in the contents of this book.

My hope is after you realize how inexpensive and easy it is to protect yourself and your family you will also realize how real these dangers are and how easy many are to produce. You most likely have slowly once again developed a false sense of security after “9/11”. After all, it has been many years of relative calm since then. I hope this book ends that feeling of complacency forever! Be prepared now! Buying this book is the first step to (almost) complete protection. Read it and act on it ASAP! This book sitting on your bookshelf with your “plan” being to read it then act on what you read “if I ever have time or something happens” – that is no plan at all! All of the recommendations detailed in this book must be read now and as many people in your family and/or survival group (group) should read it as well. Also, add your own notes and plans to what you read. Assuming you proceed and do provide the protection outlined in this book, share your new knowledge with relatives and trusted friends while remaining “stealth” as recommended in this book. This book is meant to be shared but always keep a copy. Loan your copy but asking for it back when, say, anthrax is falling from the sky is not an opportune time! Feel free to give photocopies of various pages to friends and relatives. As long as they are not sold, the author grants permission to give copies of pages to others. Should anyone desire to reprint a section or sections into a magazine or any other commercial medium please ask for permission first (99% chance I’ll say “yes”).

Neither the author nor publisher has any formal training in most of the subjects covered in this book (except the author’s training and experience in electronics) and neither accept responsibility for missing or incorrect information or the use or non-use of any information found within these pages. Still, rest assured the author has made every attempt to make its content accurate. All information has been carefully checked using many sources while, at the same time, endeavoring to make it easy to read, plus easy and inexpensive to actually do the advance preparation described.

Any mention of politics, government and related subjects has no bearing on the elected officials in office at the time when this book was written, commented on by the author or when later read. We have been blessed with many honest governments for over 200 years who have followed the United States Constitution and its Amendments as well as adhering to the laws that followed. The personal freedoms of its citizens have been protected and may this procession continue for centuries to come. Even though this book is directed at residents of the United States, bad things can happen anywhere and bad people with bad ideas have always been counted in the millions world-wide. So this book should be of help to you if you live in Omaha or live in Perth, Australia. Disasters pay no attention to borders, politics or any man-made demarcation lines. “Be prepared” applies even if you live in an igloo near the North Pole!

Read the book then putting it on a shelf does you (almost) no good. You’ve learned valuable information and you have a book that might save your life and the lives of your family (and everyone else in your group) as a reference guide but the many things you could have done before the disaster quickly, cheaply and easily may become impossible at any price afterwards! The time to put the contents of this book into action is now, not “when I have time” which, like many things, “put off until later” in life means never!

In preparation for writing this book I purchased every book on survivalism I could find from many book stores and on-line sellers. Some are worthwhile but I found none that covered nearly enough possible dangers so I decided this book is definitely needed. A few (only a few) of the survival books on the market have some text that, if followed as written, could be dangerous!

Still, “beware” and always use common sense. One book I read contained mostly blank pages in which you are supposed to write in your own thoughts and plans and highlighted the minimal “information” it contained conveyed by putting in large letters “BE PREPARED” and “always keep your cell phone charged”. A person reading that book then believing they are now “prepared” for whatever dangers comes their way is in significant peril. You are “prepared” only when you are truly prepared. How will you know when you are prepared? After reading then following the “to-do’s” of this book to the letter including buying, learning, building and so on, you will become at least 95% “prepared”. It is impossible to be 100% prepared for all potential situations but 95% is possible when it comes to “survivalism” in extreme conditions. Among other things, even using other books like this, the number of people who do become prepared will probably never exceed much more than five percent. “Mental denial” in the face of danger is a trait of human nature. Unfortunate but true.

Too many people assume as long as they have their cell phone and can dial 911 they will always be safe no matter what happens. So you’ll be ahead of at least 95% of the rest of the population to begin with. Anyone who believes the cell phone system will remain up and running in a major disaster is in serious need of this book plus they should talk to anyone who owns a cell phone and tried to use it during Katrina or most any other disaster (both big and small) to have hit our country since its invention. Cell phones stop working if the market drops 500 points or a snowstorm is predicted days away (and the cell phone lines still jam!). A significant flood or earthquake will end the local cell phone system for days or weeks.

Consider dividing up the work and the purchasing of the items listed you will need to stockpile to survive and remain fit and healthy for at least six months after the disaster. But be among the majority of people who do not read this book and “prepare”, you will find yourself joining a predatory gang just like a pack of wild dogs after a few weeks of starving. Mankind in times of total anarchy for an extended period of time loses the thin veneer of “civilization and it becomes “every man/woman for themselves”. The only rule becomes “there are no rules”. So carefully read this book once and then a second time.

THEN go to work preparing to be among the few who will survive a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) or other danger in good health emerging as civilization begins to reassemble itself. That is when wise leaders such as you will be desperately needed! Information found in this book is for (almost) worst case situations. It’s not for the “absolute end of the world” survival” but for a very serious and total breakdown in civil society for a period of up to six months. This is (almost) worst case! However, some chapters will be helpful even if you’re just in a heavy wind storm or minor flood.
Be prepared for everything and you’re prepared for anything!


The author

Gary L. Yantis



“The Disaster” Just Happened!

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

Anthrax Aerial Spray and Pandemics

“Dirty” Radiation Bombs


Cyber Terrorism

Real and Massive Nuclear Bombs

It SOUNDED Like a Good Idea!

Food and Water

Chapter 11
Your Safe Area

Flee or Stay?

Be a “Stealth” Survivalist

Physical Defense Security

Financial, (Real) Money and Bartering

Chapter 16
Long-Term Survival (Over Six Months)

Government, Politics and You

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