The Dimension Travel Trilogy: A Three Part Science Fiction And Fantasy Novel (51 page)

BOOK: The Dimension Travel Trilogy: A Three Part Science Fiction And Fantasy Novel
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and, he retrieved one of the assault rifles from the trunk and, he made the guards of the Alien Estate release the soft spoken, female prisoner.

"Thank you", she said. She was released from the hole. Now, Light opened the left door and, Will escorted the villains into the hole. From there, the swamp monster was tossed into the hole. Light and Will walked into the Alien Estate and, they stayed overnight at the Royal Estate. The next morning they returned to the prisoners. "We are so hungry", said Cornelius.

"Well, that's how you treated us and, now we are treating you the same way. But, you will get food at your indictment. Let's go", replied Will. He escorted all of the villains into Light. All the prisoners left the Alien Estate. From there, they were indicted of the charges. Every prisoner was escorted into the anachronistic courtroom. This courtroom featured the twelve person jury seating area, the judge's podium, the audience seats, and the defense and prosecution. Cornelius Von Alien was indicted on one hundred and fifty three counts of false imprisonment, one count of felony murder, and three counts of attempted murder.

Jacqueline Langyaw pled guilty in exchange for the revokation of her prosecution license and, she is to also testify against Cornelius Von Alien. The two walking stick insects and Monstre were extradited to Garden City. Cornelius made bail and, he was forced to give up his leadership license and stay in Starmos City. The next day, his trial happened. He was the only one to defend himself because he refused to have a lawyer. Opening Statements occurred in the morning and Closing Arguments took place in the evening. Jacqueline Langyaw's assistant worked as the prosecutor in the trial of Cornelius Von Alien. By nine o' clock in the evening, the jury reached a verdict.

There was a jury made up of Alien Citizens. The jury is now reading the verdict. "The Superior Court of Starmos City. The aliens of Starmos City versus Cornelius Von Alien. We the jury duly, paneled, and sworn, upon our oath find the defendant Cornelius Von Alien counts number one through one hundred and fifty of crimes against humanity, guilty. Counts number one hundred and fifty one to three hundred and three, guilty of false imprisonment, and counts number three hundred and four to three hundred and seven guilty of attempted murder, count three hundred and eight, guilty. We further find the lesser count of second degree kidnapping to be true", said the foreperson. The judge then asked, "Do we want to pull the jury?" "I would your honor", said Cornelius. The jury foreperson asked, "Ladies and Gentlemen, is this your true and correct verdict, so say you one, so say you all?". Every juror answered "Yes" to the question.

"Now I will ask you individually if it is your true and correct verdict", said the foreperson.

She polled the jury. All the jurors voted guilty on their decisions. The jury found Cornelius Von Alien guilty on all counts.

The judge continued his bail for his sentencing which would have been a month from now. He has been remanded to house arrest at the Alien Estate. The next morning Cornelius started to feast on his breakfast. Will poisoned the dictator's food. Fortunately, the alien dictator died and freedom has been given to all of the citizens in Starmos City. It is nine o' clock in the morning. All the citizens are standing by the Alien Estate cheering about Cornelius's conviction.

From there, Will walked out of the Alien Estate. He retrieved the megaphone.

"Cornelius is dead", he shouted in amazement. The crowd went wild. Everyone was happy and celebrating. The benevolent alien tossed Cornelius into the crowd and, every alien citizen tossed the dead dictators body onto the street. From there, the deceased dictator was tossed into the woodlands.

Elation was taking place in the crowd. Will and Light set up a huge table. A huge feast had taken place celebrating the end of a dictatorship and the beginning of democracy and freedom. At five o'

clock, the feast was over. The fireworks celebration took place. and, this is the new beginning of the New Starmos City.


After the conviction of Cornelius Von Alien, a new democracy in Starmos City was established. Will became a citizen in California County and Starmos City. Light is still himself. Monstre was really a human in a swamp monster costume. Iron Steel was the real person behind Monstre. The charges of kidnapping and felony murder were dropped. Miraculously, Tom had risen from the dead and, he came back to life. Him and Iron became friends again. California County returned back to its normal routine. And, the corpse of Cornelius Von Alien is rotting in the Starmos desert. The main message in this book to the reader is that Evil might have some victories. But, at the end, good shall always be the winner.

About the Author

Joseph Salvatore Pidoriano is a student at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York. He is born and raised in Staten Island, New York. He has written the Dimension Travel Trilogy and, an additional book to the trilogy. In addition, he’s also writing a Fifth Part to the Dimension Travel Books. Along with the book writing, he is planning to open up a theme park resort in Staten Island, New York and an additional theme park resort in Upstate New York. He plans to run in one of the New York Gubernatorial Elections and one of the United States Presidential Elections. He has Asperger’s Syndrome and Impulse Control Disorder.

BOOK: The Dimension Travel Trilogy: A Three Part Science Fiction And Fantasy Novel
8.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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