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chuckled, and unfastened her bra one-handed through her clothing, then started gathering the bottom edge of her shirt upward to give Winter access to her bare flesh. She shook, but Master’s comforting hands on her back kept her from flipping out.

She wanted this so bad, but she was scared.

Winter’s fingers were on her ribcage, the t-shirt almost out of her way. Saya sucked in a breath, waiting.

The doorbell rang.

Winter sat back and let go, swearing a blue streak.

“I forgot about the motherfucking pizza.” She
kissed Saya ferociously, then got to her feet and strode off to answer the door.

“Saved by the bell.” Mack laughed from where he lay propped on one elbow, partway across the floor. “
Are you really that nervous, or is pure and virginal an act? You two make for a lovely show.”

Saya blushed. She’d almost forgotten he was in the room, he’d been so qui
et. He was like a ninja voyeur.

“She’s never been with anyone but me,”
Master replied, stroking her hair.

“Wow. I didn’t think that sort of thing happened anymore.”

“We’ve been together a long time.”

going to see if Winter needs a hand.” Mack smiled and rose, then walked toward the foyer, where Winter was still talking to the pizza delivery guy. As he passed them, Saya couldn’t help but notice the outline of a bulge in his pants.

Did you like playing with Winter?” Master’s voice so close to her ear gave her goosebumps all up one side of her body. It was the last straw.

Master, may I
come?” She realized how desperate she sounded, but she didn’t care. He could take her to the bathroom and bend her over the sink, or just fuck her right where they were. At that point, as long as there was some relief she’d accept whatever he chose to do.

He chuckled sympathetically.
“Come here, princess.” He pulled her up and coaxed her to straddle his knee.

When she settled there, she whimpered at the feel of her bare, swollen flesh against his jeans.
Master grabbed her hips and pressed his thigh up firmly. The friction of the denim on her clit was almost painful, but the pressure built, mixing with shame at being this desperate and knowing the others could walk in at any moment.

“You’re so wet, you’re soaking my jeans, bad girl.
Should I hold you down and ask Winter if she’ll lick you?”

Winter putting her mouth on her? The image flashed in her mind. Fuck! The tension inside her pulled tighter then snapped, her body clenched on emptiness as she came, rubbing against him shamelessly as the pleasure and relief flooded through her. She curled her fingers in Master’s t-shirt and
tried her best to muffle her cries with it, hoping the others wouldn’t hear.

She was barely done when Master
shifted her to sit primly on his lap and smoothed down her skirt, just as Mack and Winter came back into the room with the pizza.

The shudder of an aft
ershock took her, but they didn’t seem to notice. The puddle she’d made on Master’s leg was warm and damp, and would probably show on the back of her skirt when she got up. She’d have to make sure no one saw the back of her for the rest of the evening.

Mack and Winter
moved the table back into place and stacked the pizza boxes on it. For a moment Saya thought they’d gotten away with it.

Winter open
ed a box and held it out to them with a sly smile. “She really is loud when she comes, isn’t she?”


She knelt on the mat beside the door and went through her mental list again. Supper was in the oven, coffee was ready, the apartment was spotless. Was there something else she could have done? Something she’d missed?

There was nothing she could think of. He’d
told her to stop making big desserts for dinner every night.

Would it be the door or the phone? They had a system. If he was bringing one of his buddies over, he texted first and told her what to wear. Otherwise, she’d be waiting at the door naked, or in whatever he’d laid out for her before he left fo
r work. Today she was wearing an old-fashioned pinup dress, pearls, and an apron. Her grandmother used to have a similar style, except Master had ordered Saya to be barefoot. When she’d put the outfit on five minutes before it had made her laugh, then wonder if her grandparents had an arrangement like this, back in their day.

She hoped he’d want
to use her mouth as soon as he got home. Her body had been trained to know when it was getting close to the time he’d come home. By four-thirty she was usually already horny, and if he didn’t walk in the door by ten after five, when she’d been actually waiting in place for fifteen minutes, she started getting antsy. And there was always the concern that he might work late. She dreaded those calls.

Tonight though, his key was in the lock at five minutes after five.

The door swung open and he walked in, then he closed and locked it behind him.

“What do we have here?” He put a
hand under Saya’s chin and tilted her head up. “Who’d leave such a pretty thing just sitting around like this? You
have something better to do.”

She smiled, embarrassed but pleased at the attention. “No, Mas
ter. Waiting for you is the most interesting thing to do around here until you get home.”

You really are my little slave, aren’t you?” Master smirked, sending a flash of heat through her. “I should take you to work with me and chain you to the wall in the shop.” He turned Saya’s head back and forth with a finger on her chin, as though assessing her worth. “I could dress you like a harem girl and all the guys would drool on themselves and offer to pay me to be allowed to touch you. Nothing would get done because they would be distracted by their hard-ons all day.”

“Master! That’s
so mean! You wouldn’t
let them touch me, would you?” She squirmed a bit at his feet. It wasn’t fair for him to talk about things like that when she was horny. When she was this bad off, he could talk her into doing almost anything to please him.

“No, princess.

She started to relax again. He was in one of his silly moods tonight.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to strip you in front of them though, and touch you until you begged to come. Do you think you could handle five guys standing there, watching you beg, while they jerked off?”

Her face and ears were burning and she ducked her head, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Would that be hot, Saya? Does that idea make your panties wet?”

No! Well, maybe a little
...if he’d even given her panties this morning. But not with those grease monkeys. They weren’t exactly hot, although the idea of being treated like a toy and having no choice about it – being watched by people – had made its way into her spank bank. But she was content to have those stay there.

“I don’t know!” she whined.

“Hmm. My uncle might walk into the shop anytime though. Maybe that’s not the best idea.” He walked to his favorite chair and sprawled into it, then snapped his fingers. When she started to crawl toward him, he gave her the signal to walk, instead.

“Coffee, Master?” she asked when she reached his side.

“Not yet. Face down over my lap.”

She eyed
his dirty clothes. Usually she’d be naked and wouldn’t hesitate, but he’d just bought her the dress.

“Good point.” He got up again and walked toward their bedroom, stripping off his work shirt and tossing it on the floor. Saya waited for his finger snap, then followed, picking up his trail of dirty clothes and his work boots along the way. The disappointment that he didn’t order her into the shower with him was
mitigated by getting to watch him get wet and soapy. She wished he’d let her take naughty pictures of him like he did of her sometimes.

Her gaze drifted up to study his face, blissful as the water cascaded over his head.
A guy with such a hot body shouldn’t have a face to match. It was unfair.

When the steam started to obscure her view, she reached over and flipped on the fan.
Thank goodness for having a shower that didn’t need a door or curtains.

He chuckled. “You’ve seen me naked several times a day for years now. Aren’t you bored yet?”

“No, Master.”

She tried to be good but being bad was too tempting. She didn’t wait for an invitation. “
May I please suck your cock after your shower?”

His gaze was stern. “Now
, princess, are you supposed to ask, or wait for me to tell you it’s okay?”

” She knew the answer without him telling her, but she rarely got in trouble for asking, so it was difficult to be patient.

“There are things we need to discuss, so we’re going to do that before your mouth is full.”

She sighed. “Fine. Am I in trouble?”

“No, not at all.”
Master shut off the shower and took the towel she held out for him. “Before we go out with Mack and Winter tonight though, we have to discuss ground rules.”

Her stomach dropped and her heart sped up. Was he angry about what had already happened? “But Master, I thought... When you held me in place for her I thought you...”

Master squeezed the water out of his long hair then wrapped the towel around his waist. Gripping her wrist, he led her back out to the chair he’d vacated only a few minutes before. He let her go and sat, looking at her expectantly.

“I gave you an order earlier. Do you need a reminder?”

“No, Sir.” She lowered herself face down onto his lap, and felt him flip up the back of her skirt before she was entirely settled.

He rumbled in satisfaction. “The dress is adorable, but I still prefer you naked.”

“I’m glad, Sir. I like it when you touch me.” Hopefully the man would take a hint.

“Are you trying to suggest I should?”

“No, Sir! I was...just stating a fact.”

The sting of the slap on her ass radiated warmth straight to her pussy. Moaning, she squirmed a little.

“Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head. Don’t try to boss me around, even in sneaky ways.” He rubbed his palm over the warmth of his slap mark. “Yes, I held you for her. You liked it, from what I noticed.”

She complied, feeling as vulnerable as always in that position.
“Your powers of deduction are amazing, Master.”

“Are you
feeling bratty, princess?”

“No, Sir.” She was glad her smile was hidden by the angle
at which he held her.

“Mmhmm. I’m not sure if I believe you, but this discussion can’t take all evening.”
Master toyed with her a moment before sliding a finger into her. She was already wet, and the welcome intrusion made her sigh appreciatively. “I talked to Mack yesterday and he was pretty happy with the situation. They’ve been tested since they’ve been together and they’re clean – they’ve never played with other people, aside from Winter kissing a girl at a party once, so whatever you want to do with Winter is fine with me.”

Saya couldn’t decide if she was
more embarrassed or turned on. He and Mack talking about her messing around with Winter while they watched seemed lewd, especially considering they’d discussed it behind their backs. “What do you mean he was happy with the situation?”

Mack and Winter both think you’re very beautiful.”

Saya covered her eyes with her hands for a moment, but put them back behind her head when
Master cleared his throat in warning. It wasn’t her fault! He was saying things he knew she didn’t like to hear.

“So you want me to do what with Winter, exactly? Kiss her? Touch her?”

He trailed his fingers over her back and she shivered. During the pause, her chest started to feel tight. It was hard to read him sometimes.

I’m interested in you doing things up to and including having sex with either or both of them.”

Her breath faltered. She’d never been with anyone other than
Master and wasn’t sure she really wanted to go that far with anyone else. Winter and Mack were both sexy, but they just weren’t Master. He was her center – the fulcrum of her life’s purpose. How could he even want her to?

nother, darker, thought intruded. Her throat clogged and she choked, as she struggled to get up.

let her rise and looked at her with brows raised. She rarely moved out of position without permission.

She felt something crumpling inside.

“Master, are you getting tired of me?” Her heart fluttered erratically, like a ravening hoard of butterflies were trying to beat their way out of her chest. The floor – she had to sit. She sank down, feeling its familiar assurance. Breath came too fast and she shook, her body trying to come apart.

Oh God, he doesn’t want me anymore

BOOK: The Dom with the Kink Monsters (Badass Brats)
11.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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