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But Holy Hell, the
man radiated rawness, an intense current of pure carnal appetite that confirmed
he would fuck me hard and make me come even harder.

I had sensed it.
Shit, I had even tasted it as it poured from him in thick waves tonight.

But to submit to a
man was a definite No No!

A distinct never
ever, ever again.


“Lay, is that you?” Sara’s
voice filtered through the thin walls and I rolled my eyes. “No it’s the local
pervert come to sniff your knickers.”

What a stupid bloody


“Rob wants to know
if you wanna join us, babe?”

My eyes rolled
again. “Tell Rob to stick his knob in a high speed blender and plug it straight
into the nearest electricity power plant!” I whispered to myself.

“No, I’m good” I
answered instead.


I really couldn’t
see what my best friend saw in the man. He was an arsehole, always coming on to
me and strolling round our flat naked, as if the sight of his bony ass and even
bonier penis would make me swoon and bend over the couch for him.

Complete Utter Arsehole!!


The microwave pinged
its heads-up that my hot chocolate was ready, and taking it out, I crossed the
room and settled onto the window seat.

This seat was the
reason I rented the place. The rest of the place had been a derelict bombshell,
the floors and walls completely destroyed and the bathroom had looked like
something out of

It had amazed me how
the landlord could lease it in such a dire state, but as soon as I had
approached the window; I knew I had to have the place.

So I had spent the
last of my meagre savings and fixed the place up, but my landlord had given me
a reduction in the rent for doing it, so all was not done in vain.

Sara had joined me a
few months later and given me half of what I had spent on the place.


Settling my backside
on the large flowery cushion I had made, I gazed out at a night-time view of
Battersea Park.

Even at this late
hour, there were still people scattered about. Some lovers holding hands, out
for a late night stroll; some hookers, leaning against gate posts as their eyes
scanned the area for potential clients, and a few men, each one of them had
their heads down, as if to shield their faces from the world.


One particular man
caught my attention as I blew my chocolate and took a sip. His long black
overcoat billowed out behind him as the wind beat against him. His head was
down, his eyes trained on the ground but he didn’t move, just stood immobile
with both his hands buried in his pockets for the longest time.

It wasn’t until he
lifted his head and gave me a side angle view of his features that a shiver
coursed through my body, the familiar feeling of vulnerability worked its way
into my brain and my heart pounded rapidly against my chest.


“Holy Shit!”
I wheezed as I eased my way backwards into the
darkness of the room, my eyes trained on the window as though he would levitate
from the ground, open it and climb in.

It couldn’t be! No,
not here! Not right outside my fucking flat!


“Lay?” Sara’s voice
filtered through my distress as she stepped in front of me and took my hand,
“Christ Lay, you’re shaking.”

Her tight blue eyes focused
on mine and as she felt my knees buckle, she led me over to the sofa and
lowered me gently down.

“Lay? What the hell,


“He’s here...” I choked
out as I turned my pale face towards the window. Sara frowned and went to
approach the window but I grabbed her hand and shook my head in distress. “Sara,

She narrowed her
eyes and scowled at me before pulling away and striding determinedly over to
the window.


She squinted as she
studied the scene but then shrugged and turned to me. “There’s no-one there
apart from a few whore’s and a couple… who seem to be fucking against my car!”
she exclaimed as she growled low.

Her fist battered on
the window as she shouted for them to shift. “Ignorant twats!”

I hid my smirk from
her as she continued to batter the window in her attempt to move on the

“Sara. They’re in
the middle of banging hot sex. You have no chance!” I said beside her, now
risking a look when she had declared the coast free.

Who wouldn’t sneak a
glimpse at a couple shagging against Sara’s car?


The girl currently
being nailed against the bonnet of Sara’s car lifted her face towards our
window and waved cheerfully.

“Oh, it’s Suzy” Sara
declared before she waved back and stuck her thumb up, silently giving them
permission to carry on.


My eyes widened as I
stared at Sara. “What?” she asked innocently.

I shook my head in
humour and risked another glance towards the park, but no-one grabbed my

“See, nobody there” Sara
said as she gently rubbed my arm and disappeared into the kitchen area.

Strange. I was sure
I had seen him.


Rob walked into the
room and I quickly picked up my mug and headed towards my bedroom. “I’m off to
bed, love” I shouted to Sara, “start my new temp job at NSC tomorrow and I
wanna get a good night in.”

Sara nodded and
smiled as she walked over to me and planted a kiss on my cheek “Sure, babe.”

Rob roamed his eyes
over my body and then smiled. Well, I think it was a smile, sort of a grimace
with lots of teeth.


Closing the door
behind me and switching on my nightlight, I stripped and pulled on my shorts
and vest before climbing into the soft cloud that was my bed.

This was the one
luxury I had afforded myself. It was a wrought iron four poster I had salvaged
from an antique shop and I had brought it back to its original condition with a
lot of time, sweat and love and it was absolutely stunning.

My mind wandered at
what this bed could have become if
hadn’t broken everything.

No! Not going there


My fingers stroked
along the bedpost as an image of
came to my mind. Him behind me, his
mouth at my ear as his long fingers explored my body, their torturous journey
lighting every single nerve ending they whispered across.

I moaned as my hips
circled against the image and heat flooded my system.


If I was honest I
missed it, the life I had. The utter pleasure he had, at the beginning,
bestowed upon me had been mind-blowing.

He had been godlike in bed, his sheer experience and
confidence in fucking had drove me to pleasure’s beyond anything I had ever
experienced before.

And that in turn had brought out a confidence and
wildness I had never shown before and I was soon submitting to his every

To each horrific,
hideous, sick and twisted desire.


Chapter 4



The building was
eerily quiet when I entered it at 6am. The cleaners were doing their usual
coffee and gossip and I smirked when I entered the corridor and they all shot
out of their chairs.

“Morning, Mr Hunt”
they all muttered in unison. I gave them my customary glare and they each
lowered their eyes and scurried on.


Slamming my office
door shut behind me, I made my way across the room and mumbled a curse when I
realised Sandra hadn’t started the coffee percolator ready for my morning caffeine

“Sandra!” I shouted
before it hit me that Sandra was currently fucking her toy-boy in the Gulf of

“Bollocks” I moaned
as I peered at the switches on the machine. Pressing one and hoping for the
best, the bloody thing spat something at me, chugged out a groan and died its

“Holy Fuck, Sandra!”


I peered out of my
office door and spotted a cleaner polishing a picture frame, “You!” I shouted
at her. Her head swung towards me and the fright displayed in her eyes made my
brain boil.

Christ, were all
these women self-doubting, fucking quivering jobseekers? No wonder they never made
it further than pushing a hoover and a mop.


“Yes, you” I said
slowly as I crooked a finger at her and gave her my best commanding glare.

I saw her throat bob
in terror as she made her way timidly towards me.

It seemed an age before
she actually reached me and pulling out my wallet, I shoved a tenner in her
hand, “Starbucks, double espresso, no sugar.”


Her creepy, over
bushy eyebrows rose and her wide eyes widened even more.

I nodded slowly and
took a deep breath. “I… need… you… to… go… and… get… me… coffee!” I told her,
emphasising each syllable.

She bit her lip and
nodded before she stumbled back down the corridor she had just vacuumed and
disappeared into the elevator.


She needed to hurry
before my temper got the better of me and I needed to inject the coffee
straight into a vein instead of pour it down my eager throat.

Mumbling a curse, I
started Sandra’s duties and orbited the area, switching on the equipment and
logging into the system ready for the temp.

Christ only knew what
time she would turn up. Sandra was always here for 5:45am, always ready and
waiting for me but the new girl was nowhere to be seen.


The cleaner crept up
to me and I rolled my eyes at her as her hand shook when she handed over the
cardboard cup and my change.

“Keep the change.
Looks like you could use it” I said to her as I immediately brought the cup to
my lips and impatiently swallowed a hot mouthful.

I heard a gasp leave
her mouth as her eyes brimmed with tears, before she turned on her heels and flung
her skinny body into the ladies restroom.

What the hell had I
said now?


I opened up my
private e-mails as I clock watched and impatiently waited for the temp.

Where the hell was
she? Common courtesy was not too much to ask for. Fair enough her contracted
hours were 8:30 until 5:30 but she should fucking know I needed her here for 6.
Sandra was always bloody here for 6!

The internal light
lit up on my desk phone and I clenched my teeth as I answered. This was what I
had a P.A for.


“Oh, sorry to
disturb you, Mr Hunt but your new P.A is in reception” Samantha, the shark from
the main foyer reception said.

“And?” I answered
with a bewildered shake of my head.

“Sorry, Mr Hunt,
I’ll send her straight up” she said and ended the call.

Did I have to guide
every single fucking person in the building?


I heard the elevator
ding her arrival and I reached down to the cabinet to pull out her paperwork, “About
fucking time!” I declared as I heard her open my office door.


My eyebrows rose
before I turned towards her.

I would recognise
that soft voice anywhere.

Holy fuck!


I stood slowly and
turned towards her. The little gasp that left her lips had my dick twitching
already. Her deep red hair framed her beautiful pale face and the bright red
lipstick she wore on her plump lips did nothing to tame my raging hard on.

My eyes swept every
inch of her delectable body. She seemed to have spray painted on the tight grey
dress she wore, its snug fit displayed each and every delicious curve and my
cock throbbed uncontrollably as I glimpsed the perfect skyscraper red heels
hugging her petite feet.

My mind was suddenly
filled with visions of her in just those shoes, bent over my desk, her tight
ass high in the air as I twisted my fingers around her sexy hair and thrust
deep inside her.


“Oh…” she spluttered
and shifted uncomfortably on her feet.

I cocked my head at
her, a sly smirk on my lips “Well this is a turn up.”

She forced an
uncomfortable smile and my eyes dropped to her hand as her thumb flicked
rapidly against her index finger. A nervous habit?

“We don’t own poles
here, Red.”

What the hell Lucas?
What a shit thing to say to her!


She blinked and
frowned at the same time.

BOOK: The Hunt for Summer (NSC Industries)
8.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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