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my toes at him, I swirled my ankle until he stepped forward and grasped the
tight pink hem and deliberately slow, rolled it down my leg.

frowned when a slight sensation pooled in the pit of my stomach and sent heat
tearing through my system as his fingers softly wisped down my skin.

had been doing this job for four years now and had never had a reaction to a
client before, especially a reaction like this.


stretched out my other leg and took a small inhalation to calm my nerves as I silently
asked him to repeat his performance, and he instantly did my begging.

smirked to myself. This was a turn around. Hunter was being instructed what to
do instead of the other way around and by the looks of him; he was enjoying the
role reversal more than he thought he would.


pulled round into some arrangements before hooking my right knee around the
pole and settled into the Allegra splits, each of my legs in opposite
directions along the length of the pole. With my back to Hunter, I peered at
him over my shoulder and wiggled my back, now encouraging him to undo the tie
on the back of my top.


tongue poked out to wet his lips before a sinful smile lifted the corners of
his mouth and he stepped closer.

leaned into me, his mouth at my ear as his fingers tugged on the tie behind my
back. “You entertain, Willow?” he asked huskily in my ear, and I desperately
swallowed back the urge to groan at his closeness.

this man oozed sexual energy and at the moment I was absorbing every single
volt he was emitting, its intense charge lit every single nerve ending in my
body and I shivered against it.


shook my head with apology, even though I was really tempted to give in and seize
everything he was offering; take it all and take it hard.

He clicked
his tongue in disappointment before he pulled off my top, his eyes holding on my
face and I was impressed that they hadn’t dropped to my chest the moment he
removed my clothing.


Damn fucking shame, Red. Could’ve been fucking incredible. You under me, your
beautiful big eyes beggin’ me for every hard thrust I drive into you” he whispered
slowly in my ear.

inhaled sharply, as my breath stuttered and my heart rate peaked, along with my



moved back to finally inspect his money’s worth.

gazed at my breasts, his head tipping slightly as he proper examined them,
before his eyes darkened and his eyelids became heavy and hooded. He must have
noticed my hard nipples and I desperately tried to hold back the groan of


then slowly lifted his eyes back up to my face. His chest was heaving heavily
and his top teeth sunk into his bottom lip, obviously a control technique.

cocked his head at me and bore straight into my soul with his intense blue eyes,
as his tongue swept out to ease his bite and my eyes lowered to watch the action.

forbidden image of what else he could do with that tongue popped into my head
and I gasped faintly at the lust that surged through me.


As I
lifted my eyes back to his, a cocky smile lit his face as though he had just
read my mind and then he turned and left.





Chapter 2



I took a second long
cold shower of the day, groaning as I worked myself under the steady stream,
images of Willow in my mind as I jerked off frantically.

I couldn’t seem to
shake this damn arousal. Never before had a woman affected me as Willow currently
was. She seemed to have crept under my skin, worked her way into my blood
stream and I couldn’t rid myself of what the visions of her tight little ass
and pert breasts were doing to my dick. I had been constantly hard since I
watched her spin the pole.


I palmed the wall
and grunted deeply as my load shot onto the tiles, the thick cream slowly
dripping down the soft blue ceramic. I remained under the water, my forehead
resting against the cool tiles, knowing the half-hearted climax wouldn’t bate my
need for long.


I wanted her, Hell! I
fucking needed her. Needed to manipulate that luscious little body, to grab a
handful of that fucking soft hot red hair of her’s, and watch her beautiful face
as I drove my dick down her elegant throat.

“Fuck this, Lucas!” I
declared as I flung open the shower door and grabbed a towel, tying it round my
hips as I entered the bedroom.


I halted
immediately. “What the Hell, Jess?” I growled.

The naked woman just
smiled slyly at me from my bed and I rolled my eyes “When are you gonna stop
doing this?” I asked as she pouted and patted the bed beside her.


I looked over Jess’s
body; there was no denying she was fit and supple, but it now did nothing for
me after seeing Willow’s beauty, with that delectable firm body and those tits.
Fuck, those firm but supple tits.

The soft pink
plumpness of her nipples cried out for the attention of my favourite clamps. My
cock roared to life again when I pictured her writhing in ecstasy as I gently
tightened them.


I frowned deeply.
What the hell was wrong with me? I could get whichever woman I wanted, Jessica
being no exception. So why was I pining, like a damn hormonal teenager, for a
fucking pole dancer at the Panther?


The disappointment
that had raged through me last night when she declined my request at
entertainment had been a shock.

Usually I would have
just moved on to another primed bitch, but nobody had seemed to capture my
attention after witnessing Willow flex around that fucking pole, her pale
freckled, lithe little body directing each of her moves with ease.

Christ she was hot!


Jess was beginning
to annoy me, constantly bombarding me with visits and phone calls and I
glowered at her as I picked up her clothes from the floor and threw them at her.
“Get out!” I ordered a bit too harshly and she blinked at me.

“W...wh...what?” she


My fury rose
suddenly and I clenched my fists against the urge to physically remove her from
the apartment with force. “I. Said. Get. Out!” I snarled at her slow enough for
her to understand. I looked away when hurt covered her pouty face. “You can’t
keep doing this Jess. It’s over between us” I said as I dropped the towel and
pulled on some jeans, not bothering with shorts.


She jumped off the
bed, and hurried across the room to me. “Lucas, please” she pleaded as she
rested a hand on my forearm.

I sighed and pulled
away. “No, Jess. I don’t want this anymore. Go home” I told her callously.

“But…” she persisted
and I ground my teeth, now getting really annoyed with her.

For Christ’s sake,
didn’t the stupid woman ever listen?

“For fucks sake,
don’t get needy. You knew we were just fucking Jess, don’t embarrass yourself.”


I fiddled with my
hair in the mirror, trying to avert my attention away from the pain on her face
as she stood silent and still, a tear dribbling down her cheek. “But…I love you
Lucas” she declared as more tears flooded her face.

“Jesus Christ” I
growled and shook my head in annoyance, “That’s nice, now go home” I ordered coldly
as I left the room.


I had told her a
couple of weeks ago that it was over but it hadn’t sunk in and she was always
turning up like this and I was damn near sick of it. If she thought I was a
prize prick, I didn’t really give a shit.

She had been an okay
fuck but now I was bored. I needed something new to shape under me; someone new
to kneel before me and obey every fucking command I requested.

Someone preferably
with bright red hair.


I strolled into the
kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge as I picked up my phone from the

Jessica stormed
through the hallway before I heard the apartment door slam and I sighed as I
ran my fingers through my damp hair. “You are such a prick, Lucas” I chastised myself,
but I didn’t really care.


I swiped the screen
on my phone and dialled Brad as I took a long pull from the bottle. It rang for
a while before he answered, “Mmmm.”

I chuckled at my
friends greeting. “Hey, you busy?” I asked but rolled my eyes when I heard the
female in the background. “Guess that’s a yes” I smirked.

“Hey Luc, what
happened to you last night. One minute you were drooling all over the hot
little redhead, and then you fucked off? Must be slacking mate” Brad said in a
mocking tone.


“Fuck you” I growled
but Brad laughed, “Oooh touchy, I take it she blew you off then” he said; now
more alert and I grimaced as my friend groaned down the phone and the female

 “Dunno what
happened,” I divulged “she was begging for it, I could fucking smell how much she
wanted me but…” I grit my teeth against the image of her extending one of her
incredible legs towards me, encouraging me to slowly unwrap her.


 “Just gotta worm her
out my system I suppose, but fuck, she’s one enchanting little thing” I groaned
and Brad chuckled.

“You wanna come and
share mine?” he asked openly.

I sighed heavily
“Nah, I’m good, but thanks.”

I turned to the
window and looked out over the London skyline, this was the reason I had taken
the apartment, the view always calmed me and I sighed again, “I’ll let you get
back to hot lips, we still on for tomorrow?”

Brad chuckled and
murmured his acknowledgement before ending the call.


Slowly, I walked
into my study and flipped open the laptop, preparing to sort out the contracts
for the new temp I had coming in tomorrow to cover for Sandra.

God, I hated temps,
all the training and getting to know you, and the work load awkwardness made me
frustrated and irritable. I was a bastard to work for as it was. I took no shit
from anyone and gave lots of shit to everyone.

They wanted to work
for me? I made them fucking work for me!


I tapped my fingers
over the keyboard but after a few minutes I snapped the lid closed and grumbled
at my wayward thoughts.

Never before had a
woman took my attention away from my love of work, but this woman’s hot tight
body refused to leave my thoughts, and my dick!


I pushed myself out
of the chair and went to grab another beer from the fridge. My phone beeped a
text alert and I glanced at it:



You require my
attention tonight, Sir?


I groaned. Even
Debbie didn’t get a raise from my dick, she was one hot fuck, always gave me
what I wanted and always enjoyed everything I gave her, but tonight I just
wasn’t into it. “Christ Lucas, you need to bang this fucking girl!”


Chapter 3



Leaning my back on
the door as I closed it behind me, I pulled in a heavy breath and closed my
eyes as I heard the loud sounds of my roommate’s sexual conquest shouting his
obvious enjoyment to the world.


“Fuck!” I groaned as
I quickly scurried past Sara’s bedroom door, and silently made my way into the

I tipped the
contents of the chocolate sachet into my mug and filled the remainder with milk
before popping it in the microwave.


God, today’s shift
had been a gruelling one, especially for a Sunday night, and the result had completely
knackered me out. However the tips had been good and the extra thirty from the
topless performance would come in handy.


Hunter had confused me
considerably. He had his choice of women, there had even been three willing
specimens in the same room as us, but he had spent his time, money and
attention on me.

He knew I didn’t
entertain; none of the performers did, so why he had even asked had baffled me.


I would never sleep
with someone like Hunter, even outside of the club, though he was the only man
that had stirred something in me since…

Hunter was a force
to be reckoned with, and my only rule when arriving in London, stipulated no Dom’s…
at all. No matter what!

BOOK: The Hunt for Summer (NSC Industries)
9.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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