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The Way We Roll

BOOK: The Way We Roll
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The Way We Roll
A Beta Gamma Pi Novel Book 2
Stephanie Perry Moore
All copyrighted material within is Attributor Protected.
Marjorie Kimbrough
(My godmother sent from above)
Know that the bond of sisterhood we share
encourages me and helps me
keep on rolling for God!
It is my prayer that every woman experience
such real friendship—no jealousy, no strife ... just love.
And that every reader know that
she must not only seek real sisters
but be a real sister as well.
Sorority life can be so fulfilling—especially when the sororitymembers deeply care for one another, come together for a common purpose, and have each other's back. The sisterhood should uplift each member and be a positive experience. Unfortunately I know firsthand that sisters are not always “on the same page.” The positive attributes that come from strong-willed women working together can also be a downfall when those strong heads butt against each another. Disaster strikes when people care more about themselves than what is best for the group. Applying the simple biblical truth—to love thy neighbor as thy self—can make the sisterhood bond deep, honest, real, and blessed.
Crafting a story about what sisterhood should really be means a lot to me. In my own organization, I currently am the Southern Regional Membership Services/Sisterhood Chairperson. Trying to find a way to please many people seems impossible. Many times I feel defeated with tasks before I even attempt to begin the job. Thankfully, the Lord has allowed me to believe that as long as my heart wants to serve others, pray for them, and see that only His best happen for them, then I'm truly serving the members. Lovingon your sisters is not about pleasing them, it's about wanting to make them happy. I know that if everyone looks inside themselves and steps up the love they have for one another, our world will be a better place. My writing exists only because of those who love me, and to them I give a huge thank-you.
For my family: parents, Dr. Franklin and Shirley Perry, Sr.; brother, Dennis; and sister-in-law, Leslie. For my mother-in-law, Ms. Ann. For my extended family: Bobby and Sarah Lundy, Antonio and Gloria London, Cedric and Nicole Smith, Harry and Nino Colon, Brett and Loni Perriman, Chandra Dixon, and Michele Clark Jenkins—thanksfor sharing your
with me. May every friendship feel this good. The tie is real when hearts connect.
For my publisher, Kensington/Dafina Books, and especiallymy soror, Lesleigh Underwood—thanks for giving your
to me. May every friend always give and share like you do. The bond of friendship will grow when we don't hold on to our assets but rather use them to help someone else.
For my writing team: Carolyn O'Hara, Ashley Duncan, Chantel Morgan, and Alyx Pinkston—thanks for the
you give me. May everyone learn that it takes hard work to be in a true relationship or job of any kind. The bond can be resilient when both parties are in it for the long haul.
For my DST sorors, for whom I care deeply (especially my special sisters): Jenell Clark, Deborah Thomas, ChristineNixon, Cassandra Brown, Sarah Lundy, Isha Western, Pam Murphy, Dayna Fleming, Yolanda Rogers-Hauser, Anitra Shaw, Cynthia Boyd, and in memory of Brenda Haywood—thanks for the
you share with me. May the compassion for others always be somethingdeeply felt in our organization. The sisterhood bond is tighter when we see a soror as we see ourself.
For my children: Dustyn Leon, Sydni Derek, and Sheldyn Ashli—thanks for the
you place in me. May you know I'm always here for you. The bond is tighter becausewe are each doing our part to make it work.
For my hubby, Derrick Moore, thanks for the
between us. May that flame of love we share never die. The bond is unbreakable because we are one.
For my readers, thanks for the
your support gives me. May the message in this novel speak to your heart. The bond I feel we have as author and reader is one I hold dear because we're here to make each other's worlds better.
And for my Savior, thanks for the grace You daily grant me. May every person understand that if You can forgive us, we should forgive those who trespass against us. And then may they know the relationship bond is everlasting when forgiveness is attached.
Founding Data
Beta Gamma Pi was founded in 1919 on the campus of Western Smith College by five extraordinary women of character and virtue.
Sorority Colors
Sunrise lavender and sunset turquoise are the official colors of Beta Gamma Pi. The colors symbolize the beginningand the end of the swiftly passing day and remindeach member to make the most of every moment.
Sorority Pin
Designed in 1919, the pin is made of the Greek letters Beta, Gamma, and Pi. This sterling silver pin is to be worn over the heart on the outermost garment. There are five stones in the Gamma: a ruby representing courageous leadership, a pink tourmaline representing genuine sisterhood,an emerald representing a profound education, a purple amethyst representing deep spirituality, and a blue sapphire representing unending service.
Anytime the pin is worn, members should conduct themselveswith dignity and honor.
The B Pin
The B Pin was designed in 1920 by the founders. This basic silver pin in the shape of the letter B symbolizes the beginning step in the membership process. The straight side signifies character. The two curves mean yielding to God and yielding to others. It is given at the Pi Induction Ceremony.
Sorority Flower
The lily is the sorority flower and it denotes the enduranceand strength the member will need to be a part of Beta Gamma Pi for a lifetime.
Sorority Stone
The diamond is the sorority stone which embodies the precious and pure heart needed to be a productive memberof Beta Gamma Pi.
Sorority Call
Sorority Symbol
The eagle is the symbol of Beta Gamma Pi. It reflects the soaring greatness each member is destined to reach.
Sorority Motto
A sisterhood committed to making the world greater.
The Pi Symbol
The Bee insect is the symbol of the Pi pledges. This symbolizes the soaring tenacity one must possess to becomea full member of Beta Gamma Pi.
BOOK: The Way We Roll
3.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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